15 Facts About The NBA That May Just Blow Your Mind
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  • diogo082

    Sorry but.. Dumb stats.

  • diogo082

    Assist is a fake stat. A silly side pass to another player like James Harden that do all the stuff by himself to make a bucket is considered an assist.

  • Francisco Jimenez
    Francisco Jimenez

    LA and Santa Ana aren’t even the same county let alone the same city wtf? Y’all should just know Orange County is better than LA 🤣

  • Funify II
    Funify II

    That’s fake lebron would have kept the ball for his self

  • Samuel Koshy
    Samuel Koshy


  • aaliM art
    aaliM art

    You trying to get on that NBA payroll.

  • Kendrick

    That Steve Kerr stat was almost useless but still cool cause it got me thinking about the real goat, Patrick McCaw, 3 championships, 3 peat, and a total of 16 points in all 3 finals combined, 5.33 points per chip!!!! GOAT

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    The Wilt one is by far the most impressive one this video

  • Grant Clouse
    Grant Clouse

    Too bad LeBron is a douche!!! MJ is the goat!

  • Albert J
    Albert J

    Cause Westbrook and players lately know the game so well. They play the game differently. Players like Westbrook make it happen. That’s why players give up/shoot ball at the end of periods so it benefits them. So you can kinda say “beating the house”. Helping there stats. Different type of game now. If they played in certain decade or era most likely different stats. Back then it was pass pass pass down low. Now dribble dribble juke shoot. Different game. Idk I’m hammered. Lol shay shumthing.

  • Colin Samson
    Colin Samson

    Lebron is like Gretzky you just can’t compare👌

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

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  • Jordan Garduno
    Jordan Garduno

    Greg still has more points scored than I do...

  • zzisty

    Where’s lebron on that list am I blind

    • zzisty

      Oh word just impatient

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    Fun fact: Greg Kite and his wife Jennifer adopted 10 children!

  • john cao
    john cao

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  • Iconic Props
    Iconic Props

    If you could only find lebron on tinder.

  • Elias Jones
    Elias Jones

    I still refuse to believe Jared Dudley can hoop

  • Benny Mill
    Benny Mill

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    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      the stat up.

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    Would love to compare Kerr with Robert Horry with regards to points per championship ...

  • marco wolf
    marco wolf

    Jerry West is great, but Wilt had 13 40 point playoff games in his career. 4 50 point games and 9 40 point games. 10 of those games were in his first 29 playoff games which spanned 5 years. Of these, 2 were 50/30 games and 4 were 40/30 games. He then changed his style drastically over the years, but those saying he didn't show up in the playoffs don't know sh*t about basketball. If he wasn't scoring he made up for it with blocks, rebounds, assists and outlet passes.

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante

    The stats accumulations today are insane. Even w less minutes played! I can't help but feel like the game is just so different that you really can't compare them to pre 2010s'ish. Has anyone done a video on why there are so many more triple doubles and production per minutes played? I know skill and athletic ability have increased, but still that doesn't explain why guys like Westbrook rack them up like it's nothing. He's always touching the ball on every possession or something? Plus there's more plays ran, shots taken? Surely this takes away from the production of his teammates? I don't watch nba today so idk but I'm curious.

    • X-man

      The reason is because of the offensive friendly rules. After the Malace At The Palace and the 2004 finals low ratings, the league went to clean up the league. They count assists more loosely they moved big men out of the paint, and they call fouls a lot more often.

  • MaestroArtist

    7:20 First eurostep in NBA history?

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante

    1:50 omg. As an old school basketball fan.. That blows my fkn mind.

  • Bigotón Brand
    Bigotón Brand

    That Wilt stat is fun and all, but imagine how many of those were goal-tending

    • Forgiven Sinner
      Forgiven Sinner

      Same goaltending rule then and now.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson

    Bruh I don’t even watch basketball but I watch all your videos 😂

  • Juan Rocha
    Juan Rocha

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  • Juan Rocha
    Juan Rocha

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  • Shawn Massey
    Shawn Massey

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  • Green Goblin
    Green Goblin

    Another LeBron Fan Channel

  • SEB TV
    SEB TV

    Hey steph is going to play in lakers

  • Deloneys

    Points generated per game.

  • Nick Wayne
    Nick Wayne

    When u were dragging out that first point i just kept screaming LeBron James at my phone until u got to it. I knew he was far and away at the top of that list when u first brought the stat up.

  • nikita nikonov
    nikita nikonov

    But where is the real goat a little above Kite= Robert Horry?

  • Brendan Scott
    Brendan Scott

    “Favorite players favorite player” nice reference man

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    he made the game look to easy.

  • Sahil Warsariya
    Sahil Warsariya

    5:04 so you’re telling me that they calculated defensive win shares at the time of wilt and bill russell, but they didn’t calculate blocks. That’s an NBA fact that blows my mind in itself!

  • SupaaDennis2

    Mater dei is in Orange County, not LA tf???

  • Are you not Entertained?
    Are you not Entertained?

    LbJ=MJ But LbJ first

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      Hey man! Can you please make an analytics video about how important is the 3 ball nowadays!

  • CapeVerde Cas
    CapeVerde Cas

    Not impressed by Lebron.

  • Squilliam Fancyson
    Squilliam Fancyson

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  • Nicholas Johnston
    Nicholas Johnston

    But Greg got 1205 more points In the nba than any of us got

  • Tim D
    Tim D

    Great video....

  • Tim D
    Tim D

    Three quarters of all Americans make up 75 percent of the population.....

  • Jeremy Ness
    Jeremy Ness

    Kobe with one mvp in his 20 years is no borderline criminal

  • Brice Cordova
    Brice Cordova


  • Leron Flames2
    Leron Flames2

    A lot of these stats aren't impressive because they were done against players who were super short and it was in the 60s... When everybody short no wonder wilt dominated...duhhh

  • LazerTheLazer

    Good job Greg

  • Bodene Hinchy
    Bodene Hinchy

    Greg got violated

  • King A
    King A

    4:13 At the bottom of the screen when wilt played the bucks in 71 when he was like 35 he got 9 blocks and 5 or 6 of them were on a 32 ppg Kareem...

  • Dremmy

    I love this channel. Always giving out fascinating sports facts. Keep up the good work, mah boy!

  • Christopher Phillips
    Christopher Phillips


  • Shmevan Riceballz
    Shmevan Riceballz

    Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy what do think about JLin right now?

  • Eduardo Nascimento
    Eduardo Nascimento

    Hey man! Can you please make an analytics video about how important is the 3 ball nowadays!

  • Lemini VFX
    Lemini VFX

    @ 7:40..... What in the actual f....LOL WOW.

  • Connor Robinson
    Connor Robinson

    if devin askew is 6’4” then i’m 6’10”

  • Mona Kolososki
    Mona Kolososki

    I love when you do these vids

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Because there is no god damn defense in the game. Lol

  • Ricky BH
    Ricky BH

    This why the media needs to stop gassing up players that haven't actually won an NBA game much less won a ring. Zion has done great so far, but with all the great players in the league, an the pelicans being 11th in the west with an injured warriors team they should be higher than them. He might be one of the greats but he wasn't proven nothing yet. Thats why now the media has turn his back on him. They expected him to take the pelicans to the top the very first year.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Steve Kerr coat tail status

  • Vincent Castro
    Vincent Castro

    Slow Down Bro......!!!!!!!💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Max Haley
    Max Haley

    Ayyyyyyy we at 1.69 mil

  • Jun G
    Jun G

    if the previous generations greats played in today's style then these "stats" that are blowing your mind is not going to be so special, maybe you are just hyping it up.

  • SkyH23

    Michael Jordan >

  • Aiden Lim
    Aiden Lim

    Shawn Livingston had the coldest midrange tho. Don't disrespect my man

  • carlos cuasmayan
    carlos cuasmayan

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    Daniella Kaner

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  • Shamsyoutubification

    (☉。☉)! (゚ο゚人)) (。☬0☬。) sir I will have know, you have blown me well and it only took 2mins

  • Shamsyoutubification

    Now if you say you might blow my mind and don't come close even if you said might I will be thoroughly disappointed. I need my mind blown sir, else why would I be in the comment section. Sir you better blow my mind. Or I shall unsubscribe, I don't care if you tried to qualify it with uncertainty. Your use of the verb might only express possiblity and does not clarify the extent so I being an optimist can only assume the chance is high that said mind of mine shall indeed be blown thus you have dug your grave. I shall now press play. Prepare yourself to blow me! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  • Abraham Mobley
    Abraham Mobley

    How did Greg Kite last so long in the league?

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Greg stayed in the league that whole time tho...props to him

    • Forgiven Sinner
      Forgiven Sinner

      Yup. Shows me he was healthy and reliable on rebounds and defense. That'll keep you in the league.

  • sc0rp

    Lebron playing in a league that gives out techs for yelling AND1.

  • Orlando Cortez
    Orlando Cortez

    Steve Kerr coat tail status

  • Carl Morgan
    Carl Morgan

    Because there is no god damn defense in the game. Lol

  • DDF

    73 points and 43 boards???????!!!!!

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Anyone else notice Luka is one behind the Infamous FAT LEVER! Pull the LEVER of FAT!

  • Darius Helton
    Darius Helton


  • Made Infinite
    Made Infinite

    LeBron James is the Reason the NBA is TRASH 🗑️ rigged competition 😂😂😂

  • wilson lu
    wilson lu

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  • noah zaifman
    noah zaifman

    lebron isn't even here

  • noah zaifman
    noah zaifman

    lebron should be at the top of this list

  • Yohra

    No offense but wilt and bill russell played plumbers.

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    Iris Dunn

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    Brea Regans

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    catalina reed

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  • JDC

    Who are the 387 people that disliked this video?!

  • ForeverFree

    check out Elgin Baylor OG Euro step 7:19

  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird

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  • Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!
    Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!

    Anyone else notice Luka is one behind the Infamous FAT LEVER! Pull the LEVER of FAT!

  • 2B87

    The points generated stat will be broken by Luka when he's through with his career.

  • Rob Roberto
    Rob Roberto

    Lmao that first chart , the guy talking in the video 😂 sucking on lebum

    • KingJay TL
      KingJay TL

      Did you hear that first fact in the video? Goat James

  • Maverick Supertramp
    Maverick Supertramp

    Shout out fat lever for having a dope name

  • Zanyy __
    Zanyy __

    Can we pleaseee have a video on Nikola Jokic?

  • Emily Griffin
    Emily Griffin

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  • Argus Eyed
    Argus Eyed

    These start looking like a proud parental participation medal display. Creating longevity stats to make visual effects about how much longer career lebron had. Even in the points/ring one you made it look like lebron is better than anyone.

  • Aleks

    Your content is way ahead of the competition. Gotta make a graph. Continue and strive for greatness. You deserve it Jimmy!

  • King Dingaling
    King Dingaling

    Your favorite players , favorite player , Greg Kite.

  • James Rodgers
    James Rodgers

    label ya y-axis mane

  • Stan Gospodinoff
    Stan Gospodinoff

    James can not beat the cast of demons in space jam 1 . Let see the vanilla version this year... :)

  • qco1414

    Jimmy could you please make a post season video in terms of chances to win the tittle if teams keep missing players the way the did in regular season? I'll bet the buks have more change to win this year.

  • Clent Rowell Padriquela
    Clent Rowell Padriquela

    Tell me you're a LeBron fan without telling me you're a LeBron fan

  • Brittany Haynes
    Brittany Haynes

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  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    Greg Kite 🪁