2022 Honda Civic: First Look (Up-Close Details)
Here's our first look at the new 2022 Honda Civic. The company's best-selling compact sedan returns for a new generation with tons of new tech and a fresh look. While we're not sold on the somewhat drab exterior details, the cabin looks better than ever. We'll be driving the new Civic in the coming weeks, but for now check out the first look and see what the Civic is all about.

  • Jar Ko
    Jar Ko

    Civic X interior is not high quality so this change in next generation is definitely welcomed. Unfortunetely new exterior design makes this car look older. I hope European version will look differently.

  • Hydro Cronus
    Hydro Cronus

    Looks so much better than the horrendous last generation

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor

    Estragou o carro pqp 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • diego

    Plastic everywhere love 2006-10 design

  • Aaron Jaggan
    Aaron Jaggan

    An affordable accord.


    I'll keep my Type R next

  • steve h
    steve h

    Jetta like

  • 幸田新二郎

    Design size similar to 90 Accord

  • 董慧超


  • hurdalog

    Classic line

  • Raymond Zayas
    Raymond Zayas

    Back to the boring, uninspired look. Interior is the only thing saving this vehicle.

  • John Simon Medenilla
    John Simon Medenilla

    Honda honestly made the perfect version in the 10th gen so it was really too tall of an order for them to follow it.

  • Achmad Aaron
    Achmad Aaron

    This is ugly. Bring the previous Civic!

  • ya hu
    ya hu

    Please no E-parking brake, useless expensive gadget.

  • Subit Magar
    Subit Magar

    Please keep piano black as low as u can


    I feel that the last gen was more beautiful than this one.

  • onay karakus
    onay karakus

    Bu Civic tede göçük olacakmi,. Türkiye'ye ne zaman gelecek.

  • J & J
    J & J

    Ugh = I made a promise to myself that I don't want another sedan for a while. I love my 2015 Civic but dang this Civic actually looks nice.

  • Sean ____
    Sean ____

    I’m seeing a lot of the first gen Acura ILX here.

  • Ahmad James
    Ahmad James

    The interior is disgusting

  • Tom

    The front end is dumpy looking.

  • Thomas Aherne
    Thomas Aherne

    It’s so boring like I’m sorry🙊 a step backwards in design

  • Thomas Aherne
    Thomas Aherne

    It’s so boring like I’m sorry🙊 a step backwards in design

  • Thomas Aherne
    Thomas Aherne

    It’s so boring like I’m sorry🙊 a step backwards in design


    The board is very very bad

  • Da Bear
    Da Bear

    180 HP ?! That’s it ?!

    • Da Bear
      Da Bear


    • Rich Kreyche
      Rich Kreyche

      You’ll never ever even need 100 hp. It’s a car to safety get you from point A to point B. Drive the speed limit and live into your 80s!

  • Ke Lanzhi
    Ke Lanzhi

    current Civic is the best


    I think the styling looks great. Solidity? What?

  • JR Cruise
    JR Cruise

    Looks like a mini accord (current generation). I don’t like it. They could’ve made it sportier

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    Yawn 🥱 Honda has lost the plot :/

  • Akeawat Chuadnut
    Akeawat Chuadnut


  • serdar calim
    serdar calim

    Poor Honda,you cant be a VW or Opel

  • Indy D Shine
    Indy D Shine

    Will have HB or Cuepe mode ?

  • P M
    P M


  • cmscms123456

    Looks like the Accord...

  • Mark Lou
    Mark Lou

    Why can't Toyota Camry make the front grille look this good????

  • Jessie Jimenez
    Jessie Jimenez

    I don't understand why they killed theFIT Hatchback when they just released a hybrid version in Europe and Japan. This new model of the Honda Civic isn't even a hybrid in any way shape or form yet they want to be a cleaner car company.


    Nice review

  • Vinicius Santos
    Vinicius Santos

    G10 is much better

  • Alex Goh
    Alex Goh

    Good car but poor after sales services. Not recommended for me. I prefer good after sales services than product itself.

  • Abhishek Bhat
    Abhishek Bhat

    The interior looks good. Exterior looks more close to accord from front. For people who like sporty looks this doesn’t do the job. Looks very basic from outside.

  • ??

    Ugly and boring looks like a 2015 accord.

  • Claudiu P.
    Claudiu P.

    Why the fk u can t put the 11 th interior to 10 th gen. It was all that was missing for the 10 NOT the exterior. Now I will not buy it anymore😢

    • Planet CEO
      Planet CEO

      stop using the f word you pig...

  • Marktuyet

    They did a beautiful job with the redesign . There will be tons of aftermarket products for it too .

  • Suren Sath
    Suren Sath

    Why is this car so ugly? Honda fukd up again. There goes their sales

  • funny maker boy
    funny maker boy

    🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴wtf look like baby accord fuck. Current civic look better

  • Dicas Úteis
    Dicas Úteis


  • Picxal

    I don't dislike the design but I honestly prefer last gen. :\

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    It was a 2016 not 2015 I have a 2015 it’s the ninth GEN!

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan

    Looks like a girl car

  • Cristian Hc
    Cristian Hc

    Hermoso el nuevo Civic 😎

  • XDKX101

    Imho 10th gen was the pinnacle for the civic. Looked damn close to a real sports car by factory design. This just looks more tame and matured. The lack of a bigger grille makes the front look stockier even if it's lower

    • nood1ez

      In other words...this joint is boringggg lol ...i love my 10th gen hatch sport.

    • Sam Tan Zhe QI
      Sam Tan Zhe QI

      agree, 10th gen was the best


    thank god infotainment sys doesnt lag anymore


    I think he meant The accord gotten smaller not civic??

  • Erne C.
    Erne C.

    0:01 beautiful just a darker shade of gray and tinted windows. Can’t wait to see the Si!!!

  • Dick Riggles
    Dick Riggles

    $23,000 starting for a supposed entry-level car...how are people supposed to get to work anymore? Just ridiculous. New cars are way too expensive.

  • รถสวย ฟรีดาวน์
    รถสวย ฟรีดาวน์

    Very good

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    Like I've said the rear end has a identity crisis between a accord and camry 🤦🏻

    • Random Channel
      Random Channel

      and an audi A3 sedan

  • Manuel F Montalvo
    Manuel F Montalvo

    The new getta from Honda, really?

  • umit yazar
    umit yazar

    İyice bozdular hiç olmamis bgnmedim

  • ArthropodSpidey

    It looks so generic. Wtf did they do?

  • barış koçaklıoğlu
    barış koçaklıoğlu

    How come they persistently locating the fuckn cheapish look touch screen in all japanese cars like a custom mounted style..... no way

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L

    Very generic looking, reminding me of a Jetta.

  • Asif Aslam
    Asif Aslam

    New kia fortie has better design than this

  • Chase James
    Chase James

    So ugly and basic.. took 9 steps backwards... but at least the A/C knobs feel nice to turn 🙃

  • Diogo M. Ramos
    Diogo M. Ramos

    Be a new motor engine Honda, please!!!!! The same motor 2.0 since 2008!!!!!!!!!!! What a fuck a hell!! Do a new aspirated engine, more powerful, or use an new turbo engine. Fiat on brazil made the 1.3 most turbo powerful engine of the world, 183hp alcohol!!!!!!

  • srinitaaigaura

    The dashboard is nice and low. It feels like the road is right in front of your eye, and it will make 40 kmph feel like 60-70.

  • alphatrion100

    Like it. Dont love it. A bit boring. I hate the kink. Wish they would have gotten rid of that.

  • Goran Sabol
    Goran Sabol

    Boring car, boring car, boring car, boring car, boring car......................

  • MaKoGaMeR 2017
    MaKoGaMeR 2017

    I'm confused I thought people hated the 10th gen because of the design. But honda finally updates it and its still not good enough? Lol it's just a point a to point b car, not a sports car.


    VW make old school civic

  • Tigerex966

    So they made the accord smaller. What's so new about that. Same accord engines same accord Cvt just smaller. 0 innovation aside from a cleaner vent area center condole and instrument gauge. 5 years for this and they ditch the fun reliable and sporty manual and the sexy coupe?

  • Tigerex966

    Wow no manual in any model no dsg no auto. Only cvt😒

    • Dick Riggles
      Dick Riggles

      Are CVTs still unreliable?

  • Tigerex966

    Where is they sexy 2 door, the sedan looks like a accord just smaller no new thinking way too safe and boring interior looks good though not a good as mazda.

  • franki3Ru550

    Is it 2011 again? I thought we were heading to a futuristic look? What's this outdated look?

  • JPN

    The front design reminds me of KA7 from a distance.

  • D Lewis
    D Lewis

    I've heard that reporters on the 'Auto Beat' in many cases don't even own cars. They just get loaners all the time. So, take with a grain of salt "Great interior!!!" Auto writers don't have an particular car around long enough that they have to clean them. Who's up for cleaning that grate on the dash? Make sure you get premium Q-Tips and a 2-3 hours of your time. Detailers will be charging extra if you drag one of these in. Big pass for me, and I'm a Honda lifer.

    • Dick Riggles
      Dick Riggles

      Would be almost pointless if your job is just to drive cars and review them.

  • Briham Hernandez
    Briham Hernandez

    Que bonito el nuevo accord... Que diga civic 😋

  • bliglum

    C'mon guys. This is typical Honda styling, they always do it like this, go bold and new, then a modest refinement. 3rd gen was the bold new boxy 80's style, 4th gen was the boxy concept expanded.. 5th gen was bold new aero 90's style, 6th gen, a refinement on it. (let's not talk about 7th gen). 8th gen again was a bold new style, 9th, the boring redux... And Here now, the 10th gen was the bold newness, and this 11th gen. Yup...

  • SnowBoarder&Skier

    It kind of looks like a Jetta?

  • L K
    L K


  • Akbar Mirza
    Akbar Mirza

    It's mini accord

  • BigRob Chicago_PL
    BigRob Chicago_PL

    *this is my opinion* I'll put it this way: the car became "cookie cutter". Just another Uber or go-to-work car. I personally liked the refreshed Civic X more for the edgy design and simple but useful interior. My car both feels and looks sporty. With this thing it just screams rental car Acura or Mazda at me. Another thing I am mixed about is both the decision to put the 2L NA in the Sport trim and to remove the 6 speed crisp Honda manual from the normal Civic lineup. When I was buying my 10th gen I had the option of manual in my Sport trimmed Hatchback and the standard 1.5T engine feels a lot more peppy and sporty. A NA engine in a Sport car will be like auto manufacturers that slap on cool wheels and call it the "special edition", all show no go. Even though I went with the CVT for city driving reasons, I still appreciated Honda offering manuals on "normal people cars" such as the now discontinued FIT and X Civics, without having to pay top dollar for some hyped up Type R or Si just to be able to row my own gears and have a reliable gearbox. On top of everything else, call me funny but I don't like stop-start cars. I drove a lot of them at work and it can be really annoying or jerky at times. My Civic just goes. Push the button and boom. No messing around. I might be looking at the Corolla hatchback for next time.

  • sscott _
    sscott _

    so glad I got my 10th Gen Si coupe when I did.... back to a boring looking CIVIC's.... no thanks

    • Garfield Sahadeo
      Garfield Sahadeo


  • DriveRi

    A lot of people complained about the 10th gen being over styled. Not going to jump on that boat. Honda listened and now the 11th gen looks... dull. I'll save my judgement for when I'll see it in person. Can't please everyone

  • Mistah Miggy
    Mistah Miggy

    I'm worried about pricing, the last few years the price has continuously gone up.

    • Rich Kreyche
      Rich Kreyche

      @Mistah Miggy the American dollar is worth less each time a new budget for a trillion dollars is borrowed,, so in actuality it’s about the same amount.

    • Mistah Miggy
      Mistah Miggy

      @Rich Kreyche Well that's the problem, if it starts at $23k, that's around 5-6k more than what the 10th gen civic started at.

    • Dick Riggles
      Dick Riggles

      @Rich Kreyche There will be riots if that happens. Normally, you wait until the market embraces a product before banning it. I think the politicians got together and decided to claim they were banning gas cars so the automakers will get a bump in the stock price. When they retire from office and make their book deal and speaking deals, that's when they get paid for their services. It's so obvious. The Mach-E is supposedly dropping in sales a ton and it's hurting Ford's stock. The end result of all this is, Leonardo Dicaprio, the rest of Hollywood, Bay Area douchebags and some rich doctors and engineers will keep on buying electric cars to complement their gas SUVs and sports cars while everyone else keeps driving gas. Unless there is some major battery revolution, whatever these guys are promising isn't going to happen. My guess is, they will all sell before the inevitable report that our infrastructure cannot handle a transition to electric cars. That or they will quietly walk back on their promises when they realize how stupid it is. People forget that CAFE or whatever it was wanted all new cars to have like ridiculous fuel economy standards by now, and I think they got rolled back. It's all a joke.

    • Rich Kreyche
      Rich Kreyche

      @Dick Riggles unfortunately, Wall Street Decides economic decisions on this planet from now forward. Politicians are told what to do and what new laws will be implemented to achieve their wishes. They are all powerful now and own both parties and the media ( to the extent they require). They got a man with dementia elected to the Oval Office from his basement, for gods sake! It’s not a world of sense and practicality any longer. It’s the bloodlines behind the investment houses of Goldman Sachs, etc, etc. Their just gonna make it impossible to build and re license Petrochemical facilities and distribution of gasoline to force people to adhere.

    • Dick Riggles
      Dick Riggles

      @Rich Kreyche Contrary to what people think, I bet gas powered engines will be around for longer than you think. Maybe it's because I'm almost 40, but I've seen futuristic tech hyped up all the time and know practicality beats futuristic any day. People are lazy. They want something that works and they want it fast. EVs are going to require huge changes to the infrastructure, they take a long time to charge, their batteries are expensive and are greatly affected by temperature. Automakers HAVE run focus groups and will run more focus groups trying to see what the average person who isn't biased in favor of EVs think. I don't think granny or Karen is going to like sitting at a charger in East St. Louis for a couple hours charging her car. The 25 year old single Tesla zealot might think it's an adventure, but not a dad with two annoying kids and a nagging wife who keeps reminding him they could have had a Yukon and not had to deal with this crap. Much of the reason I think this way is because I thought hybrids would have been standard, at least by like 2015. My dad bought a new car around that time and I was kind of stunned to see hybrids hadn't really impacted the market as much as I thought they would have. A hybrid doesn't really impact anyone's way of life other than the battery replacement. An electric really will. Maybe if batteries weren't expensive to replace and it was quick to charge, it wouldn't be a big deal. In fact, if these really were the future, why isn't every car electric by now? At least the luxury cars. The very fact that they aren't speaks volumes. Rich people should be laughing at people driving gas cars; I'm the one laughing at people in electric cars. That shouldn't happen. I'm watching them sit in the hot sun or cold charging their car for hours while I'm gassing up and going. That's not going to sell EVs, sorry.

  • robert bishop
    robert bishop

    Well, I think it looks subtle and has an upmarket feel to it, dare I say similar to an Audi. I think these might finally sell well in the UK, although a hatch would be more practical. I’d like to see the German dominance challenged by Honda. If it doesn’t do well in the UK, I’d worry about their market share. It’s looking like the new HRV will come here, but it’s the Civic I’m more keen on. We’ll never get the Accord, but this might be the next best thing. It’ll be awhile before I get one, as I have just bought the 9th gen, which I think is very impressive, knocking out 70mpg in diesel form. With 230 odd pounds foot, it seems to be all things to all folk. To some, this 11th gen, might look bland, but I think it looks classy…..I just hope the price is right.

  • Johns Joy
    Johns Joy

    IF it has a panoramic sunroof it's lit

  • charmnGUY

    It's a mini Accord...me like!

  • john lim
    john lim

    Civic become accord.. Accord become civic

  • Dr Qureshi
    Dr Qureshi

    Honda and Honda manufacturers are playing foolish delaying tactics with Pakistan. For the last one year Honda is telling lies and false claims. No car. Pakistan Govt should Ban Honda from Pakistan.

  • Eduardo HERRERA
    Eduardo HERRERA

    Manual Transmission?

    • WtrDogg20

      on upcoming Si and Type-R

  • berk

    tebrikler honda tasarım çok efsane olmuş yeni bir classic doğmuş diyebiliriz bravo

  • Vals Phone
    Vals Phone

    Congrats Honda looks like an evolution of what the 2004 Accord should have been. Honda is dead

  • ExpansioNetwork

    This just won't do it. The stuff Hyundai and Kia are doing right now make this look ultra boring

  • Abuzar Amir
    Abuzar Amir

    Frankly, the design is boring compared to previous model same as interior I prefer the 2020 corolla than the civic

  • Sarai Alamgir Tourism
    Sarai Alamgir Tourism


  • Karol Sivák
    Karol Sivák

    much better design than the last generation, great job from HONDA

  • Rea Val
    Rea Val

    Don’t like it...! The rear looks like a Jetta. It’s like the Accord and the Jetta had a baby. Lol. Love the Civic but not this new generation design.

  • dagom mtoko
    dagom mtoko

    tesla model 3