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We're excited to announce 3 new Clash games in development: Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes!
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Clash Quest
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Clash Mini
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Clash Heroes
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  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans

    Thank you to the Clash community for all the support you've given, we hope you enjoyed the announcement! ❤️

    • Ponch2007

      will Clash-A-Rama come back?

    • TRASH&Morfin

      Add Global

    • Rk _ Brawl Stars
      Rk _ Brawl Stars

      Yesssssss the third game is the best !!!

    • The Legendary Bigfoot
      The Legendary Bigfoot

      Make one for the xbox one please again!!

    • Brad Brad
      Brad Brad

      Your welcome but can you add a new super form for golem please it can be an lava or fire golem which when is destroy little fire golem are formed and attack nearest defenses or resources with a boost of damage of 20%

  • Yeet 2020
    Yeet 2020

    Wow clash heroes look really fun

  • 100 percent /\/\/\
    100 percent /\/\/\

    clash heroes is giving me some archero vibes

  • Richmond Raymundo
    Richmond Raymundo

    Clash heroes looks cool

  • Mr. Vault Boy654
    Mr. Vault Boy654

    Clash heroes just looks very cool like a Diablo game.

  • Михаил Мягких
    Михаил Мягких

    Clash heroes looks good

  • River Elliott
    River Elliott

    Bro clash quest looking really good

  • micado fr_1001gaming
    micado fr_1001gaming

    The three games I will install them you too ?

  • WA5P 47
    WA5P 47

    Clash hero’s looks awesome

  • W e i s s Y
    W e i s s Y

    I just find it kind of humorous that supercell really wants to have a esports mobile game, but they always build their games on pay to progress elements, never skill-based matchmaking. So its never gonna happen. I mean just look at what they consider pro league clash Royale.

    • W e i s s Y
      W e i s s Y

      Before you comment saying im a clash hater, i say this with support, i do enjoy their games, i think that they could monetize their games better, have a ton of cosmetics that people can buy, not card levels that directly forego any and all skill, take a look at most popular pc games, people will still buy a lot of cosmetics even if it only changes the way they look.

  • Saint Anders
    Saint Anders

    Scrap the other two. Work fully on clash heroes

  • El Tiqtoq
    El Tiqtoq

    Sorry to say but Clash Mini has cancelled.

  • Raymond Charles
    Raymond Charles

    Clash heroes 👍 Other two👎

  • Surge Games OFC
    Surge Games OFC

    They just need to create a copy of the brawl stars to expand the game ;-;

    • Surge Games OFC
      Surge Games OFC

      But in the same vein I'm excited to play all 3 more Clash Heroes

  • muri98

    Clash heroes looks nice

  • 2do1ra reynoso Juanmanuel
    2do1ra reynoso Juanmanuel

    Clash héroes it's a 😎👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jayden13 O
    Jayden13 O

    *Please make Clash Heroes playable on PC too!*

  • Yusuf Alfiansyah
    Yusuf Alfiansyah

    I'm hoping there's no card thing and make it pay to win like clash royale

  • 1H Krish Moonilalsingh
    1H Krish Moonilalsingh

    me checking my emails and all the sites waiting for clash heroes to come out looks really good cant wait

  • Shard Blade
    Shard Blade

    I'm very interested on clash heroes and mini

  • Dcraft_TNT

    Class heros looking good

  • a bowl of guacamole
    a bowl of guacamole

    Clash mini seems like a game you would spend hours on for pure fun, clash quest seems like a game that may die if it doesn't have multiplayer, and clash heroes just seems good in general

  • der Typ ja
    der Typ ja

    I am in love❤❤❤❤😍😍🤩🤩

  • Kerem AYDIN
    Kerem AYDIN

    Clash of clash is my favorite every time.

  • Christopher Gallop
    Christopher Gallop

    Clash hero’s looks like it’s gonna be a single player version of clash brawl stars

  • Andre Ora
    Andre Ora

    Clash heroes, more like brawl stars

  • dervra

    Clash Heroes is gonna be a hit

  • Lutzkhie

    lemme guess the 3rd one is autochess

  • Brett Eggleston
    Brett Eggleston

    What if u could use clash mini in augmented reality on a real table


    Where boom beach sad boom beach

  • Nobel Bokade
    Nobel Bokade

    I am already waiting for clash heros

  • apram

    super cell:"i need more money"

  • Julian Ruiz
    Julian Ruiz

    It would be cool if they also added boom Beach

    • Julian Ruiz
      Julian Ruiz

      True your right but it should have it's own mini game without coc universe

    • Tommy Huang
      Tommy Huang

      @Julian Ruiz ok but it wouldn't really fit the theme of the clash universe with giants, goblins etc which are in both clash royale and coc

    • Julian Ruiz
      Julian Ruiz

      @Tommy Huang a new mini game for boom beach

    • Tommy Huang
      Tommy Huang

      @Julian Ruiz a new what

    • Julian Ruiz
      Julian Ruiz

      @Tommy Huang yeah I mean like a new one like they are doing with clash of clans

  • Naga funny gallery
    Naga funny gallery

    Builder bass need new th10. so what about our builder bass

  • Zee Shaikh
    Zee Shaikh

    Waiting for clash heros

  • 〆EmRe KarakurT
    〆EmRe KarakurT

    Please shorten the army and hero training times in Clash of clans.

  • BILAL 107
    BILAL 107

    I hope developer doesn't take down this game just like rush war

  • Rajashri Bhattacharjee
    Rajashri Bhattacharjee

    I to

  • Martin Voros
    Martin Voros

    When clas quest Will come out in EU?

  • Sar ves
    Sar ves

    Looking forward for clash heros

  • Owen Besharah
    Owen Besharah

    Ima be honest, this seems like their rip offs of other shitty mobile games

  • Midoo Tube
    Midoo Tube

    I loved clash heroes

  • Ooga Chaaga
    Ooga Chaaga

    I wish they made games for console and pc Like imagine a team based game set in the clash universe If PvZ can do it I reckon they can to

  • Akash 18
    Akash 18

    Clash heroes is lit💥💣🔥☄⚡

  • Miguel Buzan
    Miguel Buzan

    Clash mini parece ser mais divertido

  • Kiryuin

    Supercell is like riot of mobile games lmao

  • Martial

    Who liked clash heroes❣️

  • Iconz171 a
    Iconz171 a

    If there was a clash battle Royal game in would be🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Iconz171 a
    Iconz171 a

    Can you make clash heroes Bluetooth controller supported

  • XTerraBlazeXOfficial

    Clash Hero îs the best

  • Brandon Valentino
    Brandon Valentino

    Cool games.

  • Turbodick 2002
    Turbodick 2002

    Take attention to Clash Royals please🙏

  • Amirudin Nur Wahid
    Amirudin Nur Wahid

    Clash Heroes❤

  • Idhant Mandlecha
    Idhant Mandlecha

    I am excited for clash heroes

  • silvia stiglic
    silvia stiglic

    When will they be avlible in Europe

  • Raj Raaz
    Raj Raaz

    Looks like clash heroes is the best but I pretty sure all three of them will be good

  • Eatinggamer 39
    Eatinggamer 39

    Mini looks kinda eh tbh, but the other ones look freaking BRILLIANT!

  • Eatinggamer 39
    Eatinggamer 39

    Clash of clans already felt like it had existed since the start of civilisation (in a good way) when clash royale came out, and that game came out ages ago at this point. Good on you for not abandoning any of these games and keeping farely healthy and active communities on all of them!


    I need to have team battle in clash heroes

  • hgj ihh
    hgj ihh

    clash heroes sounds so fun its an rpg

  • tennet wert
    tennet wert

    It so cool

  • AstroCat

    The all games was so cute I like that 3 games😍 I can't wait

  • Sohan Panigrahi
    Sohan Panigrahi

    U r forgetting Boom Beach

  • Adrian Castigador
    Adrian Castigador

    not everyone has an internet please that new 3 games are offline🙏

    • Tommy Huang
      Tommy Huang

      All games need internet to be able to connect and interact with other players around the world

  • Aaron Gamboa
    Aaron Gamboa

    Im.instid in to of thoes

  • Adrian Castigador
    Adrian Castigador

    Wow Clash Heroes Please Offline 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Adrian Castigador
    Adrian Castigador

    I wish offline game 🙏🙏🙏

  • Adrian Castigador
    Adrian Castigador

    Please Offline 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • gunawanz alexa
    gunawanz alexa

    Aku tidak sabar menantikannya


    when will this game can be download?

  • بدون

    به زبان فارسی نمی شه بزارید یا زیر نویس فارسی


    And then plz make clash a rama about them plz

  • supreetha rai
    supreetha rai

    When are we getting those clash mini figures I am so excited

  • Nishanth

    Clash heroes look promising

  • Darthofart

    Clash Heroes is cool! I love the idea of a Clash of Clans Dungeon Crawler!

  • Dumb Head
    Dumb Head

    I liked clash heroes

  • Archit Patel
    Archit Patel

    Clash heros looks promising..

  • White Smith
    White Smith

    This is super exciting!! Unfortunately I've stopped playing supercell games and other mobile games to make time for others things. Half of me feels like these games are coming out too late for me to even try or be interested but the other half is very excited to see the clash universe expanding and trying new things and for that reason I'll probably give them a go! Especially excited for Clash Heros!! Ps. The clash minis have more potential than you might think 😁

  • hello neighbor
    hello neighbor

    I want clash heroes right now

  • VicinalScarab17 Official
    VicinalScarab17 Official

    I can’t wait for these new games to come out

  • Kyle La Fleur
    Kyle La Fleur

    These are all great! The first is like candy crush but more interesting for me because I love the clash universe and then the board game one is cool because it’s a different type of strategy. The last is something I’ve been waiting for. Kinda reminds me of Pokémon mystery dungeon or something but the clash world.

  • nicolasisawesome

    What about HayDay pop HayDay is my favorite SuperCell Game

  • Agustin Merino
    Agustin Merino

    Se estan quedando sin ideas me parece, el unico que me gusto y hasta ahi nomas es el clash Heroes, pero dudo que tengan mas exito que Brawl Stars o Clash Royale en su mejor momento

    • José Alejandro Rodas Gómez
      José Alejandro Rodas Gómez

      Saliendo del tema por gusto me pre-regristre por que no estan los juegos en mi paiz XD );

  • Sw33t

    imagine they made a moba

  • Sw33t

    Clash heros looks so epic

  • LovingBob gamming
    LovingBob gamming


  • The SudsyEel
    The SudsyEel

    Why does drew sound like piff the magic dragon

  • ALeksHIT

    I liked Clash Herouse too

  • dzenan zilkic
    dzenan zilkic

    Drew hapy

  • • Reverse •
    • Reverse •


  • MrEfe Yt
    MrEfe Yt

    Ryan,Dani and Frank best!


    Wait a minute does Clash heroes look like Genshin impact??

  • dark wizard
    dark wizard

    How long has it been since supercell released a new game? I've been a clash of clans player since like 2007 and im so excited to see more games coming from them


      I think 1 or 2 years. Their new games usually get shut down as a punishment for not doing well.

  • Gamers Hub
    Gamers Hub

    Clash heroes✌️

  • 28 Gavin Gladston
    28 Gavin Gladston

    So basically... Clash heroes is dungeon rampage but beta version huh

  • muffin

    clash heroes is a brawl stars reskin

  • Manhood LIVE
    Manhood LIVE

    Love Crash Heroes!


    No se siento que supercell solo busca dinerillo

  • E

    I want clash heroes

  • T Kpopova
    T Kpopova

    Hello A lot of players ask you to return global, but you ignore us Thank you a lot

    • T Kpopova
      T Kpopova

      @Tommy Huang We will finish playing clash of clans then

    • Tommy Huang
      Tommy Huang

      supercell has already said that global chat will never return stop asking