I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good
I didn't expect this to work so well. • Includes text generated by OpenAI's GPT-3 at my request: openai.com • Art by Chris Quay: www.chrisquay.com/ • Got an idea for a video? www.tomscott.com/contact/
Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/
OpenAI had no control or sign-off on this video, although I agreed to abide by their ethical guidelines and social media policy.
Thanks to Eddie the corgi's owner for introducing me to the folks at OpenAI: instagram.com/eddie_corg
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New River in Bowes Park image by Nick Cooper on Wikimedia Commons: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:New_River_Bowes_Park.jpg
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    I should clarify that by "out of ideas", I mean that I've only got enough to last me until the end of March, or maybe the middle of April if lockdown eases. The way I work, that's close enough that I start to get worried.

    • Rhys B
      Rhys B

      More virtual gameshows! You're practically a genius when it comes to gameshow design.

    • PX

      Whoah, I'm gonna need a full video on that amazing beach and the sounds it makes.

    • sneekmatrix

      Can you do a video on the HMS Resolution?

    • Nathan Taylor
      Nathan Taylor

      I want to believe this is meta and this video is exactly what the AI determined would be the best idea for a video

    • Captain Zork
      Captain Zork

      @4:46: The Netherlands has a town called Groningen which has synchronized bicycle traffic lights. It was part of a major overhaul of the city, turning it into an anti-car and pro-bicycle town. I guess you could argue synchronized traffic lights saved Groningen?

  • j lc
    j lc

    Dying to see a video of the lesser-known British moon landings

  • laok

    if you personify Ai as a tolder it helps

  • Bliggerdet

    Wigan pier is not in the West Midlands; it's in WIGAN!

  • JMThought

    I want to see Avebury remade! :)

  • pixeltwentyfive

    Plot twist, the AI made this video

  • Terence

    Ah yes, an island with gravity defying vertical mountain

  • Jerry Flowers
    Jerry Flowers

    Was the village invisible when it was lost? "The Lost Village of Lofthouse That's Now Invisible" sounds like it was lost and then became invisible for unrelated reasons.

  • Simon Bond
    Simon Bond

    “Jeremy Clarkson’s lottery of death” - Internet - Do your thing, make this happen!

  • Louna Jushpe
    Louna Jushpe

    Oh my god! I laughed so hard when the AI made up an interview about you 😂😂

  • therealplnts

    These are perfect for SCP titles

  • Mokongthe3

    The AI can be an SPC *dundundund*

  • Mokongthe3

    Plot twist the AI is made in the parallel universe


    Hi Tom as a spokesperson and guru for the great unwashed, what are your thoughts on the Covid-19 Passport and the possibility of Mandatory Vaccination ? Stay Safe

  • Rhys B
    Rhys B

    What we need now is the Scott Thomas Channel, covering all these alternate reality topics with absolute sincerity.

  • Psixen S
    Psixen S

    I wish I knew a beach where you could hear the sea

  • Jyt

    Did you ever do a video on the village of Derwent, which is now at the bottom of a reservoir? I would have thought that ideal for your channel, but cant find it through searches.

  • 0MindSwept0

    Next stop, having it generate conversation so you can feel like you're actually talking with someone (and I know the perfect guy to do that for..🥺)

  • Odin Entertainment
    Odin Entertainment

    Jesus, that Lofthouse bit at the end was unexpected. And funny.

  • Mark Sommerville
    Mark Sommerville

    There's no white cube at the end of the world? Someone should fix that.

  • Ambrose Seymour-Jones
    Ambrose Seymour-Jones


  • G Hutch
    G Hutch

    The most deadly lottery... in the world

  • G Hutch
    G Hutch

    That's exactly what the Russians want you to think

  • Winja_

    Bot that gives good ideas: *exists* Michael Reeves: *I'll take your entire stock*

  • Gentleman Fox
    Gentleman Fox

    ‘The road that is also a boat’ Isn’t that just a ferry?

  • Captain Zidgel
    Captain Zidgel

    I love seeing people do cool things with AIs like GPT and this has to be my new favorite. A very good video.

  • MashAllah Food Secrets
    MashAllah Food Secrets

    Wt f is the video

  • Black Shoed
    Black Shoed

    Why. Is this tom scott comment section on a Danganronpa video

  • p5ym0n

    What you've done there isn't 'use an AI to generate video titles'. I believe the correct term is 'Tom Scott does interdimentional cable'.

  • Sword of Apollo
    Sword of Apollo

    "The white cube at the end of the world"? Sounds like an idea for a "modern artist" in Tierra del Fuego....

  • Marc-André Servant
    Marc-André Servant

    Another interesting video idea: the stop lights on the road to Zermatt, Switzerland. Not for traffic, mind you, but for avalanches. There is a phased array radar that detects snow movement on the mountain and automatically stops traffic.

  • Cody Strever
    Cody Strever

    5:05 That's just the moon when you take a picture of it on your phone

  • Ole Rasmussen
    Ole Rasmussen

    "A Russian utopia in east Yorkshire" COMRADES

  • Austinn Fauceted
    Austinn Fauceted

    "Nostalgia for a future that never existed" search up sovietwave music. Really interesting stuff and a touching notion.

  • Imtihan Ahmed
    Imtihan Ahmed

    I was so excited to get access to GPT3 for my research. It is a beast!

  • Owen Brighurst
    Owen Brighurst

    Have you ever looked at doing one on Calum's Rd on the Isle of Skye?

  • DANLi

    I've heard the word sehnsucht, used to describe the feeling of nostalgia of something that never existed. Its a German word that describes "longing and nostalgia for a far-off home one has never visited"

  • Cristian García
    Cristian García

    Over computerphile Rob Miles interpreted the GPT 3 paper and the general conclusion is that we're not close to tapering off in regard to language models: if we can throw more compute into a model, it's expected to improve further, in a manner that can be described as linear.

  • Bitfire31337

    "Jeremy Clarkson's lottery of death" - well, make it "Richard Hammond's lottery of death" and you have the alternate title for "The Grand Tour".

  • New Meta Knight
    New Meta Knight

    Ah yes, OpenAI. The thing that thousand of weird people use to make stories based on their degenerate fetishes.

  • Earth

    A.N.N.E. is a protocol standard for storing various data on-chain via OP return (and later op pushdata). It loosely emulates the human brain in that its basic building block is a neuron and those neurons interconnect to form circuits. Using the standard creates a “relon”. A relon is a conceptually encoded standardized indexed triplet. Everything and anything can be encoded with ANNE by breaking it down into its most basic concepts and wiring them back together as a circuit.

  • Fikri Fadhlurrahman
    Fikri Fadhlurrahman

    That face, when an AI could do fiction better than you

  • M Maria
    M Maria

    Honestly, 'The beach where you can hear the sea' sounds like a video with some very interesting twist :)

  • ruok

    real is cool and all, but having a tom scott video abput the white cube at then end of the earth would be kind of better

  • Carbon Coil
    Carbon Coil

    5:04 "The strange light that floats over-" wait a minute, thats the moon!

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht

    "There was no Russian utopia!" That sounds EXACTLY what a Russian utopia would like you to believe! agreed!

  • Pierre Villemaire-Brooks
    Pierre Villemaire-Brooks

    How about "The strange migrating pattern of seahorses" ?

  • Silver Night
    Silver Night

    "The long forgotten history of the British moon landing" *BRITANIA RULES THE WAVES INTENSIFIES*

  • sirkastic

    Your job wont just become easier, it will become extinct.

  • Stijn van het Reve
    Stijn van het Reve

    Tom, chill out :)

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins

    Where is the end of the world, and how big a kickstarter campaign would you need to build a white cube there? The south pole seems like a good bet, but you could make an argument for Tristan da Cunha. I like the idea of you starting to make interesting places just so you can make videos about them, like that crimestoppers presenter who went on a killing spree.

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins

    "The British Road That Is Also A Boat" The Newport Transporter Bridge you covered a while back has a section that cars drive onto (like a road) but which is called a gondola (like a boat). It wouldn't be a good video, but there's almost some good wordplay there.

  • Allan Johnson
    Allan Johnson

    The theme I've picked up from your videos is "this thing/event and its relation to history and technological development." Obviously it's a lot more broad than just history and technology, but even your videos on present issues seem to be things that will be relevant for those things in the future.

  • Michael

    5:24 I’m cracking up because I’ve heard this concept before but it was in Frank Javcee’s “How to Simpsonwave” video

  • Cuntsen Dicksnburger
    Cuntsen Dicksnburger

    Wierd... people are boring

  • Ashley Gould
    Ashley Gould

    The commitment to Lofthouse is ridiculous

  • GBA811

    7:17 Well that's convenient.

  • Plagalurks

    What's the ai called

  • Cameron James
    Cameron James

    - ok guys, so here’s the famous cliff that refuses to be a cliff. - did you just call me a cliff?!

  • secpd

    Fernweh (German) - Feeling homesick for a place you've never been.

  • Adam

    A video on why television competitions have to allow free postal entries- when they charge £2+ SMS cost to enter. Why don't they charge the postal people? Or why offer postal at all? Are they forced to?

  • Joanna Thompson
    Joanna Thompson

    The lumpy memory clinically boil because lamp holoprosencephaly wink abaft a steady mosque. noiseless, eight snowplow

  • neoxerxes

    I like this BBC show! :)

  • SomethingGreatishappening

    "failed Russian utopia in Yorkshire" lmao that's some quality comedy

  • chris davidson
    chris davidson

    Nostalgia for a thing that never existed, is that similar to feelings of nostalgia for a time before you were born?

  • sirchicken food
    sirchicken food

    *Tom Scott in the thumbnail looking like the chicken from Moana*

  • Jp Obi
    Jp Obi

    This video should be titled: "Tom Scott discovers the 'Fiction' genre and wants to switch jobs".

  • Hlkpf

    it's great! how about a vacation? if you're not already on vacation - permanently - to make these videos...

  • SnopFop

    This was an epic video! Thank you!

  • WhippySpoosledorf

    You can make a second channel of all the fictional videos!?!!!?!!

  • Lars Tangen-Hestnes
    Lars Tangen-Hestnes

    5:22 i suggest scottstalgia

  • dzlandis

    Plot Twist: Tom has been getting his ideas from this service for forever but then the AI told him to do a video on itself.

  • Mr Blitz
    Mr Blitz

    So, That's the "Kirby's Dream Land" all the kids were talking about...

  • tagtag66

    I prefer the AI content. Reality is irrelevant.

  • littledergon

    The gravity defying mountain sounds like a type of cliff that confused geologists because through the calculations, the rock should have slipped or broken off and their not sure why it hasn't

  • Teamgetout

    The closest word to what you were asking for is the word Anemoia. Which means to feel nostalgia for a time you've never known or lived in.

  • b9y

    What actually makes a Tom Scott video? I think it's just things about things. I mean looking at Scott's old stuff from 7 years ago, it's... interesting. Maybe the secret is visual facts for people who appreciate the little known things that assist humans in everyday life. Or inventions, or...well, anything.

  • JohnHenry Mills
    JohnHenry Mills

    5:22 lostalgia

  • Matthew Napoletano
    Matthew Napoletano

    What do you mean you had to turn it down, it was perfect with "Jeremy Clarkson's Lottery of Death"! Frankly at times Top Gear seemed like a death lottery for them with some of their ideas

  • Marcus Daughtry
    Marcus Daughtry

    A video about trying to find the subject for a video? Freaking brilliant! You still taught us new things.

  • Simon Jäkle
    Simon Jäkle

    Well it's not just a cheap-thougt correlation between people getting dumber (resulting in more astouned or facinated watchers or consumers) thinking the robot stuff must have improved. Also there seems to be way to much stuff in the internet (which often isn't well re-viewed oder "remastered" though). I'd improve a lot of data strings (or what you'd call them) but who would tolerate calming dry logic, simple "dull" truth? Take a look at wikipedia, where 90% of "alternative data" isn't tolerated by faint-coloured thinking dominators. And reporters and journalists are getting mentally aimed on when they post an assumption. Why don't they add some words like "this is beta information, we are only 92 percent sure". Some consuming people would like and enjoy to handicraft. Most men would need to. We get enough ' that stuff. Modern perfection won't properly breathe. But who "sinks down to my level" anyway...

  • Invertland Productions
    Invertland Productions

    What on earth, this is amazing

  • J R
    J R

    I want to watch Clarkson’s lottery of death tho

  • Lucas On
    Lucas On

    Imagine being so interesting that a video about yourself running out of ideas for videos is still interesting

  • Noah McGaffey
    Noah McGaffey

    Anemoia is nistalgia for a time youve bever known, i thinks its applicable

  • RemizZ

    Your job will get a lot easier, but only to the point where the AI can also create a person from scratch that tells the story for you in a fictonal world it generated. Novels will be written by AI and I don't know if I like it.

  • Tiypo

    There was that bizarrely square iceberg back in 2018, so "The White Cube at the End of the World" isn't so much an impossible thing as it is one that was missed.

  • NotAdmm

    5:22 There is a german word "sehnsucht" which describes this feeling. Its direct meaning as a "longing and nostalgia for a far-off home one has never visited," :)

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    I can imagine you making a video called the only beach where you can hear the sea and the video reveals that all the beaches are technically 1 or that the sea isn't the sea

  • plica06

    Best one for me was about the long forgotten British Moon Landings?!!!!

  • miinyoo

    I don't even think it's spooky or new. Just better than previous renditions. People have been using this tech for a while now and it's sometimes difficult to spot.

  • Crow of Crius
    Crow of Crius

    Since lockdown is keeping us down, why not talk about the lockdown, for posterity basicly. I think every 50-100 years there is a major event in the world that will shape the lives of millions, and they usually get documented and talked about later, "in the history books". What I mean maybe the video dont have to be "about lockdown" but more about how humans adapt to changing situations and events. Maybe in another 50-100 years there will be another global event, and we will use skills and practices we learnt during covid lockdown. You know. I think there is a video there, about the generational experience.

  • Wenzel Keil
    Wenzel Keil

    the word for that nostalgia is called 'Sehnsucht ' in German

  • anti/HUMAN Designs
    anti/HUMAN Designs

    One thing that humans are great at, but which has always been the bane of AI, is being innovative or creative. Well, that's a thing of the past. AI is now more innovative than humans, as well.

  • A Kale
    A Kale

    I have an idea for a video. You probably already have made it & I just can't find it. Why do internet/computer calculators get some calculation completely wrong while the old analog? Ones get them right

  • Rights of Way: Restoring the Record
    Rights of Way: Restoring the Record

    The road that is a boat could be true if it is a road that is a BOAT - Byway Open to All Traffic.

  • Angelo Hankins
    Angelo Hankins

    Now for the real question. Who came up with the idea for this video?

  • Tim New
    Tim New

    roads that are boats makes perfect sense a b.o.a.t is a byway open to all traffic

  • TheGerkuman

    The Green Death is indeed a Doctor Who episode and includes giant green maggots/caterpillars.

  • Gregg Johnson
    Gregg Johnson

    5:23 Well, it's not technically an English word, but there's always hiraeth.