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  • Retr0_reaper

    DUDE! I now what mall that is it’s the garden state plaza in New Jersey! I could be wrong but it just looks the same

  • Melanie Starkey
    Melanie Starkey

    Don't worry I sent a message to Tesla himself I think it was the right vibration frequency and energy to reach him we'll see 😊😊😊👍👍👍🛸

  • Melanie Starkey
    Melanie Starkey

    He's a very busy man and he's doing everything to get one for me

  • Sophien Ben-Achour
    Sophien Ben-Achour

    Just go to Mars dude, he’ll eventually show up there 😉

  • Lieyah Boone
    Lieyah Boone

    Are you in Albuquerque

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace

    Bro why that kid walking like dat 😆

  • Dunc-a-do-right Town
    Dunc-a-do-right Town

    You just want free stuff

  • Dave dave
    Dave dave

    If he's ever going to do something it's gonna be for Tesla like a company... Something that can be like an ad

  • Amal Abuelsamen
    Amal Abuelsamen

    Do you still wanna get the tesla from Elon or

  • Melanie Delio
    Melanie Delio

    I think it is ok that it is not from Elon him self I would like to see you get a tesla from Elon him self and share it to this video stop being a hater to him michaelsalas46

  • Liam Byrne
    Liam Byrne

    Sell the car for doge coin then try buy a new one with it 👀😂

  • Baddie Gwen
    Baddie Gwen

    Everyone: talking about something Me: that kid in the begging- lol

  • Blanca Peralta
    Blanca Peralta

    I love these videos of him

  • Blanca Peralta
    Blanca Peralta

    Hi 🙋 I love this app and it’s very useful and easy to use for the iPhone 📱 and I am very impressed by this

  • Pink Camo Crocs
    Pink Camo Crocs

    Stop trying

  • Ihiminen64

    Just tweet him

  • Hu Kang
    Hu Kang

    What u did just wasting their time instead solving the problems for the world.

  • The Boss of Funtime Freddy
    The Boss of Funtime Freddy

    I like how you can see more teslas in the video 😀

  • Lexi Degracia
    Lexi Degracia

    My name is Isaiah

  • Infinite Gaming
    Infinite Gaming

    bro that mall is in my town...

  • General User
    General User

    Imagine getting pinned

  • Kaniinix

    Get a real car not a tesla

  • MiscellaneousVids 06
    MiscellaneousVids 06

    GL on gettin the Tesla, man! Next thing is probably gonna be trading up to a mansion in bel air 😂

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve

    Has a Tesla already. "Nope not good enough" bum

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta

    Next Up : I'm getting the Tesla company as a birthday gift from Elon Musk.

  • Rayen Hamdaoui
    Rayen Hamdaoui

    Let's spam elon on twitter

  • Kristi Creech
    Kristi Creech

    He is jealous that your more successful than him

  • Reece Pepperwood
    Reece Pepperwood

    Sounds like a first world problemo my guy

  • TRD Aqua
    TRD Aqua

    I’ve been to that mall

  • Jay Elderhorst
    Jay Elderhorst

    Ben je Nederlands?!?!

  • Betsy Fusco
    Betsy Fusco

    Hahaha I feel the same way

  • Luvly Tai
    Luvly Tai

    Yall have westfields too?

  • Yosh HyzroX
    Yosh HyzroX

    Get iphone from Steve job himself xD

  • Mango and Friends
    Mango and Friends

    You did it you got in touch with Elon from this cideo

  • Raaz R
    Raaz R


  • Victor Whitley
    Victor Whitley

    Why is this guy just automatically assuming he’s going to get a Tesla from Elon makes a video talking about how he hasn’t gotten in contact with Elon yet the title - “IM GETTING A TESLA FROM ELON MUSK” this is clickbait and misleading and repetitive

  • Elliott Houghton
    Elliott Houghton


  • TГ老1îñトレリン

    In 2030: Trading worthless sand all the way up till I can buy venus

  • IOAN.ER.

    You are not so important to get his atention!

  • Ryuan Schloomi
    Ryuan Schloomi


  • Yolanda Latif
    Yolanda Latif

    i think you live in ct

  • Chace Bonanno
    Chace Bonanno

    Elon’s such a meme lord that he’ll likely embrace this

  • blxebxrrie

    are we not talking about the kid who was walking at a legit ANGLE

  • Mattikes

    So you get a tesla directly from him....what then?

  • fish blob
    fish blob

    I am subscribed

  • Nico Nyatwa
    Nico Nyatwa

    Why don’t you sell your Tesla and get the model 3 or maybe a model

    • Nico Nyatwa
      Nico Nyatwa


  • Mike Haas
    Mike Haas


  • SCUBA Steve
    SCUBA Steve

    Keep up the work! I think he’ll go for it @ some point. Good luck!

  • Marcos Gaming
    Marcos Gaming

    Are you Tampa

    • Marcos Gaming
      Marcos Gaming

      Are you in Tampa

  • Kazzor_7492

    Do you think you are something special or what?! 🤣

  • Akash Kandhare
    Akash Kandhare

    Elon is not stupid to give away a car to someone who never did smart or hardwork for it. It's something to earn not beg.

  • I.Prameelasuresh Suresh
    I.Prameelasuresh Suresh

    Sell your tesla for a Lamborghini or a bugatti

  • tzimtzum

    Are these really the shoes you should chose for driving… or as a real human?

  • Damian Dsouza
    Damian Dsouza

    I don't think it will happen because if elon gives u a tesla the video will go viral and then he will come on the news that elo is giving free tesla

  • Nonsense Gaming
    Nonsense Gaming

    Goodluck he doesn’t notice nobody’s like us unless we invent something that gives lots of attention

  • A K A S H C H A N D R A N
    A K A S H C H A N D R A N

    Just go to Twitter he's always there

  • Biswajyoti Hira
    Biswajyoti Hira

    Make a music video

  • Fookinpepegaclap CxIndaChatbaby
    Fookinpepegaclap CxIndaChatbaby

    Does anyone know if we're going to have electrical bicycles from the Musk ? Even just a 1 time thing, Boring Company style

  • GKM Massnoon Haider
    GKM Massnoon Haider

    A little secret to get touch with elon Buy 50percent tesla share and become a board of directors 😁 Or maybe ceo too

  • Joaquin Garcia
    Joaquin Garcia

    Leave elon alone hes busy going to mars

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    This dude looks 100% like my auto-tech teacher. My teacher denies it, but he worked at tesla before and wears the same jacket. They look completely the same to the point I think my tech is straight up lying about that not being him when I showed this clip to him.

  • Dylan Coughlan
    Dylan Coughlan

    Try getting in touch with people he knows like Joe rogan just to ask the question

  • Elite Crash
    Elite Crash

    People who are out of context must think this dude is stalking him, or just being a creep as he is messaging him, trying anything to get Elon Musks attention, geez

  • Rick

    You know you can put up a huge billboard like you did before in the place were Elon has a lot of homes it might get his attention

    • adam meyer
      adam meyer

      Elon sold his homes bruh no cap

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown

    He’s trying to get your attention and people watching his videos are douting him so make it real

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown

    He wants a Tesla from you Elon

  • Joseph Feore
    Joseph Feore

    My guy really drove to the mall just to film himself asking this question

  • Pamela Garra
    Pamela Garra

    Get a job

  • Ciler7

    Try reddit

  • Karan


  • Hello

    What battery pack is this model S?

  • Emeywayuemay Onitnatsnoc
    Emeywayuemay Onitnatsnoc

    Imagine he will trade a company

  • Chickamtion

    Tweet at him

  • Adrian Fernandez
    Adrian Fernandez


  • Spidey2415

    After u get the tesla from elon, what do u expect him to do with it, he already has so many teslas. U should try DM him on insta

  • Spidey2415

    After u get the tesla from elon, what do u expect him to do with it, he already has so many teslas. U should try DM him on insta

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava

    Oh my god no fucking way you asked to talk to Elon in a store omfg

  • Tonio

    tweet him

  • sammywah

    Not trying to come out rude but there's a chance it won't every happen.

  • DR Doni
    DR Doni

    When you said “serie” my siri popped out

  • Itz_Just_ Grayyy
    Itz_Just_ Grayyy

    A Tesla store in your mall!!?? Our mall needs one, but the rent is soo high that our mall is literally dying in the middle of a highly populated town (the mall in Columbia)

  • Brooklyn Ang the hole puncher
    Brooklyn Ang the hole puncher

    That boy tugging away from his mom says it all

  • Colton Bergman
    Colton Bergman

    You need to go bigger Elon musk can get 1 million tesla’s you need to Traid bigger

  • King Waffles
    King Waffles

    I’m the waffles man

  • Wisam el-deen Ahmed selim
    Wisam el-deen Ahmed selim

    People should isn't tag him on tiktok

  • GG Gaming
    GG Gaming


  • Hipster 101
    Hipster 101

    Just start trying to fix your own Tesla like that one guy 😵 that’ll get his attention

  • Cat_Invader

    Don’t do it elon

  • Jeff Cuthbertson
    Jeff Cuthbertson

    Ask the everyday astronaut

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez

    Weird ass

  • Erik Burton
    Erik Burton

    @Elon musk

    • Erik Burton
      Erik Burton

      Lol not tictok

  • YanChung Cheng
    YanChung Cheng

    Get a hold of Joe Rogan

  • Visit Channel
    Visit Channel

    It's like asking Amazon delivery boy in India "can I meet Jeff Bezos? "

  • Vinix Trix
    Vinix Trix

    Aren’t all Tesla’s from Elon? 👀

  • tillhemwell

    Youre not a Tesla Owner if you dont have an apple watch.


    Elon is worshipped like techno Jesus

  • One Day At A Tidy
    One Day At A Tidy

    I tweeted him about this! Can’t hurt!

  • David alvarado
    David alvarado

    Didn't he give tesla away

  • JR_12Gaming Rice
    JR_12Gaming Rice

    This man got a Tesla from a tub of sand, he s living life

  • Dennis McColley
    Dennis McColley

    And that's supposed to have a meaning to me for what reason. By the time it's all said and done You have polluted as much as if you bought a suburban. After the Creation of by products and batteries and it's all been gotten rid of.