I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER
Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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    thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏

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      Samuel Chng

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      Antonio Ardito

      Sei un grande

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      Pedro Xavier

      god 504

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      fateh zaki

      Stay funky bro

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      Erick Wilcox

      You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!

  • JoanKSX

    Why suddenly reminds me about the K-pop band 'LUCY'? One of their member, the bassist does the jerky stage dance while playing bass LOL Reminds me of Lindsey Stirling XD

  • Zachary Berry
    Zachary Berry

    Stay funky bro 🖐✋🤚

  • JoanKSX

    LOL I'm thinking of the Korean song, 'BOCA'. Song for haters. Honestly I don't really vibing your videos except the 'Violin versus Bass' war series (OMG that's EPIC) I really love it (I'm a TwoSetter XD). But I don't hate it, I mean the other videos you did weren't appealing to my own personal taste. I just don't really like it personally XD Wish you have better future ahead and happy =)

  • It's ya boy BAM
    It's ya boy BAM

    Keep you head up Davie🤘

  • Alexander The Great
    Alexander The Great

    Laugh reveal

  • Silvershadow294

    stay funky bros hit hard. love your content man i usually enjoy watching your videos while eating lunch/dinner never failed me tho so keep it up man.

  • R Lewis
    R Lewis

    This post goes to eleven. WT actual F? I live for these gems. I need one of your therapy sessions. Oh, by the way, you made me love bass. I'm going into debt for a Schecter. My choice, but your fault. I love you. I hate you. I wanted to adore guitar. You ruined it by dangling bass in front of me. What is WRONG with us? Bass...

  • Slowed songs Maker
    Slowed songs Maker

    You know... I love your therapy sessions. It really helps me to keep up at school. ☺️✨👍❤️

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    Simón Bertuzzi

    Davie, you are the best! Love to you friend 😉🤠

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    miu is waifu

    you sound like triod kinda

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    Erik Gampick

    Wholesome video. So happy that you would feel enough of a connection with us to talk about yourself like this.

  • keay rhyasen
    keay rhyasen

    out of all the Davie504 videos i've watched, honestly, i like this one the best. and he didn't even play the bass. go figure.

  • Douglas Tice
    Douglas Tice

    Hi Davie504, I have been enjoying your videos for about a year now. My 5.5-year-old daughter also loves your videos (btw, would love it if your content was always G-rated - less inuendo/pp jokes). I really enjoyed this video a lot and wanted to let you know. I never really even thought about the fact that speaking in English was probably a strategic business decision you made a long time ago. That's interesting. Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work!

  • Bobby

    Davie it is ok to have alot of subscribers and not always alot of views because people may genuinely love your content but go through phases were they want to watch other things but give them time and they will come back

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    Star Blazer

    Nothing but love here bruh. Keep on slapping.

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    Joe sisco

    Keep it up buddy, don't let the haters get ya down. Millions of people love you 👍

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    This is a beautiful video.

  • The Valentine Show
    The Valentine Show

    Trust God.

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    Miguel Franco

    Never thought of me getting teary eyed watching this video.

  • StringsCrusader

    thanks Davie! Love your vids!!!!

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark

    your words are moving

  • Emilia Fantozzi
    Emilia Fantozzi

    Someone ever told you you look like the fonz?

  • C$CREW

    Play fortnite

  • G Savage
    G Savage

    Make a video with Rick Beato?

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    Zack mena

    Jesus Christ offers peace.

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    Rodrigo Santarem

    I've been watching your videos for a few months, you are a funny and kind dude and also very handsome with blonde hair. ciao

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    Vinnie Marchisio

    I'd like to see more moustache on the channel.

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    Lucas Pringle

    Stopped watching after hearing you don't say omg or slap strangers. Bye buddy

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    Uzi YT

    i subscribe'd you when you had 2M subs congrats Lord bASS for 9M subs

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    Ethan J Watson-Chatterley

    Disappointed you didn't slap me after saying what's up 😢 my life if a lie

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    Its so nice to see Davie,DAVIE . forever da best yter!!

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    Filip Schölin

    You are absolutely fantastic my guy

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  • Fabricio Sasaki
    Fabricio Sasaki

    Unfortunately the drop in views may also be due to the pandemic, some subscribers may have died from COVID-19, some are hospitalized and others may be looking for jobs because they lost their jobs during this crisis. Over time, a portion of the subscriber numbers are ghosts, people who no longer exist. I'm going back to watching TRwatch videos, many things happen in people's lives, in mine for example I went back to work in Brazil (I was in Japan), my brother suffered a motorcycle accident going to work in Japan, becoming almost paraplegic, a year later my father, who is also there, had a heart attack at work, and is now recovering, and refuses to return to Brazil because he does not want to die from coronavirus like 250,000 Brazilians. Everyone's life has its difficulties, each one can feel better in a different way, the important thing is to find out how to mitigate depression.

  • Michael Kolesnik
    Michael Kolesnik

    Congratulations on 9 Million Subs. 👏 Things to try in the future: 1. Busking. 2. Impromptu mall performances. 3. Finding more hidden talent, like the Harp player yor recently showed. 4. street march performance like they did in New Orleans. 5. Be the first bass player to play at the top of Mt. Whitney (with a 360 camera)

  • Christopher Penny
    Christopher Penny

    Love this video!!!

  • J R
    J R

    Cheer up Davie we love you

  • Gerardo Alberto Galindo Barrera 5H
    Gerardo Alberto Galindo Barrera 5H

  • orr853

    Davie you are A W E S O M E in so many ways. keep pushing your self to the limits.. btw I would like to see some classes you give in BASSSSSSSS .. make some collabs with guitarist on youtube and stuff ♥

  • Stathis Chatzis
    Stathis Chatzis

    Can you please come to Kozani, Greece??? It would mean a lot to me.

  • David Juan Møbjerg Frost
    David Juan Møbjerg Frost

    You are very cool, I really like how even in your act your calm personality shine through. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for all your hard work.

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    J Kennedy

  • mugiinah


  • mugiinah


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    Ensom Gutt

    Im not crying, you are

  • mugiinah

    i love u bro

  • Coday Anthony
    Coday Anthony

    I haven't watched as much this past year because my youtube habits were interrupted by the pandemic. Different schedules and environments. But I always love your content. Please stick with it as long as you can continue to do so. You're a treasure to the YT community and it's easy to see that under the silly personas you might play for the audience, you're a sweet and good soul. Sending loving vibes your way and hope you pull through any of the trenches you might find yourself in from time to time. Take care of yourself!

  • Gonzalo Peci
    Gonzalo Peci

    I don't comment often, and I was honestly about to skip this video... For some reason this felt so real... So ... Idk...real? I hope this was as real as it felt, and that you continue to be as successful. Thanks for the content as always.

  • Horn Sour
    Horn Sour

    Really cool to finally see the real you man. I honestly think that you will probably get more views/subs now that you’ve revealed the real you. I’ve noticed people prefer someone to be real and themselves sometimes if they are a character most of the time.

  • Alex Hodges
    Alex Hodges

    I loved this. So wholesome.

  • Hazard Mouth
    Hazard Mouth

    You're humor/amazing slapp skills are extremely inspiring. I respect you on so many levels 👍 stay strong and stay funky bro 💛

  • sili34

    I've been watching your content since you first began. It was really interesting to see your real personality in the beginning get slowly augmented into the character that you created. There have been times where, after watching your more recent videos, I'd watch a few of your early ones just to be reminded of how far you've come. As a fellow slapper, I appreciate your content and you as a person! I've laughed with you, learned from you, and even felt sad with you. As many others have said, you just keep being you and making excellent content that inspires people around the world!

  • rebelbandman

    Great video. Also, I love your therapy sessions. Hope to see them again.

  • Alexandre Simoes
    Alexandre Simoes

    You've been making us all laugh but now, i kind of miss to see the real Davie, like the one in this video. I wanna see you enjoy the content you're doing. Therefore, that is my sugestion: F... the numbers, just make the content that makes you laugh and show that to us. Sincerely, an old fan.

  • The Conscious Evolution
    The Conscious Evolution

    Thank you brother for this video. It's nice to see you out of character, I understand we all have a persona or certain catchphrases and such, this is like watching TV so we all have fun with a little acting. Keep doing your thing friend and don't let the pressure get to you. Sad commenting people need love they are in a dark place, peace bro! (Oh and P.S BASS RULES!!!)

  • Tak4shi

    wheres the reveal

  • Dorito legend
    Dorito legend

    This is better for therapy session lol

  • Tiago Milanov
    Tiago Milanov

    this... motivated me bro, Thanks. i will slap the piano now :).

  • Ronen Aprils
    Ronen Aprils

    And I totally appreciate the Taiwanese Subtitles

  • Marc Madera
    Marc Madera

    The last line you said melts my heart ; (

  • Hilario coronado
    Hilario coronado

    10 million subs LEAVE YOU BEARD

  • AncientDelay

    Where can we listen the AnimeBass battle in Spotify?

  • chillachileno

    Nice vibes from Colombia my dude! Stay strong 💪

  • Madyar Smagul
    Madyar Smagul

    One day I want to see you in real life and say hi. Keep doing what you doing now, good luck!

  • Mælströmmind

    Your headphones are peeling off. What can be more normal than that?

  • Frigg

    This is traumatizing

  • chillachileno


  • Joshua D'lima
    Joshua D'lima

    Respect you bro! Knowing you more makes us 💛 you more

  • Pxl Dev
    Pxl Dev

    Nice to hear that Im not the only one who has problems trying not to butcher english words and sentences in videos.

  • Stew And Mel
    Stew And Mel

    Biggest take away is having plenty of water

  • Joe.

    Bro i finna watch these videos anyway. Thank you for the amazing video

  • Kirinfps

    Thanks for keeping us entertained!

  • nfgrockerdude

    Much love davie! This life is a rollercoaster and you enjoy the highs and weather the lows. Keep it up

  • Mehdi Favre
    Mehdi Favre

    All the best my friend, this video is a gem in your album of videos on your channel. I hope you get to continue doing what makes you happy and soon get out of this tunnel vision, a little time off to reflect is always healthy in order to identify yourself after being stuck.. away from the numbers, away from the community, just you and your close ones 🙏

  • Ulaş Kamiloğlu
    Ulaş Kamiloğlu

    İts like fight club ending but in italian

  • Count Jack Noire
    Count Jack Noire

    Much respect. Stay slappy.

  • David Miller
    David Miller

    That was pretty sick. You're a good dude😁

  • Jefson Bennit
    Jefson Bennit

    You’re doing great☺️❤️🙌

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  • SplashNormous

    Do “Credit Card Reveal” next :D

  • EscaLaid27

    Your a GOAT Davie, believe it man, do what you want to do in life, not what you think others want from you. I subbed a while back because you vids are great but even more because you seem like a great guy. Just keep moving forward to your ultimate goal

  • Matty Matt
    Matty Matt

    I've been watching your vids for a very long time and always thought each one was very awesome but never subscribed. This video really took me by surprise but the surprise was moving and encouraging. I really appreciate seeing the real side of you. You are quite the inspiration. Here's to another 9mil subs included with mine. Keep up the amazing hard work you do on each video. You are appreciated.

  • The Undying Gamer
    The Undying Gamer


  • Mohammad Sahil
    Mohammad Sahil

    This gave me really manly tears! Lol, am I the only one?

  • The Undying Gamer
    The Undying Gamer

    If there are celebrities here, he will like those xD Me: dud xD

  • Funkafella01

    How about a Davie does a lesson session once a week or month? Something you did that helped your bass playing or how you analyze a song.

  • nolexistent •
    nolexistent •

    :D ....I actually don't know what to say I just love this video

  • Jeff Gibson
    Jeff Gibson

    Congratulations Davie504! I'd love to learn which slap players you have been influenced by and any funk/BA bands helped sway history

  • Joao Corona
    Joao Corona


  • Isaac González
    Isaac González

    Slapping like not only the video, but a bunch of comments as well. You have a great community Davie!

  • brasick90

    Stumbled across your why page by fluke. You have got very funny personality. Great content.

  • iloveskittles999

    i think you are getting not so many views despite having 9m subs bcs your videos just doesn't show up on the TRwatch feed. i am subscribed to you but i don't recall any of your videos suggested on the TRwatch front page for months. i stumbled across your videos again bcs i was looking for the bass stuff here. so don't worry

  • Brad2112Rush

    im shopping for strings for my FOUR string bass and would love your advice

  • Brad2112Rush

    i think davie is my 1st subscriber thats awesome!!!

  • Empty Beer Can
    Empty Beer Can

    504 is the address of his childhood home


    davie : i will reveal diamond play botton bass revealat 10M subs everyone who is my relative , family or friends have subscibed davie 504 ( or should i say 505 ?) : Lets do it boys !!!!!!!!! help davie get to 10m subs !!!!!!!!

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    Thiago Sales

    Apoio pra vc a aqui do Brasil!!

  • Dweb42

    I love Davie so much, he's funny, he's talented, and he's such a great guy

  • Marcin Góralski
    Marcin Góralski

    Much love my dood, never give up :)

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