amazing video and work machine 295

  • Кирилл Годовой
    Кирилл Годовой

    Смазку главное не добавлять, чтоб "дольше" бегал

  • Matt McGuigan
    Matt McGuigan

    Does the word amazing not mean what I think it does?

  • Nita Gajare
    Nita Gajare

    Making a bear ring

  • Dead Fantasy
    Dead Fantasy

    Kin kin logo ne girl ke hath ko notice kiya

  • Dead Fantasy
    Dead Fantasy

    Muje to girl ke hath dekhne ke alawa kuch dikhta hi nai he... so beautiful

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    At least the sweat shop has hurricane strength fresh air

  • Seth Austin
    Seth Austin

    You did that like you work at a bearing assembly factory or somethin

  • Pedretti719

    Asi es como haces unas cajabolas

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson

    Fidget spinners before they were cool

  • Sai Aditya Reddy Junoothula
    Sai Aditya Reddy Junoothula

    Now play this 15000 times to get the authentic sweatshop experience.

  • aree phengphoon
    aree phengphoon


  • Manny rtc
    Manny rtc

    Great stuff

  • Putut eko Kerto diharjo 017
    Putut eko Kerto diharjo 017

    Bearing ukuran berapa itu 🤔

  • Havoc1001

    Look at those pristine Nails this person obviously has never done this before

  • Mugenyi Mubarak
    Mugenyi Mubarak

    Looks simple to assemble. I need a dozen of those bearings

  • Fr33dom41

    Big fidget spinner lol

  • Arthur Callahan
    Arthur Callahan

    It’s a fucking bearing what does this have to do with “amazing work and machine

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins

    Now 25 bucks at autozone please

  • Durbek Yuldashev
    Durbek Yuldashev


  • J Quiznos
    J Quiznos

    Not with those nails...

  • ihank jangkie
    ihank jangkie


  • sheila martin
    sheila martin

    She would never last working in China making 10,000 parts/hr wearing those fake nails

  • Wulfar

    That's not even a machine

  • Jeremy Deutch
    Jeremy Deutch

    Wait don't bearings have to be pressed together? Surely if you can do that with your bare hands it means something is way too loose, no? 🤔

  • belgianfried

    thought that was a t72 ring autoloader

  • Jon Paul
    Jon Paul

    Ahh now I know the belt part that holds the rollers.

  • * Gblueslover
    * Gblueslover

    Just another day's work at the bearing factory.😎

  • marshmallows gamer
    marshmallows gamer

    I can make a gun out of this

  • Александр Щепетков
    Александр Щепетков

    Зачёт 10 баллов

  • _Ole_CornPop_

    It's called a roller bearing Mr. Dipshit.

  • mataneagra

    In to week you will find rusty finger prints.

  • Александр Домников
    Александр Домников

    Нихера себе люфты . Понятно почему они так быстро выходят из строя

  • Frank The Rabbit
    Frank The Rabbit

    Nothing amazing here. Move on.

  • Caleb Large
    Caleb Large

    Wow a bearing dang that's crazy

  • robinswalows

    This is all it takes to amaze people now a days?

  • Hashmat Ali
    Hashmat Ali

    Bering fiksing raight

  • Daniel Vedberg Sekulic
    Daniel Vedberg Sekulic

    Good atleast wear gloves now the whole bearing can start to rust before it ever reaches the end user

    • Andrew Melton
      Andrew Melton

      @Anne Frank so we all agree for most purposes China=shit Swiss depends German all around great

    • Anne Frank
      Anne Frank

      @Andrew Melton Germans have been the best in my experience too unless you want something custom or SUPER precise then England have been the best. Czech Republic were damn good too but then again they seem to be Germany 2.0 now

    • Andrew Melton
      Andrew Melton

      @Daniel Vedberg Sekulic yeah like in skating I’m used to using mostly German bearings for production Purposes and my American bearings on my rc’s

    • Daniel Vedberg Sekulic
      Daniel Vedberg Sekulic

      @Andrew Melton not really the variance in bearing types also isnt the same Swiss Ball bearings are of far better quality then their, roller tough if you want good warmth resistant bearing use warm treated ones instead of ceramics ceramic bearings are inferior in most aspects from wear and bearing life. Ceramic bearings are also beaten out majorly in most specs Warmth treated bearings are essentially normal bearings thats been remade to be more heat resistant by adding in graphite/warm resolutions and or the same material u find in pencils. Hell you could make warmth resistant bearings by renoving the inner ring of normal ball bearings and add in aforthmentioned material into it.

    • Andrew Melton
      Andrew Melton

      @Daniel Vedberg Sekulic mostly ball bearings I rarely need roller bearings but I presume that based on their ball bearings their roller bearings wouldn’t be any worse

  • Claymoreking YT
    Claymoreking YT

    "Workmachine": Shows human Ok

  • Ronil Singh
    Ronil Singh


  • Incidentalz Occidentalz
    Incidentalz Occidentalz

    14 more hours and we can go home

  • Austin

    This why my bearings keep taking shits on me

  • Lucas C
    Lucas C

    And that the reason why bearings fail so quickly

  • Taylor Poff
    Taylor Poff

    Roller bearing

  • spacedoutcowboy

    What bearing does this have to do with anything....?

  • Monke Person
    Monke Person

    Me getting ready to go to American school

  • Rick Mortyson
    Rick Mortyson

    This things are a mass product. These will never ever be made by hand. At least not for business uses

  • Iran Caetanno
    Iran Caetanno

    Gostei 👍

  • Syd Barret
    Syd Barret

    It's the first stages of a bearing. Let's get real, It's hand made and lubricants were not visible, if thats the finished product it's SHIT!!!

  • trent

    They allow cameras at the slave Labor factories in China?

  • Thomas Perakovic
    Thomas Perakovic

    Seems cool until you need to make 1.2k of those per day lol

  • Tangy

    What are you going to do, dislike? No. You got exactly what you were promised. An amazing video, and a work machine.

    • Tangy

      @Jupiter I was making a joke, I wasn’t being serious, just making fun of the fact that most of the videos this person makes are pointless. Plus did you have a stroke writing the comment?

    • Jupiter

      this would fell in the slightest touch it has to be completely sealed or press fitted for not to fall not what i wanted, not what i geted. He doesn't even give care he just slammed those bearings in there without any damn grease! At least i couldn't see any and im sure there isn't any what is this what is he gonna do with this???

  • 印南太

    ベアリングでしょ⁉️ それが何?

  • Zaconrye

    Pov: you get paid 2 cents a week

  • 100MEDO

    Trabalhava numa fábrica montando rolamento desse mesmo jeito! Era bom d+ a parte da graxa era em outro setor ...

  • The Gamer boi
    The Gamer boi

    U didn't put a single piece of grease in it u idiot they will be a lot of fraction

  • anish manimala
    anish manimala

    Like your hand... Working

  • Chris Delibera
    Chris Delibera

    Wow a needle bearing. So amazing, never seen that before 🙄

    • Matthew Markle
      Matthew Markle

      it is a roller bearing.

  • mr smith
    mr smith

    zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzz is it over yet

  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar


  • truth

    Looks like Uranium pellets

  • Milli CD
    Milli CD

    That was quite satisfying ngl

  • Liang Shan
    Liang Shan


  • Theguywhomadetheuniverseandshit

    Quality brand parts lol

    • Outlaw


  • killurfour3

    Yes fired....

  • Kadir Özer
    Kadir Özer

    Aferin sana

  • Enrique Bunbury
    Enrique Bunbury

    That's good

  • Назар Мельник
    Назар Мельник

    Ну теперь все ясно почему такое качество

  • Christobal Espinosa
    Christobal Espinosa

    No wonder our cars and trucks are complete shit today... These people too busy vlogging on the job

  • Azazel Sama
    Azazel Sama

    Yes, human is natural machine

  • 大木敏夫


  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan


  • Ильдар Ахметшин
    Ильдар Ахметшин

    На заряжалку магазина патронами похоже

  • Marnix van opstal
    Marnix van opstal

    High quality China bearing lol

  • About Blank
    About Blank

    Ah yes. . . The thing did what is was made to do. . . Why is this in my feed

  • Baba Yoga
    Baba Yoga

    That's why they cost so much

  • Haywood_Floyd

    work machine. that would be a simple bearing tool

  • Brian Nundahl
    Brian Nundahl

    I think they are pistonrod bearings?

    • Hugh G Rection
      Hugh G Rection

      Yeah, it looks like a bearing

    • Vlad III Dracula
      Vlad III Dracula

      No clue, but kinda looks like an electric motor

  • SirMrMcNuggets

    using probably exclusively stolen content this channel has tought me one thing: Never ever buy anything that serves a function from china again, no matter how cheap it is.

    • Joe Dias
      Joe Dias

      What do I do if I desperately need a component? Can I buy it from You.

    • Dicky Arya
      Dicky Arya

      What are you mean, I mean what's the things about not buying stuff from china about this vid? It's literally just showcasing how bearing are made

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman


    • Tha Sup-meme
      Tha Sup-meme

      ~some bald guy

    • Dhritiman Roy
      Dhritiman Roy

      So this is not a arc reactor this is a simple bearing which u will also get in your toy motor

    • Joe Dias
      Joe Dias

      I am not Tony stark and a pauper.

    • Curt

      This is a roller bearing.

    • Menaceblue3

      But sir.... I don't have a cave.... or some scraps....

  • My Mom
    My Mom

    F U C K C H I N A

  • Combitech

    Where is the damn grease , eh ?

  • clusterfer

    This video has no bearing on my life!

  • Kevin Olsson
    Kevin Olsson

    Nails look good though...

  • Jubeidono2012

    Demo video for Chinese kids in factories.

  • David Gillard
    David Gillard

    As a millwright you sure took a long time to assemble a bearing . Did you even lub the rollers

    • Inessential Title
      Inessential Title

      Lol this is a sweatshop... I’ve never bought a bearing from a millwright. They’ve literally all came from sweatshops.

  • Bud C
    Bud C

    Not exactly the greatest care with critical rolling surfaces.

    • Red Acted
      Red Acted

      It's Chinese manufacturing we're talking about here, what do you expect? Lol

  • Cousin Jack
    Cousin Jack

    I like how you roll

  • Enrique Pais
    Enrique Pais

    Mentira los tocamientos son conicos


    بشرفك هاي الايد الناعمة تعمل بولبرن

  • killer


  • Bob Woodward
    Bob Woodward


  • Mack Muhlbeier
    Mack Muhlbeier

    These videos are all I see and it’s fuckin annoying “Amazing video and work machine” like shut the fuck up It has nothing to do with any of the words in that title besides video