Awesome TWIZY POV in Switzerland - SPECIAL CAR!
Renault Twizy is a special and rare car. I have test driven it and its awesome. This electric car makes so much fun. Crazy acceleration. Mountain drive uphill and downhill.

  • Net Needing Systems
    Net Needing Systems

    OMG this is lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adrian Shephard
    Adrian Shephard

    So 15 minutes drive costed you half a battery? LOL meaning that 30 minutes = empty battery. LOL!

  • Denis Salvá
    Denis Salvá

    I saw a Twizy in my city (Sao Paulo, Brazil). The sound like a Airbus at...50 km/h. But is a good idea for big cities.

  • Mononoke Ireland
    Mononoke Ireland

    Wow that is awesome! Renault's Twizy appears to be one of the smallest cars in the world. I'd really love to ride the car sometime in the future! I'm sure those cars can be extremely rare. Good evening from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • blackpool321

    Lovely smooth roads there . Here in the uk the potholes would rattle your teeth out .

  • Dante M Esteban
    Dante M Esteban

    I wish this cute car is available here in Philippines

    • Ferdinand Pantino
      Ferdinand Pantino

      Available na po bro.

  • Umut Memedi
    Umut Memedi

    zu wild hrrrrrrrrrr

  • Runner 4714
    Runner 4714

    How does it goes so fast ???

  • Mitrofan Mitr
    Mitrofan Mitr

    Это как сюрстремминг - страшно)) но очень хочется попробовать☝️🤫🤭😁

  • JipCake

    How much is the car?

    • Bear

      Then you have to lease a battery on top of that

    • NO NAME
      NO NAME


  • Martoon

    Seems faster than it is. Switzerland looks very pleasant. Wouldn't mind living there. No Twizy's in Australia sadly....

  • Russell Nico Abendan Del Pilar
    Russell Nico Abendan Del Pilar

    airplane noise😅😂🤣

  • المعلم المتفائل
    المعلم المتفائل

    Is this car suspension comfort?

  • MauriceNL

    sounds like it needs new gearbox oil, it's very noisy

    • MauriceNL

      @Runner 4714 its a common problem with Twizy's that the gearbox makes much noise. It needs gearbox oil change

    • Hex 2.0#.
      Hex 2.0#.

      there is noises cuz hes very fucking close to the wheels and the ground

    • Runner 4714
      Runner 4714

      It's Electric ... What do you expect ??? Silence ???

  • Herzlich Willkommen
    Herzlich Willkommen

    Thanks for sharing, I love the great audio quality and the POV view, it's like driving it by myself.

  • Marva

    I m relaxing

  • Haz Khan
    Haz Khan

    It's a excellent car, but they should simple upgrade it. The doors without windows is really confusing. Why would 2 doors really needed if 1 door with windows could be so much better. Many people are also with their privacy stuffs and also when they are doing shopping, they can't carry with them along. And about the heating for the cold and even for cooling they could attach some solar system on the roof.

  • Sai Gon
    Sai Gon

    fucken noise

  • VG014

    3:51 GOLF 4 R32 :D

  • Mert Arslan2
    Mert Arslan2

    I Want this this if growup

    • Runner 4714
      Runner 4714

      Me too

  • ra3y 7rba
    ra3y 7rba

    Is that montreux or Geneva?

    • upfreaks

      Kanton Zurich, in the hills around the airport. Buchs and Otelfingen, not sure where he stopped but think he was headed back towards Zurich.

  • Dennis Richards
    Dennis Richards

    Looks like it's going some. Is that in MPH or KPH?

    • Micha Sager
      Micha Sager

      Dennis Richards hahah no... just km/h it would have been nice, if it was mph 😅👍🏼

  • Danny

    Micha Sager greetings from Ecuador South America. One question: Is that "extra Boost kit" installed by renault? Or you in some other company did you install, in a workshop made some modification? Thank you in advance for answering these concerns. P.D: Apologies for English, but I rely on the google translator.

    • FIREHAWK1979

      Gpcas9 thanks! Good to know.

    • Gpcas9

      No! twizyx is just a scam. They "lend" you their freshly Labled OVMS (which only cost about 100€ and is open source ) and charge up too 400€ for a SMS or Switch command over GPRS. I think he uses the ELIA box which has ABE in Germany and Swiss.

    • Micha Sager
      Micha Sager

      Hey Danny, Thank you for your Comment. It is installed by Renault. But I've forgotten the name of the boost kit ... Hope you have a awesome daaaay :)

  • Jean-Sébastien Bressy
    Jean-Sébastien Bressy

    is it a 80 model with modifications?

    • Runner 4714
      Runner 4714

      @Micha Sager how .??

    • Runner 4714
      Runner 4714

      @Micha Sager how ???

    • Gpcas9

      twizyx still a scam. Why pay 400€ for something you get free if you know someone in the Twizy community? twizyy is a newly labled OVMS which uses a open source software developed by members of the German Shameless to charge so much money for a SMS or Command via GPRS when someone else had done the work to develop the software.!!!

    • Adres Postbus
      Adres Postbus

      Were can we buy this kit ?

    • Micha Sager
      Micha Sager

      Yes, and we have installed a "extra Boost kit" -> Faster Acceleration and higher max speed

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