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  • pablo ulloa
    pablo ulloa

    Never Forget Dieselgate

  • Tim Troxell
    Tim Troxell

    Nice try vw but you'll never be better than Subaru

  • Harald Brach
    Harald Brach

    Subaru OUT! 😅 Volkswagen IN👍🏻

  • kimada100

    The bear is happy with the vw because when it get stuck or broken, dinner is ready...

  • jcjcjcjcjcjcful

    nice try, but not really now everyone will get the subaru instead

  • Amanda Petersavage
    Amanda Petersavage

    ❤️✨lol i love subaru ✨❤️ *can’t believe it shjsbajd

  • Tomáš Tomeš
    Tomáš Tomeš


  • HCO3-

    LOL, I'd rather buy the Outback than anything from the lying Dieselgaters.

  • Jader Cardoso
    Jader Cardoso

    Remember dieselgate? Oh.

  • Marek Pár
    Marek Pár

    Subaru rulez!!!

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    Used to drive a VW and now I drive the Outback and it is the most boring car I ever owned. I think Camry drives better than the Outback.

  • Ondra Audy
    Ondra Audy

    Cool, nice outback!

  • Viktor Balla
    Viktor Balla

    You should shut up after the diesel scandal!

  • Александр Н-Буг
    Александр Н-Буг

    Рано или поздно все машины становятся фольксвагенами (металлолом)! Субару рулит. Субару аутбек 2.5, 4WD!

  • Sti93

    Subaru 🥰

  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams

    The future of transport is here and it's all electric. Bravo VW. Shift your fossil-fuelled dinosaurs now before it's too late.

  • RD0403

    Isn't VW the company that lied about their diesels polluting? lol.

  • /////AMG

    I'll take the Subaru, thank you

  • Héctor Rabago
    Héctor Rabago

    Qué bonita Subaru ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Someone Different
    Someone Different

    First you get rid of the beetle. Then make an awful April fool's joke. And now you're mocking the majority of auto owners in the world because their cars make noise. So basically turning yourself into pretentious snobs who care nothing for their audience. You're trash and I can't wait for your downfall

  • Bass Kot
    Bass Kot

    How Ironic a very unreliable brand trolling a bulletproof brand

  • Rafel Yair Sánchez Lara
    Rafel Yair Sánchez Lara

    I'll go with the Subaru... A real AWD! VW refrigerator with dieselgate history, no thanks, not interested.

  • Jair H Castillo
    Jair H Castillo

    The irony, VW was recently accused of tampering with the emissions results.

  • Standa Cermak
    Standa Cermak

    Ignore the Subaru for a minute. You have to admit VW is moving in the right direction with their massive investments in EV development.

  • pudinkk

    Lets take a moment to remember the vw emission fraud, shall we?

  • riceeaterz

    Rich coming from a company that lied on their emission test results lol

  • n777ua

    reminder: VW Group's EV investments into EV efforts amount to hundreds of billions of dollars and far outpaces any other legacy auto makers investments in both size and execution. Meanwhile, Subaru/Fuji Heavy and Toyota, which owns almost a quarter, have been the auto-industry's laggards for any EV efforts, clinging to hybrids and hydrogen, the latter of which the japanese Govt is pushing and isn't feasible outside of Japan. Lets be clear who the real environmentally progressive company is here if we want to play that game here in the comments.

  • Koljah_

    Thanks, but no.. I will definitely go for the dirty Outback.. No chance i will ever drive a VW.

  • Иван subaru Lancaster
    Иван subaru Lancaster

    Да уж))))Это subaru над вами постоянно смеётся))))Да и цена за ваш фольцваген слишком большая))))

  • Nz Misa
    Nz Misa

    do you want to compare volkswagen with subaru? come on ...

  • kev ersatz
    kev ersatz

    I remember the good old days when VW faked emissions with their dirty diesels. Good times.

  • Вадим Ковальчук
    Вадим Ковальчук

    Субару он хотя бы вездеход а этот ID.4 в лужу заедет и уже заглючит

  • CA Driver
    CA Driver

    Subaru is a cult

  • Вадим Ковальчук
    Вадим Ковальчук

    Уххх как у субаристов бомбит

  • Kompyter

    Love Subaru

  • Олег Бондаренко
    Олег Бондаренко


  • Denis Kalchugin
    Denis Kalchugin

    Subaru goes to every field

  • MrAlvinlovespie

    LOL imagine being snobby about another car's off-road adventure while having two mountain bikes strapped to your roof.

  • Ercan Torun
    Ercan Torun

    Vw sounds good but poor quality...

  • Damyan Mutafov
    Damyan Mutafov

    Краят на Субару!

  • Brandi

    I feel personally attacked. I really care about the environment and I've looked into electric vehicles several times but the fact of the matter is I'm stuck living in apartment buildings that won't be fitting for these types of vehicles. I also work completely from home so the idea of buying a whole new vehicle that I'm going to have to take out for charges like a dog you have to take out for walks... It's kind of ridiculous

    • Brandi

      @n777ua The answer actually has to do more with city power grids. Even if my landlord wanted to drop all of the money to install such a system, they would still need approval and planning with the city for that amount of power draw.

    • n777ua

      the answer is infrastructure (in your apt complex) in the future.

  • Mázik Ákos
    Mázik Ákos

    Now i go and buy one of that Amazing Subaru! Thank you VW!

  • Google你他媽死全家垃圾共產狗

    Great, Now I want to buy subaru even more, I already have one

  • Леонид Гусев
    Леонид Гусев

    Subaru go back from off-road. VW e-car charging this time. They took bicycles. that's right, suddenly the car is discharged. Two bicycles. Someone won't come back. The bear will be fed

    • Боян Ангелов
      Боян Ангелов


  • Michal Odvody
    Michal Odvody

    Did you forget something? Let me just say one thing: "Diesel gate!" Morons! Would take that Outback any time over VW or Audi...

  • Skyline

    at least the Subaru will go around the off road . And not like this E-SUV VW unrespect

    • n777ua

      The future VW id.4 AWD will go most places any subaru legacy/outback (a wagon on stilts) goes. Subaru owners tend to think their cards have the ability of a serious off roader.

  • ṨpacedΛce Sa
    ṨpacedΛce Sa

    VW tries too hard to be eco friendly and is starting campain against petrol engines, still most at least 90% cars sold by VW is still combustion... It makes me cringe

    • n777ua

      Well you'll cringe less if you see the huge change about to happen to that product mix at VW. They don't need to try to hard - they put their money where their mouth is in terms of EVs

  • XxKubaxX

    Well that ID4 might need that Outback soon when it will get rainy and muddy

  • on 9
    on 9

    Have you forgotten the Diesel Gate?

  • Mad Joe Mak
    Mad Joe Mak

    She's just Jealous that they have a better car

  • Mur Murov
    Mur Murov

    Subaru красавец

  • Osvaldo Alarcón
    Osvaldo Alarcón

    The best part of this video is the Subaru

  • Mouse Big
    Mouse Big

    after watching this video, i like increasingly my subaru forester

  • Péter

    This commercial embodys the real face of electric-car propaganda. Arrogant and unfair, i hope this electric ballon will pips sooner or later.

    • Shawn Ramito
      Shawn Ramito

      I prefer the sound of an ICE. I'd fall asleep driving an EV

  • Flavio Tedamanta
    Flavio Tedamanta

    VW sucks

  • StudioMarand Official
    StudioMarand Official

    I want a Subaru

  • D K
    D K

    Subaru 1 Dieselgatewagen 0

  • MR Dima
    MR Dima

    Пока Volkswagen только выехал, Subaru Outback уже возвращается. И не факт, что Volkswagen вернётся от туда, где был Outback.

    • Илья Кочетков
      Илья Кочетков

      Заряжался :-)

    • Олег Бондаренко
      Олег Бондаренко

      ХЕ ХЕ ХЕ

  • Zafer Temiz
    Zafer Temiz

    hey vw what about nature do you love So why have you launched millions of vehicles even though you know there is a Carbon emission problem?

  • Sercan Ozoren
    Sercan Ozoren

    I think if you go where this Subi comes, you have to leave Vw there at the end.

  • Georgios Antoniadis
    Georgios Antoniadis

    CleAn DieSeL

    • Someone Somewhere
      Someone Somewhere


  • toy2day1

    The company that a couple of years ago had the dirtiest cars, with rattling and cracking pistons with extreme oil burning, now makes trolley buses and pretends it's eco friendly...

    • pablo ulloa
      pablo ulloa

      That's the marketing department doing the green washing

    • n777ua

      cute statement, not based in reality.

  • DarklightRebel

    Laghs in dieselgate


    VW не поняли что значит наклейка "я люблю природу" ) ID.4 электромобиль который за экологию, а Субару выезжает на природу далеко от дороги.

  • Sergio Marron
    Sergio Marron

    VW was already caught cheating emissions tests with 'cheat device', I don't trust them for anything!

  • Grigor Grigorov
    Grigor Grigorov

    I don't want to change my world it has boxer rumble in it :D

  • Panos T.
    Panos T.

    Sorry I would prefer the outback electric cars sucks

  • 555

    As Subaru passes by you, you pull to the right like a wimpy cat, and if we know how good the symmetrical awd system on the mountain road, which they have been trying to explain for years, you have shown with a vw advertisement in the unknowing. really cool when subaru passes by you :) we are unsure if your advertising director is not a subaru user :)

  • Troller Coaster
    Troller Coaster

    122 likes, 122 dislikes, perfectly balanced, as all things should be

    • Leon Schneider
      Leon Schneider

      @Troller Coaster uhg, fine, but make it quick. hahahaha :D

    • Troller Coaster
      Troller Coaster

      @Leon Schneider I was the 122nd dislike, just let me have my moment.

    • Leon Schneider
      Leon Schneider

      lol, no.

  • M

    I’ll take a Subaru over a VW every time. Funny to think it’s even a competition.

  • george rapt
    george rapt

    Subaru is much better than you

  • airsoft peak
    airsoft peak

    Даже не знаю смеяться или плакать. Над полноценной семьёй у копчёных из которой ещё не успел сбежать отец? Или от нового электромобиля не способного съезжать с дорог общего пользования? Сюр какой-то. Субарику респект. Копчёного папу скоро посадят, а копчёная мама отрастит пердак размером с бампер этого авто. И на что они купили новый WV? На пособия? Хотя девочка видимо продает наркотики по району.

  • Filip Babok
    Filip Babok

    Compared to Subaru, Volkswagen is decent. Decent playtoy.

  • Svetozar Zhilkov
    Svetozar Zhilkov

    That... way behind Subaru. You can't drive in the forest with this anyway, not even close as deep as with the Subaru. But hey at least it can drive you to work. ;)


    And what about AllRoad and AllTrack?

  • Yudha Bagaskara
    Yudha Bagaskara

    wow how ironic

  • Dogukan Cinar
    Dogukan Cinar

    Wow nice car Subaru

  • AS K
    AS K emissions scandal?

  • Serhat Akçay
    Serhat Akçay


  • eds x
    eds x

    In Germany we say SOS, which means „Scheißwagen stays Scheißwagen“

    • Peter H.
      Peter H.

      Made my day Bro ✌️

  • Holly Black
    Holly Black

    Volkswagen disposable, low-quality cars. garbage!

    • OR211


    • Оксана Романова
      Оксана Романова

      согласна. 100%. не машины, а одноразовые тачки.

  • yufuss

    Subaru ❤️ vw çöp

  • Денис Гриняк
    Денис Гриняк

    it is not for nothing that bicycles are fixed on the roof of the car. the battery will be discharged on what to return home

    • Krunoslav Blašković
      Krunoslav Blašković


  • Сергей Рей
    Сергей Рей

    Like Subaru


    First go where Subaru can and don't forget what you did about emissions. Remember punishment of emissions about what you did to nature and people !

  • VITALCHIS Mariner
    VITALCHIS Mariner


  • Vitaliy Vasylets
    Vitaliy Vasylets

    Субару краще)

  • AleRicoSuave

    Looks like the Subaru was having fun

  • Vincent Pellegrini
    Vincent Pellegrini

    "Before, we couldn't go offroad like the Outback. It's still true but now we're smug about it!"

  • Mike Mouzourakis
    Mike Mouzourakis

    Well that backfired fast

  • Bon Rj
    Bon Rj

    Nice car Subaru

  • Mukul Kumar
    Mukul Kumar

    Just a free marketing tip - don't try to show good things in bad light just to be "cool". it will only backfire. Don't bad mouth tesla if you want to show electric is better. Similarly don't say subaru is inferior if you want to show enjoying nature is good. Respect the pioneers. It's gonna make you look good by association - free advice by a product marketer.

  • Mukul Kumar
    Mukul Kumar

    The fact that they are in a sparkly clean car tells me they are not going to enjoy nature anyway. Meanwhile the family in that friggin awesome outback prolly had way more fun driving through forest roads than these folks will have in a lifetime .

    • Gate2Cipriano

      If I want to have fun in the nature, I would leave my clean car on the parking lot a and just walk, you don't need to drive everywhere. Just keep walking :)

  • Lastapata


  • Kacpa2

    Subie all the way also VW after dieselgate i wouldnt ever consider a VAG car at all. Before they were just boring and overly popular in my part of europe especially your stinky TDI diesels but ever since that scandal you are criminals agaisnt nature in my humble opinion....

    • n777ua

      Sorry you feel this way. Subaru is a tiny niche player while VW Group is the world's premier auto-brand. I certainly would not call vehicles out of Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ducati, or Bentley "boring".

    • george rapt
      george rapt

      Well said🙌

  • Jay Con
    Jay Con

    Oh boy vw digging a hole again. Seriuosly targeting subaru outback. Wel your just making subaru superior on that category.

  • А. Н.
    А. Н.

    Like Subaru

  • Onur ULUYOL
    Onur ULUYOL

    SUBARU > vw

  • vecernicek2

    Please shoot another version when the VW meets Subaru off-road. That would be fun!

    • Reece Brutsman
      Reece Brutsman

      Haldex gang vw will kill it and be lighter and transversally mounted at the same time

    • Osvaldo Alarcón
      Osvaldo Alarcón

      Id like to see that urban car in the mud with a Subaru. It will be funny hahaha

  • vecernicek2

    The most stupid thing about the video is that the sticker is on the tailgate where the woman in the VW wouldn't have a chance to see it. The second most stupid thing is that VW thought it was appropriate for them to call out Subaru for polluting.

    • vecernicek2

      @n777ua For VW, it was entirely a business decision. It was a complex deal that solved several problems for them after the Dieselgate scandal. They reached an agreement with the US gov which included Electrify America. This way, they made an investment for their own benefit rather than just paying a fine. Also, they had a huge PR problem they needed to address and lastly, they simply realized that EV future is inevitable. Also, Subaru makes cars that last a long time and owners tend to hold onto them. This is a significant environmental benefit, as car production (an EV in particular) is environmentally unfriendly and carbon intensive. Maybe VW should address that as well. Lastly, VW group is still one of the largest producers of ICE vehicles globally. Much larger than Subaru is. So, the pun was in bad taste in my opinion.

    • n777ua

      They are calling out the fact that Subaru has curated this image as the ultimate environmentally conscious company, when they have no sizable capital outlays for EVs and really just make ICE cards that emit greenhouses cases. Meanwhile, VW group has invested the entire stake of their company on EVs.