Bucks vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA March 31
Check out Bucks vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Bucks beat the Lakers 112 - 97
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  • HelperIndieGames

    G. Dark fantasy ARPG - She Will Punish Them (Beta.HD)


    3 brothers (Antetokounmpo's) in a game. Did that happen in the NBA history before?

  • Pierre Tran
    Pierre Tran

    NBA is getting so freaking boring !!!

  • dg ewer
    dg ewer

    الله يستر من الجاي

  • 【超級夢想嘉】YouTuber【酷炫邊緣人】影視特效王-張佑嘉Super Dream Yujia
    【超級夢想嘉】YouTuber【酷炫邊緣人】影視特效王-張佑嘉Super Dream Yujia

    super man!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • NBA Highs2021
    NBA Highs2021

    Yo can u guys tell me if my Anthony Edwards mix is good or not

    • NBA Highs2021
      NBA Highs2021

      @Ciggie Smalls okay thanks anyway

    • Ciggie Smalls
      Ciggie Smalls


  • Kewon Taper
    Kewon Taper

    Drummond 💀😱💀 he's the next big hope for the Laker's to get a ring don't give up on him now I believe in him just as much as a dog having 24 legs.

  • King Ahmed
    King Ahmed

    Lakers need to learn teamwork without lebron and davis,kcp need superstar to shine

  • Salwaa Julieta Ribi
    Salwaa Julieta Ribi

    lowry...we missed it

  • Yeab Man
    Yeab Man

    The bucks perimeter defense is really whack

  • robert flor
    robert flor


  • Iñigo Vicente
    Iñigo Vicente

    Now you're not saying anything about Gasol??, he plays much beter basketball than a lot of players in this team

  • Koray Koymen
    Koray Koymen

    just make it 3 min longer and let us watch basketball rather than ball goes in only!!!

  • Louis Bunde
    Louis Bunde

    Dennis Schröder so ein guter und Wuseliger Mann

    • y.serman

      Und schnell

  • Caglar Seckin
    Caglar Seckin

    why there is lbj in the cover photo fakers?!

  • The Thinking Man's Templar
    The Thinking Man's Templar

    Why would they trade Dwight Howard & Then go out and try to replicate Him again with another guy who isn't as impactful?

    • jamesley serein
      jamesley serein

      C’est vraiment inexplicable

  • Rossen Filipov Filipov
    Rossen Filipov Filipov

    The team was playing well before Drummond went out. Kuzma needs to take up the SG role and start instead of KCP who is averaging 0 3s per game. Not really sure why he did not get traded to Magic for TRoss e.g ??

  • Warboy 007
    Warboy 007

    I looooooove how Giannis put Caruso in his place!!


    The loud cave systematically heat because answer feraly destroy as a pathetic double. utopian, amusing grasshopper

  • Anime aesthetic Vibe
    Anime aesthetic Vibe

    I hope this KCP shows up in the playoffs because he really sucks in the regular season. He is so frustrating. I dont get why they let Dwight and Javale leave? Then in mid-season they look for a big man. WTF? But they keep KCP? They should have just kept everyone from last years team. Their new additions did not make this team better. Harrell is the exception. He is doing well. I expected more from Schroder since he was so adament about starting. I expected him to go for 30 here. Smh

    • mark fish
      mark fish

      Lakers GM made bad moves. He also listened to fans about Danny green. KCP actually will do well when he has a solid base to shoot from. The team is messed currently with too many forced shots. Harrell only can score in regular season in my opinion. come playoffs he might get 0-6 points.

  • Legendary 2021
    Legendary 2021

    30 Percent Were Wide Open 3s.We Will Certainly Get Better As To Drummond He"ll Come Back Stronger.

    • Fergie Ferguson
      Fergie Ferguson

      Can't keep up with them drumond look lose and he getting kill out their

  • De Ichsan
    De Ichsan

    See, your defense was suck Lakers

  • Zekeizme

    Drummond; Damn we suck! I thought I was gonna get an easy ring. I should have joined my hometown Knicks.

    • Tiago Cabral
      Tiago Cabral

      Suck ? Lol....

  • Dennis pichay
    Dennis pichay

    La lose the game in their home🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Jacob Adedoyin
    Jacob Adedoyin

    Caruso caught akumpo lacking

  • xisting1

    All three Antetokounmpo's at one time

    • Legendary 2021
      Legendary 2021

      Record Breaker Rite

  • Cyriaque

    Giannis, Kawhi, Curry, the only elite players who keep running. I Hope they won't start load managing and ruin the regular season. But Giannis has been playing with less detemination recently, looking at his stats, he let Middleton take the lead.

    • Cyriaque

      @Ryan Ngu So he signed the max contract just to secure the money?

    • Ryan Ngu
      Ryan Ngu

      Giannis want to leave Bucks



  • F R
    F R

    Drummond looks like a lost puppy out there

    • Legendary 2021
      Legendary 2021

      Welcome To The West Andre Drummond!

  • Alen Zmaj
    Alen Zmaj

    Drummond join Lakers and get already killed by Giannis Antetokounmpo, what a monster 😯 2:59

  • -.-

    KCP - 22 mins = 3 points Trade.

  • EducateMee

    This shows why LBJ is the MVP.

    • david ocampo
      david ocampo

      @EducateMeefirst of all finals mvp is not the same as a regular season mvp, because basically is a two horse race, while playing against the other team's star, at the beginning of the season, media overused LeBron's age as if it was a criteria to win an mvp, which is absurd, now they want him to win without playing? I mean, come on, LeBron is the second best ever in my book, but he's not the best player right now, harden was giving us a legit run with his performances,. But, if he stays out for a long time, it'll be exactly like LeBron, you need games and you need to play to win an MVP

    • EducateMee

      @david ocampo well he won the finals last year, and the team sucks big time without him. What other player is more valuable to their team than LBJ?

    • lil grapehead
      lil grapehead

      this shows that lakers need AD

    • david ocampo
      david ocampo

      Awww, another failed campaign trying to push For a mvp trophy for LeBron, even if he doesn't play for the remainder of the season. Cute

    • Donnie Cornwell
      Donnie Cornwell

      I thought it was a team sport?

  • Fanis Giannikos
    Fanis Giannikos

    This is the evidence that Lakers are absolutely trash 🚮 without lebron

    • Prince Naseem
      Prince Naseem

      They're Missing LeBron and AD. Take away the two best players in any team and see what happens kid

    • BB8 abc
      BB8 abc

      they have kingDrummond

    • Jazchong2519

      I don't like or hate LeBron but you are probably right

    • Alen Zmaj
      Alen Zmaj

      U also lose games with LeBron...

    • F R
      F R

      Yeah but with LBJ and AD, it’s over. Lakers in 4.

  • Yankale Golan
    Yankale Golan

    Lakers play as individuals. No team plays unless the player has no other option. UGLY basketball!

    • sarah jakes roberts
      sarah jakes roberts

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  • Ker M
    Ker M

    The gm must be smoking some good shit getting rid of superman and shaqtin king

  • Ker M
    Ker M

    Great first game and the big guy is out

  • Yuan Conde
    Yuan Conde

    I pretty nervous if no lbg and ad in a game if laker playing...

  • hide out
    hide out


    • Ciggie Smalls
      Ciggie Smalls

      Are you 70

  • แจ็ค พีท
    แจ็ค พีท

    แพ้บ้างชนะบ้างไม่เป็นรัย เพลอ๊อฟเราจะกลับมาแข็งแกร่งกว่านี้แน่นอน

  • 042 Eza Arilangga
    042 Eza Arilangga

    Hell yeah pouring with 3# 🙈

  • Victory Murangiri
    Victory Murangiri

    Why did Lakers trade Howard and McGee worst decision ever! Zero defense

  • Александр Салигов
    Александр Салигов

    Без леброна и дэвиса лэйкерс не те

    • ogicar100

      bez njih su posrani

  • HR博彩公司直招


  • HR博彩公司直招


  • Civsuccess2

    Fire Dennis Schröder or no championship for Lakers.

    • lil grapehead
      lil grapehead

      u trippin

    • GLBizzie

      @Leon P but he is not wrong.

    • Leon P
      Leon P

      Dude stfu

  • Jayady Rumengan
    Jayady Rumengan

    Lakers out from big six

  • Don D
    Don D

    Wow Drummond played so bad and then also got injured wow. I knew I didnt have to expect much but man wtf.

    • Kewon Taper
      Kewon Taper

      Come on now he's the Lakers big hope for that ring don't give up on him am begging you,🤣🤥😂😱😭💀

    • Donnie Cornwell
      Donnie Cornwell

      You making a conclusion off one game hahah clearly don’t know basketball

    • Alen Zmaj
      Alen Zmaj

      Its Gasol 2.0 lol

  • Civsuccess2

    Dennis Schröder can't pass.

    • Leon P
      Leon P

      That’s why he got the most assists of the match tonight haha

  • francisco jr. sacay
    francisco jr. sacay

    No defense at all...

  • Aasar Ptah
    Aasar Ptah

    Bucks to strong for a defenceless Lakers......

  • ken chin
    ken chin

    i though tat was 3point contest for team mode

    • Crxn

      @Wilder Hugo i genuinely don't care

    • Anson Jensen
      Anson Jensen

      @Wilder Hugo trying it out now. Seems to be working.

    • Wilder Hugo
      Wilder Hugo

      i dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

    • Giuseppe Filippone
      Giuseppe Filippone

      @Crxn bruuh im dying

    • Crxn

      I thought this was a spelling bee

  • Lefasix TV
    Lefasix TV

    DrumondS did something?

  • Love_ Angel0483
    Love_ Angel0483

    Bucks just to much for Lakers!

  • Chan -X
    Chan -X


  • khenlex vlog
    khenlex vlog

    Nice game...

  • Stevastian Khai
    Stevastian Khai



    5th QQ

  • ismael cabudol
    ismael cabudol


  • Etienne Eti Pro
    Etienne Eti Pro

    Muito jogo pourras

  • Jianwei Wu
    Jianwei Wu

    3rd gg

    • SportsTalkLine

      da man!



    • SportsTalkLine


  • Olivia & Quinn Hub
    Olivia & Quinn Hub


    • SportsTalkLine