Cardi B - Up (Mood Board Visualizer)
Cardi B - Up

Edited By: Annie Bercy @anniebercy
Photography: Flo Ngala @flongala
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  • KING of Israel
    KING of Israel

    Big mouth is all you, and ur weak ass crew have..stay in ur lane, our like a lollipop 🍭🌈🌈🌈😘👑 El playboy 🌈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mateus Guedes
    Mateus Guedes


  • Cynthi Loza
    Cynthi Loza

    Please Repent and except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and resurrected on the 3rd day. Please come to Him before it's to late, theres still time come to The Lord before it's to late.

  • Biden Cheated
    Biden Cheated

    You have to be truly brain dead to be a fan of this public toilet

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    Are They Fighting &* KiLLeN Each Other - BuT - After m3 " There WiLL be NoNe *!!!!! Stroke iT Slow [[ hehe* ]] = \*

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    kiiiTTy - KaT *🐩 " They WanT My LingO " G.O.D. *iiiii WaS RockiN 🤙 ~ ArT 🎨 * ~

  • kelly Wilkerson
    kelly Wilkerson

    Love u Cardi b u n young ma should make a record together u 2 are the hot tree est ones out there o yea .n my dude the weekend

  • BamKasira LifeStyle
    BamKasira LifeStyle


  • ssdttd Gamers
    ssdttd Gamers

    Have you considered compensating the people you drugged and robbed Or has it been deemed acceptable to drug and Rob people just curious

  • Leo

    Вот от сюда и ИнстаСамка и списала начало

  • ไม่พูดเยอะ เจ็บคอ
    ไม่พูดเยอะ เจ็บคอ

    Cardi b up lilnas x down

  • bode veio games
    bode veio games

    Mano Cardi b cadê o coin master

  • RagingMIdgEt420

    I forgot to say this last month but cardi b said that we men hate when we see women up top no we dont well i dont early 2000 female rap was the shit this now aint it but yall gotta admit every1 jammed to that early 2000 and 90's rap nowadays female rap sucs

  • debbie smith-thomas
    debbie smith-thomas

    Gabby Boston

  • Martes YB
    Martes YB


  • debbie

    confessa vc ta aqui pelo tik tok neee

  • Alison Desirée
    Alison Desirée

    the best song in the world

  • Katelyn Garcia
    Katelyn Garcia

    cardi b i had ben a biggg fan of yours and i love you and your kids ad im a lil savige like you

  • Julia


  • anna clara
    anna clara


  • Maria Beltran
    Maria Beltran

    I love You cardi b💖

  • Eighth wonder Telugu vlogs
    Eighth wonder Telugu vlogs

  • Amman Ali
    Amman Ali

    ❤️❤️❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯😍😍😍 i'mma blast this in College when I go back!

  • PLA26UGE

    My ears are bleeding and the blood is clear red.

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    инстасамка через неделю джуси пуси

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    AT ThiS PoinT Being WhiTe Would be My Only OpTioN *!!!!! ThE BoyZ 🐈* - Taste ThE Rainbow 💗

  • Reparations Reparations
    Reparations Reparations


  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    TheSe NiggaZ iS StraighT MachineS ..... A NeW DefinitioN 2 SofT * Hehe_ N . *iiiii Even Thought I Could FiT iNTo THiS Culture .. PainT 🎨*

  • J. Dino.Supreme
    J. Dino.Supreme

    Cardi b done fell off 🖕🤣🖕

  • Jason Royalte
    Jason Royalte

    Just listening


  • Bujaboy


  • Lindsay Truscott
    Lindsay Truscott

    She's nothing but an object

  • zenkaixsama

    BEBFORE YOU REPLY - READ AND DO THIS I'm the best lyricist you never heard of. On TRwatch search zenkaixsama Omega - listen to it then type zenkaixsama Stupid - listen to it and before you compare me to Eminem type zenkaixsama Farewell - listen to it then respond to this comment on whether or not you agree with me.

  • Giovanni Amamou
    Giovanni Amamou



    She is now worse then niki 😴

  • Ga Peach
    Ga Peach


  • saurav gomez
    saurav gomez

    ilove ❤cardi

  • BiKaSh TaLuKDaR Talukdar
    BiKaSh TaLuKDaR Talukdar

    Crdi mind ur language...

  • Jayden Hernandez
    Jayden Hernandez


  • Golden Luck
    Golden Luck

    Cardi B can you help get my surgies scars off me from accident. Taking away my Life. I will in return come up with ideas for your clothes, videos, and help write your song. Just hear me please. Numba 1's. Design a hot video too They we're trying to get me a channel for my Self Reinvention

  • Kim Netuno Bay
    Kim Netuno Bay

    ironia da vida é ser ace e amar card b

  • Btsandblackpink Army blink
    Btsandblackpink Army blink

    Can u pls stop showing ur body that's disgusting pls it's toooooo disgusting

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    LeTs Make Em CounT .... HE'S A CuT * ------> oFF After me There WiLL be None ... AL - LaL 🔮

  • Давид Паруш
    Давид Паруш

    Класс ❤️❤️❤️🤩✊

  • dark jedi master
    dark jedi master


  • bob star
    bob star

    Haven't got a clue what she is saying.

  • Dave Ridlespriger
    Dave Ridlespriger

    . 😘😘

  • Morgan Faust
    Morgan Faust

    Cardi b i would die if attack my Village in coin master my name is jasper_24

  • Γιος Του Ανθρώπου
    Γιος Του Ανθρώπου


    • Γιος Του Ανθρώπου
      Γιος Του Ανθρώπου

      @-Una Pendeja ;; was passing by, Made me puke.

    • -Una Pendeja ;;
      -Una Pendeja ;;


  • RAMRO Xa!
    RAMRO Xa!

    😂 🇳🇵

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown


  • Robin Williams
    Robin Williams

    No respect for herself

  • Jessica Malave
    Jessica Malave


  • Ani Do Trem
    Ani Do Trem


  • Bella and Cherish
    Bella and Cherish

    Yea my emmy called me ugly and she is a botch



    • Luana Patrícia
      Luana Patrícia

      Não kkkk

    • •Hey Deisyy•
      •Hey Deisyy•

      Não kakakaka

    • Márcia Anjo
      Márcia Anjo

      Sim ksksksks

  • Лианачка каменщик
    Лианачка каменщик

    Классная песня

  • iamam18saycheese

    This generation is really destroying the world with this trash music

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert

    All the plants i had in Rohann HongKong there were like 8... I had to change the song when I had kids want to follow me . I knew on their egos if it was up it was stuck though haha

  • Asit Das
    Asit Das

    I am here for watching👀 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 but here is 🤯🤢🤮 I don't like it

  • Krisztina Szabo
    Krisztina Szabo

    Dmx wake up already?

  • MacLean O'Donnell
    MacLean O'Donnell

    Not as good as the original

  • Damarish Solorzano
    Damarish Solorzano

    Aki los que no entienden ni vrg pero amamos 😻

    • -Una Pendeja ;;
      -Una Pendeja ;;


  • fireglader32

    Do you know where you will go when you die? Jesus Christ is the only way to know God the Father. Many people believe they are a Christian or are a good person but in reality do not truly know God. Do you truly know God, or have you made up a god in your own image? A god that tolerates your sin? What is the point in engaging in this foolishness and loving the world when you could be loving God and preparing for eternity. Turn to Jesus Christ and your sins can be forgiven if you repent and believe on him. Do not wait before it is to late and you lift up your eyes in hell like the rich man in the bible! Eternity is forever!!! TRwatch: Noah Hines

    • Wheezer007_

      What about Muslims?

  • juan :3
    juan :3

    amo tu música gracias por existir okurrrrr :>

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    MiSS ThE *BleacheS 💩 < ------- Happy HallowEEn * 🎃 Big - TreX 🐱‍🐉 [[ *GreaT ]]

  • Gabriel Steinwandter
    Gabriel Steinwandter

    Melhor que Funk

  • ꜱɪʟᴀ


  • kaleem kaleem
    kaleem kaleem

    i love you cardi ❤

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    WhaT iS ThE DefiniTioN oF a MaN 🦾 ...... jusT Look aT grey 🚧* No WorrieS *iiii Wanna be EnCentric SouL Too CamiLLa * MeoW ✨

  • Nikita Marchenko
    Nikita Marchenko

    Скоро новая песня инстасамки)

    • Викусик Вишенка
      Викусик Вишенка

      О русский 😂

  • dandara Rodrigues
    dandara Rodrigues


  • itsluin monx
    itsluin monx

    Esta canción me hace sentir poderosa v: alv

  • Airbus A318
    Airbus A318

    Cardi B makes music for people who wash Paper plates

  • Mayara souza portugal
    Mayara souza portugal


  • ҉ Marvin Ribino ҉
    ҉ Marvin Ribino ҉

    Essa mulher tem muito carisma 👏😎❤

  • Ian C Davis
    Ian C Davis

    My birthday is April 30

    • Ian C Davis
      Ian C Davis

      If you could please come I have nothing left found out my kids not mine...

  • Ian C Davis
    Ian C Davis

    They stole my dog drove me off the road and now I'm stuck......please add me on FB my other phone is gone

  • Crislainy Santos
    Crislainy Santos


  • Crislainy Santos
    Crislainy Santos

    • Captain Thomas Campbell
      Captain Thomas Campbell

      Hello dear, how are you doing?

    • Captain Thomas Campbell
      Captain Thomas Campbell

      Hello dear, how are you doing?

  • Crislainy Santos
    Crislainy Santos


  • Crislainy Santos
    Crislainy Santos


  • Maximo Lijo
    Maximo Lijo

    Omg pero.. ¿ y niki donde se fue ? ¿Alguien la encuentra? 😈

  • fofo_ Stars
    fofo_ Stars

    i love cardi b so much

  • Rakele Emanuele
    Rakele Emanuele

    I was a long time behind this song

  • kkk hhh
    kkk hhh

    где руски

  • Tina N
    Tina N


  • halima abdi
    halima abdi

    Empress bardi our girl

  • Kitty GURL fadz
    Kitty GURL fadz


  • Aiyyaz Mohammed
    Aiyyaz Mohammed

    Mumble jumble lol u can't compare this to eve or back in the day rap or hip hop

  • Aiyyaz Mohammed
    Aiyyaz Mohammed

    I must be with the 3.3 dislikes lol she is shit like completely

  • pumpkin

    Da Quinn

  • Rey Amaii
    Rey Amaii

    Haiii,Cardi B...😀

  • Santina Batista
    Santina Batista

    🇧🇷 ❤️

  • JumsChums

    She’s a pioneer, a trend setter and a queen of teaching her children to be horrible people. The female George Floyd 😂

  • Alison Desirée
    Alison Desirée

    내가 당신을 사랑하는 최고의 노래 cardi💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Renne Edwards
    Renne Edwards

    I love yo songs :>

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