Carnaval | Official Trailer | Netflix
There's nothing better than bouncing back after a betrayal with your best friends in an all-paid-for, all-access, all-you-can-do trip to Salvador during Carnaval. Carnaval streams June 2, only on Netflix.
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Carnaval | Official Trailer | Netflix
After a breakup, an influencer takes her friends on a free trip to Bahia's vibrant Carnival, where she learns life's not just about social media likes.

  • Jr Antonio Diaz
    Jr Antonio Diaz

    0:43 hahahahahaha

  • Inês Machado
    Inês Machado

    Girls Trip versão Portuguesa

  • mari


  • mari

    love it!!!

  • Tina Gaming Skills
    Tina Gaming Skills

    no puedo esperar para verlo😊😊

  • Binod

    The trailer seems fun...

  • NOMADIC Anoop Walker
    NOMADIC Anoop Walker

    1:02 who is she? 😊🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Mbuthi Mbuthi
    Mbuthi Mbuthi

    Go to hell and tag your location when you get there

  • Colombia Bella
    Colombia Bella


  • laylatallulah

    ngl i thought this was in polish

  • Toro Bad
    Toro Bad

    Considering the World we live in, this is a Sci-fi Movie LOL!! Not Real. All those people are CGI.

  • CA2VA

    I thought that was the girl from schitz creek.

  • Meu Universo
    Meu Universo


  • Von Sabido
    Von Sabido

    What country are they from?

    • Mente em Branco
      Mente em Branco


    • João Pedro Tavares
      João Pedro Tavares


  • Kalia

    There is too much human contact in this movie for my heart. Festivals and friends hanging out. I just can't...

  • Rakesh Raj
    Rakesh Raj

    ok, so Indians are taking over the comments section of Netflix Global now. wow

  • Marilyn Matt
    Marilyn Matt

    What the hell is this?

  • poonam harisinghani
    poonam harisinghani

    It kinda reminds me of the Indian series "4 more shots"

  • Val Far
    Val Far

    This looks fun and cute.

  • Mangal Deep Burman
    Mangal Deep Burman

    It's like "Four more shorts please"

  • Amrutha varshini P
    Amrutha varshini P

    You season 3?????

  • Dmytry Blyzniuk
    Dmytry Blyzniuk

    Too bad I am virgin I want visit that carnaval with them

  • Augustin Guy Paulin
    Augustin Guy Paulin

    NETFLIX is so sexy love.

  • Souvik Saha.
    Souvik Saha.

    B.C ( before covid).

  • BlueColeman

    This is like "Ibiza: Love Drunk" 2.0 How did they even film this with Miss Corona creeping around.

  • Jay Social
    Jay Social

    I hope they did not film this during the pandemic.

  • barbarina

    Ai, que for ver um filme sobre amigas passando o carnaval em salvador quando a gente não pode nem sair de casa. Que saudade.

  • Enoğla

    Neyse bari eğlenenleri izliyim

  • Vocals By Cyrus
    Vocals By Cyrus

    Yes Brazilian content we're so here for it. Nada melhor que coisa Brasileira sendo reconhecida e apreciada no exterior

  • music lyrics
    music lyrics

    Miss carnival

  • Thabang Muridili
    Thabang Muridili

    Who's the black chick?

  • silver070

    Looks like a quirky fun flick, which is always welcomed.

  • Garrett Carr
    Garrett Carr


    • Garrett Carr
      Garrett Carr

      May 3, 2021

    • Garrett Carr
      Garrett Carr

      Carnival Official Trailer Netflix

  • Jassi Singh
    Jassi Singh


  • Humphrey Mwangi
    Humphrey Mwangi

    "Go to hell and tag your location once you're there!" favorite line

  • Vedant Kasambe
    Vedant Kasambe

    Grown up version of Elite

  • Sweet Priyanka Chopra
    Sweet Priyanka Chopra

    Nice than usual

  • 조ᄒᄂ

    he damn speak every language 😂😂😂


      😂 fr

  • Fırat KARA
    Fırat KARA

    Dediğim gibi bana boşa takılma sonuçta aradığım şeyi yaratmaktan acizim.

  • Bautista Guerrero
    Bautista Guerrero

    1:32 Thank me later ;)

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison

      inbox me on whatapp (+4474412152905)

  • amazing facts
    amazing facts

    Have Spanish recently discovered sex or something. They are always at it. All their shows are half softcore porn half fashion show.

    • Flávio Henrique
      Flávio Henrique

      That's Brazil and we speak portuguese

  • Lasmyn Braga
    Lasmyn Braga

    Foi só eu ou vcs tmb vieram ver os gringos elogiando nosso país?? Msm n falando um pingo de inglês

  • Bailey Lynn
    Bailey Lynn

    Are The Circle France and Brazil getting new seasons?

    • Bailey Lynn
      Bailey Lynn

      @Peter Parker do you know when?

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker


  • Hugo Canosa
    Hugo Canosa

    Carai borracha

  • Rebecca Shuman
    Rebecca Shuman

    Makes me think of Brazilian paradise

  • j j
    j j

    This shit looks corny lmao

    • Mente em Branco
      Mente em Branco

      you’re corny

    • Melphiis

      you look corny

  • vitor moreira
    vitor moreira


  • Sanjay Hreehan
    Sanjay Hreehan

    excluding once in blue moon good dramas like Dark, money heist, distributing peaky blinders ( BBC production)...the quality of new Netflix originals/ tv shows is pathetic and dreadful. I hope they give more projects to Baran Bo Odar, Zack Snyder and David Fincher. Else there's only one way..THE FALL. Cancelling mindhunter for budget reasons.. and giving us this shit.

  • music lyrics
    music lyrics

    I loved it!

  • The Gastro Traveler
    The Gastro Traveler

    This looks like an absolute hot pile of shite

  • Gustavo Scofano
    Gustavo Scofano


    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison


  • Marvelous Reactions
    Marvelous Reactions

    Is it a coincidence that I clicked on this video when it had *69,690 views* ? 🤷‍♂️

  • Nathalya Sanchez
    Nathalya Sanchez

    Wow , me , gusta , eso ,

  • moon_thelisa

    I Miss Carnaval!! It's been 2 years 😭😭

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison

      @moon_thelisa yeah

    • moon_thelisa

      @darnel wilison I did not celebrate a lot in 2020 and this year because of Covid

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison


    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison


  • vio2112

    Lame AF.

  • Pedro Felipe
    Pedro Felipe

    I miss carnaval

  • Ángel O. Avilezs
    Ángel O. Avilezs

    Se muy divertida.

  • Red Lady
    Red Lady

    Oh to be young. I feel so out of touch.

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison


    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison

      You can be in touch

  • Andre Laflamme
    Andre Laflamme


  • Roberta Ridges
    Roberta Ridges

    I need English don’t feel like reading a good girl movie

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      Obviously it will have English dubbing, like all Netflix originals

  • Gurshaan Basra
    Gurshaan Basra

    Is this going to come in English?

  • Prathamesh Shenoy
    Prathamesh Shenoy


    • Mente em Branco
      Mente em Branco

      they’re brazilians

    • Queen of R&B 👑
      Queen of R&B 👑

      Lmao, they're BRAZILIAN from Brazil. 💚💛

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      They're not spanish, they are brazilians

  • Gabriell Valentino
    Gabriell Valentino

    Where is Love 101 Season 2, Russian Doll Season 2, Tiny Pretty Things Season 2, Control Z Season 2, Bonding Season 3, Black Mirror Season 6, Dead to Me Season 3, The Politician Season 3, Dark Desire Season 2, Ragnarok Season 2, Kissing Game Season 2 and Jinn Season 2 (it was first arabic series that i watched and i really like it) ?? Some series that i mention im still waiting the confirmation about another season. i had to waiting like 1 year (example: Jinn). I know you make a lot of series but please dont forget about the series you had already production and now fans getting worried about another season or no. Im loyal to every series that i mention and im remember all of it, so please netflix read this🙏🏻

    • abandon hope all ye who enter here
      abandon hope all ye who enter here

      Black mirror is on hold, the producer said the world is f enough. Ragnarok 27th may

  • HoseMigeru TF
    HoseMigeru TF

    love it!

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison


  • khoyani yash
    khoyani yash

    Too much fun

  • Clone

    Basically porn for women

  • Vedant Shirodkar
    Vedant Shirodkar

    *Four More Shots please!*

  • 35 Sumit Babhulkar
    35 Sumit Babhulkar

    1:15 People is died by just seen this scene in this situation 😂😂😂

  • Mazvita Selemani
    Mazvita Selemani

    I'm tired of the pretty skinny girl group friends trope. I'm just tired of the feminism agenda that the media keeps trying to push. I love me some powerful storylines about women but can it be good. I literally enjoyed warrior Nun, it's amazing but it's not preachy

  • Katie Keem
    Katie Keem


  • Lili Ohana
    Lili Ohana

    Love 101 season 2 pls


    The only way we'll even get Close to this place is by streaming. Thank God for Netflix.


      We living the dream through Netflix


      No argument there

  • iKutie


  • shubham chauhan
    shubham chauhan

    Why every girl gang trip starts when one bf cheated on her. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Mr.Freedom

      Atleast they stay feminine, I guess and not turn feminist as all such movies pass the same boring message.

  • Ankursinh Parmar
    Ankursinh Parmar

    Four more shots : brazilian version

  • Allen Trice
    Allen Trice

    👍😍👑🎠🎡 I felt like it's going to be kidding me about "Carnival", right?!

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison


  • Ted Ehioghae
    Ted Ehioghae

    Brazilian Portuguese is very strange. It kinda sound like a mix of Russian and Italian.

    • Melphiis

      no wtf

    • H Santa
      H Santa

      Yep. I knew a Russian girl, and when I heard her speak Russian it sounded like Portuguese (I'm Brasilian) but of course I couldn't understand a word. I think part of it is how the words are pronounced.

    • Queen of R&B 👑
      Queen of R&B 👑

      @Gleicy A. Right. Also, there's a famous singer in Italy called Gaia. Her mother is Brazilian and her father is Italian. She speaks Portuguese fluently and released a song in Portuguese called "Chega" which is really good.

    • Gleicy A.
      Gleicy A.

      More like spanish and italian

    • Queen of R&B 👑
      Queen of R&B 👑

      Really?? I'm Brazilian and that's kinda funny to hear that. haha

  • jwala prasad
    jwala prasad

    When is stranger things S4. Make it fast plzzz

  • Life with sarah Odu
    Life with sarah Odu

    God Bless fyp and Amen🙏💕And love your trailers soo muchhh Netflix and and your TRwatch videos and my favorite trailer from you guys was to all the boys movie 12and3 and Sierra burgess’s is a loser and thank you Netflix so much for this trailer really nedded is and God Bless your friends TRwatch and TikTok🙏💕🥺😭👶👯‍♀️🍼

  • Sanjay Hreehan
    Sanjay Hreehan

    one more crappy shit courtesy netflix.

  • Полина Чудаева
    Полина Чудаева

    Есть русские? Или я одна тут

  • suman halder
    suman halder

    Hindi audio plzzz netflix😭😭😭

  • The Elliot
    The Elliot

    As a Spanish speaker, hearing Portuguese is always trippy because I feel like I should understand what they're saying, but I don't.

    • Paula McOldLady
      Paula McOldLady

      A little bit almost

    • MYKEE 3000
      MYKEE 3000

      Omg the same... I xan pick up some things though they we share in spanish.

    • Roy CyberPunk
      Roy CyberPunk

      Same here. De portugués apenas entiendo un pepino.🤷🏽

    • arain764niara

      I thought it was like American accents

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison

      @Clayton Crispim hello Clayton message me on whatapp (+4474412152905)

  • MrBlaq

    If the 3 hot chicks don’t get naked then I’m not interested

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  • rockin2moon

    Lots of people..! No masks! ....Looks unreal...

  • SK KaRtHi
    SK KaRtHi

    Looks like a romcom

  • Mikaela Williams
    Mikaela Williams

    Newer version of Monte Carlo & Girls trip

  • Silver Convertible
    Silver Convertible

    Netflix has been putting out trash for like the last 3 years

  • Manisha Singh
    Manisha Singh

    Kash mera friends aisa hota

  • Junior Lopez
    Junior Lopez

    Im watching this

  • Latkar

    Same subject already thousands of movies made

  • Leidianny

    Brasiiil 🇧🇷

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison


  • Mel C
    Mel C

    Isnt it Carnival?

    • Mel C
      Mel C

      @Flávio Henrique okay thanks

    • Flávio Henrique
      Flávio Henrique

      They used the portuguese word for it as the film is set in Brazil

  • Erica Hernandez
    Erica Hernandez

    Did they go to El Salvador?! I’ve never been and it looks amazing.

    • Mente em Branco
      Mente em Branco

      @darnel wilison no, it’s a city in Brazil

    • darnel wilison
      darnel wilison

      Yes it is

    • Queen of R&B 👑
      Queen of R&B 👑

      Salvador is the capital of Bahia (Brazilian state) and the birthplace of the model Adriana Lima.

    • Marian Farias
      Marian Farias

      Salvador is a city in Brazil sorry 😂

    • Jackie Andrea
      Jackie Andrea

      Salvador in Northern Brazil

  • Naisha Saroj
    Naisha Saroj

    Why does this remind me of four more shots

  • Through Angel's Eyes
    Through Angel's Eyes

    😂😂😂this will definitely be a laughter therapy.

    • Through Angel's Eyes
      Through Angel's Eyes

      @Queen of R&B 👑 definitely. Its colourful and exciting 🌈

    • Queen of R&B 👑
      Queen of R&B 👑

      Agreed. As a Brazilian, I'm excited to watch it. 💚💛

  • Nallah B
    Nallah B

    Abhhh I want this

  • Chandan Panda
    Chandan Panda

    Awesome heavenly trailer!! 😍

    • Red

      Are you Indian?

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith

    Wow super original concept. Don't think I've ever seen anything like it before. I'm sure I will be sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. Can't wait.

    • Josh Smith
      Josh Smith

      @Herbert Thornton I hardly watch anything on Netflix. I scroll through for too long then give up. Every time there is something specific I want to watch they don't have it. I wish they would work more on their back catalog so I feel like I was getting decent value for my subscription fee. Seems like they are more interested in acquiring the rights to random foreign films or creating cheap original shows than they are in acquiring the rights to quality older movies with rewatchability. I know these movies are much cheaper, but it is weakening their product.

    • Herbert Thornton
      Herbert Thornton

      @Mazvita Selemani Josh is being an ass. Sure he's here in America. We have people who complain then watch Every single thing Netflix puts out

    • Nick Kunwar
      Nick Kunwar


    • Mazvita Selemani
      Mazvita Selemani

      @Josh Smith this answers my question

    • Mazvita Selemani
      Mazvita Selemani

      @TKaz 10 I was wondering the same🤣🤣🤣