Daft Punk - Epilogue
Daft Punk
#DaftPunk #Epilogue

  • Rocco

    I'm just glad I got 28 years of them in my life

  • Hacker Man
    Hacker Man

    Thank you for these great 28 years❤️

  • Neek

    That overweight glob of grease! He tricked me into going this way!

  • Joaquin Ornelas
    Joaquin Ornelas

    We will love you guys forever You helped inspire generations 🙏

  • Júlio Bastos
    Júlio Bastos


  • Júlio Bastos
    Júlio Bastos


  • mizu

    Daft punk I will miss you guys thank you for all the inspiration you have given me and many others 😔

  • Dj Titus Official
    Dj Titus Official


  • Matthew Hardesty
    Matthew Hardesty

    Later Legend s

    • Matthew Hardesty
      Matthew Hardesty


  • Cosmonaut Conan O'Brien
    Cosmonaut Conan O'Brien

    And 2006 was the last time they toured in my country, fuck em imo

  • Brian Duran
    Brian Duran

    Legends......Thank you!

  • SlumpHed Beats
    SlumpHed Beats

    Brought us so many classics that will keep living on for generations

  • El Vato's Dude KaruispaNoob
    El Vato's Dude KaruispaNoob

    Bueno, se fue uno, a ver si el otro tiene suerte.

  • Chowder boiii
    Chowder boiii

    Been listening since 2012 and still love your songs sad to see you go but all good things must come to an end... sadly

  • Brett Nguyen
    Brett Nguyen

    Bro this is heartbreaking to watch :( May we salute them in respect

  • Known As Chris
    Known As Chris

    I just don’t get it. They’re wearing masks. But yet... their is so much emotion in their faces... I know that makes absolutely no sense... no words. No expressions. Yet... you can feel it. It’s so heartbreaking. 💔

  • Zero FF
    Zero FF

    Creo que no puedo parar de ver el vídeo y ya pasaron 5 días y cada vez que veo este vídeo lloro ; - ;

  • RafaEO


  • Wally Neumann
    Wally Neumann

    Thank you for 28 years. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the discovery. Thank you for being one of the foundations that took electronic music and music overall to where it is today. Your imagination and passion will be missed. Neither of you owed us anything, so thank you for this as well, long live Daft Punk. Godspeed.

  • Fr4n Massa
    Fr4n Massa

    No way !!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢

  • Diego Armando Hernández Reyes
    Diego Armando Hernández Reyes

    Ya .. ya fueron pues los que siguen en 2 días ya ni se van a acordar de ellos 🤣🤣

  • Sergio Tovar
    Sergio Tovar


  • Tee Cee
    Tee Cee

    Daft Punk... Legends of amazing techno music that will live forever in our memories... merci beaucoup!

  • connoriswin

    Fuck, This one hurts.

  • Yaaru Official
    Yaaru Official

    Now that they've retired, Bring them on Joe Rogan podcast and tell us about everything. The whole journey.

  • Sagar Gurung
    Sagar Gurung


  • proud gorillaz and kpop fan
    proud gorillaz and kpop fan

    잘 했어, 멍청한 펑크.

  • Janpher Quiñones
    Janpher Quiñones

    What ia the problem i dont understand sorry

    • bakii

      basically theyre retiring now

  • Yaaru Official
    Yaaru Official

    So this is a prequel to Verdis Quo

  • Thingamabeb

    I wish I knew more but I just never listened to their music I can see I made a mistake now


    😔 ñooooo! 😥😥😭

  • Trash Podcast
    Trash Podcast

    I’ve never cried so hard god damn

  • Juicy Berry
    Juicy Berry

    I have never listened to there songs but. ❤️. Goodbye 💓

  • Audiofile Bih
    Audiofile Bih

    Why why why couldn't you do one more tour after the pandemic you know how global and viral it would be im so sad that you guys are don't but hey go out like the legends you are🤖🎶🎸💯🤦‍♂️

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith

    Lunar Eclipse ritual, that’s why the silver guy (Moon) exploded, and the gold guy (Sun) is walking towards the sun.

  • YoungWonton

    Goodbye daftpunk you were a legend

  • shawn lopez
    shawn lopez

    All things end, but the music will keep playing... R.I.P. Daft Punk and thanks for the brilliance!

  • william tube
    william tube

    Youll be missed

  • JuKeMaSter LuKey
    JuKeMaSter LuKey

    Even though i dont know who they are ill still say rest in peace daft you guys will still remain the best :(

  • gamer2452 l
    gamer2452 l

    So sad

  • Moe Alash
    Moe Alash

    Wowwww I’m not even a fan and this gave me some chills

  • The Showman
    The Showman

    Dam This is sad Such a great group

  • Alex Miranda
    Alex Miranda

    Vcs foram o melhor acontecimento das últimas décadas, obrigado pelo legado que é pra além da música, obrigado por nos emocionar com seu som. Daft Punk will live forever!

  • DopeKnuckles

    Why 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Hastygoldfish 9
    Hastygoldfish 9

    goodbye you will be missed

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese


  • Adam Perko
    Adam Perko

    Why did they quit?

    • GoSuckADickGachaLovers


  • StrawKenny

    I thought they'd never end. It's kind of scary they did. Thanks guys :') we'll miss you.

  • Niicrea

    “This trip was truly fun, wasnt it?”

  • Koko Coco XD Is boring :/
    Koko Coco XD Is boring :/

    ;-; 5 years man where were y’all

  • Adam Haziq
    Adam Haziq

    Lagu mereka akan tetap berlegar sehingga masa akan datang

  • A DoseOfCinn
    A DoseOfCinn

    I was fine truly I was fine Until the last minute and then the tears so many tears.

  • Raúl Paredes
    Raúl Paredes


  • Spoopy Man877
    Spoopy Man877

    Fair well legends

  • Plixo


  • Hank H.
    Hank H.

    What happened to “Our work is never over?!” Seriously, i know you guys will do a surprise album in a decade or so. Thanks for being musicians and nothing else but the best musicians.

  • Lev Subastil
    Lev Subastil

    I hope there not dead and just broke up😢😭

  • Jassid


  • sekky空


  • Greenwhatevers

    Whoever said men never cry never saw a man watch this. I just want to say, thank you for all your music, and everything you've done. You've helped me through hard times, sad days, hangovers, rough nights of sleep, crappy homework, days of me being sick in bed, and many many other times.

  • samuel garcia
    samuel garcia

    I'll Will remember you robo bros

  • E EE
    E EE

    It a arg ?

  • Privataus Pasaulio Laisve
    Privataus Pasaulio Laisve


  • jackq2134


  • K Smith
    K Smith

    Thank you for the memories, you’ll be missed. Good luck Daft Punk in your future endeavours 💔💔✨💛✨

  • cj facha
    cj facha

    Canten en el comentario around the world

  • Siecriet_Account

    True fans know this scene already

  • Robby Covello
    Robby Covello

    I dislike cause I dislike the fact they they are now not a thing

    • Nautikient21


  • E.M.P. 339
    E.M.P. 339

    Would someone mind to explain what happened between them? Or are they just finished with their career?

  • Reilynn The Memer
    Reilynn The Memer


  • 31LEO


  • 31LEO


  • Wicked Willy
    Wicked Willy

    From the bottom of my being I truly hope you both enjoy the rest of your long and happy lives. Thank you.

  • Official King B
    Official King B

    Icons! Music Power Rangers!

  • Pablo Castro
    Pablo Castro

    Im lucky to see this video early

  • Higher Purpose
    Higher Purpose

    Jesus is coming soon. Wake Up. Get right with God.

  • m1sty

    what happened someone explain?

  • Isadora Blanch
    Isadora Blanch

    Los voy a extrañar

  • Ph!Lo

    nah this hurts

  • WAStickersApps

    Hey guys, stickers here!

  • Hugo ANGIN
    Hugo ANGIN

    Don't be sad that it ended, be happy that it happened.

  • Christian Paipa
    Christian Paipa

    Good Bye. Daft Punk 🇫🇷

  • Leandro Chaves
    Leandro Chaves

    Só eu que chorei com essa despedida??

  • Mr Afro
    Mr Afro

    I haven't felt this sadness and emptiness in so long

  • scg_spadezz

    no pain like this💔

  • snetrejo90

    Thank you for the good music , those songs bring me good memories :')

  • 4000 iq
    4000 iq

    Its a bye for now

  • lightpro7

    Dam, bro is really not going around the world anymore.

  • viralvegetable

    Thank you, for such great music. There was so much effort put into everything you do, and I'll have to admit I cried watching this, and am currently as of writing this. Goodbye, Daft Punk.

  • Calvin Rockwellは夏が好き
    Calvin Rockwellは夏が好き


  • Kechi 123
    Kechi 123


  • wilbert suryajaya
    wilbert suryajaya

    bye bye also thank you for lending us the engineer gaming

  • Kiki Bebe
    Kiki Bebe

    Zoo wee mama.

  • Asher Banzhaf
    Asher Banzhaf

    MAN THIS HIT ME HARD WITH THE FEELS. I started to tear up when the video ended.

  • Johan Sebastian Andrade
    Johan Sebastian Andrade

    De mis bandas favoritas, esperaba verlos en vivo. Pero gracias por estas melodías grande Daft Punk

  • Hamza_S_Meah

    They will be remembered forever

  • Hamza_S_Meah

    Legends Never Die

  • Antonio Rocha
    Antonio Rocha


  • Jadyn The Anime Fan
    Jadyn The Anime Fan

    Farewell for eternity, Legends. You will be missed and worshipped for the rest of your lives and even further.

  • Jamison Tkachenko
    Jamison Tkachenko

    I first listened to your music when I was 4 (I'm 16 rn) and I'm still listening now and always will, because you're both so amazing. Though it's sad to see you both go, I wish you both a great life ahead of you, and merci beaucoup for lighting up my life. Goodbye, legends, you'll both always be in my heart ❤