Dead By Daylight Parody 13 (Animated) - Noed You Didn't
Time for a shake-up.
Sam T Nelson
9445 Coors Blvd NW @159
Albuquerque, NM 87114
#samination #animation #parody
0:00 Twins
0:53 Nea's Bloodweb
1:33 NOED You Didn't
2:33 Kick The Man
3:00 Escape Cake
3:33 New Loading HUD
3:43 Killer Meeting
5:22 Steve and Nea
5:59 The Observer

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    It took people this long to realize that was noob?

  • Pari Mann
    Pari Mann

    I knew it was noob

  • Sirena Garcia
    Sirena Garcia

    Wait I actually opened the info box up for once and you’re from Albuquerque? Me too! Lol

  • Zombie Boy
    Zombie Boy


  • Jamian Rivera
    Jamian Rivera

    The little guy was protecting his sister

  • Taemint Always
    Taemint Always


  • Caelan Sascha McIver
    Caelan Sascha McIver

    Ahh bukake demo, my favourite skin

  • Giovanni Pelliciari
    Giovanni Pelliciari

    No0b3 you cant hide forever my guy

  • Leon Kramer
    Leon Kramer

    I like how Jake is locking down to read what leather face says

  • E Doge
    E Doge

    does anyone else think that steve sounds like No0b3?

    • E Doge
      E Doge

      @Angelcreeper 89 I'm dumb XD

    • The Insanity Being
      The Insanity Being

      @Angelcreeper 89 I have a feeling you just got r/woooshed.

    • Angelcreeper 89
      Angelcreeper 89

      that is no0b3 check the credits

  • Hidan OK?
    Hidan OK?

    4:55 name song ?

    • Mistery

      Blaeker - deserve it

  • DannyBoye

    Yo you got actual Mathieu Cote on this pog

  • Jay F
    Jay F

    New killer looks kinda..... not good

  • Pineapple Pizza Sandwich
    Pineapple Pizza Sandwich

    I cant tell you how much I appreciate your inclusion of Mayonaise Chester.

  • madi lopez
    madi lopez

    Okay but Victor's pure fear at 2:43 cracks me up

  • Saraphinya 21
    Saraphinya 21

    Awesome parody. Made me laugh so hard. Imma have to go back and catch up. I haven't watched these in a while

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young

    It's a thin wall between dead by daylight and roblox

    • Eric Young
      Eric Young

      @Samination ah of course 😁

    • Samination

      Minecraft is below

  • Revenge

    Can't wait for the Resident Evil Chapter video 👀

    • Samination


  • pog champ
    pog champ

    neatity - trapper

  • Lightning_Speed

    Also the legions "Happy days" sounds good

  • ANtArtICuNT VrRO
    ANtArtICuNT VrRO

    Why Does Stevie Sound Like Noob3?

    • ANtArtICuNT VrRO
      ANtArtICuNT VrRO

      @Vìpəx I commented this at the start of the vid and I found out that it was him at the end but thanks still bro

    • Vìpəx

      cos it is him

  • Lightning_Speed

    No0b3 has been found and cannot be a blender forever

  • RanMouri82

    2:34 Victor just becomes Ike from South Park.

  • Emmanuel Durán
    Emmanuel Durán

    Is it me or a section at the end was cut off?

  • Void

    As someone who uses noed as killer snd loves it, and hates when going up against it as survivor, thats very accreat

  • Perhaps

    Plot twist, Nea is actually a normal human and detective tapp is the entity

  • Archaic Dawn
    Archaic Dawn

    Does this mean Noob3 is alive :D ?

    • general stonk
      general stonk

      He is just taking a big break check his twitter

    • Such Awesome HD
      Such Awesome HD


  • buzzy beeez
    buzzy beeez

    dwight dont bring an escape cake bring party streamers so you can share.

    • buzzy beeez
      buzzy beeez

      yeah but shareing is careing :)

    • Smooth Dwight
      Smooth Dwight

      im sorry but i wanted it and It would go into my locker

  • Spencer Bowden
    Spencer Bowden

    “You live here now” Pretty much the devs attitude when it comes to free chapters. They don’t care if it’s optimal or original it’s just “here you go new killer”

  • Amsure Animations
    Amsure Animations

    I play using the Spirit and Oni. My favs. Ppl I see using them are trash though

  • Incogomous

    been obbsesed with No0b3 videos recently and through the whole vid i was like steve sounds so familiar... now i know why

  • BialyWilk

    And now we must wait next 3 months

  • TheMonsterGroovy


  • LaLunaRossa90

    In the next parody i wanna see how hookers falling apart without Wraith's lead. Love the video

    • Mad Doc
      Mad Doc

      I think the hookers will split into the Wraith faction and the group of....Chester.

  • Peter 6233
    Peter 6233

    Guys Liston Samination is a ploy by the U.S. government to make us buy head on from Walgreens

  • Memes Time
    Memes Time


  • Niederrheiner

    What Now?

  • rÅcoon- c0op
    rÅcoon- c0op

    Steve sounds like noob3 idk I'm to dumb

    • Twisted Foxy T3
      Twisted Foxy T3

      It’s because he voiced Steve

  • Beaver

    For the loading screen. "The loading screen takes a while 2 load"

  • BIGDAWG 91331
    BIGDAWG 91331

    I still cant get in to this game

  • K. Arcane
    K. Arcane

    This makes ash my favorite character now


    Lol I love nea

  • Halo916

    Ok, this is a bit early, but on Halloween, make an episode all about The Blight and Myers and have told meeting at the end have all of the non-licensed characters in their blighted form talking like him chasing the other licensed killers like they are survivors

  • Mariah Scarberry
    Mariah Scarberry

    Why you picking on my husband? Wraith is best killer

  • crybabymat

    I was hoping victor would copy the persons catchphrase of the person he bit

  • Andie R
    Andie R


    • Ari 0
      Ari 0

      Because he voice acted him??

  • Himanshu Bhoria
    Himanshu Bhoria

    No way you guys got Mathieu lmaoo

  • Tay

    I love how much Wraith is annoyed by the Demogorgon

  • Patrik Danheimer
    Patrik Danheimer

    We miss you No0b3

  • the 0ximorons
    the 0ximorons

    I miss taco man

    • Nichole Shabazz
      Nichole Shabazz


  • BlazenWolf Gaming
    BlazenWolf Gaming

    2:21 no not the danganronpa flashbacks

    • Dan is big sus
      Dan is big sus


  • Soalk

    "neatiddy" best thing ever

  • Freak The Monkey
    Freak The Monkey

    Demogorgan kinda sus

    • timely skydive
      timely skydive

      he has white sticky stuff mmmmmm wonder where I saw that before mmmm can't land a finger on it or a hand on it not quite sure

  • Jordan Chaplin
    Jordan Chaplin

    Remember when noob3 said he would main Steve. This is close enough i guess. Good job with the voice acting, hope he come back to TRwatch soon.

  • Träumerle xD
    Träumerle xD

    No0b3!! Yey!! 🤩🥳✨🙌

    • Nichole Shabazz
      Nichole Shabazz

      Bro when i realized my heart 😝

  • Chavoncito_py

    Son buenisimas estas parodias, sigue haciendolas....

  • ClipEz

    they always be bullying ash🥺

  • Hexipo

    You know, at the start of this month i was hoping for Nea to be added to the killer roster for april fools and the legion and or trickster to be survivors

  • 으아아아아아아아아아

    Before I looked it up, I thought NOED means not educated

    • Paulina Situ
      Paulina Situ


  • 松田。

    エンティティネアちゃん好きwアニメーションもヌルヌル動いて野生の公式!!!!!!( * ´ ³`)

  • salceson salcefix
    salceson salcefix

    "Pretty good video so far"

  • Alta

    Was that no0b3?

    • Nichole Shabazz
      Nichole Shabazz

      hell yeah

    • Dante


    • Alta

      @Peymacun 2.0 Thx

    • Peymacun 2.0
      Peymacun 2.0


  • Lance's gacha channel
    Lance's gacha channel

    How about the next animation the wraith is about to talk after he rang his bell but than stop and looks at all the killers and they all have legendary clothes on. Than he looks at him self and just rings his bell and walks away

    • Lance's gacha channel
      Lance's gacha channel

      Than come back after it says 1 month later and he's here with legendary clothes on

  • Thevicktribe Boss
    Thevicktribe Boss

    No0b3 where you at

  • TheWarD0ctor

    6:10 Looks like Mathieu is embracing the meme even more

  • Trex10100


  • Majesticcake 325
    Majesticcake 325

    No0b3 surprised me.

  • x_Angel_x

    Nurse sound like Susies and peppers mom from peppa pig-

  • Phellipe Ribeiro
    Phellipe Ribeiro

    Idk why but wish to be hooked by Chester

  • EvanEssence

    Heh, 4:39

  • XD Cyrus
    XD Cyrus

    Did anyone notice Mathieu Cote's name in the credits?

  • None None
    None None

    No0b3 is STEVE- GIVE ME NOOB3

  • Henry Vargas
    Henry Vargas

    Okay, but for real, I legit haven't played against Philip in ages. Honestly can't remember the last time I did...

    • Samination

      Wish I could say the same 😐

  • Serperior Spades
    Serperior Spades

    I got a load screen line... Thing. "Loading toxic survivors" "*Now rendering killer's tears*" I don't know if the sound effects got better or something, because just about everything was ASMR. Especially the last scene.

  • VivienBoo

    wtf is Noed again exactly...

    • Bunhead Usako
      Bunhead Usako

      No One Escapes Death: last gen pops = everyone is exposed until the hex totem is cleansed.

    • Prof. SamuS
      Prof. SamuS

      A killer Perk that allows the killer to down every survivor he's hit instantly after all 5 gens are done

  • Franzi S.
    Franzi S.

    This little Viktor.... Im a little bit scared and a little bit confused and a little bit.... Meh? 😂🥺 And I always like Michael Content xD

  • LateElephant 488
    LateElephant 488

    Who's that Pokémon? It's noed f*ck

  • Birdie Plays
    Birdie Plays

    Don't worry Wraith, I still love and main both you and Frank ❤️

  • espnz _
    espnz _

    Someone said Mathiew would do anything but fix the game and honestly i hope he sees both comments

  • Mr RAGE 22
    Mr RAGE 22

    3:00 mocking the switch players now huh?

  • sc3m0

    nea tiddy

    • The true Adil
      The true Adil

      No she a normal human girl who likes to hang out with hookers

  • Golam Hasnayeen Afnan
    Golam Hasnayeen Afnan

    I want to ask a question if there’s a killers meeting there should be a survivors meeting too the survivors are feeling bored

    • Golam Hasnayeen Afnan
      Golam Hasnayeen Afnan

      And the leader should be Dwight

  • Monkee Toe
    Monkee Toe

    seeing Michael Myers smile is kind of precious

  • Patrick Young
    Patrick Young

    Finally the wraith is no longer leader. Ive seen it all in sams videos until the next dbd parady

  • Gamer mobile BR
    Gamer mobile BR

    Saudade dos vídeos legendados

  • Cr0ydon

    I love this, BUUUT can we talk about how this part broke continuity by giving Bubba and Ghostface speaking capabilities? I want a Hookers meeting now to clarify that!

  • Dallas Stark
    Dallas Stark

    Who is voiceing ash ?

    • Stand master Stand name
      Stand master Stand name


  • Samara weaving
    Samara weaving

    Were the full version of 4:55

    • Red Partyhat
      Red Partyhat

      Blaeker - Deserve it

  • MC

    Dwight: *comes out if the locker in the basement* aight I’m safe Bubba: *laughs in insidious*

  • The true Adil
    The true Adil

    are you sure you like the video click click 😃

  • JGOLD Gaming
    JGOLD Gaming

    Does this mean Noob3 is coming back

    • The true Adil
      The true Adil

      Nope sadly I miss him to

  • pegeta

    Sam can you please talk to behavior about having you voice some legendary killer skins in dead by daylight I would pay $20 to have you voice my trapper

    • Samination

      I would never ask them for something like that.😅

  • James Rutledge
    James Rutledge

    Found you NOOB3. You cant hide forever.

  • Murilo Leão Ramos
    Murilo Leão Ramos

    Name music???

  • Samuel Wagner
    Samuel Wagner

    Subtitles in portuguese please, I love this channel!

  • Gloom Gaming
    Gloom Gaming

    He just needs a while 🥺

  • Gamer123

    Pretty good job so far.

  • The true Adil
    The true Adil

    I hope nea and Steve get together lol

  • Pake 69
    Pake 69

    The titel of this episode changed

  • Philo Ramy
    Philo Ramy

    1:02 are you sure Steve you dont need it for Nancy twinkling sound*