Extension Cord Tip
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  • ID10Tpig

    Is this patched yet?

  • Ronel Augustin
    Ronel Augustin


  • TheLondonCyclist

    I finally figured it it. It's just trickery and I'd do stupidly simple lol.

  • Bryan W
    Bryan W

    The real mind blowing part is that I guess this can be done in reverse too! Need to wrap my head around that.

  • tanujsingh Janotra
    tanujsingh Janotra

    It's fake video watch it clearly there is no way plug can come out from rode at the end it comes out....edited video.

  • Iseer Adriams
    Iseer Adriams


  • samuel wiyoko
    samuel wiyoko


  • Bobby Love
    Bobby Love

    WHY??? Was the drop cord there in the 1st place? Lame....

  • Jessica Wynn
    Jessica Wynn

    Is not true

  • Rehman Khan
    Rehman Khan

    The soln is DIY. To be simple, create a similar situation as shown in the video. Just pull the front end harder by keeping the other end free. Done. Rest u will crack it out just on seeing the easy way out for chord without doing much complex. 😀👍 Conclusion: It's a kinda loop hole. 🔗

  • Felix Django O'Clair
    Felix Django O'Clair

    Lol this only works when it just so happens to be wrapped like that..

  • lechatdu92

    I tried it and i confirm it working

  • Fraser Reid
    Fraser Reid


  • dezman56ford

    Now do it in reverse.

  • Path Finder
    Path Finder

    I see it, and i do it. And it work, but how..? Simple trick like magic.

  • บังบิว SR500
    บังบิว SR500

    ผมลองทำแล้วคับ ตอนนี้ยังแกะไม่ออกเลย สงสัยจะใด้ตัด

  • Tom Firestone
    Tom Firestone

    Its magic! Has to be magic!

  • scott fursey
    scott fursey

    Whaaaaaa this is wizardy

  • Rusty Tungett
    Rusty Tungett

    A WITCH!!!

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim

    Нафига все показывают, как вытащить кабель, но не показывают как его туда запихали? Он же сам не запутался .

  • Loup Piotte
    Loup Piotte

    I don't understand how it is possible..... 🤔🥴🥴🥴😅

  • Gustavo Affonso
    Gustavo Affonso


  • big boy trucker
    big boy trucker

    My head hurts just watching this all I could say is. how WTF

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez


    • Rehman Khan
      Rehman Khan

      @Gabriel Sanchez The soln is DIY. To be simple, create a similar situation as shown in the video. Just pull the front end harder by keeping the other end free. Done. Rest u will crack it out just on seeing the easy way out for chord without doing much complex. 😀👍 Conclusion: It's a kinda loop hole. 🔗

    • Gabriel Sanchez
      Gabriel Sanchez

      @Rehman Khan nope fake fake fake fake

    • Rehman Khan
      Rehman Khan

      Not fake. It works ✌️

  • Daddy and Family?
    Daddy and Family?

    I watched this 50 times I'm more confused

  • Léo Backman
    Léo Backman

    Tive que assistir mais de uma vez pq não da dá pra acreditar de primeira @.@

  • souleternal7

    First off, why is the cable looped the way it is to begin with? This won't work with cables that just run straight under tables like this. Just so you're not disappointed when it doesn't work for you.

  • germanator 9000
    germanator 9000

    But how would it get under there in the 1st place

  • It can't rain all the time
    It can't rain all the time

    Most witches were burnt at the stake.

  • БабаЙ

    Ни чего более гениального и полезного я не видел за последний год

  • Anderson Rodrigues metring
    Anderson Rodrigues metring

    sai fora ,isso é enganação

  • Art Vein
    Art Vein

    Imagine it backwards.

  • Flex

    this always fucks with my brain lmao

  • Maz

    I will never get this right

  • Josh W
    Josh W

    How would this ever be an issue in the first place? If I come across this, I’ll cut the damn thing.

    • Brian Clark
      Brian Clark

      I was bolting my ultra low profile towel rack to the wall while wearing my extra stylish 120vac neck tie and for a minute there, I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO RUIN A GREAT TIE

  • Petersen Salas
    Petersen Salas


  • Mun Keng Kuan
    Mun Keng Kuan


    • Rehman Khan
      Rehman Khan

      No bro. This is real ✌️

  • JR Desgrottes
    JR Desgrottes

    This is some damn voodoo 😂

  • Christopher Hatley
    Christopher Hatley

    Why ? What am I missing?

  • Unique Mega
    Unique Mega

    Lol he is just playing with our brain it is easy watch it carefully 😂😂😂 he is just confusing us

  • shika chan
    shika chan

    Give me link to get buy the cutter dewalt

  • Chandra Karina
    Chandra Karina


  • Juancarlos Lopez
    Juancarlos Lopez

    So if i loop it around, "again", it's not gonna double loop, but come off! Sure, ok! That make a lot of sense, duh! Someone please hit me with a bat, i don't get it!

  • Alif Hidayat
    Alif Hidayat

    Is it true?

  • pandimos

    It's fake

  • Anzor Yessiyev
    Anzor Yessiyev

    Я ему 10 просмотров добавил)

  • Jose Alberto Chavez
    Jose Alberto Chavez

    Song name

  • ap Thingz
    ap Thingz

    Don’t let a magician see this

  • OneMadGypsy

    The real trick is trying to explain why you can't just pick up the bar.

  • grant w
    grant w

    Lol hilarious how many people don't see this is just a trick

  • Tire Slayer
    Tire Slayer

    What's this wizardry?? Lol cool trick I've never thought of..

  • Will F
    Will F


  • rollo vaughan
    rollo vaughan

    My mind just melted

  • david lopez
    david lopez


  • MrsRobinson0741

    😳 🤯 😜

  • Serhei Arap
    Serhei Arap


  • Денис Григорьев
    Денис Григорьев

    Это слишком сложно для моего мозга

  • Philipp M.
    Philipp M.

    I am not able to tie a Tie so pfff

  • The Valencia Family
    The Valencia Family

    tried this at home, now im all tangled with the cord

  • TraetuusPlays

    Its fake guys. Its made specifically for views.

  • Shyts Ngiggles
    Shyts Ngiggles

    Sir...take your meds...pls!


    I slow the funking vdo to 0.5 still can't see anything

  • TheNub325

    Witch! He’s a WITCH!!!!

  • yousin Lee
    yousin Lee

    내가 지금 뭘 본거야??

  • Shahab Mos
    Shahab Mos

    This video is wrong* . The standard way of doing this is cutting the pipe with a saw in 2 places . But if you want to save time just punch a hole in the wall and take the cord out . Then find the idiot who put the cord there and let him pay for the damage.

  • Shivanand Kurubar
    Shivanand Kurubar

    Fake &frod

  • Tony Uribe
    Tony Uribe

    Simply fukin AMAZING

  • Al Espinosa
    Al Espinosa

    How the fuck did you do that?

  • Gary Alexandrin
    Gary Alexandrin

    Мать твою, Как?

  • BeardGang

    It’s not trapped in the first place .... look carefully

  • Street Logic
    Street Logic

    Lmao it's fake people look at overlap at the cross when he puts finger over top lmfao

  • Kurdt M
    Kurdt M

    Algorithm booster

  • Tuan Lau
    Tuan Lau


  • Kyrie Harden
    Kyrie Harden

    Just pull the other end out that's what he basically did

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy

    I recreated it on my own with my extension cord, and it worked perfectly, but I still have no idea what the fuck is going on.

  • V. Shishmanian
    V. Shishmanian

    What is the background music to this? It sounds so familiar

  • Joshua Livingston
    Joshua Livingston

    Or you could just pull the long end of the cord through the loop. The extension cord isn't actually stuck if you follow the wire around.

  • Heuy Pham
    Heuy Pham

    Is this some kind magic trick bec I watch it over and over n over but I still dont see how it got on top

  • 페기구나

    Wow cg ....👍

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii

    rip my brain

  • derMemory

    I think I get it. He's using that loop he made to pull the cable passed the rod to untie itself. I don't know if I'm explaining that properly.

  • Михаил Степаненко
    Михаил Степаненко

    This is not a magic. This is наёбка!

  • chris mcdirty
    chris mcdirty

    I’m gunna watch it just one ☝️ more time. Ok maybe more until I figure it out. I will catch the trick eventually lol

  • JIS Entertainment Channel
    JIS Entertainment Channel

    Feeling very realistic

  • kaxis26

    I must be high

  • Miguel Terrero
    Miguel Terrero


  • Kiran Vootori
    Kiran Vootori

    Does this work? Yes How? I don't know How do you know? I tried

  • Gene Au
    Gene Au

    Why not just cut the rod?


    Video is edited , he cut video and then continues.

  • Эраст Фандорин
    Эраст Фандорин

    Обман! Полная хня!

  • Булат Назаров
    Булат Назаров

    А че так можно было что ли?

  • Anthony Gardiner
    Anthony Gardiner


  • Vivek More
    Vivek More

    I have tried it...and boom....it works..👍👍👍

  • Nivel desconocido
    Nivel desconocido

    Eso es Brujeria😰😱 mm ist like trick or magic or wtf?

  • Robert Regalado
    Robert Regalado

    Pretty amazing i want to try to duplicate this but I can’t imagine when I’d ever find myself needing this trick.

  • Frankyouknow

    I did what he did and it works. It's an optical illusion.

  • Hotzenplotz22

    It hurts my brain so bad 🤯

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    the knot, undoing it.

  • Sa Elot
    Sa Elot

    Montage 2 films with cut

  • Puttable PL
    Puttable PL

    This is so dumb end I can dislike u now🙃