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  • Vào Timbanvn xyz Ngọc Linh 300K
    Vào Timbanvn xyz Ngọc Linh 300K

    34:21 Em thích anh còn nhiều hơn muối ở biển… 🎤

  • Carmela Perrigan
    Carmela Perrigan

    Chandler doesn’t have time for this, he’s having fun with his ostrich on his island

  • Joshua Roselt
    Joshua Roselt

    great vid big fan

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    0:02 Carl: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Instead of “YEAH”

  • Mikayla Godfrey
    Mikayla Godfrey

    Jimmy:can chriscome to your wedding Corey:UHHHHHHHHHHHHH *video ends* 😂

  • Asmr Box
    Asmr Box


  • tony manaserian
    tony manaserian

    jimmy: 'can chris come to your wedding?' corry: 'uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' video:*end*

    • Ethan Matthew Buhay
      Ethan Matthew Buhay

      Copy cat

  • Griffin Crotty
    Griffin Crotty

    ledgend has it cory still debating if chris could come to her wedding

  • Myung Hauge
    Myung Hauge

    Is anyone gonna talk about how this is my first time seeing karl RAGE on a game-?

  • erik nansen
    erik nansen

    0:02 Carl: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Instead of “YEAH”

  • Cookie Team
    Cookie Team

    the winner is always the best

  • Juan Teran
    Juan Teran

    I love your fall guys videos

  • franky yohanes
    franky yohanes

    Pls play fall guys again

  • Patrick Doyle
    Patrick Doyle

    Both sad for cris

  • Peter NP
    Peter NP

    Pls play more fallguys

    • progamer1477

      Games dead

  • Magnus Kratos
    Magnus Kratos


  • Magnus Kratos
    Magnus Kratos

    and how is jimmy so reach

  • Magnus Kratos
    Magnus Kratos

    how is jimmy,s frnds so poor whereas jimmy is soo rich

  • dperez42786

    More fall guys

  • NotPresidentIsaac

    Karl’s gonna be an uncle :D

  • Debbie Andrews
    Debbie Andrews

    Chandler? They should have added a small clip of Chandler on his island at the end of the video 😔

  • Not Midnight
    Not Midnight

    Am sorry for you Chris

  • Thomas Sayers
    Thomas Sayers

    I dont like Chris Carl and Chandler make the funny in the vid

  • Yee Dubay
    Yee Dubay

    About 2 years ago, I made 200 videos on my channel private due to copyright reasons. I can never release them back to TRwatch. So many videos that many have not seen. My secret stash of videos...

  • The_animal_ Ark
    The_animal_ Ark

    Noooooo did she say no. Or yes at the end. Help me understand

  • Erich Sandler
    Erich Sandler

    Fall guys has died

  • Tina Whelan
    Tina Whelan

    Sry Carl,s sis

  • Irving Pietri
    Irving Pietri

    MrBeast: “Jump showdown, that’s the one you just lost twenty grand on.” Karl: “Not lost, just delayed.” I mean he speaking facts though

  • Mr. Flamingo
    Mr. Flamingo

    karl:DONT SAY THE FRUITS OUT LOUD also karl: Grape apple grape apple grape apple

  • Lily Johnson
    Lily Johnson

    Ya i was wondering that to

  • Nico Flordeliza
    Nico Flordeliza

    Goooo!!!! KARL!!!

  • Grammy Gaming
    Grammy Gaming


  • Debra Sweet
    Debra Sweet

    Karl’s Sisters wedding

    • Nico Flordeliza
      Nico Flordeliza


  • Caleb

    Karl Thomas Jacobs hmm..

  • ender piggy
    ender piggy

    chrises moms dead

  • Tarun -_-
    Tarun -_-

    Jimmy: Can Chris come to your wedding? Cory: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • David K
      David K

      No understandings of what you mean

    • Yee Dubay
      Yee Dubay

      Me: Going to watch Mr. Beast Mr. Beast shirt's text: "I am Green and I will move with the green background hahaha"

  • Yusuf Gabal
    Yusuf Gabal

    Carl’s sister

  • • Peachy_Queen •
    • Peachy_Queen •

    Ur thumbnails are so stupid

  • Cedric Dixon
    Cedric Dixon


  • Tony Robke
    Tony Robke

    Karl is beautiful

  • Javier Reyes
    Javier Reyes


  • starcraft4a

    karl's sister

  • Steve Lanier
    Steve Lanier


  • denn_

    4:16 u can just see the sadness in his eyes LMAO

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack

    I would rather pay off Carles sisters wedding

  • WR 21
    WR 21

    Moms Debut

  • Lesley Reiland
    Lesley Reiland

    Guys, Lexi is trying to beat me in followers on Tik Tok! Stop her from winning. .. follow @funnelvision on tik tok ... or if you think Lex should win @ lex_0724 ... Goooo!!!!!

  • Rocio Morales
    Rocio Morales

    Thank you Chris!I payed off My debt!

  • Tomahawkfromscandinavia

    Jimmy: grapes Karl: DON’T SAY IT OUT LOUD!!! Also Karl: grape, apple, grape, apple, grape, apple

    • Monica Foley
      Monica Foley

      dude i laughed so hard on that !!

  • Adrians Vitols
    Adrians Vitols

    Karl's sister's wedding

  • Brian Gutierrez
    Brian Gutierrez

    2:39 one guy didn't make it.

  • Peanut Butter Jelly
    Peanut Butter Jelly

    9:57 NOPE


    I’d pay for both if I wasn’t a broke 13 year without old

  • Maverick Mulloy
    Maverick Mulloy

    More falllllguys

  • ItsNomNom


  • Anton Jonsson
    Anton Jonsson

    omg stop yelling

  • tony manaserian
    tony manaserian

    Slushee dude: chill Karl and Chris: how is he not moving!? a couple of minutes later Slushee dude: gets hit OH GOD recovers oh thank god Chris: gets hit NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    • Luke Yin
      Luke Yin

      How do you know how the slushee dude reacted?

  • OntrenEnerus

    Among Us

  • Georgios Bani
    Georgios Bani

    Hi I’m a big fan

  • erika flores
    erika flores

    Legend tells us, Corry is still deciding if Chris can come to the wedding.

  • Eufemia Arden
    Eufemia Arden

    "Where's chandler?" . Jimmy left him stuck in his island

  • I BLINKed ONCE and I became an ARMY
    I BLINKed ONCE and I became an ARMY

    imagine if karl didnt win, i wonder how his sisters wedding would be

  • Nayif Nubani
    Nayif Nubani

    chris mom debt that more important

  • Nayif Nubani
    Nayif Nubani

    yeah i forgot they were wining 20,000?

  • Jannix_2020 Schmitt
    Jannix_2020 Schmitt

    3.54 Shut up

  • JosephSmith_008

    6:04 they both say i got pushed i got pushed

  • siddhant godara
    siddhant godara

    I'll pay myself

  • carts store
    carts store

    no we need a 1,000,000 among us game where it gets split with all the winners

  • Gracie Martinez
    Gracie Martinez

    I love how it ended with “uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” 😂

  • MrEnd_ 299
    MrEnd_ 299

    I feel bad for chris

  • Mohammad Adil Khan
    Mohammad Adil Khan


  • Dylan Fix
    Dylan Fix

    Karl’s sisters wedding

  • Buster & Walker
    Buster & Walker

    Karls sia

  • Monica Foley
    Monica Foley

    GUYS! random question: is karl gay? and is he engaged to SapNap???!!

    • DabossEhan


  • joe powell
    joe powell

    I’d rather pay for chrises mums debt

  • Eve ONeal
    Eve ONeal

    Imagine getting 10,000 likes

  • John Keillor
    John Keillor

    No Chandler? No Thanks!

  • rayan Aamir
    rayan Aamir

    Biggest mysteries 3. Bermuda triangle 2. Area 51 1. Can Chris go to Karl's sisters wedding

  • Connor Waters [Student]
    Connor Waters [Student]

    God is Lord, Jesus is King

  • Mariam Ahmed
    Mariam Ahmed

    I plying fall guys

  • Roblox Games
    Roblox Games

    Carl’s sister is more important

    • Iceenem

      Its karl

  • Gamer Boys
    Gamer Boys

    Chris mom

  • jerri Stephens
    jerri Stephens

    Hell no

  • oll97

    d onkey

  • John the echidna
    John the echidna

    Remember when this game was relevant

  • nathan Hatfield
    nathan Hatfield

    pay carl sister weding

  • Berry Ber
    Berry Ber

    I think no

  • Rudra Pratap
    Rudra Pratap

    What happened to the debt ?

  • Brayden Wheeler
    Brayden Wheeler

    I would rather pay for Karl’s sisters wedding

  • Chui Throwaway6
    Chui Throwaway6

    “Karl and chris don’t jump “Jimmy doesn’t jump “ Karl and Chris “ jump over the logs!

  • ZT _plays
    ZT _plays

    I think Chris should get the money cause its debt over marriage

  • Joshua Pham
    Joshua Pham

    F Karl

    • Joshua Pham
      Joshua Pham


  • Mustansir Bookwala
    Mustansir Bookwala

    Karl's sister

  • Roel Tomassen
    Roel Tomassen


  • Gantumur Battumur
    Gantumur Battumur

    whaaat no chandler?

  • Titus with Lewis vlogs
    Titus with Lewis vlogs

    I am the 600k like

  • Kiersten Johnson
    Kiersten Johnson

    She declined chris lil

  • repotato

    Karl sister wedding


    Imagine saying the word “debt” around MrBeast..


    Imagine saying the word “debt” around MrBeast..