• Ciechan Experience
    Ciechan Experience


  • Trollas

    Could go for some sushi rn

  • Jay 1988
    Jay 1988

    Surely you need a pond for fish that big

  • ForkGN


  • Jon

    Should be banned. Ego is a killer

  • please go away
    please go away


  • yogurt sauce
    yogurt sauce

    I just like how it says “fish”

  • good rat
    good rat

    Y’all act like these comments are going to do anything 🙄

  • Xavier Minner
    Xavier Minner

    I would totally have a pet catfish


    My Man You wont die Peace Fully

  • GalacTism

    That tank is way too small gor even one of those fish, this is cruel

  • Oscar Saintclair
    Oscar Saintclair

    Bro hoy metete tu ???? Sabes el miedo que mantiene cada uno cuidandose a que no se los arten 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • John Al
    John Al

    10% about aquarium infos 80% about fish abuse. Is this the first time these people seen an aquarium in their entire lives!?? I mean 🤷🤦

  • James Ethan
    James Ethan

    As someone that has worked in the aquarium industry for 12+ years now this is literally my worst nightmare lol the filtration looks amazing but the tank size is wayyyyy to small, there should be at least 1 foot of space per fish and I’m seeing about 2 centimeters. Oh Lordy

  • Mr Epic Baber-Day
    Mr Epic Baber-Day

    This guy is a villain I want him in jail 🖕

  • Darkrai397

    Too much fish in a small aquarium should have be at least 2 times bigger

  • Platiios Gaming
    Platiios Gaming

    Bro put thwm a a big pool for space otherwis thats animal abuse

  • Marz Stallings
    Marz Stallings

    That is way too small for them

  • Extra Cool. . ?
    Extra Cool. . ?

    Fish/Animal abuse-?

  • yex101

    You need an entire room dedicated to the fish. That tank is too small for the big fish to swim.

  • Aman rajput
    Aman rajput

    I don't know what the hell he was thinking cause when I first saw this only one thing came to my mind that it's soo small

  • Madison Lawrence
    Madison Lawrence

    Firstly, no acclimation of the fish which can put the fish into shock and kill it. Secondly, the tank is WAY too small. Just because they're fish doesn't mean this is any less cruel

  • little mac main
    little mac main


  • Elfathan Widyatmoko
    Elfathan Widyatmoko


  • Michel Weißenborn
    Michel Weißenborn

    Congratulations. You are doing everythink wrong you could do wrong

  • syre


  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD

    Wayyyy to many fish for that size of ab aquarium...

  • Yoda Master
    Yoda Master

    It’s too crowded for all those fish

  • Moonlight Eclipse
    Moonlight Eclipse

    You need a bigger tank for these poor fish. There's hardly any room for them to swim

  • 引き起こしてMichael Steven
    引き起こしてMichael Steven


  • HD pixelality GameVids [Amper]
    HD pixelality GameVids [Amper]


  • yekta ağra
    yekta ağra

    What did he put in there tho

  • Stark Waves
    Stark Waves

    Damn, this Fish Prison...

  • bobby magoo
    bobby magoo

    💩💩 tank bruh

  • 「Cremation」

    There is so much wrong with this video

  • Braden Smith
    Braden Smith

    Bigger tank please

  • Q-tie

    People do realize that this is probably a grocery store, and the fish aren't there to live a good life. They're there to be picked out and eaten. I don't get why everyone is feeling sorry for them. It's literally the same as catching a fish except you give it a little longer to live.

  • Bear Martin
    Bear Martin

    What the fuck is wrong with you lol

  • giulian

    Mi sembra a dir poco sovraffollato

  • Pr0x1

    There is no water stabilization?

  • Old mate
    Old mate

    Bro poor fish those fish are sad

  • Tropicalmichelle


  • Lemontarts01

    Dawg i better never see you Release the fish - stay away from animals you shitebag

  • xi lavie62
    xi lavie62

    Animal rights need to be equal with all of them 😄 not only dog and cat. U cant claim for rights for animals while still eating pork meat in your dinner

  • xi lavie62
    xi lavie62

    um sorry for fish in this video but still eat them when u like ??? Hypocrite 😄

  • Hauke Werner
    Hauke Werner

    That’s horrible

  • Old Nick
    Old Nick

    Typical chinese

  • vZhero

    Los peces como: NO MAMES OTRO??

  • Grenade Man
    Grenade Man

    Hmmm witch fish are we gonna cook today

  • Lyn Jhaill
    Lyn Jhaill

    If didn't hate eat fish I would try it

  • Arangizo Kish
    Arangizo Kish

    Yes. Those are fish.

  • Drownie

    All I could think about was sushi

  • ZV ZV
    ZV ZV

    All that for eating and contract virus 🙃🙃🙃 Idiot

  • Theo Onderko
    Theo Onderko

    That tank is way to small, must be torture for those poor fish.

  • SP

    I see worst condition in some fish market stores.

  • Dominic Viner
    Dominic Viner

    5 gallons per pound per fish

  • Son Xuan
    Son Xuan

    I love fish

  • Tim Heslin
    Tim Heslin


  • Kirsty Gunn
    Kirsty Gunn

    Far too many fish in that tank

  • Snarley Shark
    Snarley Shark

    It's already over stocked no need to cram more in, and no acclimating, it's easy to spot the wanna be fish keepers who do it for the views

    • Basic Mandalorian
      Basic Mandalorian

      Okay, but he’s not a fish keeper he’s a fish market owner. The little shits are food, not pets

  • Willamette Strange
    Willamette Strange

    This makes me want to throw him in a tank. That is no where near big enough for even half those fish and he didn’t bother to acclimate the fish at all.

  • Drizzy Killer5000
    Drizzy Killer5000

    It’s fake

  • Doberfrau_27

    Isn't it to small for so many fish.

  • Eno K.
    Eno K.

    You need a bigger frying pot !

  • kaiden

    F### people that do this the fish can't even move around

  • Leontine Wilson
    Leontine Wilson


  • PrestigeWorldWide

    Honestly that tank is too small for those fish. That would suck

  • Caesar jasi
    Caesar jasi

    Now that’s what I call over crowding

  • ilickpeople

    dw they are gonna get eaten soon

  • Ręd Męmbęr
    Ręd Męmbęr

    I took me to relizzz.. I was belike: beauty fish✨ Now belike: ehm..😫👎✊

  • cb A bc
    cb A bc

    D I S G U S T I N G

  • Cody Horton
    Cody Horton

    Your cruel you need a pond for them not a tank

  • Connor Bolen
    Connor Bolen

    Your tank is WAY OVERPOPULATED. Of course their Asian from what I’ve seen there ain’t much thought on animal comfort or safety


    You need a way bigger fucking tank. At least 1500-2000 gallons ideally more than that. Terrible.

  • Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004#
    Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004#

    The tank needs to be at least 3x bigger than that Dumb idiot

  • SWIRL Logan
    SWIRL Logan

    U have Arowana and catfish and others in that small tank! Upgrade to a pond

  • ?B R U H •
    ?B R U H •


  • odd socks
    odd socks

    Too many big bois in one tank my guy

  • Zyrils YT
    Zyrils YT

    Way to many fish in there especially for their size

  • YoMoGamer

    Another one to the collection

  • Ewan Kerley
    Ewan Kerley


  • DeathWalker420

    China could care less of animals so I'm not suprised this was chinese

  • XtrlPlayz

    Those fishes should be in a pond bruh

  • Aman Chavda
    Aman Chavda

    Who the hell has given this 502 k likes?! This is torture and imprisonment!

    • Basic Mandalorian
      Basic Mandalorian

      Keep crying though

    • Basic Mandalorian
      Basic Mandalorian

      They aren’t pets. It’s a fish market



  • Yuse4li17_2

    Power sockets above

  • galneyrus

    Stupid guy: haha fish go brrrr

  • Hunter Stokes
    Hunter Stokes

    Imagine being put in a glass tank the size of a prison cell with little oxygen and 25 other people

    • Basic Mandalorian
      Basic Mandalorian

      Imagine not knowing they aren’t pets

  • Vigor Åberg
    Vigor Åberg

    This is not good for the fish u need a bigger tank

  • Blue Raptors
    Blue Raptors

    Literally the title is just fish

  • Alex Holbourn
    Alex Holbourn

    Asians really don’t give a fuck about animals huh

  • Yo_JJ

    Tank is way to small

  • zank

    le fish

  • Cooper Cooper
    Cooper Cooper


  • Joltar

    Dudes a piece of trash for having them in such a small tank. YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE PETS

    • Basic Mandalorian
      Basic Mandalorian

      Good thing they aren’t pets then.

  • David Knauss
    David Knauss

    Probably most improper tank set up I’ve ever seen

  • Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar

    There's always a bigger fish

  • kong1800

    Tanks way too small. Why is youtube promoting animal abuse?

  • RealChrisWaltzOfficial

    Yea they gonna die

  • Aha AhahAhah
    Aha AhahAhah

    Get a bigger tank dumbass

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