FULL MATCH - The Bar vs. Braun Strowman & Nicholas - Raw Tag Team Titles Match: WrestleMania 34
Braun Strowman teams with 10-year-old Nicholas to challenge Cesaro & Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 34: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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  • Cathy Docherty
    Cathy Docherty


  • قناة العاب فاطمة ستارز
    قناة العاب فاطمة ستارز


  • amirali zeynoddini
    amirali zeynoddini

    Wo wo waita minute , Fpr god sake who is that picture at 01:36 ? Isn't it NiKolas? I swear its like him Idk if it is coincudence or some secret plot

  • Nightshift

    I have a Braun Strowman toy and a Finn Barlor toy and i make Braun Strowman Reck Fin.

  • Sergej Slijepcevic
    Sergej Slijepcevic

    Kosovo je SRBIJA

  • Padovano Mino
    Padovano Mino

    Waw cool match for nicholas

  • Carniça

    WTF Nicholas looks like a girl

  • Ianis Damaschin
    Ianis Damaschin

    Made faca

  • Cigdem Balci
    Cigdem Balci


  • Daria Axinte
    Daria Axinte

    E bun omul āSta oa jutat un copil😇😇😇😇🙏😌👧😚😌🤭🤭❤️

  • Tina Cintron
    Tina Cintron

    That was nice of him brawn stroman

  • Mr Totality
    Mr Totality

    Nicholas gets tagged in* Scared of Sheamus and Cesaro and tags Braun strowman* Next day... I BEAT SHEAMUS AND CESAROS BUTT sure u did....NOT

  • NotLxkeツ

    This Was So Cringe 😬

  • Noor Ibrahim
    Noor Ibrahim

    The commentary made this match

  • Radit


  • Shagalalyn's Vlog
    Shagalalyn's Vlog


  • monarch brazil
    monarch brazil

    *This girl doesn't seem to like what she saw, but I did.*

  • Ayad Orator
    Ayad Orator


  • Krazy Stocks
    Krazy Stocks

    Nicholas: Undefeated, Youngest champion in history holding a record that’s unlikely to ever be broken. Dudes a future hall of famer

  • Mijana

    I'm using my mom's account, I do wrestling moves on styff outside, I'm 6 ft 0 and 14 yr like I wish my partner would be kane

  • Founding Titan
    Founding Titan

    Nicholas is Shivering lol

  • Kamel gemr
    Kamel gemr


  • Brick FN
    Brick FN

    Nicholas now famous thx for Braun

  • نصرالدين سنوسي
    نصرالدين سنوسي

    مسخ مايهسمس

  • Darko. Chaze
    Darko. Chaze

    Nhicholas Will traumatize

  • jawdat alawi
    jawdat alawi

    You have a ton wwe but a great place with a beautiful fighting experience

  • معين علي
    معين علي


  • amanda c.
    amanda c.

    The easy flock holoprosencephaly mate because taste findingsinitially reflect pro a tired responsibility. helpful, greedy lunch

    • YMW Spin Cycle Laundry Lounge
      YMW Spin Cycle Laundry Lounge

      Like... dude. I totally agree

  • My Blessing
    My Blessing

    What was that? 😁😁😀 she's just a girl , Stéphanie would never try to get into the ring but she did it.

  • Ahmadzia Andar
    Ahmadzia Andar

    He is really a hero in the sense that a child defeated his opponent

  • Kero Emad
    Kero Emad

    اية الشطرة دى

  • TurboTurtle Gaming
    TurboTurtle Gaming

    Nicholas was shaking oh my! He must have been so scared, but it must have been so cool!

  • Supreme Warrior
    Supreme Warrior

    Fun fact that guy with the white beard and hair when strowman was going to pick Nicholas thats strowmans father

  • Naura Nur Alysha
    Naura Nur Alysha


  • Naura Nur Alysha
    Naura Nur Alysha

    The kid did not even helo

  • Ronwell Nagales
    Ronwell Nagales

    Just letting people know that I STILL have my Braun & Nicholas shirt from 3 years ago.

  • MisterAhmad

    one of the dumbest things ever wwe has done

  • Arielle Kess
    Arielle Kess

    He b

  • Brittney Sanders
    Brittney Sanders

    And help

  • Brittney Sanders
    Brittney Sanders

    If i was there i would bet them to thay quite

  • Jackson McCoy
    Jackson McCoy

    what happened is that Nicholas brought them to disbelief and threw them off so then braun could retain order

  • BrytonEmpire F50
    BrytonEmpire F50

    Nicholas tag with Braun Strowman because Braun Strowman wanna charge his stamina.

  • Blanca Marroquin
    Blanca Marroquin

    Braun almost tripped 😂

  • Curtis Rivers
    Curtis Rivers

    That's a boy!?!!?

  • Google Shared
    Google Shared


  • Evil-king97

    That little girl has poperly the best moment she never got in his entier live respect to Braunstrowman he is actually a funy guy and loves kids but i never seen anything like that i watch wwe like 10 years ago or more that nuts

  • ایرج میر
    ایرج میر

    اولین بار چقدر گریه کردم با دیدن این پست دمشون گرم 🥀💖💖💖

  • ایرج میر
    ایرج میر


  • ایرج میر
    ایرج میر


  • Mariana Paola Toledo Alcantar
    Mariana Paola Toledo Alcantar


    • GreninjaDude Gacha Life
      GreninjaDude Gacha Life

      I see a man of culture

  • Jonathan Osorio
    Jonathan Osorio


  • Gavyn Phouthavongsay
    Gavyn Phouthavongsay

    2:51 Me: Braun look A short cut Braun: nah

  • Dionn McMullen
    Dionn McMullen

    Make R Truth vs Rey Mysterio please

  • Jack Inter
    Jack Inter

    Ffgg c iggiiihy

  • Mary Gorman
    Mary Gorman

    He smart is because they can’t hit a child🤣😂😂

  • Mary Gorman
    Mary Gorman

    It’s Mark it’s because they can’t hit a Child🤣😂😂

  • Ali Mhamed
    Ali Mhamed


  • Kareem 95 Musaitef
    Kareem 95 Musaitef

    I love you stromen

  • Kareem 95 Musaitef
    Kareem 95 Musaitef

    Nooo stromen


    Γαμηθτε ωσει είναι ελινες

  • April Jonez
    April Jonez

    The belt to heavy for that kid

  • Nikhil Naidoo
    Nikhil Naidoo

    Did you see how nicholas was shaking

  • BIGO lives
    BIGO lives

    I was so scared for the kid

  • Akinyi Roselyne
    Akinyi Roselyne

    I can feel the happiness of this boy

  • Julio Cantu
    Julio Cantu

    Incredible to see super stars doing this type of act you are big Braun Strowman 👏👏

  • Just Wrestling
    Just Wrestling

    Fun fact, Nicholas is the referee's son.

  • Andrey S.
    Andrey S.

    Молодец Строумен

  • marelen super star fan leo
    marelen super star fan leo

    Cause hes a kid i cant beleve a adult wants To hurt him so bad

  • marelen super star fan leo
    marelen super star fan leo

    Nicholas is scared

  • Avoid bots
    Avoid bots

    Mate been Nicolas to that child to this kid

  • john rhoyd louie addatu
    john rhoyd louie addatu

    And then lately you realize Strowman is his father

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali

    ٍ ٍ

  • Quyền Bồ
    Quyền Bồ

    good jop e

  • MD Hasanuzzaman
    MD Hasanuzzaman


  • Cwf Match Maker
    Cwf Match Maker

    Greatest wrestlemania moment

  • Mireya Garcia
    Mireya Garcia

    Man I got da Braun Strowman toy and others but I need sum more,I ain’t finna spend my money. I got a lot tho.-At 1:57, is that Strowman dad? Look at the man with white beard for a sec,take a look.

  • Samara Nascimento
    Samara Nascimento

    Alguém do Brasil?

  • YB - 03ES 857169 Elm Drive PS
    YB - 03ES 857169 Elm Drive PS

    I wish I was Nicolas

  • Asf Hhabh
    Asf Hhabh

    حلو كفووووو

  • Диана Ди
    Диана Ди

    Don't buy you up

  • Rendy x Gaming
    Rendy x Gaming

    Saya sendiri orang Indonesia di simi

  • עומר מנחם
    עומר מנחם

    שלום רתם

  • רותם תפארת
    רותם תפארת

    שלום עומר

  • حوراء علي حسين
    حوراء علي حسين


  • محمد روت
    محمد روت


  • Kyaw Kyaw
    Kyaw Kyaw


  • Chimaobi Raphael
    Chimaobi Raphael

    I love this

  • The Masked Unboxer
    The Masked Unboxer

    Go on Nichols

  • تيته تيته
    تيته تيته

    Pekls aljfew

  • a7mad abo dora
    a7mad abo dora

    Only WWE strives and innovates to reward a humiliating loss

  • Arnold Historiador
    Arnold Historiador

    Braun strowman

  • Abel Barros
    Abel Barros

    That kid😅😅

  • Kevin Wallace
    Kevin Wallace

    Just because of this Nicholas is probably gonna get laid

  • Kevin Wallace
    Kevin Wallace

    I have a feeling that kid is gonna grow up to join the wwe

  • David Green
    David Green

    That kid is a hall of famer. Did absolutely nothing and still walked out champion

  • Eyael Alejandro
    Eyael Alejandro

    Very good

  • Quintin Velasco
    Quintin Velasco

    Que bonito

  • delrie enif welcome hurlston
    delrie enif welcome hurlston

    That was awesome

  • Zara Smith
    Zara Smith

    The tea

  • noa lbg
    noa lbg

    Il a fait gagner une enfants