Gojira - Amazonia [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
New album 'Fortitude' available April 30.
Pre-order: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
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Proceeds from this song will benefit The Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) who advocate for environmental and cultural rights of indigenous tribes in the Amazon who have suffered immensely - victims of deforestation, land loss, forced labor, violence, and harassment.
Directed and edited by Charles De Meyer
Cinematography by Maximiliaan Dierickx and Vincent Moon
Produced by João Vinhas, Benjamin Honoré, Charles De Meyer, Chris Brown
First Assistant Camera: Daniel Foeldes
Steadycam Operator: Sven Joukes
Monitoring Engineer: Sébastien Roblin
Key Grip: Unai Duhalde
Grip: Aitz Amilibia
Gaffer: Fax
Catering: Mirelen & Aize Duhalde
On-Set Photography: Anne Deguéhégny & Gabrielle Duplantier
Colorist: Xavier Dockx
Amazon Partnership Liaison/Producer: Analuisa Anjos
Assistant Producer Amazon Connection: Ivan Sawyer
Contains Images Taken From The Project
‘Híbridos, The Spirits Of Brazil’ by Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon
Additional Footage From Midia Ninja, Kumiko Hayashi & Hauxplay
Gojira and the film crew would like to thank
Adriana Varela, Emilie Barrucand (Wayanga NGO), Jaqueline Kaiowá, Fabiana Fernandres, Sônia Guajajara and APIB, The Tribes Of The Amazon, The Fulni’ô, Krahô, Mehinako, Xavante, Yawanawá and Yawalapiti People, François Maton, Sabri Bouchfar and everyone at Atabal, Kristen Mulderig, Ted Jensen, Andy Wallace, Johann Meyer, Jamie Uertz, Taylor Bingley, Vincent Moon, Fernanda Abreu, Duncan Russell and Patricia Motte-Lorente
Incite a riot, put yourself in a trance
You rotate the frame in a world you rely on
A scar, a line has been drawn in the sand
Behold the life, the boundaries fools will crush

The greatest miracle
Is burning to the ground

Onto the next stage of the plan
Mourn the witness of the wind
A hand full of thunder
Will rise one last time

There’s fire in the sky
You’re in the Amazon
The greatest miracle
Is burning to the ground

Godly Amazonia
Bloody Amazonia
Mighty Amazonia
Killing Amazonia

Burn the land
Learn the end

Another Gold mine is unveiled
The source of our sorrow
Embedded in these walls of green
Is the curse that we follow
There’s fire in the sky
You’re in the Amazon
The greatest miracle
Is burning to the ground

Mighty Amazonia
Killing Amazonia
Godly Amazonia
Bloody Amazonia

  • SplitRensonator

    I just hope when the machines take over that they remember Gojira.

  • Tristan Wood
    Tristan Wood

    Everybody gangsta until Gojira whips out the Jaw Harp.

  • killerofdemons669

    Max Cavallera should've been on this song

  • Daniel Boucher
    Daniel Boucher

    Je l'écoute assez souvent ! C est parfait !

  • David Junior
    David Junior

    É triste ver que os estrangeiros se preocupam e nossas autoridades nem aí.

  • The Nemesis 59
    The Nemesis 59

    On a des bon groupes français quand-même !

  • Hakawai Official
    Hakawai Official

    first when i heard the drums and the jew's harp intro i waited for Anthony Kiedis to say 'gvrrrrray gvrrrray now' xD

  • lidio rios
    lidio rios

    it doesn't take much to realize that these are the lungs of the world, but greed, corruption, abuse, intimidation and hatred are destroying the forest, by turning those beautiful enviroments into cash while we run out of air!

  • Hernán Javier Rincón Álvarez
    Hernán Javier Rincón Álvarez

    This is the song Sepultura never wrote 🤘😝🤘

  • Denis Sorrilha
    Denis Sorrilha

    Gojira....France....Emmanuel Macron....Amazon....I see

  • Jeoff59 Nord
    Jeoff59 Nord

    Bravo les gars vous représentez la France dans le monde de la meilleure des manières!!!

  • Thiago Macedo
    Thiago Macedo

    Estão destruindo a Amazônia, contrabandeando madeira ilegal e com apoio do ministro do meio ambiente! #ImpeachmentBolsonaro #ForaRicardoSalles #SaveAmazonia

  • Vlad Waller
    Vlad Waller

    I am a simple man, Gojira go boing boing I like it.

  • Karina Lazari
    Karina Lazari

    Bolsonaro genocide

  • Fernando Peña
    Fernando Peña

    Excelent work, congratulations

  • Heinrich Kotze
    Heinrich Kotze

    Hey man. We would like to donate. Please send the relevant link!

  • Jas’s Hut
    Jas’s Hut

    Honestly idk why this is not the most famous band cuz they make incredible songs 🤟

  • Maugli

    Native Amazon beautiful

  • SaithrolI

    This song is the next song of every song I'm going to hear. Never skipped though

  • Bear White
    Bear White

    Filmaram até o congresso nacional

  • Becki Viner
    Becki Viner


    • Becki Viner
      Becki Viner

      always wondered...

  • scottscorpio87

    And the 1.4k who disliked this are Justin Bieber and miley cyrus fans....i therefore love this track!! 🤘🤘🤘

  • Iuri


  • Jetstream Kel メ
    Jetstream Kel メ

    Arab can't do song like other tribe hahahahhahasss

  • ArizMo2015

    This song is f@#$ing awesome 🤘

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    French band. Japanese name. English lyrics. Brazil cause. BRILLIANT !!!

  • Roland's Recycling
    Roland's Recycling

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs ever.

  • Vladimir Stevanović
    Vladimir Stevanović

    Amazing song in every aspect.

  • Sudip Bishwakarma
    Sudip Bishwakarma

    I get Sepultura vibes..

  • DaxXO AR-Nold
    DaxXO AR-Nold

    Johann epically mixed this shizz. 🤘🏻🔥💯💯

  • DaxXO AR-Nold
    DaxXO AR-Nold


  • Abner Donaldson
    Abner Donaldson

    Dude that intro guitar sounds like snoopy when he and woodstock had their music moment when snoopy played the mouth harp ....yeah I'm fucking old fuck you all, the song rocks hard!!!

  • Mind's Eye Muse
    Mind's Eye Muse

    Sounds like they've been listening to the Sepultura album "Roots". I approve.


    Sepultura ja fez isso voces estao copiando o SEPULTURA.

  • Froilan R.
    Froilan R.

    The greatest miracle Is burning to the ground From Venezuela, this is amazing.

  • Allie

    question. If the Amazon burns would it come back ?

  • Cleyton Anjos
    Cleyton Anjos

    Salve os botos!

  • Nicolas Borges
    Nicolas Borges


  • When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
    When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

    Sepultra did this a lot better 25 years ago

  • RomulusRomulus111

    Soon, there will be Amazonia only on the art.

  • Chris Campanelli
    Chris Campanelli

    I'm so glad they could get Jorge Masvidal to fill in for lead guitar for this music video. Gojira = 💯

  • Faten

    I can already hear the crowd screaming the lyrics to this once this COVID stuff is over and Gojira is able to play live again in Brazil.

  • Manu Pantera
    Manu Pantera

    Bestial cuanto mas la escucho mas me gusta y mas pena o quizas rabia de lo que le están haciendo a nuestro pulmón del mundo la Amazonía putos multimillonarios de mierda 😈😈😈🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • CP Sna
    CP Sna

    Before we talk shit to Brazil. Maybe look at your own buying habits. Stop buying soya, palmoil and meat from the Amazon area

  • iury gosling
    iury gosling

    Fantastic, wonderful music and initiative, one of the best songs of the past decades, I keep listening to this song, beautiful Gojira, thank you very much for this masterpiece. We Brazilians are not proud of what happens with the Amazon, we just do not have so much power against the corruption that prevails in the Amazon, we need a new government that is concerned with our biggest eco-system again.

  • Michael Gross
    Michael Gross

    Max calvera would’ve loved to be on this track

  • man78249

    Gojira, alati hea! Tänan!

  • Junior Teixeira
    Junior Teixeira

    Duvido muito que a banda tenha pisado na Amazônia.


    You're More than musicians! Putain j'ai vraiment prit une claque là!!!!

  • Wes Robertson
    Wes Robertson

    I love all you people! Gojira fans aren't scared of shit

  • MariChérie Création
    MariChérie Création

    superbe chanson et clip. alors autant dans plein d'autres chanson le chanteur est mis trop fort, là on l'entend limite. Merci Gojira je vous aime

  • Username pending review
    Username pending review

    I'm starting to dislike Fortitude from what I've heard. This band peaked with L'Enfant Sauvage and I wouldn't be surprised if they had all clean vocals on the next album. Gojira will be the new hipster metal band.

  • Biologore HL
    Biologore HL

    Tributo a Sepultura? Será a la alineación actual, igual de mediocres y sobreinflados

  • Luan Giovanni
    Luan Giovanni

    Amazônia morrendo, principalmente nesse desgoverno fascista

  • Divadriel

    I wish I could add this song to my favs several times. Per second.

  • Francis Houle
    Francis Houle

    Mario wear a shirt!!!

  • Rubén Jesús Moreno
    Rubén Jesús Moreno

    so great to hear, so sad to see

  • luiz

    what a shameful feeling for being Brazilian, such a fckng good song

  • Gonçalo l
    Gonçalo l

    Fcking Bolsonaro is burning amazônia...plz help

  • Paul Atréïdes
    Paul Atréïdes

    trwatch.info/ex/video/p5uhu5nOfsy9mq8.html cool interview vy Joe about the new album


    Finally! The band is big/famous enough for Mario to be clothed. Jokes aside this song is fucking amazing, so glad to be living in Gojira's era.

  • Rachel Drab
    Rachel Drab


  • Muamer Memic
    Muamer Memic

    Ratamahatta du France

  • Sat191


  • Milan Saikia
    Milan Saikia

    Just cannot stop listening to this song. What a beauty.

  • GG Gladio
    GG Gladio

    His voice reminds me of Jaz Coleman...

  • Edgar Rodolfo Lezama Hernández
    Edgar Rodolfo Lezama Hernández

    Gojira Gran Banda !!! De estos tiempos 🤘

  • Josh Beck
    Josh Beck

    I hate what's going on with the Amazon. However it's a massive rain forest with places still untouched by man. It's not going away anytime soon, thats not an excuse for what is happening I'm just saying its massive.

  • Evan Feely
    Evan Feely

    There's fire in the sky, it's burnt the flying whales

  • Chopp333r

    Very nice homage to pay to Max and Igor’s influence in metal as well as a very moving song in itself gotta love that tribal feeling of brotherhood and humanity

  • rhumorsky

    back to the primitive! fuck all this buuuullshit! some jungle vibe here

  • Grimm Doker
    Grimm Doker

    Boing boing boing boing boing boing boing

  • Marcio Danilo
    Marcio Danilo

    O foda da é que as bandas de fora que tem que fazer essas paradas.

  • Matheus Morais
    Matheus Morais

    Cuidado q os tiozão que mama velho vão acha q isso é música comunista

  • Dima Rudnykh
    Dima Rudnykh

    a masterpiece.

  • caltch

    1:03 love that riff.

  • Brian Mac Kenzie
    Brian Mac Kenzie

    If only Gojira’s massively heavy aural assault could crush corruption in it’s path...


    Great video! I like the sad graphics of reality.

  • fabrice sautois
    fabrice sautois

    Encore un excellent morceau 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Nicolas PJ
    Nicolas PJ

    This song raise my soul to another level. Merci beaucoup Gojira :)

  • Duncan Cannon
    Duncan Cannon

    This shit so fucking hard

  • Deivid Petterson
    Deivid Petterson

    A Amazônia é nossa! Aqui é brasil ....

  • John Rich
    John Rich

    Boing Boing

  • KISS of RAGE
    KISS of RAGE

    ça devient pompeux à force. C'est dommage.. Là vous allez dans des directions lourdingues.. Revenez aux sources bordel de cul !

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    The chorus pulls you in and smacks you in the face in the best way possible.

    • Mutated Nut
      Mutated Nut

      You literally just copied another comment

  • Emerson Oliveira
    Emerson Oliveira

    Roots Blody Roots.

  • Renan Lima
    Renan Lima

    Another bunch of Gringos thinking that they actually know what happens in Amazonia, ignoring that most of the rich countries have already burned their forests to the ground.

  • Is Ra
    Is Ra

    Top direction and production, blast music with a profound but clear message.

  • Geoflex Sinadis
    Geoflex Sinadis

    Et oui Gojira et pour moi le meilleurs groupe de Metal Francais qui tourne encore leurs clip sur L'amazonie nous ouvre les yeux sur les problèmes de société humaines et sur l'importance de la préservation des Forêts Poumons de La Terre 🌏🌳🍃

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      I remembered Minneapolis when I saw the video.

  • Wade Guidry
    Wade Guidry

    Is this drummer a God or what?

  • Wesley Beowulf
    Wesley Beowulf

    Curte aqui quem for BR! kkkkk

  • The Oculus
    The Oculus

    Hey, it's okay if you have mixed emotions when listening to this amazing song ... like a great excitement and crying with rage over the lyrics. I mean fuck! did you feel that when you hear Joe screaming "Buurn!! the land!!"?

  • Bode Cromado
    Bode Cromado

    The 2 million views in

  • Danilo Gomes
    Danilo Gomes

    Conhece atraves do Marcelo Barbosa! Musica muito boa....parabens a banda e ao marcelao por destrinchar essa maravilha!

  • Becki Viner
    Becki Viner

    My roots run deep. You can't afford me if I don't want you.#whathesaid to the little boys what lunch. Now the Bab is safe.

  • Chunky milk memes -
    Chunky milk memes -

    The guitar playing in this won me over

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    L'histoire qu'on raconte aux enfants, et que des adultes croient aussi, comme quoi l'Amazonie serait le "poumon de la planète" est tout bonnement fausse. Au maximum, selon les scientifiques, elle produit tout au plus 6% de l'oxygène de la planète, contre plus de 50% pour les océans, ce qui reste mineur au final. Mais ça fait classe de chanter écolo, surtout quand on se déplace quasiment exclusivement en avion comme Gojira... J'aime bien ce groupe, ils ont un son à eux, une âme, une particularité qu'on ne trouve que chez eux mais il faut l'avouer, ils sont à la mode que grâce aux bobos des plateaux télé (coucou les connards de Quotidien).

  • Viny Bviny
    Viny Bviny

    Pour l’instant mon morceau préféré sur ceux dévoilés le clip le son le thème qui sort des clichés du métal ... en plus les gars sont intelligents ! Pour ceux que ça intéressent il y a une interview des frères Duplantier disponible en podcast sur FRANCE INTER qui explique bien l’évolution vers cet album 🙏

  • Dayan Mendes
    Dayan Mendes

    Cara isso é muito triste a Amazônia está desaparecendo, muito legal a iniciativa da banda em lançar uma certa pressão e esclarecimento da situação até para nós brasileiros. Ótimo trabalho


    Heaviest boing-boing of the universe