How to Transport Millions Cow, Goat, Sheep, Pig - Modern Export Technology by Big Cargo Ships
Live cattle export is the commercial transport of livestock across national borders. The expansion of the trade has been supported by the introduction of purpose-built ships which carry large numbers of animals
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    Kita wajib swasembada daging di masa depan. Jangan impor terus.

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    I imagine humans being transported in cages on vehicles by cows, pigs, sheeps and goats

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    Remembered me lockdown we cannot sit in one place but they are tied and they spend whole life in Restricted place....

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    Shameful. Go vegan. It’s torture and murder

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  • Jadeed Farming With Dr Nadeem
    Jadeed Farming With Dr Nadeem


    • Jadeed Farming With Dr Nadeem
      Jadeed Farming With Dr Nadeem

      @Bachroo ka farm Sir Nawazish

    • Bachroo ka farm
      Bachroo ka farm



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    Με τέτοια καράβια μετάφεραν 2500 μοσχάρια στην Καρθαγένη για σφαγή μετά από 5 μήνες περιπλάνησης στην Μεσόγειο αλητες

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    Disgusting terrible way of businesses export meat not live animals hope to God live export gets totally banned the world over

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    Shakuntala Raghunath

    Please become vegetarian. Let’s coexist with animals 🙏🙏🙏

    • Shakuntala Raghunath
      Shakuntala Raghunath

      @ Ao Jun. Grass is for animals. Of course if you wish to eat grass ma’am or sir, who am I to object? Human body is designed to be a herbivore. Start being a vegetarian and feel the difference. You will grow mentally, develop empathy and compassion towards all beings. You will become a humane being in the real sense. I wish you all the best. Coexist with animals. Embrace vegetarianism. Thank you.

    • Ao Jun
      Ao Jun

      @Shakuntala Raghunath you need to learn more about everyones (human and animals )) eating habits. I don't want to eat grass as it's part of veggies. Eat more meat . It's delicious. Thank you.

    • Shakuntala Raghunath
      Shakuntala Raghunath

      @ Ao Jun. Yes. I have done Doctorate in Science, not just high school like you. Half knowledge is dangerous. Ma’am or Sir, you must be aware of things called vegetables. I am a vegetarian all my life. Didn’t lack in any nutrition or nutrients. So please let us coexist with animals. Please become a vegetarian. Thank you.

    • Ao Jun
      Ao Jun

      @Shakuntala Raghunath Food chains are circle . Haven't you read science in high school ??

    • Shakuntala Raghunath
      Shakuntala Raghunath

      @ Ao Jun. Please become vegetarian. Let’s coexist with animals 🙏🙏🙏



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    During the pandemic start some cattle had to be put out of their misery because the biat was not allowed to dock. During the Suez canal blockage some boats had to wait more than a week to pass through, just think of those poor animals. I m a butcher and farmer and not vegetarian but please export meat!!

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    Radhcaran Das

    What humans do to animals, humans do to humans. It's the cycle for heartless people and the suffering is endless. Don't you have any brain to understand this? dont you have a heart? do you even have a soul? I doubt so.


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    Kalpesh Pise

    Please do not eat beef { Cow, Bull, Bullock, Buffalo, Yak} meat and try to become a vegetarian. We all should conserve water for our usage.

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    risa tanaka

    I heard that sheep coming from NZ exported to Middle East/Gulf countries doesn't taste good, that's what Arabs says. How is that possible since sheep in NZ are all 100% organic and grass fed... Wondering what did Middle East/Gulf countries fed their sheep with ??? Grains and stale hay???

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    How much amount you charged for cow.. We want to import cows

    • Rehmatullah Abdul Razzaq
      Rehmatullah Abdul Razzaq

      Respected sir, Good day and hope you are fine. You showed your interest in import of cows, we can offer from Pakistan. Please share your contact details for further discussion. Thanks and regards, Rehmatullah Abdul Razzaq Karachi - Pakistan. WhatsApp: 0092 332 331 3884

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    Pritesh Mane

    The men handling these animals in this way, should be exactly treated like this, then they will understand.

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      Pritesh Mane

      @Ao Jun Indian?? These animals Indian?? Indian get different treatment?? Open your eyes 👽

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      Ao Jun

      love your own country men first. Indian.

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    Pritesh Mane

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    Was soll der ganze Quatsch Tiere lebend so lange zu transportieren. Es gibt heute die Möglichkeit der Kühltransporte für die geschlachteten Tiere. Absolut unverständlich

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  • Visionery1

    This must be incredibly traumatic for the animals, similar to how the slaves must've felt packed into ships not knowing where they were going.

    • Shakuntala Raghunath
      Shakuntala Raghunath

      Why should they undergo this trauma. To satiate the taste buds of humans. Beyond the tongue there is no sense of taste. A study shows humans are the top predators on this planet. Please embrace vegetarianism and let’s coexist with animals. Thank you.

    • Visionery1

      @Jonathan Desselle yes, I've heard they need to be packed relatively tight to avoid injury.

    • Jonathan Desselle
      Jonathan Desselle

      I haul cattle...if u don't pack them tight they will fight each other or get broken legs then once they down other cows step on them and kills them u got to keep them tight with limited movement for their safety in transporting them....its like putting loose eggs on a slick floor and hitting bumps and brakes they with crack and bust but if packed tight less eggs bust and ruin....remember every living thing is guaranteed to die so live good life and be used to best of what u made for..cows are part of food chain.

    • Shakuntala Raghunath
      Shakuntala Raghunath

      I totally agree with @visionery 1 and with @Radcaran Das. The entire animal farming industry all over the world is dirty. Money is the only motive. Of course mutants who have also commented. The only solution and salvation to humanity: “ Please become vegetarian. Let’s coexist with animals 🙏🙏🙏”

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      Ao Jun

      Cow meat is delicious. 😍

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