灰姑娘對情敵放狠話,氣她明天要和霸總結婚,誰料總裁在後邊聽到 💖 中国电视剧
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  • Kimberly Wong
    Kimberly Wong

    Ah I miss zhang han 😭

  • Галина Сенюхина
    Галина Сенюхина

    Уработалась детка. А у босса такой красивый пиджак! А сам альфа - самец!

  • София Воблая
    София Воблая

    Как драма называется скажите пожалуйста и какая серия скажите пожалуйста

  • Srushti Vejare
    Srushti Vejare

    Drama name??

  • ольга катаева
    ольга катаева

    Как называется

  • 吳淑美


  • soso Ana tasneem
    soso Ana tasneem

    اي حلقة 😭💔😭

  • Jewel Seng
    Jewel Seng

    This lady need to undergo jawline surgery her face is even bigger then him though she’s pretty lol 😆

  • Po Oor
    Po Oor

    What is the name of the series?

  • eu vc em familia
    eu vc em familia

    Qual o nome desse dorama

  • Rubyann Patino
    Rubyann Patino

    What title

  • Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson

    I love this drama. I just finished "Here to Heart" and even though there was a happy ending, the way the FL was treated was heartbreaking. I wouldn't have minded if it had only been through one episode, but it was throughout the whole drama. I was very disappointed in that one. This drama is the complete opposite. Zhang Han and Xu Lu have great chemistry.

    • Donna Johnson
      Donna Johnson

      @Srushti Vejare You are my Sunshine, great drama. Like I said, I didn't really care for Here to Heart because of the treatment of the FL, but both were happy endings.

    • Srushti Vejare
      Srushti Vejare

      What's the drama name??

  • Cleuza Fernandes
    Cleuza Fernandes

    Mto lndo

  • Luna Girl s
    Luna Girl s

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  • Vivian Wagih
    Vivian Wagih

    ما اسم الدراما بلييز

  • حذيفة حسن
    حذيفة حسن

    اسم المسلسل

  • Monica Salarda Jra
    Monica Salarda Jra

    Title plEase

  • serata92


  • Fracisca Soares
    Fracisca Soares

    Muito emocionante esse dorama emuito bom


    Se llama el Rayo de sol de mi vida ers tu😍

  • Maria Rosa Franco
    Maria Rosa Franco

    Me encanta este drama,una pareja increible❤

    • Maria Rosa Franco
      Maria Rosa Franco

      @IsabelAnai Gomeznina sunshine of my life

    • IsabelAnai Gomeznina
      IsabelAnai Gomeznina

      Sabes el nombre del drama?

  • Sorat Sitthidumrong
    Sorat Sitthidumrong


  • queenjenduke


    • Michelle Yeoh
      Michelle Yeoh

      Sunshine of my life

  • gayatri nallaparaju
    gayatri nallaparaju

    Is she(black dress girl) the same girl in love scenery ongoing drama

    • Michelle Yeoh
      Michelle Yeoh

      Yes,Xu Lu is also the FL for Love Scenery, the idol female singer that fell in love with the University student

  • Das Handy
    Das Handy

    I love these drama 😍 mr tang is so in love with her, they are sooooo cute.

  • jennelyn timbol
    jennelyn timbol

    what the title this drama

    • Michelle Yeoh
      Michelle Yeoh

      Sunshine of my life

  • izzati ghaffar
    izzati ghaffar

    Anybody know what episode is this

  • Intan Saryo
    Intan Saryo

    So happy with this pairing. See you in another great drama zhang han & xu lu ❤

  • Elena Dzugova
    Elena Dzugova

    Название дорама?

  • daisy yau
    daisy yau


  • 言台忠


  • Mabel Silva
    Mabel Silva

    Como se llama porfa

  • Annie Alino Vlogs
    Annie Alino Vlogs

    Title pleaae

    • Michelle Yeoh
      Michelle Yeoh

      Sunshine of my life

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa


  • Rosângela Roslaniec
    Rosângela Roslaniec

    Sr Tang,vc é muito gentil e confiante🎼🥰😳

  • Guitley Romney
    Guitley Romney

    She’s so adorable and have another drama called love scenery it air last night on Tencent and iqiyi go watch it she’s mature yet naive perfect combo a B lot of Chinese actress cam pulled that mature yet naive ( yes Ik is acting still believable that she can be mature and naive irl we don’t know that ) Actress who can pulled that I’ve seen so far. ; bai Lu from drama the world owes me a first love or lucky first love, love is sweet where she started as a naive girl and a time jump where’s mature. Zhao lusi from drama I heard you, dating in the kitchen compare i heard you to dating in the kitchen a lot of dating in the kitchen was pg17+ a lot of make out scene Then we got xu lu(female lead her) although I’m currently watching both her drama rn from what I can see she can do both . And my goddess the queen of naive and mature cdrama actress liang jie from you are my destiny & mr.honesty both came out last year also the female lead of the eternal love series. You are my destiny she started as a naive girl, due to the list of baby from an accident she left male lead reunited As a mature lead, in mr. honesty she was all naive girl which was cute, My other goddess lulu zuan from drama well dominated love came out during quarantine I would say she plays both during the drama but mostly naive. She need more main role she is 30 🥺 And the queen of naive girl goes too Ireine song or song yi ren all of her drama are naive girl

  • Guitley Romney
    Guitley Romney

    She’s beautiful 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I wish her nothing but success 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Shekuvolurhakho Aku
    Shekuvolurhakho Aku

    Ayoo the female lead is so cute...

  • Megan Rogers
    Megan Rogers

    Technically she didn't actually say they were getting married, she said IF they were getting married it would be none of her business which is true

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa


  • Jenny Bian
    Jenny Bian


  • 楊豆乳


  • 楊豆乳


  • Amalina Natasya
    Amalina Natasya

    She's so cute when she speechless

  • Jonah Mae Tigbao
    Jonah Mae Tigbao

    he is so charming..

    • Michelle Yeoh
      Michelle Yeoh

      Yes,he is. Should watch Zhang Han's facial expressions when he is fumming angry & smiling.

  • Sami Alhuseen
    Sami Alhuseen


  • Wenna Arroyo
    Wenna Arroyo

    The woman who likes boss is used to look down her girlfriend. Using her position to give her a hard times. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Desperate way to get rid a girlfriend to have the attention of the boss.

  • Maraw Hussein
    Maraw Hussein

    ممكن اسم المسلسل ارجوك بالعربي بليز

    • Hala Alsalm
      Hala Alsalm

      @Rahaf قصدي حطيتلك الرابط تبع المسلسل تابعيه من الأول يجنن

    • Hala Alsalm
      Hala Alsalm

      @Rahaf هؤلاء عم تابعو صرت ب الحلقة هي trwatch.info/ex/video/ZGt9rMqWo8Tcm5o.html

    • Rahaf

      @Hala Alsalm شسم القناة ؟

    • Hala Alsalm
      Hala Alsalm

      اسمو إشراقا حياتي هلا عم ينزل على قناة صينية موجودة عليه الترجمة

  • magali lourdes licciardone
    magali lourdes licciardone


  • Arely Méndez Fabian
    Arely Méndez Fabian


  • 海老名由希


  • Renuga Devi Murugan
    Renuga Devi Murugan

    My. Fav scene 😘😘😘

  • Guadalupe Martines
    Guadalupe Martines

    Podrán decir el nombre del dorama en español por favor Gracias

  • Jackie Lee
    Jackie Lee

    張翰雖然瘦但是一衣架,什麼衣服穿在他身上都好看。 喜歡看他電視劇

  • Nasrimkhatun Shaikh
    Nasrimkhatun Shaikh

    Zhang Han ❤️ back with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Shazmin

    the ML never grow old i mean each time i see him he keeps either looking the same or younger what's the secret please tell us...

    • Faye Davis
      Faye Davis

      fountain of youth lol

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa


  • Shengnan Quan
    Shengnan Quan


  • Dulce Molina Hdez.
    Dulce Molina Hdez.

    Como se llama la serie?

    • merissa archer
      merissa archer

      Sunshine of my life

  • Daniella Adorno Fernandes Soares
    Daniella Adorno Fernandes Soares

    Qual o nome desse dorama?

    • Rianne Su
      Rianne Su

      Nome em inglês: Sunshine of my life.

  • Floryfel Casiano
    Floryfel Casiano


  • Norwahida Mohamad
    Norwahida Mohamad

    Tittle pls

    • Floryfel Casiano
      Floryfel Casiano

      Sunshine of my life...

  • Si Teng
    Si Teng

    ..this kind of sweetness and cheesiness can only be seen in dramas..🥰🥰🥰

  • 徐曉儀


    • Rianne Su
      Rianne Su

      名: "若你安好便是晴天". 英文名:" Sunshine of my life.

  • Галина Сенюхина
    Галина Сенюхина

    Одни англоязычные коменты.

    • Elena Dzugova
      Elena Dzugova

      Ты самое большое счастье в моей жизни - название дорамы)

    • камилла кузьгова
      камилла кузьгова

      Что за дорама

  • Thaylane Souza
    Thaylane Souza

    Drama name: sunshine of my life

    • Guitley Romney
      Guitley Romney

      @Michelle Yeoh she’s not in hello mr.gu but love scenery I love her in that drama as well

    • Michelle Yeoh
      Michelle Yeoh

      @Guitley Romney The other drama, Love Scenery. Watching it after Sunshine of my life & Hello Mr Gu

    • Guitley Romney
      Guitley Romney

      I’m on epi 17 but she have another drama that just aired

  • marilia tati
    marilia tati

    Qual eo nome do drama

    • Rianne Su
      Rianne Su

      Nome em inglês: Sunshine of my life

  • Oygen Wangchuk
    Oygen Wangchuk

    Over clean & beautiful with some one

  • Oygen Wangchuk
    Oygen Wangchuk

    Cost now

  • Елена Шершнева
    Елена Шершнева

    Как называется?

    • Любовь Сидорова
      Любовь Сидорова

      История любви: Ты самое большое счастье в моей жизни

    • Rianne Su
      Rianne Su

      Английское название: Sunshine of my life

  • Emma Rivera Martinez
    Emma Rivera Martinez

    Me gusta mas de pareja con Jani Chang 😍

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa


  • Prudence Hallett
    Prudence Hallett


  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo

    ممكن اسم المسلسل


      مسلسل اشراق حياتي

  • Michelle Etiemonu
    Michelle Etiemonu

    I heard the drama name is Sunshine of My Life, if anyone is curious.

    • Bala sang Ti Away
      Bala sang Ti Away

      That’s the tittle it’s pretty good interesting drama 😊

  • Brend Max
    Brend Max

    Dasar cewe jutek itu cia suka mnjadi orang ke 3 Moffei dengan Misxauan.

  • Brend Max
    Brend Max

    Ai like. Mofei and Misxan

  • Deyan Liu
    Deyan Liu

    what is this drama called and what episode is this part in

    • Michelle Yeoh
      Michelle Yeoh

      Can't really recall which ep, maybe its between ep 25-27. In this scene, Mo Fei came back to Shanghai to help Cheng Yang in an upcoming fashion & product launch for MingYuan Fashion Grp


      Sunshine of my life

  • leida rodriguez
    leida rodriguez

    Hermoso 😍💖

  • สมชาย ดีแล้ว
    สมชาย ดีแล้ว


    • Rianne Su
      Rianne Su

      ชื่อละครจีน: Sunshine of my life.

  • jackie pe
    jackie pe

    They look great together

    • jackie pe
      jackie pe

      Sunshine of my life

    • Dania Ansari
      Dania Ansari

      Drama name?

  • Diana Osazenaye
    Diana Osazenaye

    Saying your married someone that does like is just being a stalker!!

  • لافتى إلا علي لاسيف إلا ذو الفقار
    لافتى إلا علي لاسيف إلا ذو الفقار

    اشعهالشمس في حياتي... اسم المسلسل القوس♥🌹

  • Arshya Araba Binte Ashraf
    Arshya Araba Binte Ashraf

    Drama name?

    • Arshya Araba Binte Ashraf
      Arshya Araba Binte Ashraf

      @Thaylane Souza UwU thank u 💖💖

    • Thaylane Souza
      Thaylane Souza

      sunshine of my life

  • Rosa Romero Sánchez
    Rosa Romero Sánchez

    Por fin una protagonista qué no parece tonta y contesta para poner en su sitio a la rival

    • Yosef Riley
      Yosef Riley

      @Sean Braylen checking it out right now. Seems to be working :)

    • Sean Braylen
      Sean Braylen

      not sure if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Just google for it :D

    • احمد محمد
      احمد محمد

      ضضضضضضضضضضضس ضششششششس.ش.ش.سشششسشششسششسشششس..سس١.ضضض ض ضض ضش ضضشضش ض١١زضضض ضضضصصض ض ض ضضض ١ضضضضضض ضض ضض ضش ش ضضضضضضضش ضضض ض ضضضضضض ضضض ضةة١و١١١١١١١١١١١١١ض

    • Noemí Mercedes Parra
      Noemí Mercedes Parra

      Por favor que bueno!! Una protagonista del siglo XXI, 👏👏👏

    • Jael Samaniego
      Jael Samaniego

      Siii por fin jajajaa

  • Emmily Melo
    Emmily Melo

    Name drama

    • Teren Colver
      Teren Colver

      Sunshine of my life

  • Luisa chevalier Chevalier
    Luisa chevalier Chevalier

    Las letras en español

  • Erika Paola Lengua Serpa
    Erika Paola Lengua Serpa

    Como se llama

    • Teren Colver
      Teren Colver

      Sunshine of my life

  • strong girls faith in god
    strong girls faith in god

    What's the drama's name?????

    • Rajani Ghosh
      Rajani Ghosh

      Sunshine of my life

  • John Lemuel Santiago
    John Lemuel Santiago

    She is jelous

  • Cindy Kim
    Cindy Kim

    As a company director, utterly immature and childish

  • Sonia Regina Rodrigues
    Sonia Regina Rodrigues

    Todos os homens deveria ser assim

  • Sonia Regina Rodrigues
    Sonia Regina Rodrigues

    Deveria estar SEMPRE COM os cabelos solto ela é LINDA 🌹🌹

  • Sonia Regina Rodrigues
    Sonia Regina Rodrigues

    Ela é LINDA 🌹🌹🌹

  • Lucia Evangelista
    Lucia Evangelista

    estou esperando amo eles dois e um amor lindo os homens deveria cer igual a ele muito lindo

  • Lesly Lozano vargas
    Lesly Lozano vargas

    Como se llama la serie

    • marilia tati
      marilia tati

      Onde podemos ver

    • Teren Colver
      Teren Colver

      Sunshine of my life

  • EdugeBDroN

    I don't know why I don't like ZH in such a sweet BF character. I liked his Here to Heart character better,not as perfect

    • celena yew
      celena yew

      In this new drama, too much of 'acting sweet' that it looked fake and 'over acting'....The actions of rubbing and patting Xu Lu's head looked like patting a dog....sorry...

  • Duygu Pala
    Duygu Pala

    İsmi ne dizinn

  • Susana Leticia Cebrero Parra
    Susana Leticia Cebrero Parra

    Empecé a verla sin ganas, pero me atrapó la trama, muy buena!!! Gracias x los subtítulos!!! Buen trabajo 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • PaulinaMenVin

      @Katherine Pacheco aquí en TRwatch esta completa

    • Katherine Pacheco
      Katherine Pacheco

      @PaulinaMenVin Donde lo estás viendo?

    • PaulinaMenVin

      @Olivia Martinez El drama se llama EL RAYO DE SOL EN MI VIDA

    • Olivia Martinez
      Olivia Martinez

      Como se llama el dorama

  • Kartanesi Tanesi
    Kartanesi Tanesi

    dizinin ismi ne