Jake and Amy Discover Charles and Gina are Boning | Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy horrified when they accidentally walk in on Charles and Gina together.
Season 2, Episode 5 "The Mole" - When an Internal Affairs investigator reveals that there may be a mole in the precinct, Peralta and Captain Holt must find out who it is before Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch gets wind of the situation.
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  • romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy
    romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy

    Shame the show is getting cancelled because of those stupid allegations

  • Kam

    I literally always forget about this subplot.

  • Ωhmα PlayMaker Beyblade
    Ωhmα PlayMaker Beyblade

    1:23 Oh yes, best reactions xD

  • Mark Calloway
    Mark Calloway

    Somehow the 2 most unlikely people to get together on the show did!

  • G Entity
    G Entity


  • Darren Lee
    Darren Lee

    Dat Volkswagen product placement tho

  • Fahmy Magdy
    Fahmy Magdy

    TRwatch : Ah yes lets recommend a random clip that the show posts on youtube to everyone who has already watched the same clip for absolutely no reason

  • L34K5


  • L34K5


  • L34K5


  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh

    It so weird that this is a commercial

  • Rahul

    Did she just litter?

  • Ben Huffington
    Ben Huffington

    YA but do you have vaccine envy? IF you do, call the suicide hotline.

  • Andre LaBeach
    Andre LaBeach

    Ugh.... Egh.... Ewww

  • Manek Iridius
    Manek Iridius

    Don't know what you saw in her, Boyle.

  • iiPrimarii

    anyone here after they watched brooklyn nine-nine on netflix?

    • Mark Calloway
      Mark Calloway


  • Elian Mustafa
    Elian Mustafa

    "It's everywhere" title of your sextape

  • Shane Ali
    Shane Ali

    Get in I always thought he was gay

  • Frank Beans
    Frank Beans

    Boy on top 😂

  • Yash Chavan
    Yash Chavan

    When is the next season coming?

    • Mark Calloway
      Mark Calloway

      @Yash Chavan if you want to see some behind the scenes I’ve posted a new video of some of them :)

    • Yash Chavan
      Yash Chavan

      @Mark Calloway thank you

    • Mark Calloway
      Mark Calloway

      Late 2021

  • Jurgen DX
    Jurgen DX

    lol when they cut to the shot of the steering wheel controls the engine is off and the car is stopped.

  • Permission Chess
    Permission Chess

    BONING is such a weird word

  • Perth Pete
    Perth Pete

    Boring or boning?

  • Pemandangan Tube
    Pemandangan Tube


  • Ovcharka

    Work place bone buds

  • Wake People Up.
    Wake People Up.

    So bad

    • Jet 001
      Jet 001

      Oh ok I under stand everyone is different....

    • Wake People Up.
      Wake People Up.

      @Jet 001 Watched multiple episodes, not my thing

    • Jet 001
      Jet 001

      No it’s not it’s a really great show but this may not be the best first sight

  • Oliver Susnea
    Oliver Susnea

    Bone Bros

  • FormulaFish15

    For someone who meticulously researches every decision she makes, she mad a terrible choice when buying a car...

  • Arshdeep Singh
    Arshdeep Singh

    What ep is this??

  • Joana Anes
    Joana Anes

    Even Gina said Ew HAHAHAH

  • Tullius

    Nice VW ad...

  • qfor qhaqwe
    qfor qhaqwe

    Gotta love that Volkswagen ad.

  • Queeny

    This brilliant

  • Charlotte Munday
    Charlotte Munday

    Holt voice: "BOOOOOOOONE!"

  • Akatosh

    Plot Twist It wasn't chalk on his hands

  • Yan Terahn
    Yan Terahn

    They're what?? Don't you mean, Smooshing booties?

  • Emille Lee
    Emille Lee

    1:11 why did I think the iPhone meme song was going to start

  • Flyingcow

    Gina didn’t change the lock after moving in?

  • Ramy

    just make a new season already

    • Mark Calloway
      Mark Calloway

      They have started filming again today

  • Sunny sun
    Sunny sun

    Season and episode?

  • Allosaurus58392

    Kind of a coincidence that the newest video is from the episode I just got onto. In 20 minutes it will be the episode I watched an episode before... I HAVE FINISHED SEASON 1 AND WILL FINISH SEASON 2 TOMORROW!

  • Liz-Maria Jose
    Liz-Maria Jose

    the fact that even when they burst into them mid bone gina doesn't even look phased

  • Ivan Renov
    Ivan Renov

    Your the best big brother I could’ve ever asked for

  • Jovan Lai
    Jovan Lai

    Bone bros

  • Mustang _
    Mustang _

    Why is there 2 b99 channels

    • Mark Calloway
      Mark Calloway

      I have been asking for so long! I think it’s maybe because fox used to air Brooklyn 99 so there’s a fox account and a nbc account

  • TheSimplePlot


  • ATE

    Can you tell me, who is her name on thumbnail please? Thanks.

  • Qbi Wan
    Qbi Wan

    Spoiler on YT's main page...

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    I need the name of that song 01:20 pls HELP ME!!!

  • Shiva Saket
    Shiva Saket

    1:25....it's not ginna but a mannequin or CGI..or smthng..but surely a fake face.!....pause it and see if you don't believe me....it's on the thumbnail too

  • crimsonbay

    i'm in the middle of rewatching b99 for god knows how many times...why am i still watching these videos😂

  • Raúl Betancourt
    Raúl Betancourt

    Gina look better in that robe them Charles, althought they're cut matching

  • natbarron

    Smooshing booties

  • Resident 3vil
    Resident 3vil

    This show is just one of them things that you never want to end

  • rudraksh mahajan
    rudraksh mahajan

    What obvious product placement 😂

  • Erdnussbuttertoast

    i know that's Gina's character, but I always thought it was super mean for Gina to go "eww" whenever her sexual relationship with Boyle was mentioned. Boyle deserves better :(

    • AlphaDelt

      Yeah, she’s a pretty horrible character tbh. She sexually harasses Terry too

  • John Bush
    John Bush

    Gina was the best

  • Kebab Chi
    Kebab Chi

    Hell yeah !

  • Raúl Betancourt
    Raúl Betancourt

    Nice robes, I like them

  • N

    If someone brought something covered in powder sugar into my new car I would probably kill them 😂

  • Peter Lim
    Peter Lim

    Ughhh... Eghh... Ewww...

  • jay Aych are
    jay Aych are

    Boy on top 😂

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12

    Prenatal yoga class?!?!?! 😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Bevan
    Joseph Bevan

    Wait, you don't put chalk on your hands if you're just tumbling.

  • Kyung-wan Yoo
    Kyung-wan Yoo


  • jumpppls

    E... Ew?

  • The Marauders
    The Marauders

    Out of character moment for Amy. She would have thrown the donuts in the trash and not on the street.

  • FKA DragonSUNGod
    FKA DragonSUNGod

    *Get caught* Charles: 😮 Gina: 🙃

  • Abhishek Dhar
    Abhishek Dhar

    I so wanna like Boyle, because he is a good guy, but these things make is so difficult.

  • M. Hamza Khalid
    M. Hamza Khalid



    Volkswagen das auto

  • EnvyMaple

    ginas face on the thumbnail looks like wanns join in

  • Pranav Pushkar
    Pranav Pushkar

    his lies are so boyle

  • Viki Lauvrys
    Viki Lauvrys

    "This is a new car, I won't have you Jake-it-up with donut powder"

  • Ella Teasdale
    Ella Teasdale

    f brokelin 89 (im on massive drugs rn)

  • LucaFut FC
    LucaFut FC


  • LucaFut FC
    LucaFut FC

    Do you already have the seventh season of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix? Já tem a 7° temporada de Brooklin 99 na Netflix?

  • peraltiago addicted
    peraltiago addicted

    "It's my voice spy"

  • GOTPink is the realest ships ever
    GOTPink is the realest ships ever

    almost made me wna buy a VW

  • Olivia

    i have seen all of b99 but i don’t remember this

    • peraltiago addicted
      peraltiago addicted

      It's from 2x5 "the mole"

  • The Lamb Sauce
    The Lamb Sauce

    Honestly I felt bad for amy when the donut powder got everywhere

    • Blasterzz

      @The Lamb Sauce The situation wouldn't even have happened if Amy wasn't such a cleanass dork.

    • The Lamb Sauce
      The Lamb Sauce

      @Blasterzz it's hard to say who actually caused it. Yes, amy hit jake's hand but the whole situation could have been prevented if jake hadn't brought out the donut

    • Blasterzz

      She caused the mess tho

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur Fleck

    Where is the SEASON 8.......!

  • Gillian Dizon
    Gillian Dizon

    That small doughnut has a lot of powder.

  • Tom Agar
    Tom Agar

    Love Jake and Amy’s reaction at 1:23

    • Tom Agar
      Tom Agar

      Same with 1:34, 1:44 and 1:03

  • Gojou satoru
    Gojou satoru

    eeewh gross right guys ? XD charles get me everytime

  • kevin george
    kevin george

    1:53 Why is amy shocked about the made up story of the cooking class ??

  • leniel dela torre
    leniel dela torre

    so you two are FriBens

  • Adish Jain
    Adish Jain

    They are BONE BROS!!!

  • Benjamin Wu
    Benjamin Wu

    “The look on your face when you though I was a gymnast” is hilarious and also kinda sad at the same time

  • Yo Hey
    Yo Hey

    I know I've been watching too much shot on an iphone memes when I hear the soundtrack as they get closer to the reveal

  • ray laowei
    ray laowei

    Were they dating at this point of the show or did jake just ruin a colleague's new car?

  • 324 Miguin
    324 Miguin


  • Danilo Del Rosario
    Danilo Del Rosario

    And we never saw that car again

  • Sebastián De La Maza
    Sebastián De La Maza

    that product placement though

  • cookie b
    cookie b

    Amy's face when Jake says you have been lying to me the hole time she looks so sad

  • Wong Jason
    Wong Jason

    Who’s driving a Volkswagen in America?

  • Sam Souyave-Murphy
    Sam Souyave-Murphy

    I love Charles’s excuses. Pre-natal yoga class? That’s just sad, Charles!

  • Ananyanarayan Dhanabalan
    Ananyanarayan Dhanabalan

    I love how even Amy was scandalised when she realised that Charles had been lying to Jake..... 😂😂😂

    • Bella LaLaLa
      Bella LaLaLa

      1:53 " >:o "

  • Yogi Adhiraj
    Yogi Adhiraj

    Gina's face in the thumbnail is quite clam like she didn't have a Care in the world. May be it was something like that, one thing she didn't have to care about and it was fun.

  • Ahsan Bilal
    Ahsan Bilal

    Holt when he reads the title of the video: Well... everyone knows what he is going to say right?