Kamaru Usman misses weight by .5-pounds and has to remove mask at UFC 258 official weigh-ins
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  • Deadpool

    MMA Weight Classes Should Be ✅ Super Heavyweight: 240 - 280 Heavyweight: 220 - 240 Light Heavyweight: 210 - 220 Middleweight: 200 - 210 Welterweight: 190 - 200 Lightweight: 180 - 190 Bantamweight: 170 - 180 Flyweight: 160 - 170 Super flyweight: 150 - 160 Strawweight: 140 - 150 No man should be under 140 involved in a contact sport⚠ & they should do hydration test the week of the fight + weigh in the day of.

  • BPAizA2G

    If KSI was an MMA fighter, he'd be Usman.. here's why! - trwatch.info/ex/video/YLCNzsi7Z73NhLs.html

  • Cannalini

    Why can't we have an openweight division where weight isn't a factor? Like how ufc 1 was.

  • Num Nuts
    Num Nuts

    clickbate, fake and gay

  • Chiko Doheny
    Chiko Doheny

    Khabib gets a free pass when comes to weigh ins

  • Cody Hanson
    Cody Hanson

    Since when did they start putting muzzles on fighters

  • call me emer
    call me emer

    he is barely walking... jesuss

  • Curt G
    Curt G

    good that mask looks stupid AF

  • Jason B.
    Jason B.

    CNN headline: Racist Dana White forces black fighter to remove mask at weigh in, in hopes he gets coronavirus.

  • Alexander Crudello
    Alexander Crudello


  • BuDz Manson
    BuDz Manson

    Takes off socks like thats a big difference haha

  • Bubba Saget
    Bubba Saget

    Why are they forced to wear that dumbass mask for photos.. they take it off right after. We made masks to protect people from transmitting a disease, not use it a fashion prop for photos.

  • Pierce M
    Pierce M

    Don’t need a mask anyways lol already tested negative

  • BertleMcGertle

    Usman wears a mask when he drives his car.

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic

    Usman: "I have to remove this fuxxxx mask right now!" Mask: "Show some respect to my name!"

  • jones ranjith
    jones ranjith

    Mask was 5 pounds

  • Johnathan myers
    Johnathan myers

    He’s deffo the goat in his weight division

  • J Chaney
    J Chaney

    Kinda dumb he has to weigh in with his mask make everyone else wear one and back tf up.

  • josepgutierrez22

    Official: 170.5 Usman: what you say can and will be held against you.

  • Duke Rocket
    Duke Rocket


  • BMO 84
    BMO 84

    Geez bro, just fight at 185...all these 'tough fighter's just wanna compete against smaller guys 😅

  • Bartholomew Lyons
    Bartholomew Lyons

    I thought he was wearing a MAGA cap at first 😄😄😄

  • Ron Harry
    Ron Harry

    If I did that in sainsburys I would have been mobbed by every staff member and Susan In quarter mile radius. And I'd b fined by police Just saying

  • Ron Harry
    Ron Harry

    So the regard for the safety of everyone goes out the window so fighters can make weight? Discusting

  • Beqir Fetahi
    Beqir Fetahi

    kamaru scorpion usman

  • November Johns
    November Johns

    Why’s it called “championship” weight?

  • Alpha King
    Alpha King

    Haters in the comments😭

  • M. A.
    M. A.

    His head is like 100 poinds

  • ilambaysaem0

    5pounds??? 0.5 pound!

  • Coach Cadden
    Coach Cadden

    Professional. Precision weight loss

  • Dildos4Africa

    "That mask is heavy." Why the fuck he wearing it then?

  • Pee Seiciao
    Pee Seiciao

    So stupid

  • arun tom
    arun tom

    Why don't they use digital scales?

  • lukonawesome

    Kamaru “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask” Usman

  • L M
    L M

    Masks don't work anyway

  • 16tkd1

    Usman definitely on the juice

  • Idia Morgan
    Idia Morgan

    damn he fine

  • Jak Sadman
    Jak Sadman

    Those masks look dumb as hell

  • Lacocacolaman

    If it were khabib they'd just throw the scale out the window

  • Grom Noob
    Grom Noob

    did he miss weight because of the mask or still missed weight even after taking mask off?

  • Usilly Hunt
    Usilly Hunt

    This makes khabibs weigh in totally messed up

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt

    Techically, the weigh in official called him out as overweight with that first reading. Should have been a non official championship fight and % of his fight purse go to Burns

    • fireblade2681

      na, they don't have to make weight on the first attempt. They have a time limit so if they miss weight the 1st time they can get back in the sauna and try again.

  • Seizon Sha
    Seizon Sha

    Firstly to the noobs missing weight or making weight has nothing to do with being built or lean. Eg. Yoel Romero. Secondly Usman has good genetics but a similar physique is attainable for most men if the really want it. Discipline is key.

  • BO GU
    BO GU

    why don't they use digital scales for weigh ins

  • Brad Maguire
    Brad Maguire

    Ridiculous, if he fought at the weight class he weighs in at fight night hed never be a champ, he flat out refuses to fight adensanya, because hes not a real champ, same as khabib, few if any of the people they've had to fight walk around at theyre weight and gee big surprise both Kamara and khabib win by using their brute size against guys who they shouldnt be fighting, they're overgrown bullies trying to cheat to avoid a real challenge, garbage, but this is society, you cheat to win. Adensanya and roy jones jr, now those are real deal champs, they go up in weight to fight naturally heavier people, thats a champ and a role model you should have your kids pay attention to, not someone who sits on his opponents and brutalizes them because they have naturally larger frames. Thats trash.

  • Hitesh

    Crazy physique

  • Michael George
    Michael George

    Pretty pathetic when you have to remove a mask and socks just to barely make weight

    • Michael George
      Michael George

      @Timothy and Aaliyah if he doesn't make weight, he forfeits half his pay and even if he lost, he keeps his belt as it is no longer considered a title fight

    • Timothy and Aaliyah
      Timothy and Aaliyah

      He still the champ 🤣😅🤣

  • Red Pill For Real
    Red Pill For Real

    Usman always fights smaller guys

  • John Stamos
    John Stamos

    Take that stupid thing off! Trust me the chinavirus is not in the weigh in!

  • El asura De Mexico
    El asura De Mexico

    I thought it was a bane mask

  • Hishaam Ahmed
    Hishaam Ahmed

    I watched the fight last night jabmainia

  • Emir Avdic
    Emir Avdic

    He removed his mask? Oh nooooooo Covid is sooo dangerous...

    • Timothy and Aaliyah
      Timothy and Aaliyah

      And still

  • Adam Wright
    Adam Wright

    .5 pounds for a mask?

  • Lawrence

    AND STILL!!!!!!!

  • Imbi

    Must be his huge ball of steel

  • sayajin ppl
    sayajin ppl

    kamaru is like picolo he has to drop whatever on his head to be lighter

  • J LT
    J LT

    If ever get the chance to meet Kamaru Usman in person id wear steal toe boots


    it's 0.5 not 5. smh

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder

    Usman's mask to Usman: *I am a problem!*

  • Bored

    Fun fact: if you fart you lose 0.5 pound

  • Joshua Alhassan
    Joshua Alhassan

    Them masks making the fighters look like Bane

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan

    Imagine they wear mask in the ring and fighting.

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log up

    He knew what he was doing all the time.

  • Diego Thomas
    Diego Thomas

    I don’t get this, they gotta already know their weight going into this so if he was cutting it close why would he wear a heavy ass mask😂

  • Emeka Adibe
    Emeka Adibe

    Bruce Lee body

  • Branden Conejo
    Branden Conejo

    Dude is wearing a half pound mask during weigh in and Im supposed to believe hes a badass? He'd probably run from a child with allergies.


    have to dehumanize everyone: wear a mask(no identity) and distance yourself(no connection) for the fake virus that you've already been tested for multiple times w/ a fake test. makes a lot of sense. its the only way to keep the pretend pandemic going indefinitely. THE VACCINE AND TEST ARE THE REAL INFECTIOUS AGENTS.

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang

    Don’t they have a 1 pound extra allowance?

  • Eggfibsh Deluxe
    Eggfibsh Deluxe

    That's a real champion.

  • T D
    T D

    Really USADA? Usman has more muscle on his back than Ubereem had on his neck >


    And still the Welterweight weight champion of the world. Woodward 2nd round knock out haters .....keeping crying bcthes

  • Zeus Almighty
    Zeus Almighty

    usman better win i have a lot of money on him, 40 dollars total.

  • Traption Ytb
    Traption Ytb

    Can someone tell me why 170.5 isn’t champ weight but 171 is ?

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce

    what a specimen

  • Impact Films
    Impact Films

    isn't he allowed to be 171lbs anyway?

  • blippi blipblop
    blippi blipblop

    Man i thout usman has red hair haha

  • bubu ox
    bubu ox

    That body shape is dry like my wallet. I feel like I'm just a poor guy with bike watching another guy who own Lambo.

  • miukku channel
    miukku channel

    wtf bro burn will burn bro😁

  • Matin Ahmadi
    Matin Ahmadi

    What does it mean missed weight

  • Uce

    His Aunty saying thank you baby at end

  • RaulH

    Bruh u hear him say u didn’t make it and u can see usmans eyes went 👀 like he saying don’t play w me bru

  • Joseph Utley
    Joseph Utley

    Pretty weak there mac

  • Eric Beins
    Eric Beins

    The official weighing is already done behind the scenes this one is just for show.

  • JOHN Ramos
    JOHN Ramos

    Footstomping is his passion lol

  • Social media is a platform for mass deception
    Social media is a platform for mass deception

    Gilbert destroys usman.....come back and thank me....

  • Fervent servent
    Fervent servent

    I completely forgot this guy even existed as a champion... I literally forgot that Marty even existed

  • Steve Rubio
    Steve Rubio

    Oh 1/2 pounds. I thought it was 5 pounds. You should make the titlle less ambiguous.

  • David Bunker
    David Bunker


  • Muhammad Amin
    Muhammad Amin

    who is that pokemon??? it's black saitama

  • Chris


  • J b
    J b

    Don't blame mask....... if something

  • Andretti Campos
    Andretti Campos

    How dumb is it for him to take that mask off than put it back on Didn’t know rona stopped when the mask is off Come on man

  • Astar LonDoN
    Astar LonDoN

    The only thing that beats kamaru Usman in a wrestling match is his mask.

  • biLAWL


  • kirk andrews
    kirk andrews

    Half lb mask , I call shenanigans. The guy calling the weight went home with a envelope waiting in the glove box of his 1994 Lincoln continental. Times r tough n he has 5 kids to feed and 9 grandchildren. Gramps promised his grandbabies new bicycles and his children received tickets to the event uzman was 190 but scale said 170 and all is good

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez

    Lmao the mask weighs almost a pound😂😂😂 they turning to amateurs like the judges 😂

  • Jawn117

    So excited for him to get slept by Burns. The way he talks is cringier than Colby and Henry ffs

  • PappyVanWinkle23

    So long champ!!! Burns is gonna smoke that ass tonight. Heavy hands and mule kicks. Burns gets the stop late in round 3.

  • Electrifying Destroyer
    Electrifying Destroyer

    Literally everyone removed their mask 😂

  • Oscar Picaso
    Oscar Picaso

    and still