Kids CAN-AM Outlander ATV 49cc - Restoration Abandoned Mini ATV
Restoration abandoned Mini Kids ATV CAN-AM. Rusty damaged mudd kids atv. Small atv
Kids ATV CAN-AM: small yellow mini Can am engine 49ccm
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Lukas (shooting intra)
Afesta (Carwash)

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    Edimar Mayer Dimar

    Não gostei esse cara inrola 😡

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    • Ezequia Almonte
      Ezequia Almonte


    • Ezequia Almonte
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  • Brenda Cornett
    Brenda Cornett

    if ur going to go through all the trouble just buy an actual abandond bike

  • Ana Javier
    Ana Javier

    O mai God

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    Maribel Guerra

    ola soi el dueño de el cuatrisiclo

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  • Francy paola Ramirez ruiz
    Francy paola Ramirez ruiz

    cuanto me vende la verde la motocross

  • ThatTraxxas

    Wtf it isn’t even a can am. Can am never made a 50cc outlander they only make ds70s and 90s

  • Louka De boer
    Louka De boer

    I love tours vids

    • Louka De boer
      Louka De boer


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    Jp Phil

    Dude would be dangerous with a workbench and some ratchets

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    Me gustó la motocross chiquita

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  • The Demon of Gaming
    The Demon of Gaming

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    Tyrell Mebane

    bro i have been watching him since 2019

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  • Reese Ross
    Reese Ross

    Why do you have to play this stupid ass dumb music fucking irritating from start to finnish cant enjoy the video why can't it just be him fixing the atv with at least softer music gosh.

  • Niels Strøm
    Niels Strøm

    Må jag få atven

  • David Reali
    David Reali

    Why is every toy I do scuffed black and yellow cover up of being resto doof

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    navalero jsh

    Más o menos el pintado 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    سلوان العبيدي

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  • Donald Henke
    Donald Henke

    abandoned? right .with 400 dollars worth of new tires on it.

  • srikanth doki
    srikanth doki

    Please send me bike iam very short person i need help u vechical

  • Leo Daniels
    Leo Daniels

    I can’t even get a motorcycle that’s been sitting in someone’s yard for 4/5 years

  • Mehul Rathod
    Mehul Rathod


  • Rizki Eka Putra
    Rizki Eka Putra

    stop make people believe that u just found it :D u did it on all video.. i like restoration content, satisfying to see that, but i hate the opening story u make..

  • Mario Cosentino
    Mario Cosentino

    Combinazione lo hanno lasciato proprio in mezzo solo a questo capita.

  • Harshvardhan .S. rao
    Harshvardhan .S. rao

    You Dog is so cute ! what is your dog's name 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘 But really bro you are vey Hardworking no one you to hardworking,Good,Talented....... but I was say you are very talented and hardworking bro superb 😊😊😊😊

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  • Felicitas Topp
    Felicitas Topp

    German:go out play American:here, i have a New bike for you

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  • Bartosz Ryndak
    Bartosz Ryndak


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    Ильнар Исмагилов

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  • KoopaPlush 101
    KoopaPlush 101

    I don’t think abandoned atvs have brand new tires like that lol

    • Maha Elluri
      Maha Elluri

      Maybe it was abandoned when it had new wheels who knows

  • KoopaPlush 101
    KoopaPlush 101

    Just imagine this dad asking his son to ruin his mini ATV for a video🤣🤣

  • Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice

    The safest part is a dirt bike pulled it out lmfao

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    Tyler 1don

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  • Gary Mucher
    Gary Mucher

    Nice refurbishing. However I doubt it was an "abandoned" ATV. Every ATV has paperwork and would be easy to track down the owner. Just my opinion.

  • MCL Channel Truck
    MCL Channel Truck


  • Андрей Комаров
    Андрей Комаров

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    Regalas la cuatrimoto

  • Jc

    I wish I could find bikes as much as you lmfao!!! With brand new tires 🤣😂🤣😂

    • Ismail 143
      Ismail 143



    he does more work making it look abandoned than actually "restoring" it

  • Abel Sosa
    Abel Sosa

    Esa moto pero esa moto

  • Lil spootny Barmore
    Lil spootny Barmore

    Man U are very good at this stuff like I got a pocket gas bike myself man how much u charge to do all that stuff I like this 🔥🔥👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼ik u from out of town

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    ND - Woodworking Art

    Super ^^

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    tobias ruiz diaz

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    • Florin Moldovan
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    Breann Hansen

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  • Karanpreet Singh Lohia
    Karanpreet Singh Lohia

    Haters will say he has abandoned this bike on his own

    • yumi, the scarecrow
      yumi, the scarecrow

      @Karanpreet Singh Lohia aight

    • Karanpreet Singh Lohia
      Karanpreet Singh Lohia

      @yumi, the scarecrow yes bruhh

    • yumi, the scarecrow
      yumi, the scarecrow

      you're jokin right?

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