Kung Fu Hustle Most Outrageous Fights | Kung Fu Hustle
Watch Sing, the Beast, the Harpists, the Pigsty Ally Masters and more, take on various opponents in the best fights from Kung Fu Hustle.
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Stephen Chow (director and star of Shaolin Soccer) is at it again with his newest action-packed and comedic martial-arts adventure, KUNG FU HUSTLE. From wildly imaginative kung fu showdowns to dance sequences featuring tuxedoed mobsters, you've never seen action this outrageous and characters this zany! With jaw-dropping fight sequences by Yuen Wo Ping (famed action choreographer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix), KUNG FU HUSTLE will blow you away! In a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing (Stephen Chow) desperately wants to become a member. He stumbles into a slum ruled by eccentric landlords who turn out to be kung fu masters in disguise. Sing's actions eventually cause the Axe Gang and the slumlords to engage in an explosive kung fu battle. Only one side will win and only one hero will emerge as the greatest kung fu master of all.
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  • burningknuckle26

    this movie is such a classic. love this movie.

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    Dominic De Iacovo


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    11 99

    الموضوع واضح من غيركلام 😌😌👍 لاسلاح ولا اي شي ينفع معا الكرتية 🥱🤒🤫

  • dimmerslag

    Stephen Chow transformed to One Palm Man

  • Axle Potente
    Axle Potente

    Stephen Chow movies are classics

  • Ali Ghoroubi
    Ali Ghoroubi

    This movie reminds me of my childhood

  • Yoshikage kira
    Yoshikage kira

    Nobody: Twittards:Kung fu Hustle is racist because a man dressed in white is beating guys dressed in black!!

  • Neil nguyen
    Neil nguyen

    New Wonder Woman looking great

  • Jonathan Guthrie
    Jonathan Guthrie

    He must have eaten the paw-paw fruit

  • dijo dim
    dijo dim

    Man I miss these movies... Just the ones guys can watch after school, college or work for the lolz😁... Better than the superhero movies I think

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    Shiba Behera

    Nice n hindi me do 👍

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    Boris The Midwife

    The main character has attained ultra instinct 😊

  • Frank The Avocado
    Frank The Avocado

    my brother and i were in tears when we first watched this. shit is too funny

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    Gaming time

    Video editing is so bad 👎

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    San Chaudhary

    This movie was inspired from South Indian Movies...😂😂

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    San Chaudhary

    Newton from heaven - 😭😭

  • San Chaudhary
    San Chaudhary

    RIP Physics...🙏

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    sooooo.. all of them?

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    AdN bdr

    I want kungfu hustle next generation

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    Ritchael Ch.

    Everytime she's 5:07 Me : *take a deep breath

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  • Errordemn6

    Why are there 50 guys in the back just wailing their arms and jumping from side to side?

  • Music Power
    Music Power

    If I'm trapped on a desert island and can only bring 2 DVD's: Kung Fu Hustle is one of them.

    • Gavan Salamat
      Gavan Salamat

      And the other one is Shaolin Soccer? Lol

  • shariif waafi channal
    shariif waafi channal

    Best films from like milin like

  • []

    Trust me this isn't even Stephen chow 's best fight scene

  • Shinu

    His kicks do we good though I mean he does play soccer.

  • Kilabret Oediv
    Kilabret Oediv

    Kungfu hustle and shaolin soccer, what a masterpiece

  • Naufal Aden
    Naufal Aden

    Stephen Chow is one of a kind... He's should be chinese national treasure... I hope he's healthy

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    Hmi classes

    5:34 wow

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    Aykut ebru

    Bunu yazan yonetmen kesin bonzai icerek dusunup kafasinda kurgulamis olmali bu ayik adamin isi deyil 😂

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena

    It's 2021...and the green screen of this still looks great!

    • Gavan Salamat
      Gavan Salamat

      Dude, they didn't use green screen here that much. I think the only scenes in this movie that used green screen was the landlady chase scene and the zoom out shot when Sing defeated the Beast since the Pig Sty Alley building was CGI. In the fights, they fought in actual sets.

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    MTV music

    What movie apps without copyright I will pay if you help me pls😊😘

  • wiel Yrucs
    wiel Yrucs

    9:37 Same as saitama blowing the whole section of the canyon away when he fought genos

  • kids love
    kids love

    I Never get bore even watching after 100 times

  • kids love
    kids love

    Really amazing movie

  • Cooldude1991c

    What is the concept of hitting with the music waves

  • Imaduddin

    I miss stephen chow movie

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    Rengga Anis

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  • Maria aparecida S. De freitas
    Maria aparecida S. De freitas

    6:00 Matrix reference

  • foldabotZ

    When the main villain started talking in Chinese, l was like, "Oh, this the Chinese version, I never watched the Chinese version."

    • Chloe Price
      Chloe Price

      @foldabotZ this is actually in Cantonese

    • foldabotZ

      @WobstaCat Yes, I first watched this on a cable movie channel. It was dubbed in English and that was what I watched every re-run until a couple years ago when they stopped re-running it and my home removed our cable.

    • WobstaCat

      Did you watch a dub or something?

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  • now you know
    now you know

    My favorite movie of all time

  • mikhail1809

    Ah yes, this is the Dragonball film

  • Süleyman Arıkaner
    Süleyman Arıkaner

    Tarihin en güzel filmlerindendir 🙌

  • Drew Senna
    Drew Senna

    Main villain: Weird frog homeless guy

  • lalhmelthaa khiangte
    lalhmelthaa khiangte

    There's isn't a single move not worth watching if Stephen chow is in it. It's always just so amazing and unique.

  • Sagar Puri
    Sagar Puri

    What a great background music.

  • rachman hardian
    rachman hardian

    @3:03, that was the real villain landing

  • Ric Ky
    Ric Ky

    With all those slippers lol

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    Lost Halo

    Что я делаю со своей жизнью

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  • 400k nhé sinh viên
    400k nhé sinh viên


  • 400k nhé sinh viên
    400k nhé sinh viên

    Phim gì hay quá

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  • Kashif Ali
    Kashif Ali

    I still remember watching this movie as kid without blinking.

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    Sagar Nagwanshi

    Im sure i will watch this movie till i get old

  • Dante Sparda
    Dante Sparda

    3:03 Why did I laugh so hard at this?

  • Alex Del
    Alex Del

    My favorite Kung fu movie!

  • Art Work
    Art Work

    Like Saitama, but less power.

  • 中華傲訣

    Quite disappointed with the West not knowing who Stephen Chow is. Stephen Chow is the comedic king from Hongkong and his comedy was huge success in the 80’s and 90’s in Asia. Chow later became a movie director himself and produced one of his famous hit Shaolin soccer and then Kungfu Hustle.

  • Rebecca Ooi
    Rebecca Ooi

    The begining is giving me wonder woman vibes ✨✨

  • Emperor Jahrome
    Emperor Jahrome

    This film is just nuts i remember when I first watched and was wetting myself at the ridiculous but amazing beyond matrix madness. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lil Baby2officielLoveLiveTVjules souleymane sidibe
    Lil Baby2officielLoveLiveTVjules souleymane sidibe

    Top Nice

  • Player 01
    Player 01

    "A stuntman, more likely" He is a stuntman XDDD

    • 中華傲訣

      @Player 01 You’re welcome.

    • Player 01
      Player 01

      @中華傲訣 I see, thank you for the information.

    • 中華傲訣

      @Player 01 You can still watch his movies in You tube. Just type in Stephen Chow.

    • 中華傲訣

      @Player 01 Yes. Stephen Chow signed up as a TV actor in Hongkong in the early 1980’s. He became a host in children’s programme for a few years, acts as an extra in TV dramas , became an actor later on before finding his niche in comedy movies. He has an comedic partner whom he worked with , perfectly ( Ng Man Tat who passed away this year ) .Their comedy movies in the 1980’s and 1990’s was hugely popular in Asia especially the Chinese audience. Later around the new millennium, Chow became a movie director himself and some of his movies, like Shaolin Soccer, Kungfu Hustle were big hits. I always view Stephen as comedic equivalent to Jim Carey and Mr Bean , 2 comedians whom I like too.

    • Player 01
      Player 01

      @中華傲訣 Isn't stuntman an actor who perform dangerous action?

  • Zxuwan X gaming
    Zxuwan X gaming

    9:46 if hand palm to his face , you know what happens next😏

  • Aabid Ali
    Aabid Ali

    Are uhh comedy me. ????😂😂😂

  • aman

    The only man who really believes in equality. RESPECT

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    I was just scrolling through cool fight scenes and this popped up and omg wtf is this I’ve never heard of it

    • Stomm X
      Stomm X

      Lucky you now you get to watch it for the first time...

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    Rakesh Kumar

    Creators of ipman will show ipman defeating all of them alone.

  • Jasonlee Comodosky
    Jasonlee Comodosky

    Not really into Kung Fu movies.....but oh man, don't I love this movie !!

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  • Helh vik
    Helh vik

    Lol I love this movie

  • rosalyn redwood
    rosalyn redwood

    Masterpiece 💖

  • xFlow777

    I really liked thus movie it was really funny. Also this guy would make a perfect Liu Kang in the upcoming MK movie

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  • M'LEE


  • A Po
    A Po

    Мой самый любимый кунфу фильм ! Номер 1

  • cristianruiz1972

    5:21 El verdadero Rugido del León. Después La Bestia pregunta que técnica fue esa. El Elegido responde: Te lo enseñare, si tu quieres. La Bestia dice: Maestro.

  • Sely Christina
    Sely Christina

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  • David Asencios
    David Asencios

    Tremenda peli, me sigue emocionando como la primeras vez que la vi de niño

  • Carl Adam Elvis
    Carl Adam Elvis

    To commemorate his friend, Kung Fu 2 will be coming soon. After about a year, there may not be this amazing

  • YamaMoto89

    I just can't get enough of stephen chow's movies

  • Random person passing by
    Random person passing by

    They are fighting people like it’s dynasty warriors lol

  • Sejarawan

    Keren kungfu salam dari Indonesia

  • อ้อมกอด ซูชิ
    อ้อมกอด ซูชิ

    one more season 2

  • Kuma Choco
    Kuma Choco

    5:03 , i love this part

  • Tony Channel 07
    Tony Channel 07

    Seru banget, sampai tak berkedip... Good👍👍👍

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    JJ illuminati

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  • Tech Terry
    Tech Terry

    5:08 best part

  • _brod_aga_ 41
    _brod_aga_ 41

    Что за упоротый этот фильм снял😂

  • Vividistic Diaries
    Vividistic Diaries

    Did wonder woman copied his hands?🤔🤔😂

  • Ibn Al Qurashi
    Ibn Al Qurashi

    I truly thought, my joke were Funny Sunny !,,,

  • Fadhly Faiz
    Fadhly Faiz

    Mohon maaf sebelumnya ana mau ngasih tau ini kalo ada kesalahan mohon maaf ya di koran juga apa bila ada ada nama ALLAH SWT nya atau Nama MULIA lainya jangan di pake untuk bungkus Gorengan atau lain² liat dlu sblm d pke ya di kalender itu ada Nama NABI nya d keterangan tgl mrh klo udh abis jgn d buang... d bkr aja memang ilmunya gitu🙏liat sekatang coba siapa tau berdebu walaupun klnder yang di pasang🙏Di Undangan itu ada doa doa dan bila ingin di buang di bakar dlu karena disitu ada Nama ALLAHnya dan NABI juga makanya jangan di buang asal ya bang 🙏 mohon di baca dan di sebarkan ini Agama bang emang mau Nama NABI DI BUANG? Mohon di baca dan di sebarkan ini Agama pliss penting 🙏mohon maaf bagi yang non Mus sebesar besarnya saya harus menyebar ini soalnya penting 🙏 sebar kan di medsos yang Abang punya ya sebarin ka emang mau nama Nabi jadi di buang atau dll terimakasih dan mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan terimakasih 🙏

  • priviti

    That eagle be like : aye man watch your feet

  • Conan C
    Conan C

    You always need to make yourself comfortable to watching this whole film or you gonna ruin your experience