Lindsey Stirling - League of Legends: Wild Rift
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Directors: Stephen Wayne Mallett & Lindsey Stirling
Production Company: Green Glow Films
Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
Producer: Hans Boysen
1st Assistant Director: Jeff Cobb
Director of Photography: Timothy S Jensen
Lasers: Precision Lasers
Steadicam: Andres Raygoza
Editors: Lindsey Stirling & Stephen Wayne Mallett
Colorist: Loren White
Covid Compliance Officer: Denise Dorado
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  • Makcyc24

    Я люблю тебя

  • James Maskell
    James Maskell

    Fair to say this has been talked about for years and finally we get it. Freaking awesome medley! Didn't even know this had even happened, just came across by fluke.

  • Chin Catalán Wendy Guadalupe 3-2
    Chin Catalán Wendy Guadalupe 3-2

    legends never die >u< !!!

  • Henrique Keldin
    Henrique Keldin


  • Henrique Keldin
    Henrique Keldin

    Hey Lindsey! I've been a big fan of yours for a long time and I loved how beautiful you made dearly beloved sound, it was amazing! Kingdom hearts means so much to me so that really warmed my heart. I'm really surprised you didn't do a cover on dark impetus though, you really would've made that song even more incredible.

  • Theodor Holm Flierman
    Theodor Holm Flierman

    Du er flink i fiolin

  • ulysses damon
    ulysses damon

    This is great, but im still sorta sad we didn't get Ahri Striling ;-;

  • Twisted Street
    Twisted Street

    How come nobody told me about this!?

  • Teguh Nooris
    Teguh Nooris

    need this for lobby music

  • Cleber Fleury
    Cleber Fleury

    A musica é linda, ainda mais tocada pela Lindsey, mas o jogo e só lamento.

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S

    Please perform at Worlds this year

  • OsKar

    Lindsey debería hacer un cover de "Wellerman" Quedaría muy bien 😋👌

  • Jannik S.
    Jannik S.

    GG Lindsey 😍

  • grilfried

    Creo que la cansion es magic never ded o eso creo:v

  • xorbahn ballz
    xorbahn ballz

    if there was ever a song to tell an epic warstory...i think this would be it...

  • Peter Miller
    Peter Miller

    Who says you need to be in a rock band to be a rockstar? Lindsey Stirling IS a rockstar!

  • Inspirational_Kid

    Beautiful ❤❤❤

    • Inspirational_Kid

      I also just realized it kinda sounds like the song u did called "We Are Giants"

  • Graycee Calloway
    Graycee Calloway


  • Hanna Betzua Rivera Quiahua
    Hanna Betzua Rivera Quiahua

    Woo 😮😮😮😮😍

  • AntoGamerPastelUwU


  • عراقي عراقي
    عراقي عراقي

    just awesome

  • Dark Evil
    Dark Evil

    Милое личико и приятная музыка)

  • Elton PX
    Elton PX


  • Octavin Adi Nugroho
    Octavin Adi Nugroho

    After Wild Rift OST Weird Genius - All In And This?? WOW... it is AWESOME!

  • LV Santos
    LV Santos


  • Sweet Lemon
    Sweet Lemon


  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia


  • Dark Evil
    Dark Evil

    Lindsey you are the best!!!)


    I'm a Wild Rift and LOL gamer...and this is so cool! 😍😍😍 thank you Lindsey 😍

  • All Things That Matters
    All Things That Matters

    🇵 🇱 🇪 🇦 🇸 🇪  🇸 🇺 🇧 🇸 🇨 🇷 🇮 🇧 🇪  🇲 🇪

  • Leticia Lima
    Leticia Lima

    Lol 🤩

  • Jon Hatala
    Jon Hatala

    Amazing, honestly I can say that the recognition and appreciation for what's known as classical instruments is not what it should be, but you are without question an artist who breathes life into the violin, both in general as much as an individual artist. Over the last 2 years of combing through TRwatch I've just recently come across you and your artwork, and that is both great and sad, I sincerely wish you the best in your artistry til the last sonata, and I hope so many more are able to feel the emotion you express in your work, what you do is truly, and unarguably, art. Thank you for being a light in an otherwise dark place

    • James Edwards
      James Edwards

      Perfectly put 💯💯💯

  • Kharlene Soto
    Kharlene Soto

    wow! 💓

  • Mario David
    Mario David

    Esto me encantó Ahora díganme alguien más quisiera ver un personaje basado en ella?

  • Kathleena Millican
    Kathleena Millican

    She should do legands never die

  • Real Studio Life
    Real Studio Life

    Artemis is important this is kitsch

    • Chris Anderson
      Chris Anderson

      Lindsey's fan base is representative of the population as a whole. As people like different things its pretty hard to release content with universal appeal. As such, she releases a variety of songs in the hopes of entertaining all her fans at some point or another. If you are patient, I'm pretty sure she will release something that you will find important in the not too distant future.

  • serafu

    Aqui se encontra a perfeição em um video...

  • Sailor DaiGurren
    Sailor DaiGurren

    Always a fan of Lindsey's

  • paola asenet guido
    paola asenet guido

    which father have you mixed my two favorite things to you should upload another LoL song😆

    • paola asenet guido
      paola asenet guido

      League of layends

  • Moustache D. Luffy
    Moustache D. Luffy

    Everything was on-point in this video! The costumes, the light effects, and, of course, the music! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • m0m

    i'm always imaginating you're doing a cover of Sawano Hiroyuki - youseebiggirl/T:T

  • Jason YJS_xoxo
    Jason YJS_xoxo

    Am I seeing a kunai violin?

  • Семен Сергеев
    Семен Сергеев

    We need a Lindsey-based Bard character for LoL now. Cuz everyone deserves it.

    • Cody Moore
      Cody Moore

      In the jungle just vibing with all the camps

  • Ginny17

    You are so beautiful Lindsey... 😌❤

  • Ginny17

    Ma chanson préférée du moment ! T vraiment la meilleure ! 🙏🏻😊

  • hlias kouvarakis
    hlias kouvarakis

    we love you LINDSEY

  • Rommel

    The video is cool and with very good quality - Lindsey is the best violinist in the world.

  • Baobhan

    Big hi from the Creative Freedom Folks~

  • Carmen Azeneth
    Carmen Azeneth

    espera que?? de aquí a cuando

  • Division967

    She is still so Cute as like 10 Years ago. #FanSinceCrystallize!

  • Mari H4T4K3
    Mari H4T4K3


  • Cedrick Valera
    Cedrick Valera

    Not in spotify?

  • masuku sa reta
    masuku sa reta


  • Uncle Jace
    Uncle Jace

    Lindsey, you Only have 1 More Mountain to Climb! and IMO that's a COLAB with P!NK. Alecia P!nk Moore, Might be able to teach you Harmonization Between Violin & Voice, and 2 Voices + Violin. If anyone can do that, YOU can! BTW: I've been Directing my friends to, YOUR TRwatch Videos. on FB & Their Loving it!

  • Maëlys

    un vrais délice pour les yeux j aime league of legend j aime lindsey le combos parfait merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Политика завтра
    Политика завтра

    ❗Привет канал

  • Alexander Mitchel
    Alexander Mitchel

    Did you have the kunai violin custom made

  • Eduarda Coelho
    Eduarda Coelho

    Como eu não ouvi antes ... uau

  • Israel Rêgo
    Israel Rêgo

    She's looking like Anitta in some moments! lol Nice performance by the way.

  • slo

    Don't know why but it brought. Dancing with the devil might last you forever or whatever that song is called

  • JBlask

    Me: Ugh league of legends... Also me: Lindsey scored yet another game I play

  • Shirako Kai
    Shirako Kai

    Good cover, I LOVE YOU LINDSEY 🥰

  • Newova

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby

    Lindsey, your music is incredible! I've watched you for a long time! If you can, would you cover some of the final fantasy 6 soundtrack (Like searching for friends, main theme, celes' theme)? I would LOVE to hear how you'd interpret these classics after all those years. If I remember right you did some FF medley years ago but 6 is still my one time favourite c:

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby

    Haven't played in a long time but I almost feel like playing when I hear that beautiful song. Well done

  • Kelly Harrington Moriarty
    Kelly Harrington Moriarty

    Definitivamente la ame❤️❤️😍✨👌

  • Alan Sykes
    Alan Sykes

    Las dos cosas que amo, la música de Lindsey y jugar wild rift ❤️

  • Goodbrew84

    I'd love to see her perform at Worlds.

  • Ярослав Ястребов
    Ярослав Ястребов

    Линдси, хотелось бы услышать "Прекрасное далеко" в Вашем исполнении. Уверен, получится здорово

  • Алексей Ельчанинов
    Алексей Ельчанинов

    Невероятно великолепно и классно! Привет Вам из Украины. - Incredibly gorgeous and awesome! Greetings from Ukraine.

  • InitialStates

    This music sounds like my other favorite song called “Legends never die” its AWESOME Lindsey I love this song!

  • Yoshimizxc

    Wait this is official or a cover?

  • Jibyte

    Надо теперь у Riot требовать добавить этот трек в лобби

  • Kirhizaki

    Hermoso 💗😍😍😍

  • Steven Specht
    Steven Specht

    Oh my gosh this is amazing Lindsey!!!

  • Tefy TV
    Tefy TV


  • Alí Jiménez Martínez
    Alí Jiménez Martínez

    this isn’t in apple music and i’m sad

  • Jeff Kerns
    Jeff Kerns

    love your haters, you are more than great

  • BLC Exorcist
    BLC Exorcist

    Put a plus if it would be cool if Lindsey Stirling made a video with the track Never Fade Away in the game cyberpunk 2077

  • odinsonchris

    She deserves to be champ

  • Vane6Hydeist6Laruku6

    It's beautiful!!!!!!!!! (。♋‸♋。)💖💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗

  • Nevaeh Mau
    Nevaeh Mau

    I love your lux outfit. So you, new, and on point.

  • Salman Alfarizi
    Salman Alfarizi

    Hope Lindsey back to nature

  • Sufi Sufi
    Sufi Sufi


  • Graziano

    MAGIC ❤️

  • Affis Adnan
    Affis Adnan

    wow nice i love lindsey sterling & league,wild rift also..

  • Incubus of the night
    Incubus of the night

    You and your music that touch hearts and souls,,,Is fading away. The Lindsay we fell in love with, full of love and passion with your music is now flashy lights flashy costumes. I cry my self to sleep for I Miss Lindsay.

  • Vendy 's Secret
    Vendy 's Secret


  • Alexandre Crosnier
    Alexandre Crosnier

    This song is so awesome! I hope to see you in a French tour!

  • Baila Deutsch
    Baila Deutsch

    Will no mention her violin 🙃

  • Veylus Oliveira
    Veylus Oliveira

    That theme alone can show how much better Wild Rift is gonna be than Original LoL

  • Moma Dog
    Moma Dog


  • Jesse Santos
    Jesse Santos

    Você é linda Acho tão lindo o teu trabalho simplesmente autêntica

  • Starzin

    where are seraphine and sona?

  • Hyasake Sorimaro
    Hyasake Sorimaro

    finally you doing something for LoL. awesome

  • KenRob95

    Wow Lindseeeeeey! Sei grande!!! Grazie di averci donato queste emozioni

  • Mosuviou5

    Honestly I love watching her. Bet she's a nightmare to stand still 😂 always dancing. Thing I love about her most is she's always smiling



  • sebastian viderique
    sebastian viderique

    a violing show, but jhin is not in it? Jhin: and I took that personally

  • Neftali Garza
    Neftali Garza

    Legends never die. Lindsey, a legend that never will die.