Lion & Leopard Fall Out Tree While Fighting For Food
This week, in Londolozi, Sandra captured an incredible sighting!
A leopard was up a tree, eating, and a pride of nearby lions could smell something was up. They explored the area until they found the Leopard and its food.
One lioness decided to try and get to the meat, but the Leopard put up a fight!
While they were fighting, the tree broke, giving the Leopard an easy way out!
Thanks again to @Sandra_I_ab ( for letting us share this footage!

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  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood

    Lioness looks shocked when she hit the ground, looking around n 😳 thinking ? I was just up a tree, how 🤔did I get here & where's that 🐆 Leopard I was going to eat?

  • Rilly Jo
    Rilly Jo

    y not show lion climbing tree too/

  • Mpumelelo Limba
    Mpumelelo Limba

    Reminds me of the time Brock Lesner and the Big Show brought down the ring on wwe, except this isn't scripted.

  • Muhammed ugur Ecer
    Muhammed ugur Ecer


  • Hassaan Kashif
    Hassaan Kashif

    Well I guess that we really have to take a great look at 0:47 , that is it a cheetah 🐆 or a leopard 👍.well if it's a leopard 👍 then it's great , but if it's a cheetah 🐆 so then I'm wrong.👍💯👌🥰✌️

  • Deeptrope

    Lions can climb but they suck at it.

  • raghu nandan
    raghu nandan

    It seems lioness learnt how to climb higher through zoom classes during lockdown.

  • shihab rta
    shihab rta


  • Бауржан Макешев
    Бауржан Макешев


  • Prashant Mutyala
    Prashant Mutyala

    Lioness after finding sense from the fall: I thought I was fighting a Leopard! Can't see anyone ... hehe :)

  • Jose Faustino Damaceno
    Jose Faustino Damaceno

    Kkkkkkkkkk a leoa se ferro se

  • Terrestre X
    Terrestre X


  • Fishplayz toh
    Fishplayz toh

    The people who disliked this video kept their phone in reverse!

  • santhoshkuna


  • lhcsmith2

    Lucky the branch break . The lion would have a very hard task to climb back down.

  • Naveed Azhar
    Naveed Azhar

    How did she climbed so high didn't expected that 🤯

  • OutOfSamsara

    This fat lioness broke the branch.

  • AkIce Queen
    AkIce Queen

    I enjoy all cats but leopards are so impressive to me. That is the ultimate stealth predator to me.

  • KeitelDOG

    Leopard was a true gangsta until it reach the ground.

  • Srinu K
    Srinu K

    Lion is King

  • 동물 공격
    동물 공격

    야생의 본능

  • Ramen G.
    Ramen G.

    Sheesh whatever poor animal they where fighting Over was already reduced to mush by the time the fight was over

  • Koushik Banerjee
    Koushik Banerjee

    The title itself is so wild, I couldn’t but click on it 😄😄

  • J u i c e
    J u i c e


  • Muster Muster
    Muster Muster

    Tree: Fucking cats get out of here. Funny vid lol

  • Xin

    You got 8 lives now Ms. Lion, use them wisely

  • gill saab
    gill saab

    Cheetah was like Aaaight maiit..I'm aauutt 🚀

  • John The Clyde
    John The Clyde much for the theory than lions can’t climb trees.

  • RiteMo LawBks
    RiteMo LawBks

    I'm sure the leopards were pissed when they found out lions could climb trees too.

  • Zbigniew Siwiec
    Zbigniew Siwiec


  • Vipin Kochunni
    Vipin Kochunni


  • Lara Neville
    Lara Neville

    Honestly lions piss me off. Because they're all 'king of the jungle' bullies and more often than not are stealing food from other animals. Go hunt your own dinner!

  • Tee Brown
    Tee Brown

    Lmfao it's like 2 drunk uncles at a cookout fighting over the last plate and they fall over the grill

  • DhowTo

    Scary moment.

  • Markus E
    Markus E

    Was lion okay after the fall? Did it take him/her a moment to move?

  • Bobby B
    Bobby B

    The leopard got up real fast 😂

  • kk Lonewolfer
    kk Lonewolfer

    Lions are climbing trees now? Poor leopard

  • Nasir Ali
    Nasir Ali


  • EVT Awesome #VS
    EVT Awesome #VS

    My life time footage.... Love you Kruger

  • inderdeep singh
    inderdeep singh

    Tree: don't fight I have an idea to solve your problem.🤷😤🌿🌲🐅

  • Lorenzo Alarcon
    Lorenzo Alarcon

    Jajaja asta los más fuertes y la naturaleza también los corrige 🤔

  • तैमूर का जीजा
    तैमूर का जीजा


  • Roberto castanho
    Roberto castanho


    • Roberto castanho
      Roberto castanho


  • Henry Alberto Reyes Rodriguez
    Henry Alberto Reyes Rodriguez

    Pobre Leopardo. No pudo almorzar tranquilo ni en su casa😬

  • LutzDeluxe2

    I’m amazed the lion climbed that high up in the tree. I’ve seen them climb trees but never seen footage of one climbing that high. I’m sure her weight along with the fighting is what caused the branch to break. SMH. 😂

  • AbuOmar Sabbagh
    AbuOmar Sabbagh

    special greetings to photographer 😻☺️

  • P S Alexander
    P S Alexander

    That lion is lucky to escape with permanent injury or death.. They are heavyweights.. Leopard is built for the stunt..

  • comedy boss
    comedy boss

    I love this channel ...not show fake thumbnail 👍

  • brad milli
    brad milli

    I thought lions didn't climb trees.

  • Tiger Stripes
    Tiger Stripes

    Don't want to get in the middle of that !

  • Dipen Golay
    Dipen Golay

    It's not lion, it's lioness.

  • Chetan Raikar
    Chetan Raikar

    When lioness become leopard And leopard becomes cheetah

  • Ray

    They discovered gravity.

  • ILLANK Adventure
    ILLANK Adventure

    Video hunting animals yg luar biasa

  • Dynamic3DLtd

    0:47 Lion gets up and goes "I ain't catching that".

  • धपपफब शनपफफ
    धपपफब शनपफफ


  • Mohammed Azeemuddin
    Mohammed Azeemuddin

    Leopard: catch me if u can. Lioness: be there if you can.

  • Andrew Ndambuki
    Andrew Ndambuki

    The feasting party literally brought the house down!

  • Eduardo Zarate
    Eduardo Zarate

    La leona Nomás por chingar




    Leopard is Jhon cena of Jungle u can't see me ready 123..Disappear .

  • Madam Ost
    Madam Ost

    bad kitties..haha. Thanks for sharing Kruger Sightings.


    The leopard was a bad azz until he came down to reality, he said you can have it and bounced

  • mendy badgett
    mendy badgett

    cats always land on feet if a person fell from that high might not walk away.

  • Dominic M.
    Dominic M.

    I'm the only genius here to know that the whole clip is made from three different scenes😎😎😎😎

  • Charles Reed
    Charles Reed

    Cats always land on their feet.

  • Nicholas's victory
    Nicholas's victory

    😲👏wow this is next level action right here 👍👍

  • Tee Man
    Tee Man

    Three's a crowd

  • Patrick Gragg
    Patrick Gragg

    I love these portrait fucking vids

  • Liam Finch
    Liam Finch

    Nobody is asking how the lion got up there in the first place.

  • Юрий Бычков
    Юрий Бычков

    Вроде нормальный мужик был,а тут какой-то говнобанк третьесортный рекламирует!

  • Gilberto Oliveira
    Gilberto Oliveira


  • prince

    _lion is like "Where he gone"_

  • Fraidoon Warasta
    Fraidoon Warasta

    hopefully the leopard is fine!

  • sam bou
    sam bou

    So the lioness can run fast, swim excellent, climb and fight on trees, and fall from high with no issues....she is a power ranger😀👌



  • Erkan E
    Erkan E


  • Ranadurgesh Singh
    Ranadurgesh Singh


  • Бахтиёр Жураев
    Бахтиёр Жураев


  • Dave kc
    Dave kc

    That ladies and gentlemen is what they mean when they say cats always land on their feet both big and small 😻

  • arthur a
    arthur a

    That leopard suffered a broken tail and sprained leg, but it'll be 2 kms away before it realizes it

  • ꜱ ᴀ ɴ ᴊ ᴇ ᴇ ᴠ
    ꜱ ᴀ ɴ ᴊ ᴇ ᴇ ᴠ

    After falling both lion and leopard " ദേവ്യേ " 😆

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne

    The lion must've been starving to even try doing this

  • es Leprz
    es Leprz


  • Waldemar Leite
    Waldemar Leite

    O leopardo.teve maior agilidade!

  • Edward Lawani
    Edward Lawani

    Why didn’t we see when the lion was climbing?

  • kch

    first time? 😂

  • Andre Dubose
    Andre Dubose

    Leopard 🐆 wisely made his escape without hesitation.

  • Honest1 forpeace
    Honest1 forpeace

    Leopard was really awesome in recovering and flying from the scene 😂😂.. it really save it from the deadly lion attack. hats off to the reflection and action 👍

  • Paulo Pureza
    Paulo Pureza

    Leão é o demônio da selva

  • Eladio Hernandez
    Eladio Hernandez


  • Sam S
    Sam S

    I’ve never seen a lion climb that high! It would’ve been z last supper, had the branch didn’t buffer the fall!

  • Bobby Laskar
    Bobby Laskar

    Never seen such a video . right time at right place .

  • Chromedawgg

    This channel always get the good stuff

  • Taiga Aisaka
    Taiga Aisaka

    Leopard: oh shit oh shit i have to get outta here Lion: what happened

  • Maxxwellwalt

    And y'all wondering who's cutting trees in the wild 😂

  • Nick Kelemen
    Nick Kelemen

    Haha stupid lion

  • Somnath Chakravarty
    Somnath Chakravarty

    Just as in India, Leopard hunts a street Dog and the Lion hunts the Leopard in Africa.

  • Boris Tapsoba
    Boris Tapsoba

    Who hears the leopard crazy scampering at the end ??? lol

  • Ravi Gogoi
    Ravi Gogoi

    Leopards are going to have real tough times near future. Lions seem to be evolving.