Model Y Unveil
Design your Model Y -

  • Roshon Ekoli
    Roshon Ekoli

    we still don't have the model Y in the uk

  • Aiming Gaming
    Aiming Gaming

    Tesla should offer an option to change the colour of the car on the visualisation at a service centre if you decide to have your car wrapped. Just a suggestion


    Elon Musk TESLA AI Driving The Future...

    • TRUTH

  • Nicanor Buzovoi
    Nicanor Buzovoi

    Still charging faster than an iphone with 5w charger

  • Felix Samulevich
    Felix Samulevich

    Do Musk started to visit people in clinic and cray about them .? I believe he is not .In addition to tell radioactivity depress immune system of people in cars or not . Musk not help too much .

  • Felix Samulevich
    Felix Samulevich

    On the level of a sells low frequency electromagnetic fluctuation lead the the situation when sells absorb ions charge if not mention of radioactivity of electricity net of America Europe .Japan China .and some else country people become like mobile phone easy to follow for control reason. As a result disorder and mutation of chemical process tissues cease stop reserve oxygen supply less or more then after becomes lethargic and lose orientation on the variable level . The combination of all this factors not to be wonder lead to cancer sooner or later .

  • Felix Samulevich
    Felix Samulevich

    But most danger represent not the power of electromagnetic radiation but the fact of it fluctuation and so value of it is highly variable and it produce vibration of electromagnetic rays . Low frequency in electric cars change thousand of times and exactly this render harmful inevitable effects make highly negative influence on people health condition , The more powerful and long lasting battery can be the more negative result it can produce in case of people health and life .

  • Tech Equip
    Tech Equip

    Bruh i cant hear a thing from this guy! damn this triggers me....

  • BrianAteFood

    Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Elon is a genius

  • Ph3nomen0N

    Those cars are S3XY

  • Juberlee Daniel
    Juberlee Daniel

    Great respect for you sir Elon Musk....


    Hey elon u just took the model 3 ,went to photoshop and increased its size

  • Subjih Huh
    Subjih Huh

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  • Subjih Huh
    Subjih Huh

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  • Maths Doctor
    Maths Doctor

    Elon, you DIDN"T create a car company. The original founders did.

  • Adam

    So the models together are S3XY, that's quite true Elon, pretty S3XY models you got there

  • Smurcc

    who else saw Kimble just chillin in that hat lol

  • Y3arZer0

    I love how people are recording this when Tesla literally uploads a way better version.

  • John Graham
    John Graham

    What about Model A....

  • Zolitalus

    OnePlus: WARP CHARGE Elon Musk: Hold my drink...

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Eh... I’ve always been more of a ship sort of fellow.

  • Kaz O
    Kaz O

    its not about a business, its about a dream, a passion, a need

  • Abul Kalam
    Abul Kalam

    Okay.. No entry music this time! :)

  • rased rasel
    rased rasel

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  • rased rasel
    rased rasel

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  • Super Fellixx32
    Super Fellixx32

    24:04 Kazakhstan

  • Love Island
    Love Island

    It has literally JUST occurred to me all of Tesla's car models is S3XY haha

  • Frank Ray
    Frank Ray

    you came for 29:22

  • Ryan Kalo
    Ryan Kalo

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  • Eduardo Matos
    Eduardo Matos

    It's like listening to a really smart Jack Sparrow

  • Dzonnys

    yer,they didnt made best suv or seadan

  • Dzonnys

    it looks like they payed someone on skillshare 10 bucks to edit this.

  • nabil !
    nabil !

    this is what unscripted event looks like

  • S Fire
    S Fire


  • S Fire
    S Fire


  • Olli

    ew, aw, www, w, w, w, eeeeehm. wha wah wah - Elon is not a good Speaker. But he dont need to be one. This company an the products are awesome. Ill hope i can afford a TESLA Sportscar soon. a REAL Sportscar. Like the BMW m8 in electric. ^^

  • Nishanth Dommety
    Nishanth Dommety

    Another car is missing. The MINI VAN

  • Uzair Halimi
    Uzair Halimi

    that one guy who claps till the end...

  • Flynnorita

    **Elon Stutters** Elon’s Mouth: I CANT KEEP UP WITH WHATS GOING ON IN THIS BRAIN

  • Neongreggy YT236
    Neongreggy YT236

    By the way guys..... he still managed to complete the sex thing because ..... S3X.....simply invert 3 and then you have model y which when comes with the order it spells S3XY , damn good puns Elon, damn good puns Edit: then there is Cybertruck,ATV, roadster and semi Which means Model S (S) Model 3 (E) Model X (X) Model Y (Y) Cybertruck (C) ATV (A) Roadster (R) Semi (S) = Sexy cars...... WHAT A FUCKING CHAD, WHAT A FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!

  • bliddle

    Tesla’s car lineup in 20 years Model: A Model: B Model: C Model: D Model: E Model: F Model: G Model: H Model: I Model: J Model: K Model: L Model: M Model: N Model: O Model: P Model: Q Model: R Model: S Model: T Model: U Model: V Model: W Model: X Model: Y Model: And Model: Z Model: Now I know my Tesla lineup, won’t you come and learn with me!

  • Amitaj Toor
    Amitaj Toor

    Who’s watching this when he is number 1 for the richest person in the world

  • Paperchaser Leon
    Paperchaser Leon

    34:29 best part! S3XY= Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y

  • Chris George
    Chris George

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  • Mauricio Ciers
    Mauricio Ciers

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  • Anna Gustin
    Anna Gustin

    im so excited my family is getting the 7 seat model y in a few days

  • TurtleRetwardZ

    So,It can drift?

  • james johnson
    james johnson

    Airless tires =future..

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra

    Elon was only worth about $20 billion when this video came out. Now he's worth $181 billion.

  • Hi, David! G
    Hi, David! G

    model 3: who are you? model y: IM UR BROTHER BUT I ATE TO MUCH BUTTER BRO

  • V_estility RBLX
    V_estility RBLX

    man he even put the cars the correct order...

  • M.L

    To the people complaining about the stuttering: nobody wants somebody perfectly reciting something like its engraved in their mind, its unnatural and this is not something like a school exam or related to school

  • Kirk Bowles
    Kirk Bowles

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  • Nick Mine
    Nick Mine

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  • Filip Carlsson
    Filip Carlsson

    how about model T ? T as in Toilet? uhh i mean Tesla of course

  • Lessardo

    the new $25,000 car they are working on should be the 'Model 2' because they are 2 S3XY!!

  • Samo Danilo
    Samo Danilo

    24:20 *some one said very nice great success* lmao

  • Sandesh K.C
    Sandesh K.C

    It would be so great if he unveils car without driver in it. I mean on auto pilot mode.

  • ashrit malish
    ashrit malish

    Elon Musk is basically the Steve Jobs of the car industry

  • Vexlyz

    1:51 If you look at the man on the middle-right side with a pinkish shirt under a black jacket, that is Dan from What's Inside!

  • Lasse Hansen
    Lasse Hansen

    He is so calm like it's not a presentation, but more like connecting with the viewers. LOVE IT!

  • Cameron Vickers
    Cameron Vickers

    elon why did you name you company tesla

  • Suhail Nur Ahmed
    Suhail Nur Ahmed

    I wish I could get a normal car because I can't afford one. But how fool I am. I don't have the price of a normal car and I am seeing Tesla cars.

  • AS - Aleksander S
    AS - Aleksander S

    29:07 this is when he unveils the model Y

  • Keshav Yadav
    Keshav Yadav

    Hey i m from india why you guys are not putting on your solar panels to the cars ??

  • Виктор Осипов
    Виктор Осипов

    the best)

  • Adeeb Taja
    Adeeb Taja

    It is weird to se the smartest man in our time being the dumbest presenter ever.

  • Prat J
    Prat J

    that spark in him when some one says mars 28:34

  • Jatin Meshram
    Jatin Meshram

    This dude is just meming with a company that's now worth more than half a trillion dollars

  • apurv jha
    apurv jha

    Don't make fun of Elon's speech. If you were raised in another planet and had to learn Earth languages you'll have trouble too.

  • Aayush Bansal
    Aayush Bansal

    Gotta love that Aspect Ratio Btw, great work! Also, why is this is in my recommended in January 2021 lmao

  • NDRM

    Wait, he gives his patent to other big company for free? He gives his shit to his competitors? To saves the world?

  • Dhruv Bhat
    Dhruv Bhat

    7:52 - Me still wondering why the webpage says 'models' when I design my Model S.

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela

    nice..i can't wait for the cybertruck tri motor fsd..& may buy the S dual motor or maybe Plaid.??i got solar & battery system already..

  • Ajlan Ali
    Ajlan Ali

    Love you so much I will become like you

  • Kenboi_808

    ALL OF THE TESLA CARS SPELL: SEXY S - Model S E - Model 3 X - Model X Y - Model Y Am I the only one that figured this out?

  • young


  • Georges ABG
    Georges ABG

    9:45 Ford killed s*x XD

  • Molly Young
    Molly Young

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  • Retirement Millions
    Retirement Millions

    great, love it.

  • Carter Spencer
    Carter Spencer

    Amazing car

  • Gilberto Francisco
    Gilberto Francisco

    Model 3 front is ugly ... model s front its perfect .....

  • Sarujan Rupan
    Sarujan Rupan

    This Elon seems like a guy who'd donate $5,000,000 to Khan Academy idk.

  • Maximilian Hupp
    Maximilian Hupp

    Tesla on Mars in 10 years? I'm investing my fuckin whole money in that dream.. People might say I'm an idiot... Well I'm not... To Mars!!!

  • Sarujan Rupan
    Sarujan Rupan

    10:25 What did he say then?

  • seeker

    This whole presentation is a whole lotta meme.

  • Ak Akhile gaming
    Ak Akhile gaming

    The model s The model e The model x The model y

  • Ak Akhile gaming
    Ak Akhile gaming

    The model to was apose to be called the model e

  • Truth War
    Truth War

    what to do with roadsters when u have people begging on the streets sadly ?

  • Tom’s Channel
    Tom’s Channel


  • Mordecai

    Today I learnt that you say Tezla and not Tesla

  • Jagdeep Singh
    Jagdeep Singh

    Thanx getting rich with Tesla

  • Ganesh KS
    Ganesh KS

    opensource huge respect

  • Rohaan Muzaffar
    Rohaan Muzaffar

    Elon: 4 millionth ton of CO2 ticked over tonight Crowd: *Applauses* 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️stooopid crowd

  • binson thangjam
    binson thangjam

    Me sees the video length: *will move on to next video after 3 mins Me after thirty minutes : 👁️👄👁️

  • bornomala

    I’m waiting for Tesla Van to come out.

  • Vinit Patil
    Vinit Patil

    Do elon hire Indians?

  • Zak Sullivan
    Zak Sullivan

    did anyone else notice that the model X kept doing random weird shit when Elon was talking about the factories?

  • Cleanest Boi
    Cleanest Boi

    these sheep really cheer for anything: "12 superchargers, 1 country"... WOOOOO!

  • Octavio Moreno
    Octavio Moreno


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