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  • Zsana Bella
    Zsana Bella

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Jordyn Trunnell
    Jordyn Trunnell

    You should get the kids

  • Sophie donut
    Sophie donut

    I’m coming for my daily dose of sniper wolf

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    1:19 Am I the only one noticing that those are eyes from Naruto?

  • Ninja Beast
    Ninja Beast

    2:27 i swear this is the first time i watched it and yet i jynxed keep it in your freezer with her

  • Galaxy

    I watched this on Monday today that’s just weird and the time was 9:38 I think

  • Galaxy

    Please meeeee same

  • Fay Samakovli
    Fay Samakovli

    Wow de ice ;-;'

  • Aimal Osman
    Aimal Osman

    :Lia ooh that's nice :me AAAHHHHH THAT'S WEIRD

  • Clodagh Is the best!!!!
    Clodagh Is the best!!!!

    1:48 I don't think I'm gonna eat chicken from a restaurant again

  • Lia toska
    Lia toska

    Lol at 5:48 I was like dis agin but just glitch

  • Catina Leifheit
    Catina Leifheit

    Lia: wee wee wee Me:👁👄👁 wee...

  • Afifa Ansar
    Afifa Ansar

    8:17 and thats how DTS was made😂

  • Nova Lönn
    Nova Lönn

    Stop seing hi wen its a girl

  • Joseph Zhang
    Joseph Zhang

    like on the juice bottle it says i love you for the ones that didn't burn

  • Fatima's Creative World
    Fatima's Creative World

    i could literally watch her all day ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jeremy Stewart
    Jeremy Stewart

    I want that coffee

  • Elif

    26 milyon abone miiiiiiiiiiiiii?

  • Iqra Irfan
    Iqra Irfan

    Hahaha morning thank you thank miss

  • Mr. NoLast Name
    Mr. NoLast Name

    0:44 That says "我爱你" Which in Chinese means "I love you"

  • vampwolf

    The soap was the forbidden ham

  • Ch Ma
    Ch Ma

    Sssniper Wolf be like: soo smooth woo- BEATIFULL😌👌

  • • Agos UwU •
    • Agos UwU •


  • Inderpreet Kaur
    Inderpreet Kaur


  • Trinity Everson
    Trinity Everson

    2:06 funny storry my cats name is izzy and i nick named it glizzy

  • Elaine Reyes
    Elaine Reyes

    i looove your hair and your sooo funny

  • DollfaceKika

    Can you shut up on videos when you're watching some satisfying stuff

  • Elle Mactans
    Elle Mactans

    Sniperwolf: FROZEN WATER, FROZEN WATER, FROZEN WATER!!!! I just want frozen water content. Me: ICE, ICE, ICE... its called ice, fank u UwU

  • XX_AliRoblox_XX

    Am i the only one when i was younger i had those clear lipsticks with the flower in?

  • Tiffany Shorey
    Tiffany Shorey

    This is soooooo satisfying

  • Mermaid Love
    Mermaid Love

    I love this

  • Lily Perez
    Lily Perez

    Like some pastrAmi

  • Charlie BobaTea
    Charlie BobaTea

    Me : *sees tittle* Does it count if I wanna take a nap?

  • Panda _YT
    Panda _YT


  • Leah Glendinning
    Leah Glendinning

    I love the way you say that everything is allegl 🤣😂🤪

  • Georgia Missouri
    Georgia Missouri


  • Jeff Keeferi
    Jeff Keeferi

    You are amazing

  • Griffin Ho
    Griffin Ho

    The one were he melted the words the letters that don’t go away it said I love you in Chinese

  • Cedrielle Leblanc
    Cedrielle Leblanc


  • Jennifer Olvera
    Jennifer Olvera

    ehem as a weeb those pins are sharingan Kotoamatsukami Izanami. ... Izanagi. ... Tsukuyomi. ... Dimension Creation. ... Kagutsuchi. ...Amaterasu. ... Chidori. ...

  • Rebekah Gaines
    Rebekah Gaines

    2:14 your laugh is so cute!

  • Ava Lady
    Ava Lady

    I will now eat soap and it will sound like that

  • Theo_

    0:44 it says I love you on it

  • Crystal Knight
    Crystal Knight

    I’m watching this on Sunday xD

  • mika ezal
    mika ezal

    I need a chocolate to watch this

  • Amelia Kautzman Lane
    Amelia Kautzman Lane

    I have a crush at school

  • Lxna_UwU

    0:40 The words that didn't go away build a sentence: 我爱你。(chinese) It means I like/love you. Yesh- I am chinese


    Sniper wolf:the bricks aren’t that color Me:you idiot they’re just changing the color

  • She-ly

    Fun fact: some orange juice has fish in it!

  • jill davidson
    jill davidson

    person: *makes sharingan massive badges* me: *hasmy day made by that one scene*

  • Killari Cerpa
    Killari Cerpa

    It’s water freezes in a water bottle and you cut the bottle you have a frozen ice in the shape of a water bottle

  • Siu Yin Cheung
    Siu Yin Cheung

    Ya know the bottle that they were burning with the lighter the words left were saying i love you in chinese

  • Tammy Dionne
    Tammy Dionne


  • anita vatsalya
    anita vatsalya

    1:19 its sharingan lol

  • Hedgehog Chocolate
    Hedgehog Chocolate

    If you sit on an a frozen bike you butt will get stuck

  • Neil Dealing
    Neil Dealing

    All I want for a day is FROZEN ICE

  • Israel Makau 1
    Israel Makau 1

    I was watching this on Sunday

  • Ebenezer Sam
    Ebenezer Sam

    The rhetorical sailor speculatively slow because divorced roughly stare an a ancient green. dusty, mellow name

  • adam Wilson
    adam Wilson

    Feb 15th is my birthday

  • Tamara Vince
    Tamara Vince


  • XxJustAnimexX

    Where can I buy me a sharingan pin?????

  • Alandra Queen
    Alandra Queen

    The water balloon pop then an umbrella appeared

  • kitty 'n' paws
    kitty 'n' paws

    What she speak is the same what we speak while watching the video

  • Tonya Pineda
    Tonya Pineda


  • Tonya Pineda
    Tonya Pineda

    sssni I

  • A.C.L.A school
    A.C.L.A school

    My sister says you are barbie

  • Loraine Jane Manicad
    Loraine Jane Manicad

    PLEASE GIVE ME THE ICE!!!!!!! cuz I wanna eat ice

  • Røxÿ Błäçkrøšè
    Røxÿ Błäçkrøšè

    “Where do the flowers go? We shall never know.” Meanwhile in bikini bottom: Spongebob: Patrick flowers are falling from the sky!!!

    • Kenma's video game
      Kenma's video game


    • Lily Perez
      Lily Perez


  • Ane no Arekku
    Ane no Arekku

    There actually called Macarons. Macaroons are completely different, if you look it up, You'd be surprised. Love your channel

  • Tonny Wu
    Tonny Wu

    0:44 it says “I love you”

    • Tonny Wu
      Tonny Wu

      I ain’t not speaking Spanish anymore

    • Tonny Wu
      Tonny Wu

      Fact: I’m Chinese and Spanish

    • Tonny Wu
      Tonny Wu


  • Jennifer Hampton
    Jennifer Hampton

    tofuu lol

  • Aiden Diep
    Aiden Diep


  • Natalie Woolley
    Natalie Woolley

    Us: Wow! That cheese is really soft! Kinda weird. Karen: OMG! THIS IS WAY TO SOFT! I wAnT tO sPeAk To ThE mAnAgEr!

    • Isabella Grace Workman
      Isabella Grace Workman


  • Bug Gutz
    Bug Gutz

    I like tofu yes just pan

  • Bella_games Cool
    Bella_games Cool

    Wow I could watch this all day

  • DamianR6 on YouTube
    DamianR6 on YouTube

    She said moacha it’s mocha lol the part with the green ice cubes that part got me laughing no offense😂🤣😅😆

  • Jewell Hounshell
    Jewell Hounshell

    ☕ I like ☕

  • Angie Granados
    Angie Granados

    The Wolfpack do not trust Nature's hole

  • Zofia Domeracka
    Zofia Domeracka

    You fart when you sit on it hehe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Zofia Domeracka
      Zofia Domeracka

      Ew haha


    Oh so satisfying gurl

  • Christian kerrie
    Christian kerrie

    The lipstick is so cool

  • AryanPlaysFN

    Well I don’t know what to say


    You're wearing chokers just like me 😂😂😂

  • saroj jain
    saroj jain

    Is bootiful

  • Aydin Playz Among us with cousin eugenieplayz Playz
    Aydin Playz Among us with cousin eugenieplayz Playz

    You Sssniperwolf make everything funny

  • rayquaza

    ooooooooooOooOOOOOOo so sAtusFyiNg

  • Anthony Spratt
    Anthony Spratt

    I am eating a doughnut and watching this vid and I'm like: 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Stella Willis
    Stella Willis

    At 5:47 I think it glitched did it for you

  • Test Playz
    Test Playz

    Ssni[erwolf you rascist i wonder how you got so much subs you were the most rascist person back in your old videos >:(

  • Saima Khatri
    Saima Khatri

    My weeb in me : MANGNKYO SHARINGAN

  • Amina Hanfi
    Amina Hanfi

    She looks like Sunny Leony

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez

    The left pool water was an umbrella ☂

  • Emily Galindo
    Emily Galindo

    *Me in my head* Almost there..! SSSniperWolf: Hello friends it's ME Me: YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • Arijana G
    Arijana G

    Let's see how many likes I can get from this comment current 10

  • Whitney Curry
    Whitney Curry

    Can you do a normal video for once

  • kittyplayshine 31
    kittyplayshine 31

    0:44 : Translate: I love you language: chinese i think-

  • AnDrEa NaYa
    AnDrEa NaYa

    The long onion be like 👁👄👁

  • Celestine Apong
    Celestine Apong

    Weee weee i like ur vids

  • Celestine Apong
    Celestine Apong

    Ooo i like alllll they are so satisfaying

  • joel mendez
    joel mendez

    sniperwolr: its chesse me its pan