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  • E m
    E m

    he got Kawasaki

  • Adam

    Wtf is going on with Lana? She has packed on way too much size! She has a double gut!

  • Nithesh N
    Nithesh N

    Mo Lana need s1000rr and Mo need Ducati v4 🔥

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh

    Try ninja h2

  • Vinu Vinu
    Vinu Vinu

    I LOVE sir I'm fan of you love you sir

  • memes co.
    memes co.

    yo man straight up said window on a bike #welovemo

  • Annuza Mo
    Annuza Mo

    i went missing for a month and mommy moo doesn't know how to act anymore...

  • Rem

    Those bikes are NOT new. And those bikes are certainly NOT superbikes.


    These bikes are shit ngl


    Bro are you dumb or what look at your mums age and u r getting her a bike WOW!

  • Sonith Shetty
    Sonith Shetty

    He went from the fastest growing vlogging channel of the world to the least growing 💔😥 But I support u tho

  • Drixxy Officials
    Drixxy Officials

    Congrats Mo!!!! I’ve been waiting for this video for so long. Btw I recommend changing your exhaust to SC project. It sounds better!

  • Amit Rawat
    Amit Rawat

    Now they are left with no contents ...... Only uploading content to keep subscriber remain

  • 2 Einstein
    2 Einstein

    Oooo no

  • NarLinx

    They are going to kill themselves if they don’t be careful. Starting on bikes like these is very dangerous. I really don’t want the next vlog to be about how one of them crashed and got hurt.

  • Coptin mayura
    Coptin mayura

    When Mo says there is a lot kind of bikes than i am searching Splendor in showroom 😂😂😂😂

  • arhan kana
    arhan kana

    go mo


    love from Cambodia

  • dhyan krishna
    dhyan krishna

    Is viewers blind !??

  • aiuio 777
    aiuio 777

    gotta be careful with superbikes Mo...

  • Vizhekhu Sumi
    Vizhekhu Sumi

    Brother and sister you both re so cool and the just whooooo God bless love you Guys From Dimapur Nagaland

  • レオナルドジェームズ

    Why didn't you just got a z1000 or a zx10r???

  • alzirenio carvalho
    alzirenio carvalho

    parabéns belas motos

  • Petros Papamixalis
    Petros Papamixalis

    They drive so sketchy not even know how to shift up

  • Arnav Agarwal
    Arnav Agarwal


  • M B R Morshad
    M B R Morshad

    I didn't see any stupid like him and his girl, both are wight less.

  • Solo Creator _ ™°
    Solo Creator _ ™°

    Any Indians,✌️👇

  • Solo Creator _ ™°
    Solo Creator _ ™°

    Omg these are all the things I ignored even at small ages 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Minato Abe
    Minato Abe

    lana is getting fatter and fatter evey single time I come back to his channel

  • ihsan M
    ihsan M

    How was it learning how to ride ?

  • Roy Christie
    Roy Christie


  • Kit Vlogss
    Kit Vlogss

    Make some Moto Vlogs, Mo. Buy some chin mount and microphones for helmet

  • Pallak Rana
    Pallak Rana

    Hey mo what a great video loved it.... Lots love.... #Lovefromindia #hugefan

  • Sujal Gupta
    Sujal Gupta

    These bikes are so old and dated, looks a ripoff frankly.

  • rasta man
    rasta man

    600cc is not a superbike bro

  • Aditya Krishna
    Aditya Krishna

    New bikes just for parking in my garage

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    Anand Gupta

    पूरा गदहा बा 😂

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    Nabil Maslouli

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    Hashir Abid

    At 3:51😂😂😂

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    Lin Dee

    is this really brand new though😁

  • southcobbviper


  • Peaceful Muslim
    Peaceful Muslim

    Their mum is a gorgeous!

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    emon Uddhin

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  • CRX Gamer
    CRX Gamer

    Bro big fun please buy Kawasaki Ninja h2 please please please please 🥺

  • حمزه جربا
    حمزه جربا

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    حمزه جربا

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    حازم طارق

    حده فاهم شي😅😅😅😅

  • Vivek Sood
    Vivek Sood

    Please do get proper riding gear ( boots ) especially, don't loose your precious legs

  • DM The One
    DM The One

    Wish they were new bikes. Driving a lambo would mean Ducati into bikes world. Now you have nice Supra in your home. BADDDDD.

  • viyan salim
    viyan salim


  • Noor Hanoka
    Noor Hanoka

    لماذا لاتنزل اي فيديوهات علئ قناتك العربية

  • CODM gamer
    CODM gamer

    Best bike for beginners is royel Enfield

  • ශනුක විද්මාල්
    ශනුක විද්මාල්

    He is getting excited for the thing we done at 13-15 years old in srilanka 🤣and why cant he ride a 1000cc bike?

  • Travis Garnett
    Travis Garnett


  • subin gamer dhakal
    subin gamer dhakal



    Your mother looks beautiful mo...

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    tanish soni

    lana after whole night of se* on 9:54

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    a_viking_ rider

    Colour changing window🤦‍♂️

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    C63 AMG

    Lanaaa thise things are growwingg

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    Ranish Mhd

    If I have this much money i will buy 25 rx100 And 15 rx135 💯💥

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    Talon Delatorre

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    Manu gaur

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    Marcos D

    crap boring video,,, wonder if this gets paid for doing this ?

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    Emon Thirty 2-ツ

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    Everyone who want that Lana Rose start onlyfans, like the comment

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    Alex Spencer

    Bro if you’re going to wear bike gear, atleast put gloves on 🤦‍♂️


    you have bike skills now!

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    Me Lee

    Mo, getting your Mom a bike is terible idea, man. It's dangerous.

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    Jayanth Kumar

    At last mo went to 🚴

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    Djamel Regaa

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    Sheikh Sadi


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    Nigga Bhai

    When you was teen you look like emo

  • مرتطئ عراغيه
    مرتطئ عراغيه

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    No Nickname

    She much bigger now.

  • Gamer priya ꪜ
    Gamer priya ꪜ

    Thanks For 168💞 Ab 200 karwa do Love you all 😘💗

    • Udaysingh Dagur
      Udaysingh Dagur

      Are ab foreign channel pe bhi aa gye tum bikhari log .

  • Samrat Hossain
    Samrat Hossain

    2nd hand bike hai ..aur yamaha r6 old version hai ..


    Was excited to see you ride the 750 😔

  • Sobeen


  • mallu rider
    mallu rider


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    My Babe

    I wish I could ride one of this bike someday

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    Anas Asmail

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    LovE SONGS007


  • LovE SONGS007
    LovE SONGS007

  • LovE SONGS007
    LovE SONGS007


  • LovE SONGS007
    LovE SONGS007


  • Monsta Monstas
    Monsta Monstas

    I love girls on bikes

  • Monsta Monstas
    Monsta Monstas

    Those aren't super bikes, their sport bikes... Just an R6 and a gsxr 750

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    nandoo boom

    Left ligth is out Mo

  • nandoo boom
    nandoo boom

    You mean with out the money anything will be possible

  • Sushwanth Dudgundi
    Sushwanth Dudgundi

    In previous vlog mo said he failed in license but how he can ride


    لانا بالقناة العربية فقيرة اهنا مثل الشيطانة

  • 20&savage

    650 superbike 😂🤣

  • rizu das
    rizu das

    Very big

  • Ruatsanga_2ws

    squids loading..🤣 advised for mo.. fake doesn't do shit on 2wheels.. buy DOT,ECE,SNELL certified helmets.. gloves.etc.. please wear a proper gear.. ps. that rev it jacket are lit🔥🔥

  • BassBoosted Society
    BassBoosted Society

    Damn! Those are my dream bikes!

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    Othman Kabir

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    sathish kumar

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