NASA’S Perseverance Rover’s First 360 View of Mars (Official)
This video shows the first 360-degree view of the landing site of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars, as captured by the rover’s color Navigation Cameras, or Navcams. The Navcams are on the remote sensing mast (or “head”) of the rover. Perseverance possesses the most cameras of any Mars rover to date, with 19 on the rover. Perseverance landed on Mars’ Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021. These images were obtained on February 20, 2021.
A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.

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Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


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  • Paresh Patel
    Paresh Patel

    Amazing. What a great exploration exercise. Loving this

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    The fact that WE are the aliens is blowing my mind!!

  • Jack McHenney
    Jack McHenney

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  • Amir Mughal
    Amir Mughal

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    • Amir Mughal
      Amir Mughal

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    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

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  • Amir Mughal
    Amir Mughal

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  • Sparky

    Any actual VIDEO of the environment instead of just stitching pictures together and panning....?

  • Mik P
    Mik P

    Good fake :-) n1

  • Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith

    Looks like Arizona.

  • Novák Árpi
    Novák Árpi

    Our planet is wonderful we need take care to our planet. The Mars is just an death planet, nothing interesting

  • mek86.2

    how do we give Mars a atmosphere again? Create a magnet field? Add more mass to the planet?

  • Kristel18

    Earth is a perfect place where people only should be. Not in any planet.

  • Shatner's Bassoon
    Shatner's Bassoon

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  • juan carlos sande
    juan carlos sande

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    Marney Cohen

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  • abu abdullah
    abu abdullah

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  • Kenneth Nied
    Kenneth Nied

    This is not a video. It's a still photo pretending to be a video.

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    Chathuranga Roxx

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  • max power
    max power

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  • Nabanita Paul
    Nabanita Paul

    Amazing to see Perseverance rover walking on Mars ground. Thanks to the scientists of NASA. Feel proud of them....Nabanita Paul

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    Abdel Razzzak

    wtf is this I thought this was a video not an image. I only see the rover

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    Cliff Williams

    Arizona looking good.

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    loin l

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    yunus ozdemir

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      yunus ozdemir

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  • MobileTech Auto Repair
    MobileTech Auto Repair

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  • M.C.

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  • M.C.

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  • Jeff Mitchell
    Jeff Mitchell

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    Makshakov Gennadiy

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  • Terra Humania
    Terra Humania

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    • Terra Humania
      Terra Humania

      It seems to me that this lake was formed by a meteorite impact which in turn formed the bursting of debris everywhere then there was the formation of water by a favorable atmospheric process which generated a lake of water . The rounding of certain rocks clearly proves the existence of water at one point in the history of this excavation, but the dark color of these rocks which do not correspond to the rest of the overall landscape gives the idea that the presence of the fragments of the rocks are linked to a meteorite explosion and not formed by water only modeled by water Bouhidel. M

  • Rahul Vig
    Rahul Vig

    Is this a real footage of made for entertainment?

  • revolvercargado

    I can believe how clean are the Mars streets....

  • Eric Norris
    Eric Norris

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  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

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    Rayyan Ahmed

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      Ask to seduce Miss

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  • steve schillito
    steve schillito

    Amazing! pics of 'another world' we have now visited and filmed! Fantastic...can't wait to see more...bring it on!

  • Michel Legrain
    Michel Legrain

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    • Michel Legrain
      Michel Legrain

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  • Malcolm Cullen
    Malcolm Cullen

    Is that a Star Destroyer hovering overhead?

  • Robert Sayegh
    Robert Sayegh

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  • Adriaan van 't Hof
    Adriaan van 't Hof

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    lukas szadziul

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    Aldo Last

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    Fafadi Faridi

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    highlander 3000

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  • Jack Bushong
    Jack Bushong

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  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali

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    Reinhard Lumentut

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    Берик Бекболатович!!!

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  • Kashish Prasad
    Kashish Prasad

    NASA - We send Perseverance rover to conduct more detailed research on Mars. Perseverance rover - "Where are you Curiosity? I got extra batteries for you!!!"

  • Parv Tiwari
    Parv Tiwari

    Well done NASA . This is exeptional . Feels like we are standing on mars and looking around . I liked the video so much and immediately downloaded it and subscribed NASA Jet propulsion laboratory .

  • UniGateStudio7

    Egypt desert sure looks nice

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    Ducky Papa

    Im checking out the rover

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    Akhyari DaiNada

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    nina h

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  • Dwyt Alger Loo
    Dwyt Alger Loo

    To all of people in the future that will be eventually living on mars i just wanted to say that yall lucky to be there because in my time we can only be able to see the red planet with the help of our mars rover called "perseverance" always take care in there and protect moxie because it is the thing that provides all of you an oxygen to keep you alive 💕 Love from Earth, March 5, 2021

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    Vicente 5D

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    Emily An

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    Don't Care

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      Randy Poole

      Perseverance to Mars, “On My Way”

    • Randy Poole
      Randy Poole

      @Emily An I noticed that as well.

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      No prints of its wheels on the ground. 🤔

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    فرضیات نامعمول

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    • فرضیات نامعمول
      فرضیات نامعمول

      @John 3rd Of course I'm sure. What do you think about the presence of liquid water on Mars? How did liquid water flow on Mars when the sun was so dim? Why do you look at Mars everywhere? The rocks are eroding watery as if there was no land on the planet. Yes, once upon a time there was a shallow water flowing all over the planet, and intense gravity caused severe tides to flow shallow water all over the planet. Like a river north to south of Mars. Also, the direction of rotation of Mars was not with this axis. The axis of rotation of Mars was different.

    • John 3rd
      John 3rd

      Are you sure?

  • WIssem Nouri
    WIssem Nouri

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    Christina Kaur

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