Nets vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA February 18
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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Nets beat the Lakers 109-98
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  • birry cells
    birry cells

    Incredible 05:11 no harden averaging 11 assists 🤔


    hey! KING kong...hahahaha wat happened w/o Davis????

  • kyle luciano
    kyle luciano


  • Christos B
    Christos B

    Gasol should be traded, yesterday

  • Jonathan Suniga
    Jonathan Suniga

    Who's that Laker tall fat guy?

  • Chill With Kami
    Chill With Kami

    5:11 Bradley Beal hahaha

  • Michael Salenga
    Michael Salenga

    LeBron flopper king trade to clippers, so pathetic!

  • Zanting Tabin
    Zanting Tabin

    Panu mo pa malalaman eh ci lebron nman ang susunod no maiinjury diyan

    • Michael Salenga
      Michael Salenga


  • Rex Lester
    Rex Lester

    Easy W for the Nets

  • Andyxgt

    the lakers didn't know what hit them. Lebron trying hard as hell and still lost.

  • Aasar Ptah
    Aasar Ptah

    Nets to much fire 🔥 power for a defenceless Lakers.....

  • Mark Darnell
    Mark Darnell

    Why they letting Lil Joe shoot so much? Stop this dude, this don't make no sense..

  • Joseph Ujiadughele
    Joseph Ujiadughele

    Now, James harden finally smiles

  • Joseph Ujiadughele
    Joseph Ujiadughele

    Watching Lakers with AD-out ain't easy. This is already 1 out of 3

  • George Arthur
    George Arthur

    Irving sent Lebron back to Akron on 4th Q 5:53. lmao

  • Takudzwa Kaseke
    Takudzwa Kaseke

    lakers need to improve on 3 point shooting pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • onur aksan
    onur aksan

    Lakers howard mcgee ve rondo bu 3 oyuncuyu arıyor.lakers kesinlikle güç kaybetmiş.

  • Michael Rx
    Michael Rx

    Refs are in favour here for LeBron...😐

  • Allan Dytianquin
    Allan Dytianquin

    Lebron can't win the championship without A.D.

  • Edward Herrera
    Edward Herrera

    Hope lakers never miss a shoot... cuz thats tha only way were winning this year lakers no D, always start loosing. Can somebody please tell Gasol to see the youtube comments? He needs to read them..

  • KPH Tv Official KONESANS.
    KPH Tv Official KONESANS.

    Traee Gasol for something better.

  • alvarez ruiz
    alvarez ruiz

    Ufff ese gordo de gasol , no lo veo que ayude en el tablero y todos lo pasan sin problema .

  • Ram Mendoza
    Ram Mendoza

    And everyone saying Gasol was a prize. He like Tractor Traylor at this point


    Lefloppers are crying just because of one game. Relax there's always a next game😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Duarte
    Gabriel Duarte

    this confirms that Lakers w/o AD dont fly at all..

  • D Williams
    D Williams

    Now picture if KD was playing 😱

  • Laci BH.
    Laci BH.

    Where is ad?

    • specialagro

      Injured he didn't went buzzing


    Lakers . We’re in trouble

  • Joe Njim
    Joe Njim

    Nets are going HoT

  • Trebron Librando
    Trebron Librando

    The Lakers cannot repeat... The Jazz and the Nets are so good... The Lakers should trade for Beal or Lillard, send Kuzma, KCP, and THT in exchange for Beal or Lillard...

  • Leo Escobar
    Leo Escobar

    IDK how the Lakers are good with only two players scoring all the points

  • yong yuhan
    yong yuhan

    i dunno y lakers 3pt percentage so that bad when play at home....dunno how many games recently at staples theirs 3pt not more than 30%...with this performance they should leave the staples center to clippers and just play away game enough...😂

  • The3pleThreat

    LeBron making a mental note for the Finals: if I play the Nets, I'm averaging 40 ppg. There is no D in Brooklyn

    • Sam Wang
      Sam Wang

      YES THERE IS!!! THERE ARE Ds in the crack of B

    • Meyer Music
      Meyer Music

      Bro Bron finna go crazy on em

  • Ernesto Basibas
    Ernesto Basibas

    Wow net w/o kd d best for the big 3.

  • Taylor Lovenkramds
    Taylor Lovenkramds

    Mcgheee was a mistake to be traded

  • Federico Giavenni
    Federico Giavenni

    skip is happy

  • 1 2 3 Four Five
    1 2 3 Four Five

    Lakers put up too many difficult shots in the third. Brooklyn offence flowed pretty well

  • winkle yeh
    winkle yeh

    Nba is a joke worst no defense at all

  • weirdo

    Seems like lakers is focusing on defense too much and forget the offense.

  • Jick Erong
    Jick Erong

    #23 must be retired not be used by anyone..#23= mj. O4= appropriate for lebron🤣🤣🤣.. lebron need again strong and trade farcry champion.

  • John Miranda
    John Miranda

    jajajajajajajajaaa....thats what happens when you talk smack and you end up embarased!!!....jajajajaja.....cry me a river!!! let the excuses flow!!! 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leo Tabayoyong
    Leo Tabayoyong

    no davis no finals

  • Tony Hawkins
    Tony Hawkins

    Le Bron Syndrome ? When the referees think he can't do anything wrong. Watch his charge at 2.30. Called as a block, of course. Unbelievable. Even my son fell off his chair when he saw that one.

    • Jadon C
      Jadon C

      Are you really that dumb? If you're gonna take a charge you can't move to the side and block him...lebron did the same thing some possessions later🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star

    bye2 lebron🤣🤣


    Bye bye Lakers. Bye bye queen James.

  • MrKapsou

    Last year title was a fluke

  • Alb Bauti
    Alb Bauti

    poor curry can't carry a team. he lost by 3 superstar, that was the conclusion. he can't be the goat, expect additional superstar next season with lebron

    • Alb Bauti
      Alb Bauti

      @Carl yes, its sarcasm, the king the same, he is mvp because he has another superstar. and big fellow, and curry is out of mvp conversation because he is not in top 4 playoff team.

    • Carl


  • T.Bartels

    Wow the comments are just retarded.. like howard and mcgee blocked 3s all game, the whole time.. these highlights just showed poor perimeter defence!!

  • MrJ9191

    Watch "MJ vs Lebron: the BEST Goat comparison" by DANGERProduction. By far the best and most comprehensive comparison that accounts for different eras and positions MJ and LBJ played. You will find MJ is way ahead of LBJ overall, he beats him in personal accolades/statistics/winning/clutchness/eye tests. MJ does not need to jump ships to join with other star players to win chip, he stayed in one team and persevered, unlike LBJ who joined Wade/Bosh/Kyrie/Love/AD etc, not mentioning how many times he needs his teammates to bail him out in the finals (Irving, Allen, etc) In MJ's 13 seasons vs LBJ's 17 seasons, MJ not only had more rings, but he was: 10 times scoring champ (LBJ 1), 9 times all defence 1st team (LBJ 5), 1 time DPOY (LBJ none), 6 times NBA Champ (LBJ 4), 6 times FMVP (LBJ 4), 5 times MVP (LBJ 4), 3 times steals leader (LBJ none), 2 times slamdunk champ (LBJ none), not mentioning his rebounds (in contrary to public belief, MJ's ranking is higher amongst SGs than LBJ's ranking amongst SFs), win shares (MJ number 1), player efficiecny rating (MJ number 1), shooting percentage in clutch time (MJ 50% vs LBJ abysmal 20%) etc, way ahead of LBJ. The differences go on and on. The number of differences here speaks for itself. Oh yes, since some dumb TV personalities such as N Wright, S Sharpe and C Cowherd like to use cumulative stats to push for LBJ's unworthy case (MJ joined NBA at 21 yo while LBJ joined at 18 yo), it would be fairer to include MJ's college accolades including: 1 x NCAA champ, 1 x freshman of the year, 2 x players of the year

    • MrJ9191

      @ar ar The main reason no other players or teams could win in 90s like MJ and Bulls was simply becasue they were so good they did not allow other players or team to have a chance.

    • Rawle Francois
      Rawle Francois

      @ar ar jordan retired and left the bulls with a good winninh system lebron james leaves with his lebron james system

    • Rawle Francois
      Rawle Francois

      @ar ar how many times did mj lose to ah team that he was expected to win against in a finals how many times did mj lost in 5 games in his prime with 2 all stars in a final

    • ar ar
      ar ar

      When mj made his first retirement the bulls still manage to enter the playoffs at least second round. And can you tell me a team that lebron left and was able to enter the playoffs of following year?

    • ar ar
      ar ar

      How many times did mj got to the finals considered as the under dog?


    nangamote si gore🤣

  • whycan'tiusemnamehere damn
    whycan'tiusemnamehere damn

    what match-up was that... the nets started small with jeff green at 5, so the lakers should've started montrez and had gasol, a stretch big, matched up with jordan.

  • Romeo Brown
    Romeo Brown

    i dont kwn why there switch up a winnig team..lakers didnt lose so many game last season like is happening now whats the meaning of these new signes?

  • giannis. Peidis
    giannis. Peidis

    πουτσα παλι πουτσα παλι οε οε sas gamei o harden

  • MotoGreg 28
    MotoGreg 28

    Gasol is like no life on court!!! Dammm!!! Please trade him! Bring back mcgee and howard!!! The f!!!!!!! Come on lakers! Bad trade!!!! No AD? Lakers is dead like a stick!

  • Jiang Jhen Ming
    Jiang Jhen Ming

    Wait...... 0:03 nets vs "warriors"?????

  • Edgard Torres
    Edgard Torres

    Gasol has to trade as quickly as possible 👎the Lakers are need to find a good Centers, Like for instant, MacGee ,Howard or whiteside 👍👍👍,


    di talaga kaya ni lebron pag wala si davis🤣😂

    • Michael Salenga
      Michael Salenga

      LeBron flopper 😂😂😂😂

    • Carl

      Bro the nets has 2 superstars (and Durant but he didnt play this game), lebron is getting older and cant carry the team alone by himself

  • Jose Alfonso Terrero
    Jose Alfonso Terrero

    Couldnt even score 100 points against the worse defense?

  • Franz Luke Licaros
    Franz Luke Licaros

    They're fine guys.

  • L G
    L G

    Hate to say but Mr. Gasol is not the right choice for the lakers. He cant defend well. Cant even get a better rebounds for the lakers and not so athletic. ( cant run, cant jump).

  • Andy Locks
    Andy Locks

    5:40 LeBron ?

    • Meyer Music
      Meyer Music

      Do I need to explain it to you?

  • Rowell Hara
    Rowell Hara

    lakers pa rin malalaman lang natin yan sa play off na hahahha.

  • marc aldrie maliglig
    marc aldrie maliglig

    mga lakes jan mag ingay 😂

    • marc aldrie maliglig
      marc aldrie maliglig

      @Ian Evangelista hahaha gg ka boy 😂 🤫😛😜😝

    • Ian Evangelista
      Ian Evangelista

      D ikaw na mag ingay kw ata maingay eh ahhahahaha

  • Archie Ailar
    Archie Ailar

    Lakers cannot reach the playoffs this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carl

      Are u serious? Lol

  • Jabulani Masangwane
    Jabulani Masangwane

    I don’t understand why we didn’t shoot more 3’s tho...c’mon Lakers

    • Jabulani Masangwane
      Jabulani Masangwane

      @specialagro lol Na bro

    • specialagro

      I thought I was the only one.

  • Jonathan Fan
    Jonathan Fan

    if Lelbow James gets called for every charge and every push off on his drives he averages like 6 less points. He probably gets like 1.5 a game more than the average player but having superstar treatment also stops the defender from being able to play proper defense. That is a couple more free dunks when ppl are afraid to take charges against you.

    • ar ar
      ar ar

      If lebron is getting a fare call, he probably be averaging more than 10 free throw attempts per game.

    • 9onny9

      Superstar treatment is a fkn myth. Referees treat everybody the same way because there are rules and they make their decisions on these rules.

  • Liam Powell
    Liam Powell

    Brooklyn out shot em, I think philly are set up to potentially beat them

    • Meyer Music
      Meyer Music

      philly will clap them

  • luc white
    luc white

    lakers on the begin of the season was not the lakers of the last weeks something changed. And something bad. If lakers depend of 1 player because he is out AD. It will be impossible for them to continue they are to many more powerful team this year i mean very powerful. portland jazz clippers nets bucks sixers and many more... Good luck

  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio

    2:28 these Fckn refs🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ he was standing there 3 seconds OUTSIDE the fouls zone and still called for a foul. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • jialiang KONG
    jialiang KONG

    Ch jersey is scam,pls don't buy anything 那球衣网站是骗人的,请大家不要购买

  • L-e-gendary

    is that your MVP??

    • Timothy moyo
      Timothy moyo

      yes !!

    • Meyer Music
      Meyer Music


  • Oswald Inopiquez
    Oswald Inopiquez

    Mahirap matalo ang nets ang graveh ang points.. lupit

  • yelawolf slumerican
    yelawolf slumerican

    so what's your standing now?brklnnfor nets?,,ulol

  • Ho Lee Fuk
    Ho Lee Fuk

    Did Howard ask for like $8m but the Lakers offered $3m and he madly refused so he ended up taking vet min $1.6m instead?

  • Mark Anthony Basco
    Mark Anthony Basco

    gasol should be trade...come on need defense ... mcgee...

    • Malick

      We do not need him tbh

  • Eduardo Jimenez
    Eduardo Jimenez

    Lebron needed 2 more superstar

  • Ho Yeekang
    Ho Yeekang

    where lbj go next season

  • Arent Jan Linde
    Arent Jan Linde

    Just outshoot them. Okay , there is still hope this year

  • LGS oʜɔᴎuH
    LGS oʜɔᴎuH

    yall gon ignore coppin a L from Nets w/o KD

    • g don
      g don

      No ad and no Schroder so your point is??

  • 死會

    Dallas vs nets in laker court

  • Lonelle Sanchez
    Lonelle Sanchez

    CONGRATS TO LAKERS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • specialagro

      Thanks man. That aren't funny though

  • Tribe of Judah Hebrew
    Tribe of Judah Hebrew

    Please please and please tell me why no one saw Kyree lose Lebron at 5:40? His head was spinning and couldn’t find Kyree.

    • Anonymous Tofu
      Anonymous Tofu

      @Teboho Bodibe Lebron was guarding Jeff Green. Jeff Green might make some threes when the shot clock is winding down but he’s not taking midrange jumpers when he can pass lmao

    • Joseph Ong'are
      Joseph Ong'are

      But y'all forgetting that the nets have lost games also this season..Me I give you my word ,nets won't win it even with the splashing threes...Teams here study elite teams via video and I tell you the nets will meet their bogey team even before the semifinals of their eastern conference playoffs and many would be like,"so the nets weren't tough after all"

    • Tribe of Judah Hebrew
      Tribe of Judah Hebrew

      @Teboho Bodibe lol

    • Teboho Bodibe
      Teboho Bodibe

      He was trynna cover the free Nets man

  • George mallon
    George mallon

    Net will the champ this year.

    • Joseph Ong'are
      Joseph Ong'are

      Playoff is fast paced,tight and with little room for simple mistakes..As you can see the defensive end is awful...Both teams weren't at full strength..Lakers once defeated study other teams via video,so don't rule them out yet.

    • Joseph Ong'are
      Joseph Ong'are

      Nope..not soon fast playoffs is another ball game alltogether

  • Chan -X
    Chan -X


  • oktay yilmaz
    oktay yilmaz

    00:50 Lebron travels as always..

    • oktay yilmaz
      oktay yilmaz

      @Carl maybe not in nba but in the rule book it is 3 steps..

    • Carl

      That's not a travel

    • oktay yilmaz
      oktay yilmaz

      @Yui lalala yeah I know it is a travel..

    • mergen zorig
      mergen zorig

      He is travel king hha

    • Yui lalala
      Yui lalala

      you dont even know ball if u think thats a travel

  • Mark Dave Perges
    Mark Dave Perges

    lbj will win mvp this year

  • deliari11

    Come on Lakers, where are your last year defenses ? Miss Howard & McGee

    • Joel

      and yet, The Lakers are the #1 Defense in the NBA right now

    • Real Deal
      Real Deal

      Don’t listen to the haters. They want Lakers to keep the exact same squad in the playoffs so that they would lose. Lakers need a rim protector, taller wing defender and a better spot shooter. I hear they are looking at Whiteside, Ariza and Reddick in buyout market. Don’t worry, trust in Palinka. Gasol, Morris, KCP and Matthews have been disappointments.

    • iliabashel

      @Thamadhandlezking i bet you learnt that word few days ago


      Didn't you all lefloppers celebrated when lakers got dennis, harrell and gasol? 😂😂😂 Relax it is just one game don't cry😂😂😂

    • Thamadhandlezking

      Marc Gasol is a liability

  • Vladimir Ipotzky
    Vladimir Ipotzky

    The problem with lakers, they have millions of coach when they’re losing!🤪

  • Keevan Phang
    Keevan Phang

    The Lakers team for this games was not at its best, this wasn't a true reflection of what a all out match result would be. I am still waiting to see that game. Nice playing guys

  • Mike Larry
    Mike Larry

    Nets shot lakers lights out goodnight

  • Isidro Jr Besas
    Isidro Jr Besas

    Malabo mag back to back ang lakes wala pang durant jan

  • Isidro Jr Besas
    Isidro Jr Besas

    Alang kwenta si gasol mainam pa si howard kahit mahina sa offense malakas nman sa defense

    • Lowell Penticostes
      Lowell Penticostes

      Hindi naman c gasol ang problema, c lebron ang problema hindi nia talaga kaya kapag walang top 5 superstar na kasama, pero kahit wala c davis malakas parin ang ang team nila.

  • españa tierra bonita
    españa tierra bonita

    Los nets champions NBA 2021 .fron desde Spain .LeBron leyend

  • Ernest Muric
    Ernest Muric

    When lakers fans complain about losing mcgee, superman rondo etc etc. They never mention why lebron traded them after they all helped him to win a ring last season. Must be his high IQ.

    • Carl

      Lebron can't decide to trade players

    • Layton Abrahams
      Layton Abrahams

      You really just said Lebron traded them. Wow. That's not how it works and those coach lebron jokes are dumb

  • Angelo DC
    Angelo DC

    It's ok well come back playoffs time Go lakers

  • 蔡蔡徐坤儿