Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) available 3.26.21.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

  • Adam Bond
    Adam Bond

    Yes Nate!! I am so pumped for this mixtape drop now 🔥 Let's go!!

  • Tristan Mueller
    Tristan Mueller

    Been listening for the last decade! Still don’t know how people are sleeping on NF.

  • Roma Boom
    Roma Boom

    Top top top top

  • The Psych Poetic
    The Psych Poetic

    Talent knows no limits. This dope af 🔥🔥🔥

  • 7AMADA.exe

    who's back ❄

  • Undead Robot
    Undead Robot

    CGI, Impressive video editing and the masterpiece himself, NF.

  • Rehan's Origami
    Rehan's Origami


  • Crumbsley

    the fact the fridge came with him to deserted lands doesn't intrigue anyone?

  • Meran hesham Salah
    Meran hesham Salah

    Imagine NF&AgustD it will be my end😭

  • Mantis 21
    Mantis 21

    NF is underrated.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Nf till I go deaf.

  • MEROPE 666
    MEROPE 666


  • ExtrimeMix

    Emenem on minimal ?)))

  • Bad Aimez
    Bad Aimez

    at 2:00 he says slowing me down impossible and he falls on the bike which makes him stop pretty cool detail

  • Stixx

    [Verse 1] Calmly, feel myself evolving Appalling, so much I'm not divulging Been stalling, I think I hear applauding, they're calling Mixtapes aren't my thing, but it's been awfully exhausting Hanging onto songs this long is daunting (Yeah) Which caused me to have to make a call I thought was ballsy Resulting in what you see today, proceed indulging As always, the one-trick pony's here, so quit your sulking Born efficient, got ambition, sorta vicious, yup, that's me (Woo) Not artistic, unrealistic, chauvinistic, not those things Go the distance, so prolific, posts are cryptic, move swiftly Unsubmissive, the king of mischief The golden ticket, rare sight to see I stay committed, embrace the rigid I'm playful with it, yeah, basically Too great to mimic, you hate, you're bitter No favoritism, that's fine with me Create the riddles, portrayed uncivil Unsafe a little, oh, yes, indeed It's plain and simple, I'm far from brittle Unbreakable, you following? I'm Bruce Willis in a train wreck I'm like trading in your car for a new jet I'm like having a boss getting upset 'Cause you asked him for less on your paycheck I'm like doing headstands with a broke neck I'm like watching your kid take his first steps I'm like sayin' Bill Gates couldn't pay rent 'Cause he's too broke- where am I goin' with this? Unbelievable, yes, yes, inconceivable See myself as fairly reasonable But at times I can be stubborn, so If I have to, I will rock the boat I don't tend to take the easy road That's just not the way I like to roll What you think's probably unfeasible I've done already a hundredfold, a hundredfold It's probable that I might press the envelope Ideas so astronomical Sometimes I find 'em comical Yeah, incomparable Replay value phenomenal Beat selection remarkable Slowing me down, impossible I don't rock no Rollies I don't hang around no phonies (Nope) I don't really got no trophies I don't know why God chose me (I don't know) Got something in the cup, ain't codeine (Never) Change my style, they told me Now they come around like, "Homie" Man, y'all better back up slowly, back up slowly Woo, who are you kidding? How could you doubt me? I've always delivered Ripping the teeth out of the back of my mouth's The closest you get to my wisdom See my initial thought was to wait But what can I say? I had to come visit Check on you guys, you doin' alright? Your year really sucked? Yeah, that's what I figured They cover they heads up whenever I drop Shake the whole industry, put 'em in shock Come out the clouds like a meteor rock Then land on the earth like "Ready or not?" Ain't no one like me, the cream of the crop Don't even front, better give me some props I pick up your body and throw it a block Okay, I admit it, that's over the top, not Deer in the headlights looks every time I step my foot on the ground I get mistook for a lame with no weight to his name Ground just shook, let's not beat around the bush Even my B-sides throw 'em off like "How's he do it?" Some say I'm a great influence I don't know about that, but I did do the best I could [Bridge] "Hollywood, Hollywood Hope Nate doesn't go Hollywood" You think that, you don't know me good You think that, you don't know me good "Hollywood, Hollywood Hope Nate doesn't go Hollywood" You think that, you don't know me good You think that, you don't know me [Verse 2] I-I-I always advance, say how I feel, you know where I stand Raisin' the bar, I gotta expand Top of the charts, I'm setting up camp Pound in my stakes, I put up my tent Shoot for the stars, they fall in my hand Stick to my guns, I don't even flinch Can push all you want, ain't movin' an inch I rarely miss, you know I'm relentless Ain't got a choice, no way to prevent it Just who I am, and I don't regret it See what I want and then I go get it Followed my gut, I'm happy I did it Beat all the odds, I ain't got no limits Cannot be stopped, you payin' attention? I ain't gotta say it, they know where my head is They know where my head is (Head is)

  • Sulyman Mohamed
    Sulyman Mohamed

    i was thinking why i was feeling weird. i remembered i didnt comment.......

  • Josiah Burns
    Josiah Burns

    Producer: Do you want like some cool cars? Nate: Nah, a pile up on the highway works fine.

  • Kitkat Katkit
    Kitkat Katkit

    1 month away for music of the year

  • Mexalinyt

    damn new nf dropped?! *goes back to sleep*

    • Mexalinyt

      @Romeo Cruz stay mad buddy billie eilish slaps harder than your dad

    • Romeo Cruz
      Romeo Cruz

      Literally has Billie Ellish on his Playlist. Definition of sleep.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      Salty and dumb comment alert.

  • T O T S
    T O T S

    *He teleported to my bathroom while I was taking a shit, and he just rapped there for awhile*

  • L DuB
    L DuB

    That beat so f**king .... [2:19]

  • brntwater YT
    brntwater YT

    No shopping cart? Trash. it was a joke.

  • shittay doinks
    shittay doinks

    NF stands for Nose Fordayz

  • JKH Harrison
    JKH Harrison

    dont ever stop Mr. Nate ! all you create moves mountains. and helps those who cant speak the words your mind / voice speak with a god given talent! friend & fan even when im gone! peace

  • meaning of life
    meaning of life

    Great music and lyric

  • Kim ikram
    Kim ikram

    Woow 💯💯

  • Brent_Clapz_YT

    I was just tryna see if any of this songs connect but outcast said head always in the clouds

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      This connects to outcast and is a continuation of paid my dues. He has the outcast lyrics on his clouds hoodie merch

    • Brent_Clapz_YT

      And some other stuff

  • Bia Andrade
    Bia Andrade

    This Video is the best

  • Brent_Clapz_YT

    His beat at the end sounds like penny wise Fr tho 🧐

  • Proper English
    Proper English


  • Brent_Clapz_YT


  • Brent_Clapz_YT


  • Brent_Clapz_YT

    His beats at the end sound like the penny wise beat

  • Abdo - Official
    Abdo - Official

    سامحني ازعجتك معاي كل يـوم اشغل فيك صبح ومساء وليل اتعبتك والله

  • Tanisha Dunwell
    Tanisha Dunwell

    "6.3k dislikes" Get that outta here!!!

  • SaltPanda64


  • DrM1x

    2021 has been saved ;)

  • Ian Touwslager 1D vodka
    Ian Touwslager 1D vodka

    ruuuuuuuun nf

  • DrM1x

    NF= Never fake

  • Luca Featherstone
    Luca Featherstone

    He made trafic look cool and fun.

  • Mohd Amirul
    Mohd Amirul

    Greetings from malaysia your song is fckin lit bruh !!

  • OXIGEN . Net
    OXIGEN . Net

    I dont know but i wanna vist NF NF NF NF NF

  • Kabir Gutty
    Kabir Gutty

    Dax > Nf

    • artane5mg


    • Kabir Gutty
      Kabir Gutty

      @Romeo Cruz put we should put effort if you want to gain success. Listen To Dax Self Proclaimed 4 he just dropped. It's a motivation song. If feel so motivated by this song. Dax Got More Bars

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      NF made 49th out of top 50 most streamed artist of 2020 (not just hip hop artist but all artist) no mgk no joyner no dax no tom on that top 50. Also Nf did not release anything but a demo in 2020. NFs videos are so much better too. His rhyme schemes like in paid my dues was God tier look up the rhyme scheme on goggle. The way he connects all his albums like marvel movies too. He has two platinum albums a song five times platinum a song two times platinum 6 platinum songs and 16 gold songs. He beats mgk joyner dax most younger rappers with this. His let you down has been streamed over one billion times it made top 105th most streamed song of all time. His platinum perception album sold right under eminems kamikazie album ems was 1.59mil units and NFs 1.57 mil units. He made list of top selling album of 2015 to 2021. NF co produces and co directs his videos while being on his own label/imprint. In the grand schemes of things how is Dax greater than NF? We will not even get into the views NF has on all his albums. I like Dax but no way bud. NF deserves his props.

    • Romeo Cruz
      Romeo Cruz

      Nah,hell nah. That "rip the teeth out the back of your mouth is the closest to you get to my wisdom has better verses than a dax song that release every week with no effort.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel


  • Dumisani TGR
    Dumisani TGR

    What would have made the last scene transition from the clouds to the highway even more fire is if NF landed there (the highway) like a meteor rock then caused the confusion in the highway as he rapped the way he did..

  • BruceDayne

    this is official, love the music!

  • Houyam Ladjama
    Houyam Ladjama

    I loooooovvvveeeddd the idea of the video

  • 27


  • Kush God
    Kush God

    You are the greatest of all fukin time!!!!

  • Mř. Åłpâçă MCO
    Mř. Åłpâçă MCO

    its true. his beat selection is remarkable

  • SavageMike

    Gotta say this is the best song with the best music video

  • Glyph.

    Don't worry the people that disliked were just holding their phones upside down

  • hi my names aylo
    hi my names aylo

    the switch up in flows is sick 🔥

  • The Jukebox
    The Jukebox

    There is a new Rap God this guy is amazing 😀😀

  • Darkenstine was here!!
    Darkenstine was here!!

    This is EN EF 🔥⚡🤘🏻

  • Big Beef
    Big Beef

    I want to be just like you when i grow up!!

  • rxnvx

    “man i dont know if i’m making movies or music videos”

  • EXPO

  • EXPO

  • EXPO

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones

    Fire asf!!!

  • DVS

    has a slim shady type vibe but in his own way

  • George Adams
    George Adams

    The biggest mistake we ever did as kids was thinking growing up would be fun.

  • Dpantelo

    I mean there are rappers and then there is NF....... This man is in a league of his own 🤨🤨🤨

  • FateOfNines

    I'm curious where in TN this was filmed because this looks exactly like it's right outside of my current town.

  • Crickett Gaming
    Crickett Gaming


  • TMZGRÑatiøn

    Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷❤

  • Mher Avetisyan
    Mher Avetisyan


  • Dpantelo

    Dude he is just one of the most (If not THE most ) underrated rapper out there ...... He speaks truth

  • Rob Canum Jr
    Rob Canum Jr

    Had this playing nonstop for days. It's still playing, what am I talking about?

  • Insta_4


  • Hoverboard Styler
    Hoverboard Styler

    yo the road scene remind me of the walking dead

  • Kushvir Pabla
    Kushvir Pabla

    0:05 The smoke is coming from my mind that has been blown

  • The Power of Perspective
    The Power of Perspective


  • AshishRoy

    Where is my English Dictionary

  • KAI

    That bit were he stumbles sayin unstoppable 🚶‍♀️

  • zachary hoover
    zachary hoover

    Wow another great one

  • KWNT •¡Edits¡•
    KWNT •¡Edits¡•

    I bought your C L O U D S merch I’m so excited

  • Dave Wincent
    Dave Wincent

    Eminem why dont like NF?

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      He does. They are fine.

  • Joshua Kerr
    Joshua Kerr

    Firefighters: you gonna put this out? Nate: nah this for me

  • in m
    in m


  • Katherine Cruz
    Katherine Cruz

    Eminem? I mean i love it

  • Rubin Singh
    Rubin Singh

    Sounds like another eminem in the house

  • Joshua Kerr
    Joshua Kerr

    “🔥🔥🔥Rippin my teeth out the back of my mouths the closest you’ll get to my wisdom🔥🔥🔥”- then grabs a cup of water out of a firetruck….

  • GABSbeatz

    FIIIIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • idris uldez
    idris uldez


  • Yosef Lohloh
    Yosef Lohloh


  • Quentin Scorsese
    Quentin Scorsese

    i don't curse and i use my words, lose my nerves rather food fight nerds

  • BlackRose

    This is my favourite music video!!! NF,me and my girl loves your lyrics

  • MXFX95

    اكو عربي يسمعه • ۄيـٖٓـٰنـڱم ،😿💔)

  • Pranavi Vemana
    Pranavi Vemana


  • REX

    He reminds me of a young eminem

  • Jacob Giesbrecht
    Jacob Giesbrecht

    What you looking for, a high five? Nice try! -Real

  • Quons Lecn
    Quons Lecn

    And NF's Grammy goes to ....

  • James Trichell
    James Trichell

    people really underestimate how talented this dude really is.

  • Ethan Hansel
    Ethan Hansel

    *NF* yo I'm finna kill this beat! *Producer* how??! *NF* hold my tims

  • Lanh Le
    Lanh Le

    Come back 💥

  • Aftons Rule
    Aftons Rule

    Me:*scrolling recommendations* Me:*sees this* FATHERRR NF MADE A NEW SONG WE CAN BUMPPP LESSS GOOOO

  • jetson296

    ахуенно стелит,видеоряд на уровне!!!!!!

  • Sasha Norris
    Sasha Norris

    The transitions are amazing 👏

  • The Life Of A Horse
    The Life Of A Horse

    where did the apple from the beggining go