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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

  • Eden De Fazio
    Eden De Fazio

    This song gave me goosebumps... Wow 🖤

  • anton carlsson
    anton carlsson

    joyner lucas and u should make a record about adhd /mental illness the combination of the two is rewally comon and i think you both would fit on a beat that switches things up

  • original SONE
    original SONE

    What a god damn legend!

  • Zezus

    holy is this a true story?

  • Johnathan Abram
    Johnathan Abram


  • Büşra Uzunköy
    Büşra Uzunköy

    nate is so underrated like??? HE'S A LYRICAL GENIUS WHAT

  • Donovan Raskopf
    Donovan Raskopf

    I was jamming out to this song but then started watching the video like a crazy ass movie

  • Jerry S Sikes
    Jerry S Sikes

    Pls add beautiful to your all songs playlist

  • todd herndon
    todd herndon

    Wow... Just wow great song/ story/ video all in one

  • Bollicao 2.0
    Bollicao 2.0

    joder QUE BUENARDA Traduction = Holy Shit,THIS IS SO GOOD

  • Drew Seymour
    Drew Seymour

    This go hard 🤎🔥🔥

  • Gamechange1112

    This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...💕

  • Gamerdad3000


  • FOXY Gamer
    FOXY Gamer

    This is better storytelling then my friends in my class who always have A+

  • Reynaldo Justo II
    Reynaldo Justo II

    Story telling A+++. U.N.D.E.R.R.A.T.E.D.

  • Bradyn Smith
    Bradyn Smith

    He doesn’t swear and so intense

  • N O
    N O

    My anxiety went up and it isn’t even me in the music video

  • Design With Kadori
    Design With Kadori

    We want a video on Intro III

  • Saad saqer
    Saad saqer

    I hope that cashier ok

  • Misti Leigh Montalto Matias
    Misti Leigh Montalto Matias

    Dammit man. 💓

  • B.T official
    B.T official

    gets better everytime you listenb

  • nor mal
    nor mal

    Idk but when I heard the gunshots I got scared

  • regina lungu
    regina lungu


  • Thor

    Don't EVER do this, the money in gas stations are insured.

  • Lawanda Tobias
    Lawanda Tobias

    😳 WOW this was amazing

  • سيف الهتش
    سيف الهتش


  • SabUgamingZone

    wow man that was deep

  • De la Destroya
    De la Destroya

    I'm hearin' your music for the first time...and this Song was my first... I'm shocked and confused,too... What a #goosebumpshypeparty on my skin... You're like nuclear weapon... I don't know you,i didn't hear your music,but in this moment your lyrical bombed my brain👌🙏🔥

  • Debby Liu
    Debby Liu


  • Mason Ahles
    Mason Ahles


  • Christopher Stewart
    Christopher Stewart

    My man nate that was fire bro 🔥❤ just like the rest of your music keep them coming hard and fast 💯

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray

    can we get one from the pov of the robber or cashier

    • Giannis Antetokounmpo
      Giannis Antetokounmpo

      Thought the same thing.

  • Brittany Coates
    Brittany Coates

    👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 where can I sign up to act in his videos?

  • Babyslimz


  • Frederick Reedy Jr
    Frederick Reedy Jr

    Who is NF, “publicist;” and, how is he contacted, please. I am about to be sixty-six (66) and respect and appreciate his life; hypo-therapy isn’t required...!

  • Talkthetalk walkthewalk
    Talkthetalk walkthewalk

    Heard a snippet of "invincible" Song sounds legit legit!! Whens it coming?

    • Nikki

      He said he saved a bunch of songs for next album so that one is def one he saved.

  • zhask

    jake miller should stick to rap instead of singing. All songs of NF is 🔥

  • dactelcraft

    Gaw DAYUM. my heart pounding...

  • Daenerys Dicked
    Daenerys Dicked

    Holy fuck I'm impressed

  • Brett Gambrel
    Brett Gambrel

    Wow I literally never comment on anything but this video was too 3 best video and songs I’ve ever heard in my life. What a powerful storytelling song

    • Mandla Mbuyazwe
      Mandla Mbuyazwe


  • Latin Sequence
    Latin Sequence

    Police: So, can you tell us e x a c t l y what happened? Girl: *Starts rapping*

  • Justin Medina
    Justin Medina


  • gary mcgiever
    gary mcgiever

    When you realize this shit is garbage

    • Nikki

      Salty troll...

  • Hugx kwizera
    Hugx kwizera

    This is another level NF forever 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alaisa Cielo Lozano
    Alaisa Cielo Lozano

    This is awesome. Never heard a song that literally telling a whole fcking tremendous story.

  • Music4Life

    i am literary crying, this is an masterpiece- voice, story, video, just Nate, he´s an absolutelly on the top of all singers..he helped a lot of people. Even if i dont know him personally, i f can literary feel, hom much does he care about the others, and he´s doing his best to help. Word can´t even describe, how good he is. *Just the best..*

    • Mandla Mbuyazwe
      Mandla Mbuyazwe

      Stay blessed my friend ❤🙏🙂

  • Jarod Smith
    Jarod Smith

    How in the absolute fuck does this song have 3k dislikes. This is a god damn masterpiece

  • AK !
    AK !

    Built Different, Raps Different, Overall. NF’s a different breed.

  • TenZso2

    this stressed me out

  • Davarious Wilson
    Davarious Wilson

    My heart dropped with the beat

  • Radsista

    This just gave me so much anxiety..

  • The_Itsuku

    The first time I heard this I wasnt watching the video. It was so intense I was actually scared- it felt as if I was there. After watching the video I was impressed and I could just feel the fear

  • eric houtman
    eric houtman

    What a good movie. IMD rated 1000000. Oh wait it's a song

  • Universal Love
    Universal Love


  • Jordan Mays
    Jordan Mays

    Me: *Shows my mom this song* My mom: Who tried to shoot her? Me: Huh? My mom: I NEED TO KNOW HOW ROBBED THE STORE!!!!

  • ClassMK • FPS
    ClassMK • FPS

    Another level of story telling fr

  • Christina Singh
    Christina Singh

    NF should make a movie

  • Cam Newton
    Cam Newton

    Gave me chills coming from a real nf fan. Since mansion. 3 concerts and merch buying. Best song in a while Nate.

  • Syren

    About 4 years ago, I had a crush on this guy who liked rap. 🤦‍♀️ A horrible, stupid crush that turned out to be regrettable. He was fond of a lot of rappers that I didn't like but in truth I wouldn't have given this type of music the time of day if it wasn't for him. Iffing around youtube, trying to find something in his preferred genre that I would like and in a long-winded roundabout way, stumbled across NF. Haven't looked back since. Don't listen to any rap except for him and I know that makes my opinion bias as all hell but NF is something special. Even though that guy made sport of breaking my heart, I just can't be too mad about it. Liking him led me to something that I loved and still love. It reminds me that there is a bright side to the darker things that happen in our lives. I may not be one of the people that supported NF from the beginning of his career but I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick around for the long haul. We are proud of you, Nate. Congrats to you and you new family! Your son is going to grow up with an amazing role model.

    • Mandla Mbuyazwe
      Mandla Mbuyazwe


  • fallen state
    fallen state

    You mean to tell me dude went from completely asleep on the sofa to robbing a gas station a few minutes later? Plot holes man can't escape them

    • Nikki

      Believable to me. She drove got gas and pumped it was grabbing food etc before first robber even showed up. Then it took a while until second robber called first robber to be there to help him get away.

  • Rohan Saifuzzaman
    Rohan Saifuzzaman

    Eminem : I'm the RapGod. But u know i don't think so deep! NF : LOL i do this in my Sleep.

  • lilpsychobleus

    Woke up in a bad place 🙄


    This ia craaaazy! like this creativity. big ups NF. Much love from Ghana

    • Mandla Mbuyazwe
      Mandla Mbuyazwe

      Hala bro 🙏🇿🇼❤

  • William Arndt
    William Arndt

    I'm a bit surprised that after all this time, the actors are still not listed in the credits. But they make sure to include the director and producers. Come on NF, you're better than this, you tell amazing stories, and amazing music. Give credit to the people in your videos bro. She sold this song so hard, why do we not know who she was, or whom the other people were in the video.

  • Oliver THOMAS
    Oliver THOMAS

    Is this a real story?

  • Lightskin Jedi
    Lightskin Jedi

    Cashier folded he shoulda got his free KD buff when he lowered his defense buff

  • ItzOnlyJJ

    Words can’t describe how phenomenal NF is. He’s an artist.

  • Jack Page
    Jack Page

    Now i know why this was recommended to me so much

  • Christina Thomo
    Christina Thomo

    Am I the only who wants to know what happened to the cashier???

  • Ronal moses
    Ronal moses

    It's madd!!!❤️🔥


    First off props to all them beautiful actors they nailed that stuff and second great job Nate you bodied that beat

  • vampyress79

    This is what a 21st century bard sounds like when they tell you a story. Just absolutely stunning story telling.

  • Arnet Allen
    Arnet Allen

    Why do people think billie eilish is good when they can listen to real music like this?

  • Madi D
    Madi D

    What the fuck this started auto playing when I was pooping in the bathroom. I didnt expect to be focusing more on the song than my business. Fucking epic

  • JOHphrodite

    Was it the couple in the beginning that robbed the store if so *THE FUCKING PLOT TWIST*

    • fallen state
      fallen state

      Just the boyfriend

  • Random Simp
    Random Simp

    That was amazing


    Mannnn .... to awesome broooooooo

  • Nightwish


    • Mandla Mbuyazwe
      Mandla Mbuyazwe


  • Apex Noob General
    Apex Noob General

    it seems robbers dont want to shoot anyone. The girl's eager to be hero lead them to death. But they are free now from starving .... poverty...... and much more.

  • The Sharkboy
    The Sharkboy

    The second she walks in the store I was like dam something's gonna happen

  • Koblac

    "I don't know if I'm making movies or music videos." Yeah, I don't know either.

  • Megan Sutherland
    Megan Sutherland

    I don't know if NF himself will ever see this, but I just have to say... his music is just breathtaking and I love it with a passion. I hope he continues doing what he's doing because he's inspiring people, and the fact that he's Christian and never swears in his songs makes it 10x better. Thank you NF for everything you've helped so much

    • Mandla Mbuyazwe
      Mandla Mbuyazwe


  • Elizabeth Johnson
    Elizabeth Johnson

    its a whole story in song form its awesome

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott

    Woah.... I am speechless. I forgot this was a song until it ended and I realized oh... Its a music video, that's right..... This one is something special.

  • Jordan Luers
    Jordan Luers

    This gives me strong Stan vibes

  • will puthoff
    will puthoff

    A very intense feeling video, fit the situation and had me legit feeling in the moment along with the killer lyricism was just phenomenal

  • Rob Ramos
    Rob Ramos

    I know what's gonna happen..I cry everytime..this is pure mastery

  • e shawt
    e shawt

    So dumb

  • Robert Cockburn
    Robert Cockburn

    love NF, but this storytelling wasn't very well done. could've put more effort into this

  • Daniel Pak
    Daniel Pak

    Holy shit that had my heart pumping

  • Savage Prince Productions
    Savage Prince Productions

    Nathan is going Hollywood!!! #NFrealmusic

  • Sugar & Spice
    Sugar & Spice

    I need more of THIS in my life

  • Caleb White
    Caleb White

    Who is this guy?

  • dream

    How mad do you got to be, to dislike a youtube video?😂

  • Tyler Fujii
    Tyler Fujii

    Best song of my life so far.. Dude just how

  • Arisato Minato
    Arisato Minato

    feels like watching a movie

  • Elvis Silva Medina
    Elvis Silva Medina


  • Mikey Bock
    Mikey Bock

    Nf the best

  • Users123users ;-;
    Users123users ;-;

    Can we get a salute for the cashier

  • bol bol
    bol bol

    NF you are amazing man