OG Ejected for Slamming Schroder! Lakers Beat Raptors! 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • JD Niuz
    JD Niuz

    OG was unintentional, it was just a natural reflection & reaction. Poor guy got rejected....

  • Cooper House
    Cooper House

    I was at that game it was fun

  • Pro Gamer51
    Pro Gamer51

    Anunoby just picked up his leg a little bit and gave him a body slam which a lot of official wwe wrestlers can't even do! 🤣🤣

  • Donovan Camaro Amanou
    Donovan Camaro Amanou

    wwe shit

  • Alberto Norales
    Alberto Norales

    Wwe need to sign him asap nephew

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz

    OG a goofy. Schroder was tryna keep his dumb ass from falling

  • Scarlet

    The raps were short-handed too. Even more short-handed after ejection, OG way better than Montez.

  • Treasure Kayemba
    Treasure Kayemba

    He didn’t body slam him. He dropped him, prolly said whoops

  • Keilah Luyeye
    Keilah Luyeye

    It was by accident

  • Catherine Garrett
    Catherine Garrett

    The neat link philosophically tick because lift rheologically bless a a recondite promotion. tranquil, hoc hearing

  • Isaiah Toh
    Isaiah Toh

    U can take the guy out of London but can’t take the London out big the guy

  • D_Kono


  • Lawson Shaw
    Lawson Shaw


  • Alex Guerrero
    Alex Guerrero

    I'll do the same when its happen to me..its a hard foul on og

  • amanuel2

    I dont think he did that on purpose.

  • Andrew Owenby
    Andrew Owenby

    Dennis will want a 4 year 120m contract after that slam.

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    Dwight Howard typing

  • Khris Too smoove
    Khris Too smoove

    Ben to me is One of many underrated gems can’t wait to see what he does on the Lakers man


    Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your heart’s.

  • Jake Nazareno
    Jake Nazareno

    title kinda sus

  • John Renz Flores
    John Renz Flores

    OG is the real OG!

  • Fiji Alexander
    Fiji Alexander


  • FrostBurn

    Dude was just tryna keep him him then he gets picked up for it 😂

  • patty Patty
    patty Patty

    Body slam: throwing someone 20 feet in the air Real life: flipping someone and catching there fall

  • DoubleRKillin

    The most gentle bodyslam I ever seen

  • Sceary NOVA
    Sceary NOVA

    OG was smoking that OG he high ash playing he probably had a brain freeze and thought he was wrestling his lil brotha or something 😂

  • ッItzJojoz_

    Og a weirdo for that .

  • MalRulesAll

    Wth 🤨🤨🤨

  • Bleach Cowboy
    Bleach Cowboy

    You know Shaq and Barkley are somewhere laughing their asses off

  • GilxSullinger

    raptor forgotten they are nothing with kawhi

  • DBZ Guru
    DBZ Guru

    Definitely wasn’t an intentional bodyslam or even close to one. You can tell by his reaction after the fact.

  • doloman77

    He did what to schroeder😐

  • Wilbert Arenas
    Wilbert Arenas

    Excellent tank by the Raps. #FadeForCade

  • Mandingo _
    Mandingo _

    1:22 wtf?!

  • Death Star Stallion
    Death Star Stallion

    But why is no one talking abt Gary trent jr defending og and blocking out trez and shroder

  • ChubbyPompie

    man was trying to save OG Trashunoby from getting injured

  • Brig Spearman
    Brig Spearman

    I know that I was at that game

  • D Rew
    D Rew

    Tf was og thinking

  • Lancee Lopezz
    Lancee Lopezz

    Barack on barack violins.

  • Luw7

    How tf is Harrel ejected for defending his teammate? League is a p*ssy.

  • Massaqquoi

    my fault og

  • Gabriel Zazueta
    Gabriel Zazueta

    They don’t even know how to fight lol. They want to act mad but don’t confront each other



  • Awesome_Thuunder

    1:22 travel

  • ba baba
    ba baba

    OG said when he heard fans calling NBA players soft: "I took that personally. "

  • Iyemide Solomi
    Iyemide Solomi

    Schroeder was holding him so he didn’t fall and that’s how he was repaid?🤦🏾‍♂️

  • RealNPoetic

    The irony is trez and og both share rich Paul as their agent.

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen

    What the hel- bruh i did that to my little brother when i was 5

  • Juice WRLD
    Juice WRLD

    Soulja Boy vs Randy Orton

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson

    That was an accident lol

  • Dark Fire
    Dark Fire

    If u look at it on 0:34 OG really didn't mean to do it. I can tell because OG slowed down Schroeder from falling then was about to check on him until Harrell comes in. But that was a funny moment. WWE moment

  • help i need vänke
    help i need vänke

    bruh og didnt even mean to do it and he just picked a grown man up

  • rob stone
    rob stone

    That's a body slam??

  • Shadow

    He tried to mess with OG but OG showed him what's up

  • Djhaunn

    😂😂 lakers are funny man

  • fetty _wap_goat
    fetty _wap_goat

    Og didn't mean it

  • SonicSpeedy0

    ok call me an idiot, but that body slam truly looked accidental. og looked so apologetic afterwards.

  • Josh Joseph
    Josh Joseph

    I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose. OJ was more shocked than Schrodder

  • Chris Mack
    Chris Mack

    I don’t think he meant to body slam him... shroder just a twig

  • abcd

    1:20 bruh how wasn't a travel called lmao

  • Swingggy

    OG WWE

  • Ranked Shooter
    Ranked Shooter

    Wow what an overexaggerated call! That was more of a careful lay down than a bodyslam! Especially when Schroeder initiated the whole mix up to begin with! NBA on one!

  • 4PF_Saucy_SB

    yall needa chill he ain't even mean to drop him. he was trynna pick him il cuz he thought he fell 😂😂

  • facundo ruiz
    facundo ruiz

    carusso mvp

  • CerealStroke

    How u not gonna upload a commentary of Gary Trent's gamewinner?

  • ItsME Israel
    ItsME Israel

    Man how ever you say his name He was arguing with Casper the ghost because the guy that slammed him was right there

  • JonTheSinner

    6 seed 7 seed 8 seed dont matter lakers in 4

  • Bdag TheSauceGod
    Bdag TheSauceGod

    Dude just punch the ground damn

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G

    Schroder must be as light as a feather for these other NBA players. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ian On The Go
    Ian On The Go

    OG making Ibaka proud.

  • Mr SplashMan
    Mr SplashMan

    That’s a wild thumbnail 🤣

  • Tamir Hall
    Tamir Hall

    Og tried to sidewalk slam his ass. You ain't Kane babyyyyyyyy

  • BlackEnded Turf
    BlackEnded Turf

    the raptors have some wrestlers on that team. siakam sweet chin music daniel theis and now og body slammin schroder. they should both tag team with bad bunny

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny

    KOBE: SOFT!!

  • Hayden Sigurdson
    Hayden Sigurdson

    The thumbnail Lol

  • Dead cockroach in my brassiere
    Dead cockroach in my brassiere

    1:24 travel?


      Bruh I was saying the same thing scrolling through these comments to see if anyone else saw that😂😂😂

  • Idrissa Gaye
    Idrissa Gaye

    Dennis shooder weak as hell

  • Superbad772

    Man I am so tired of hearing about the Lakers already but that slam was pretty funny/awkward

  • That1GuysPage

    How is 1:22 not a travel?

  • Galen Da Fatzo
    Galen Da Fatzo

    Why is nobody talking about 1:23? 💀💀💀

    • Galen Da Fatzo
      Galen Da Fatzo

      @Macabree you mad bro?

    • Galen Da Fatzo
      Galen Da Fatzo


    • Macabree

      why? because youtube tired of attention seeking people who start thieir comment with "why is nobody talking...". its getting irritating and labeled as loserish and attention seeking

  • iiHVXKN


  • Ash

    Lol you cant act tough after getting softly body slammed 💀

    • Ash

      @brifo my bad i was talking about schroder lol 😆

    • brifo

      Yeah lol I think he was more offended than actually feeling bad about the slam.

  • yesitsryan _
    yesitsryan _

    Schroder is so on and off. Idk he is kinda annoying.

  • DJ Biggz
    DJ Biggz

    Lol he didn’t even force it

  • David Filipović
    David Filipović

    Shrider a nice guy tried to not make him fall

    • invalid username
      invalid username

      How is he being nice? He fouled him

  • L R
    L R

    That thumbnail lol

  • Martin Looter
    Martin Looter

    Schroder just flopping man

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith

    I’m ready for that opal caruso card

  • LaMelo Ball
    LaMelo Ball

    OG a menace🤣🤣 schroder was just tryna make sure he doesn’t fall

  • Yuel Zeferu
    Yuel Zeferu

    Where were the Raptors against the Wizards? Gary Trent Jr hit a buzzer beater

  • dediiskandar

    Why hazrell got tossed?

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith

    Lakers are playing better without their Stars than Brooklyn does when everyone is healthy. That's sad lol.

    • invalid username
      invalid username

      Huh??? CASUAL spotted first of all you're playing the shitty raptors and with everyone healthy we're still a 1st seed while yall arent even top 4

  • Devastinator

    Shame on OG, glad he got thrown out

  • Devastinator


  • Nicolas Phung
    Nicolas Phung

    When Schroder tries to keep OG up but he flips himself back up, putting Schroder into the floor by accident. Clearly neither actually wanted to knock eachother over I mean look at OGs face when he dropped Schroder

  • Rudy Viray
    Rudy Viray

    Og with the side walk slam!

  • Shuayb Khan
    Shuayb Khan

    NGL as much as peopel say caruso is the "goat" as a joke, he really is a hustler,. Diving for balls, blocks, steal, and buckets

  • Lemickey James
    Lemickey James

    The nba is a clown circus 😂😂

  • King Wallace
    King Wallace

    Dem boyZ lucky Harrell ain’t do nothin about it fr 💯

    • Northsyde

      Harrel a fake tough guy 💯

  • Inf4n3te Gamer
    Inf4n3te Gamer

    Dennis Schrooder vs OG at wrestlemania 37 hell in a cell match no disqualifications 😂😂😂😂