PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN - LOSC LILLE (0 - 1) - Highlights - (PSG - LOSC) / 2020-2021
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN vs LOSC LILLE Highlights (0 - 1) in video.
Ligue 1 Uber Eats - Season 2020/2021 - Week 31 PARC DES PRINCES - Saturday 3 April 2021
Goals : Jonathan Christian DAVID (20' - LOSC LILLE)
Red cards : Neymar DA SILVA SANTOS JUNIOR (90') /Tiago Emanuel EMBALO DJALO (90' +1)
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Team line-up : 27 - Idrissa GUEYE /22 - Abdou DIALLO /3 - Presnel KIMPEMBE /7 - Kylian MBAPPE /5 - MARQUINHOS (c) /11 - Angel DI MARIA /10 - NEYMAR JR /4 - Thilo KEHRER /8 - Leandro PAREDES /1 - Keylor NAVAS /18 - Bioty Moise KEAN
LOSC LILLE Team line-up : 21 - Benjamin ANDRE /7 - Jonathan BAMBA /16 - Mike MAIGNAN /10 - Jonathan IKONE /24 - Boubakary SOUMARE /6 - José FONTE (c) /28 - REINILDO /3 - Tiago DJALO /18 - Renato SANCHES /5 - Sven Adriaan BOTMAN /9 - Jonathan Christian DAVID
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  • 윤홍민

    1:03 goal scene

  • Ensar Gürlek
    Ensar Gürlek

    Hahhhaha neymar jr look this 2:07 and 2:43 And red card

  • Architect

    Burak yilmazzzzzz

  • stormtrooper30

    If Lille can keep a clean sheet and defeat Paris at home, we surely can do that too. Don't count us out yet. #MiaSanMia❤

  • Mehmet Bilomann
    Mehmet Bilomann

    Burak yaziciii best players for lille


    Beşiktaş Lille hazırlık maçı yapsa çok keyifli maç olur

    • Kartal 25
      Kartal 25

      Şampiyonlar liginde yaparız

  • Keen Observer
    Keen Observer

    Galtier should be at least nominated for manager of the year award if Lille manage to win the league.

  • Brayden Corley
    Brayden Corley

    Why was Lewandowski the ref lol

  • MoodMe Augmented Reality Face Insights
    MoodMe Augmented Reality Face Insights

    idiotic Neymar

  • Super Football 2021
    Super Football 2021

  • bbeburneen

    That's why I used to say, naymar isn't a big player, he always acts like a child. that's why there is no great team coveting him


    alle paris

  • The Making De Moi
    The Making De Moi

    The lille defender caught neymar on his calf, but it wasn't worthy of a yellow card and definitely not a sending off.


    Who is Neymar? I remember he was the twitch broadcaster...

  • yFireBØY

    que cartão vermelho aleatório esse que o Neymar levou

  • bullishbrad

    No need for a second yellow for either of those players

  • Ed Peters
    Ed Peters

    Neymar: Dickhead of the year... every year. Viking 🇩🇰

  • Azerbaijan Mykolaiv
    Azerbaijan Mykolaiv

    Neymar lol😁😁😁

  • PES Gamer B D
    PES Gamer B D

    thanks bro🔥🔥😍😍

  • Peter Gordon
    Peter Gordon

    The spoil brats lost

  • Matzul Muda
    Matzul Muda

    Neymar injured psg ok...hahahaha

  • Dundar Ozdemir
    Dundar Ozdemir

    Go Liile

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


  • Stefano Vargas
    Stefano Vargas

    Mbappe pecho frío xD

  • Nick Tueros
    Nick Tueros


  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Allez lille Allez come on lille win the title

  • Hak Yaz
    Hak Yaz

    Lille champion !!!

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T

    neymar has to be the most unlikable player on the planet

  • Welton Soares
    Welton Soares

    Neymar is such a big baby, gosh 🙄

  • Raju Ubarkoti
    Raju Ubarkoti

    My happiness 😍


    Pour le dire franchement, mbappe n ai pas un grand joueur et il ne le sera plus . Le fait qu il marque contre le kasa5istana ou monpellier ou dijon un hatrick et qu il fasse un grand match contre le barca dans un même côté que Dest (18ans) et piqué qui était blessé ne signifie pas qu il est l un des meilleurs joueurs du mondes . En plus de son absence lors des grands matchs où il lui faut apparaître, il manque du talent de la technique et de maturité par rapport à neymar ou cr7 ou Messi ou haland . Ce que je veux dire qu il est un bon mais pas un grand joueur.

  • Murat Balkaya
    Murat Balkaya



    Neymar il est chaud comme une pizza au feu de Bois 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Manuel Pulli
    Manuel Pulli


  • Utopia2000

    Futebol europeu, se não fosse os estrangeiros, seria um futebol chato e sem acrobacias. Além disso, o futebol sul-americano é arte, o europeu é corre corre. Chato pra caraio!!

  • Aristóteles José
    Aristóteles José

    ...PSG 1-4-4-2 to win Bayern Munique 👈🏽 Navas (Right)Kehrer-Marquinhos-Kimpembe-Bakker (Left) (Right)Mbappé-Rafinha-Danilo-Di Maria (Left) (Right) Neymar-Kean (Left) Neymar is changing is profile, he is now a player to perform inside the area. He can shot with 2 feet from any angle, feinting, assisting... Pochetino only need to help him on playing with 2 touches in the ball.

  • Edson Chichango
    Edson Chichango

    REInildo MANDAva

  • Thomas De Munck
    Thomas De Munck

    Tbf, even though Neymar needs to grow up, I kind of feel him right now... Getting assaulted every weekend because his opponents do not know how to stop him must be quite frustrating.

  • DJ Queen
    DJ Queen


  • FBI AGENT 02
    FBI AGENT 02

    Lille was clearly deserving winners they didn’t have many shots but created better chances and defended well

  • Victor Eke
    Victor Eke

    I'm happy Neymar was sent off No excuse for an injury in PSG vs Bayern

  • mehul Lee
    mehul Lee

    Neymar is such a kid honestly.

  • Omed Saed
    Omed Saed

    Love psg

  • Jack & Pot
    Jack & Pot

    Pfff merci de mettre la ligue 1 Française en Anglais... culturellement lamentable...

    • MaxLeC0nkerant 2003
      MaxLeC0nkerant 2003

      Bas c'est normal ils essaie d'attirer les étrangers pour leur faire voir notre magnifique et passionnante ligue 1

    • Jack & Pot
      Jack & Pot

      ​@MaxLeC0nkerant 2003 Ouai mais c'est elle la principal qui ce retrouve sur le flow d'actualité google...

    • MaxLeC0nkerant 2003
      MaxLeC0nkerant 2003

      Il ya deux chaîne une en français et une en anglais jsp de quoi tu te plain

  • Antônio Petrônio
    Antônio Petrônio

    Que merda vê o PSG jogar sem vc eu nem vejo o jogo

  • Aneesh Dogra
    Aneesh Dogra

    2:06 lol

  • Maurilio Vargas
    Maurilio Vargas

    I checked the score earlier and thought... awe Navas sama messed up... but now it all makes sence now.

  • Jeffrey Andreas
    Jeffrey Andreas

    I don't like Neymar's attitude and behavior even though he is one of the best footballers in the world.

  • Santiago Velandia
    Santiago Velandia

    Navas The Best for psg

  • Junior Silva
    Junior Silva

    Meu o caminhão de dinheiro que o PSG pagou nesse lixo do Neymar era melhor te rasgado sem ele o time joga muito melhor.

  • William Costa
    William Costa

    PSG is damaged Neymar. 😤

  • Arsenal Media
    Arsenal Media

    Farmers leguea

  • Asd Asd
    Asd Asd

    Cmon Bayern !!!!!

  • Philipp Lott
    Philipp Lott

    Used to like neymar but hes behaving like a child now

  • N L
    N L

    Neymar is such an idiot. So much talent but such a little brain.

  • Egyptian King LFC
    Egyptian King LFC

    Massive win for Lille. I think they can win the title

  • Hamze Veckollari
    Hamze Veckollari


  • Hamze Veckollari
    Hamze Veckollari

    PSG most be better against Bayern in wednesday , they need a good result for the second leg and They need also to play better at home , away games they are dangerous but home games very bad they need to do better at home.

    • Okechukwu Shedrack
      Okechukwu Shedrack

      Bayern will beat psg dude🤣🤣

  • llnlangston88

    Love watching PSG lose. Always the worst losers.

  • Eren Görkem
    Eren Görkem

    Yusuf YAZICI celebration

  • Thomas Duchesnay
    Thomas Duchesnay

    Pourquoi les commentaires sont en anglais sinon bravo à Lille pour leur victoire de rang face à Paris. Les trois points vont être capital.

    • Thomas Duchesnay
      Thomas Duchesnay

      @MaxLeC0nkerant 2003 D'accord je comprends. Merci pour l'information.

    • MaxLeC0nkerant 2003
      MaxLeC0nkerant 2003

      C'est parce que il ya 2 chaînes différentes une fr et une anglaise, et en plus non on est pas sur un site français on est sur ytb c'est américain 😂

    • Thomas Duchesnay
      Thomas Duchesnay

      @Ozora Ah bon mais d'habitude c'est toujours en français et je pensai être sur un site français. Merci de votre réponse.

    • Ozora

      Parce que t’es sur la chaîne anglophone de la Ligue 1

  • Multiyapples

    I'm shocked PSG did not win

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen

    Neymar let Mbappe and Haaland overtake him lollll

  • Daniel stark
    Daniel stark

    He shouldnt have left barcelona

    • E M
      E M

      @Hamze Veckollari how many UCL titles have psg won ? How many have psg won since spending billions ? How many since changing multiple managers? How many UCL titles have psg won ever? 🤣

    • Hamze Veckollari
      Hamze Veckollari

      PSG destoyed Barca 5-2 bro without neymar

  • The blade Gamer
    The blade Gamer


  • Shivam Yadav
    Shivam Yadav

    Drama queen

  • Robim exe J4
    Robim exe J4

    Um futebol incrível, torço mt por ele, mas por comportamentos cm esse ele nunca será oficialmente o melhor do mundo, apenas será em nossos corações!

    • ivo arlindo jossias
      ivo arlindo jossias

      Nem sequer "não oficialmente" ele é ou jamais será.

    • Jorge Fonseca
      Jorge Fonseca

      Nunca foi o melhor no mundo,só do Brasil

  • Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world
    Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world

    PSG regrets sacking Tuchel

  • trigueiros113

    Renato Sanches só strong. Just need to cut his hair to get better

    • playnatethegreat

      @aaron like Samson from the bible

    • Sonia Picart
      Sonia Picart

      @aaron 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • Sonia Picart
      Sonia Picart

    • aaron

      his strength is in the hair.

  • Grimble Grumble
    Grimble Grumble

    Même s'il a échoué, Navas est le meilleur joueur du PSG, ils auraient pu se prendre au moins deux buts de plus. Jonathan David, excellent

  • Gönül Isik
    Gönül Isik

    Şampiyon Lille champion 🏆

    • Kadir Bsts
      Kadir Bsts


  • Mister Blekić
    Mister Blekić

    Izgube kuci od nima 1 2 sad pobede psg u gostima ova sezona je luda nezapamcena

  • Ali Sefa
    Ali Sefa


  • Aslan Atlas
    Aslan Atlas

    bayarn 6 0 psg

    • samira Khettabi
      samira Khettabi


  • hakk9415

    Du moment où le PSG les a éliminé de la coupe de France.. vous pouvez les sucé version exploits sportifs..le PSG sera champion.😅

  • D P
    D P

    Neymar😂😂😂😂. WTF is wrong with him. Such a crybaby😂

  • şamil gürkan abdulbaki
    şamil gürkan abdulbaki

    Lille champion

  • Nazim Mn
    Nazim Mn

    PSG will be champions 2021 ✌️

  • Tricker

    Neymar =💩💩💩💩

  • Kenzi Leroy
    Kenzi Leroy

    Lille viens en force mdrrr

  • T M
    T M

    Neymar is washed up bum. Mbappe is everything we thought he would be

  • Larry Bobiński
    Larry Bobiński


  • muh ashevliw
    muh ashevliw

    When PSG brought in Pochetino they made people believe he was going to be the messiah. They forgot that he never won a single trophy

    • LM10 CR7
      LM10 CR7

      @Dopeweed La of course all I sayin is he won a trophy at last but I don think they can beat Bayern becoz of Lewandowski is not playing n there a good chance for them to qualify to finals .

    • Dopeweed La
      Dopeweed La

      @LM10 CR7 not bigger than ligue 1 or french cup, it's the worst french competition in terms of importance

    • LM10 CR7
      LM10 CR7

      @Dopeweed La it is major trophy in France

    • muh ashevliw
      muh ashevliw

      @woof woof yeah sure that’s exactly why they keep loosing at home. I think you are the new brand to football, that who dreams instead watching football. Now get yourself a lollipop, stick it up you know where and go watch some Sunday leaguers.

    • woof woof
      woof woof

      dude Pochettino only trained Espanyol (you know where that is exactly Ligue 2 Spain) , Southampton and Tottenham. If you thought for a moment that Tottenham is one of the bigs that wraps titles in Premier League or European Football (last 60 years), then I can't help you. Eventually he did brought hope to Tottenham and he has every right to keep going at it while you can only keep bitching about it.

  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards

    Haha love how he used neymar's own tactic tactics against him roll about like you've been shot to get someone sent off brilliant

    • E M
      E M



    жонатаны ❤❤❤

  • Jhordi Huayta
    Jhordi Huayta

    Asta donde llegaron los haters el Psg gana la liga automáticamente haters pero si es una liga mediocre que solo gana el psg por que también es un equipo mediocre. El psg pierde la liga automaticamente haters, no pueden ganar la liga por que es un equipo mediocre sobre valorado etc. Solo eso diré asepto críticas👊

  • mChannel

    Neymar wanted more vacations, he's not happy 😑

    • Danskyl7

      He wants more party.

    • E M
      E M


    • T4p Gaming
      T4p Gaming


  • Kaze

    LOSC Lille 🔴⚪🔥💪

  • Marcos

    He wanted to get sent off, no other way to explain that.. slipped off by himself and got mad at the other nigga for no reason whatsoever

  • Yannick Guillon
    Yannick Guillon

    PSG : on change d'entraîneur, mais la défense continue à prendre des buts, même devant une attaque peu active. Il faut changer la gestion des départs/recrutements. Il devient impossible aux grands joueurs de s'exprimer, contacts, petites fautes permanentes, nivellement par le bas.

    • MaxLeC0nkerant 2003
      MaxLeC0nkerant 2003

      En même temps avec des breles comme kherer, kurzawa ou Bakker jsp trop ce que vous espérez

  • oui mec
    oui mec

    Allez le LOSC!!!

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett

    Allez les Dogues!

  • Vishal Vinod
    Vishal Vinod

    Neymar once was 3rd best player . Look at his condition now.

    • Ντινος Κυργιακης
      Ντινος Κυργιακης

      @Dopeweed La in terms of stats

    • Dopeweed La
      Dopeweed La

      @G lewandoski is better than neymar atm

    • Tommy T
      Tommy T

      @Ντινος Κυργιακης he didnt do shit against bayern last year

    • Ντινος Κυργιακης
      Ντινος Κυργιακης

      @Tommy T I'm not a neymar fanboy or sth but you cant underestimate such a big player with his quality

    • Tommy T
      Tommy T

      @Ντινος Κυργιακης he he, he cant run 15 min against bayern

  • Rehan

    PSG is a disgrace and a bigger joke than even Spurs they should just disband the club anyways all their fans are plastics lmao

  • Kadir Biçim
    Kadir Biçim


  • mansoon magar
    mansoon magar

    Lille in the history !

  • Mardin Akcan
    Mardin Akcan


  • NJR10 Football HD
    NJR10 Football HD


  • Sachin R
    Sachin R

    Psg please renew Neymar... From a barca fan.😂 afraid he will comeback 😭

    • E M
      E M

      Please don't return to Barca. He's a sickness for any team.

  • Jump To Sky
    Jump To Sky

    Neymar = 🤡