People Vs Animals: Funny Animal Fails Compilation
Beware of raging pets and community critters! Looks like they found the catnip and going crazy on their owners!
#failarmy​ #funny​​ #compilation​ #laugh #pets

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  • Vezzie

    0:40 hero cat actually trying to save this man's life before it's too late

    • Darth Vidder
      Darth Vidder

      I love animals, but that cat would experience "hang time" if he came at me like that.

    • Louis Abdil
      Louis Abdil

      @iamliterallyfat oo

    • Martha Packard
      Martha Packard

      Everything you have belongs to Negan.

    • Hubert Hölle
      Hubert Hölle

      Sie is not doing a great Job eather

    • Jeremy Kitchen
      Jeremy Kitchen

      god. disgusting.

  • Josh Fry
    Josh Fry

    Never ever try to bath a cat. I found out mine can scale a tile wall, do a double backflip mctwist over my shoulder and GONE!!

  • m b
    m b

    Like honestly people cuddling with a cat next to their face should seriously take nick fury's example

  • Hmm

    blubber guts at 00:49, animals trying to save your lard ass


    5:10 OP

  • Oviya FanDom
    Oviya FanDom

    One thing about the pig , I love this mud . Afer few seconds that guy in mud

  • ahoorakia

    annoying loud music at the end=thumbs down

  • Ronin

    that big fat bloke just letting the cat steal his food... dude i feel ashamed for you. throw that putrid cat at the wall as hard as you can then go for a walk

  • San Anto
    San Anto

    Damn, people put their face too close to their pets. Respect that they are animals and instinctly bite or scratch you.

  • Heartwing Arts
    Heartwing Arts

    Dude, teach your pets some manners!!!!

  • Anonymous Black
    Anonymous Black

    Dude, 4:00 was horrifying. That cat went for the owner's neck immediately after she fell in the tub, so it looked like it was trying to drown her.

  • H Martin
    H Martin

    The first 'staged' video has a terrible actor.

  • zubergoos

    cats are like rats - but just ugly

  • Kahsimiah

    0:50 and yet you manage to gobble down enough burgers to be morbidly obese. Congrats!

  • CANAL 11 - Revelando o Oculto
    CANAL 11 - Revelando o Oculto


  • Dogs Story
    Dogs Story

    Yessss 😂😂😂more of people 😂😂 I neeed alll the videos

  • bmf0003

    i used to really hate this channel. i didn't quite see the humor in actual injury. this stuff here though genuinely made me laugh. Thanks for putting it together. i enjoyed it

  • Tish K
    Tish K

    You who have the cat and dogs steeling your food - lock them out of the room you use for eating and don't let them back till you're done. They just need to be taught some manners. Those people with new babies - teach them from the start to go out of the room where you'll be eating then you won't have a problem when they're big.

  • PlayerNamedGedul

    01:48 That is from 5000000000000000000 decades ago and you're still uploading it?


    dogs stealing his food his not missed a meal in yuears dont blame it on the dog jesus

  • Коля Калыч
    Коля Калыч

    Собаки выгуливают людей 😂

  • William Burnett
    William Burnett

    Crazy bird lady 😂😂😂😂

  • Teonashine

    Cute Kittys!

  • _beautiful angel_
    _beautiful angel_

    5:47 LMAO

  • roballon1

    All I see is really stupid, sometimes even pathologic, relations between humans and pets. The level of irresponsibility and ignorance is just unbelivable.

  • WesTx Ranchin
    WesTx Ranchin

    That Boston terrier loves his stripper sooo much.

  • Da Rixter
    Da Rixter

    1:07 l REALLY want that doggo and have myself a nice day at the beach ;)

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Haha. Awesome and very funny video. The animals are adorable . 😁👍🙏💯 The doggo tried to drink milk is so funny. Poor guy. 😄 1:07 the dog is so funny

  • Michelle Kaz
    Michelle Kaz

    4:41 "i love you~" "i love you too~" "shut the FUCK UP"

  • Ted Unguent
    Ted Unguent

    I swear, 99% of dog owners don't walk their dog. They let the dog walk them, dragging them along by the leash. The dog is the alpha. SMH

  • Dario Ezpeleta
    Dario Ezpeleta

    Me gusto como lo revolco 0:18 en el barro, a los animales no se los maltrata!!!

  • Ted Unguent
    Ted Unguent

    0:34 Time to put the burgers down and get off your ass. Really, it's not meant to be funny. You'll be lucky to make 50.

  • dhammer303

    5:47 Dude knows what up.

  • b m
    b m

    Wow 1:53 she changed real quick

  • b m
    b m

    He fucking tried to actually ride the boar!!

  • Jocelyn Brisebois
    Jocelyn Brisebois

    protection rubber knee need to be wear when you drive that thing!

  • Светлана Акинина
    Светлана Акинина

    Americans have got some strange issues about fast food. Will the cat eat too much? Why not to share it with him? At least, the man is fat enough to start reducing portions, so sharing the burger with the cat will be better for himself.

  • Mr DJR
    Mr DJR

    Dogs and cats... ffs. Humans are weird wanting these things.

  • Vídeos Legais
    Vídeos Legais


  • USA WhiteDoctor
    USA WhiteDoctor

    1:17 EU tooths

  • Morpheus DBBS
    Morpheus DBBS

    0:33 That devoured pig really doesn't need a cheesburger :-D I see a lot of completely uneducated dogs and therefore also owners of complete dementias. What is funny in this fucking video ? nothing

  • Ornella Breschi
    Ornella Breschi

    Never wake cats up, idiots

  • Ornella Breschi
    Ornella Breschi

    Pigs deserve respect, idiot

  • Yomisma

    El segundo ya puede adelgazar o le dará un infarto muy joven

  • A B C
    A B C

    4:16 that horse

  • slurm55

    7:35 get rekt by cat (4)

  • slurm55

    7:20 get rekt by cat (3)

  • slurm55

    7:04 get rekt by cat (2)

  • charliemcnuggets

    Am I the only one who's never seen a huge hairy pig bear thing?

  • slurm55

    2:53 get rekt by cat (1)

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    0:40 difference between dog and cat in a frame😂

  • thomas

    Those extended dog lease don't it have the same effect as the new off road stuck straps where you just gun it and the stuck jeep go flying. Both fun to watch 0-10 mph in 1/2 second.

  • Tracy Nation
    Tracy Nation

    Great video. 💙 T.E.N.

  • Tamashi bru
    Tamashi bru

    Bruh cats are just out for revenge😂😂😂

  • Anthony Thorp
    Anthony Thorp

    0:33. No kitty. No kitty, this is my pot pie. Eric Cartman

  • Me 2
    Me 2

    Dumb cat and parrot ppl get what they deserve

  • fairy dust
    fairy dust

    4:06, well deserved. Good job kitty! Hope you made her bleed like hell. Putting a cat under such massive stress by "bathing" her?! Hope she learned her lesson.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Haha. Awesome and very funny video. The animals are adorable . 😁👍🙏💯 The doggo tried to drink milk is so funny. Poor guy. 😄 1:07 the dog is so funny

  • Whistle Blower
    Whistle Blower

    *[**4:16**] BEST EVER!!!* ... in this compilation!

  • Contact Earth
    Contact Earth

    humans are intelligent ...true or unbelievably false???

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Pigs they like the mud !

  • Xxgerreroxx Pro
    Xxgerreroxx Pro

    tewngo una amiga que le paso eso se llama andrea en ins

  • f h
    f h

    This is not funny. It's documentary concerning anthropomorphism.

  • f h
    f h

    0:40 Stupid guy slave of his animals. The boss is the cat not the human. Pity!

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} ......bahahahahahah sooo fun..!!!

  • j c
    j c

    some of these people shouldnt be allowed to have animals ...aand the fat bloke should feed his pets before his own gut..

  • Rodney Pratt
    Rodney Pratt

    That disgustingly fat person who doesn't walk his animals and lets them eat his food is I can't even believe it

  • Infinite Paradox
    Infinite Paradox

    0:58 the cats just tryin to help ya lose weight

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    Good they are helping 😂

  • Jack D
    Jack D

    3:14 A dog attacking someone, even playfully, as the person is coming in the door is not funny. It's encouraging terrible behavior.

  • Магнолия стелата
    Магнолия стелата

    Дурацкие иностранные приколы, не смешно!

  • Linda Mulholland
    Linda Mulholland

    My cat likes cheeseburgers , I don't let her have a lot , I like them too !

  • Brenda Joyce White
    Brenda Joyce White

    Eat away from them, also sorry I was the same way, eating fast food, 1. Not healthy, 2 totally fatning. Your cat especially needs to have canned food also, that is why they fight for the meat. They get bad health conditions by only eating dry food. Especially the cheaper ones are all cereal and grain. The $ tree here in Idaho have protein canned food for dogs. You can give them 1 or 2 times a day 1/2 can. If you can feed them in a separate room, at the time you are ready to set down and eat. You can have a more peaceful meal.

  • The Internet Animals
    The Internet Animals

    Fails 😂😂😂

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    This one should have been titled "pets acting badly and the owners who allow it".

  • Frankei

    Pigs they like the mud !

  • Val Nenuial
    Val Nenuial

    That is it folks! The cat got the cheeseburger. Time to shut down the internet!

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      A bunch of idiot people who do not know how to train and control their animals and then laugh when they are attacked. It's not the animals that fail, it's the humans.

  • Otto Allen
    Otto Allen

    7:36 did she ever get that mouse out her hair?!

  • Gabriel Borisov
    Gabriel Borisov

    "One thing about these pigs, they love the mud" Well the real pig went into the mud, soon after that statement.



  • FederikenMdq

    I really hate cats, my dogs never tried to hurt anyone. Cats are so unpredictable, never leave a cat close to your face...

  • AJ Mastaw
    AJ Mastaw

    I can tell you with absolute certainty that if my cat was attacking me everytime I ate and trying to eat my cheeseburger, that cat would learn really quick that that's unacceptable.

    • AJ Mastaw
      AJ Mastaw

      @Frank Woods 🖕🏼

    • Frank Woods
      Frank Woods

      I can tell!

  • Eragon Shadeslayer
    Eragon Shadeslayer

    5:04 that lady is going to need new underwear lol

  • Akitsugu Fujieda
    Akitsugu Fujieda

    it isn't just mud. the mud with plenty p--pp--p absolutely.

  • duffeldoffer

    Your pets are just trying to put you on a much needed DIET! Try a salad, thy don't like that as much !

  • cat lover
    cat lover

    0:40: "This is my cheeseburger!" For heaven's sake! Look at your weight! The last thing you need is yet another cheeseburger!

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    7:20 cat: "u do that one more time ill rip ur lips off. Selfish hooman doesnt even care shes bothering me...time i took revenge!"

  • Great Mood Territory
    Great Mood Territory

    Very funny video! Who else thinks so?

  • Gav and win A.
    Gav and win A.

    4:00 that escalated quickly

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Cats are terrible pets


    I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK......

  • Jan Heeren
    Jan Heeren

    Never bathe a cat, morons. They clean themselves better than most humans.

  • Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941
    Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941

    A bunch of idiot people who do not know how to train and control their animals and then laugh when they are attacked. It's not the animals that fail, it's the humans.

  • Martha Packard
    Martha Packard

    Letting an animal close to your face can be risky unless you know them really well. Unless you are SURE that they will give you a sweet kiss rather than bite your nose off or peck your eye out it would be wiser to use more caution.

  • Martha Packard
    Martha Packard

    Dogs are goofy and loving. Cats are goofy, loving and evil.

  • Rocky Dans
    Rocky Dans

    Even the cat can see that one more cheeseburger may kill him 🤣

  • Natalie Fletcher
    Natalie Fletcher

    Okay but the guy named his food-stealing dog Negan is so perfect 😂

  • Dansokay

    That dog said COOCHIE MAN!😂

  • Josh Febbie
    Josh Febbie

    So many videos out there of dog's and cats being "cute and cuddley", it's great to finally see a video of them being complete assholes!

  • C Smith
    C Smith

    Some of the people with cats,Probably SHOULDN'T Have cats...

  • StarmenRock

    That woman at 1:46 definitely only has these birds for social media money. So weird, man...

  • RD G
    RD G

    You deal with it cause you to big an lazy to do anything about it