Random Excavator Activity | Good People Do Good Thing| Replant Tree | Machinery Trucks
Random Excavator Activity | Good People Do Good Thing| Replant Tree | Machinery Trucks
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  • cb A bc
    cb A bc

    Brilliant attachment for that machine. Great design. Wonder how it would cope with a denser soil, clay etc

  • Nam Lăng
    Nam Lăng


  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez

    Is that Kim Jong-un pulling trees of the grout?

  • Joseph Richardson
    Joseph Richardson

    It's amazing that people say it won't live. It's a damn tree farm... how do you not understand that this is what they do for a living... special people out there

  • Mitchell Pawlina
    Mitchell Pawlina

    I hate to see them hit a big rock,That would ruin everyone’s day. LOL

  • Sioux D
    Sioux D

    Hello Can I ask what country is this in??

    • 송유원

      @amo freidono that country is not north korea:( but china

    • amo freidono
      amo freidono

      north korea

  • Romjan Ali
    Romjan Ali


  • Vilmar Susko
    Vilmar Susko

    Não é mais fácil plantar uma muda ou mudinha 😝

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark

    Is that Kim Jon with the suit on ?

  • Art. Demirjian
    Art. Demirjian

    Always nice to see machinery is being used to take care of the trees and avoid destroying it.

    • Banned Conservative
      Banned Conservative

      Nothing wrong with chopping trees get educated

  • Collin Ostrowski
    Collin Ostrowski

    Ur mom gae


    Is that a tree sized ice cream scoop?

  • odin

    Great now u have 15 Trees in your City 👍

  • Maria Esther Martin Diaz
    Maria Esther Martin Diaz


  • Sheep Dog
    Sheep Dog

    Tree will die, not enough roots was taken for it to live and be healthy

    • Machinery Trucks
      Machinery Trucks

      We have special fertilizer to boost its root grow faster. The tree is healthy after all.

    • Mitchell Pawlina
      Mitchell Pawlina

      Not all trees have a big root system.I’m sure they didn’t make this machine For no reason.

    • Scarface 39
      Scarface 39

      I believe that your correct 👍🇺🇸

    • Nolan McKain
      Nolan McKain

      That soil is enough to keep them alive until they are planted in a new soil. Not all trees need a pivotal route.

    • sniperm999

      Indeed haha