Complete restoration of a rare and very rusty brush cutting mower. Can I rescue it to a perfect running condition?
1961 Allen Champion 3 Brushcutter Mower

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  • xDRAMx

    Back in the day when you were expected to fix things when they broke and not just "buy a new one"

  • Justin Arthur
    Justin Arthur

    The birds are so loud lmao its all i could focus on

  • Mat SubZero
    Mat SubZero

    Beautiful Machine!!

  • Levi Ratliff
    Levi Ratliff

    Can I ask where you got the socket adapter for the clutch removal?

  • Blake Westhouse
    Blake Westhouse

    I had to use a grinder for 4 hours today I hated it

  • Sure, why not
    Sure, why not

    I wish I had a mower like this

  • Dewz Chun
    Dewz Chun

    This is The Relaxing End but better.

  • Daniel Coleman
    Daniel Coleman

    Is this over the course of 1 day?

  • Gate Openers Direct
    Gate Openers Direct


  • John Thimakis
    John Thimakis

    Great work. 🔨🔧🔩 Thanks so much for sharing. 😎👌🏼

  • TruthBy Design
    TruthBy Design

    Needs some rubber hand grips and it’ll be perfect.

  • Messi Meza
    Messi Meza

    Wow this man is lucky THIS IS RARE AND I HAVE ONE THAT RUNS

  • justin fisher
    justin fisher

    Someone get this man a sand blaster

  • djwave28

    Wow ... all the details on an engine is a source for an education for me ... Subscribed! ... Thanks and wonderful job. A long life for that machine ;-)

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    👍 nice job

  • TheVoice010

    Where on earth is He finding Old Stock Parts for these engines?....Those are the Real Gems!

  • Android Developer
    Android Developer

    That looks real funky with that teal

  • X6800

    Rare and weird.

  • Zero0

    Who woulda known fixing up lawnmowers was a thing

  • Gary Artz
    Gary Artz

    Mighty fine job, bud.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith

    They coming for your gas motors... Badass video!

  • Market Monkey
    Market Monkey

    Ayo your graphics card hasn’t rendered that lawn mower yet...

  • Nigel Verdell
    Nigel Verdell

    Imagine after it's all done finding one screw behind you from the internal parts and gotta take it all apart again😥

  • seais level
    seais level

    Wow look at all the comercials ahead ok not watching past one second , thumbing down immediately and reporting .

  • Jason W
    Jason W

    You do all that but reuse the old float that’s notoriously known for leaks compared to the new plastic version.

  • Original YouTube Creator
    Original YouTube Creator

    Yeah, instead of getting that POS running how about buying a much more efficient modern mower?

  • Richard Colwell
    Richard Colwell

    The fact he uses the correct tools really just is a flex

    • Richard Colwell
      Richard Colwell

      @David Andersen with the right 🧰 ‘s

    • David Andersen
      David Andersen

      😒 No. He is just fixing something broken.

  • Robert Haubensack
    Robert Haubensack

    Awesome video! Always loved small engine repair

  • Wade Bradley
    Wade Bradley

    Where exactly would someone source a vintage carburetor rebuild kit, seals, rods and pistons from the 1960's? I'm sure he had those lying around for just such an occasion.

  • RedWay Games
    RedWay Games

    anyone remember this in Romeo and Juliet movie?

  • deadly shotta
    deadly shotta


  • Lloyd Franks
    Lloyd Franks

    Hi, This is a great effort! I would not have wasted all the money spent on Powder coating! Powder coat is for indoor stuff like file cabinets and tool box's. When it gets messed up you have to do a lot more work to fix it!. Polyurethane paint is a much better choice for outdoor equipment and is much easy to maintain. It also cost's much less! I have pained mini bikes to airplanes and almost every thing in between. I wish this person good luck with mower! I love when someone fix's something old instead of throwing it away! If we throw everything we make away. We teach are kids everything is garbage. I do not think that is a good thing to teach to my grandkids or your children either! That mower is a functional piece of Mechanical Art! It started as a piece of junk that most people would have sent to the scrap yard. This person made it Mechanical Art and Visual Art by making a YouYube video of it. Thank you all who endeavor to reuse those things that can be!!

  • Mey Mey
    Mey Mey


  • jayna reynolds
    jayna reynolds

    Great job! Well done!

  • Bruce Behner
    Bruce Behner

    Spent 3 months rebuilding a brush cutter and still hasnt cut any real brush.

  • Bruce Behner
    Bruce Behner

    Im a small engine guy too, where do you draw the line? I can fix any small motor but there's no money in it.

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill

    Fantastic job all round mate...just one thing...the blue colours together do nothing for me....

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill

    The right tool for the right job....that's what I like to see...

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill

    They don't make them like they used to...Made In England...a message to all that it was quality back then...last forever...

  • K. Z.
    K. Z.


  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill

    I remember back in the day stripping the 205 carb down on the kitchen table - her in doors used to go nuts - making gaskets out of cork...

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill

    I love new old stock....just something about it...

  • Jeffrey Ring
    Jeffrey Ring

    Cool old mower, even cooler is the incredible job u did on restoring it, works awsome also.

  • Graceful Scar
    Graceful Scar

    thanks TRwatch for the recommendation, I've gone from uploading a makeup video to watching a lawnmower restoration with absolutely no regrets

  • kyle sandor
    kyle sandor

    If it didn’t start first pull I’d be shocked. You didn’t skip a corner

    • Bob Moe
      Bob Moe

      this was a pleasure to watch. top notch job. I wonder if he has since put handle grips on it. that is the only thing I noted.

  • Redneck in town
    Redneck in town

    I can't imagine how hard it is to find new parts

  • Redneck in town
    Redneck in town

    What is the media in the blasting cabinet

  • Peter Moto
    Peter Moto

    @36:20, the cover is in upside down.

  • Dan Loshbaugh
    Dan Loshbaugh

    I really love this mower but it bugs me a little that you chose to use a plastic fuel petcock and fuel line... and nylon licking nuts. But other than that it's pleasure watching someone so thorough do what you do, sir.

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    A 1950 Briggs.

  • Rusty Wreck
    Rusty Wreck

    Excellent 👌

  • DelicaTussin

    Wd40 I know that !! And that's all I got .......

  • Mwana Nzambi
    Mwana Nzambi

    Very apreciate!! Thanks to share your experience!!

  • Joey Maldonado
    Joey Maldonado

    No plastic parts?

  • Fisherman Seth
    Fisherman Seth

    What kind of tool did you use at 4:29 and what did you spray on them before

  • Tokyo Pham
    Tokyo Pham

    Girls after they see the word glitter:OMG DADDY CAN U G SET A VINTAGE LAWNMOWER!!!!! Him:bruh he meant something else dumdum

  • Fatalis

    Me: Why is it so long? Me after watching: Why is it so short?

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    This is so fucking good. I really enjoyed this. BTW, the talkative birds added to the video for me.

  • Neon_Witcher

    1:11:54 I'd Keep that as a flask

  • dahaterzzzz

    I love this stuff! Question though, why did you powdercoat the back wheels but not the front? keep up the satisfying work!

  • sdrc92126

    So sad. You got grass on it.. All that work for nothing.

  • Redline Studios
    Redline Studios

    this is a four stroke, i think, because the cam gear is twice as big as the crank gear...

  • Pablo H
    Pablo H

    Did u changed the belts?

  • White Noise
    White Noise

    Incredible condition for its age !!

  • hetor451

    I really wanted to see the gearbox’s taken apart.

  • Cam Pyzewski
    Cam Pyzewski

    All that work to clean and powder coat those main wheels just to destroy the edges while putting on the tires...

  • shutupandcolor

    53:20 New tire tread pattern not as cool 46:45

  • Joe P
    Joe P

    I think you need to take a break from restoration. That yard needs attention.

  • shutupandcolor

    Sandpaper part hurt my teeth 23:00

  • Ish7190

    Mater in Dinoco Blue 😂

  • richard faraone
    richard faraone

    That paint holy bad colors lol batman but damn what a great job restoring it

  • cb7pwn

    id like to see any piece of crap mower made within the last 15 years be around in 60! even my "commercial" John Deere's are pretty much throw aways after a few years of use!

  • Need more Cowbell
    Need more Cowbell

    Nice job but.. damn if it ain’t ugly 😲

  • Curtis Angeletti
    Curtis Angeletti

    Nicely done sir You're a craftsman of small engine equipment

  • Insidious DrNine
    Insidious DrNine

    You have the patience of Job.

  • Greg Kyle
    Greg Kyle

    That is the first youtube video over 20 minutes long that I have ever watched. Fantastic restoration. The question however remains...over engineered, outstanding engineering, or outstanding over engineering?

  • V CHIU
    V CHIU

    Oustanding restoration work! This mower is now good for another 60 years of hard service. Greeings from Paris

  • Sand Josieph
    Sand Josieph

    I can't believe I managed to watch it to the end. O_o

  • Ava DiMeglio
    Ava DiMeglio

    Outstanding Job! Enjoyed your video Very Much! Great Job!! Thank You for sharing..

  • alamode

    That red stuff is definitely forbidden jelly

  • MrFreedomandliberty

    Awesome video, but seriously how TF do u have every equipment ever made? Amazing

  • D Jaquith
    D Jaquith

    Replacing all what you did but not the ignition system? Frankly I'm surprised you found any replacement parts for something that old. I would have expected more considering the SR-71 was built about the same time. Technology was not the issue.

  • D Jaquith
    D Jaquith

    Makes for an interesting video but in reality all that would end up in the scrap heap.

  • Ben Bellino
    Ben Bellino

    Where does he restore the blade assembly? Did he take the blades off and sharpen them?

  • Brian Sharp
    Brian Sharp

    Whatever became of this mower? Do you still use it? Did you sell it? Is there a market for people wanting to buy this? Beautiful job!

  • ItchesIt

    I have an old mower similar to that I will start restoring. Not sure where I'm going to get the specialized tools, but I guess I'll figure that out as I go...

  • dhyanais

    The colours of this thing... - I enjoyed every minute of your video, Thank you

  • Adam M
    Adam M

    That's not professional but expert!

  • Peter Edwards
    Peter Edwards

    Was that new old stock priced at 1/6? That is 7•5 new pence .

  • Brad Peterson
    Brad Peterson

    Say something

  • Nikita Imanuel
    Nikita Imanuel

    36:20 isn't this plate put in with the wrong side up?

  • Miles Radtke
    Miles Radtke

    9:09 the yellow bucket freaks me out.

  • Victor Colacios
    Victor Colacios

    1:15:38 Ring-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, there it goes Duh-duh-duh-duh, she's a beaut Duh-duh-duh-duh, what'd pay for her? Americand Dad joke. Loved the video!

  • Nobody Nobody
    Nobody Nobody

    This thing is straight out of Fallout.

  • Neil Norris
    Neil Norris

    There's nothing like good lawnmower porn ...

  • Marader 66
    Marader 66

    That was cool to watch. Must've cost a bit to repair too!

  • The Mayor of Haines City
    The Mayor of Haines City

    This mower still has more power than my Prius

  • Reverse Thursday
    Reverse Thursday

    I have no idea what a carburettor is

  • Boring Reactions
    Boring Reactions

    Him: starts to mow Me: makes gorilla noises

  • Daniel Carl Heister
    Daniel Carl Heister

    I think the video is made so he can remember how to put it back together :)