Renault Twizy Challenge! 200 Miles In A Day?
2 people & 200 Miles in a Twizy that does 35 miles per charge!
How hard can it be?

  • nickie Redshaw
    nickie Redshaw

    Great video thanks

  • Peter Mészáros
    Peter Mészáros

    Your ride reminds me of the movie Martian when Watney drove around in the rover without the heating ... I think all Twizy needs for winter is a decaying radioactive isotope on the backseat to keep the driver warm ... worked for Watney :)

  • Joel H
    Joel H

    This was great, very entertaining!

  • countteddy

    ah the joys of searching for a (working) charger when you have 8% charge.....gonna miss it when we all have EVs...........

  • Dan Kramer
    Dan Kramer

    2 people & 200 Miles in a Twizy that does 35 miles per charge! I would have liked to have seen it. Two much other stuff.

    • Electric Vehicle Man
      Electric Vehicle Man

      Dan Kramer what’s stopping you?

  • Marc Cheetham
    Marc Cheetham

    Did you go and watch Citeh in your Twizeh?

  • Giuseppe Valentino
    Giuseppe Valentino

    get a hot water bottle and fill up at cafes and service stations. this what i used to do when doing long miles on me bike

  • Robin Rastle
    Robin Rastle

    you forget to mention you dont buy a twizzy only lease £7k down it with monthly of £70 but that covers full warranty and change battery after 3 yrs ish

  • Dirtscrambler

    very funny

  • Askak Norhadin
    Askak Norhadin

    Awesome car

  • Booboo Bambos
    Booboo Bambos

    Hey mate love ya vids the bloody funny i was crying out laughter you should be a comedian lol anyway happy new year in the coming days hope it brings joy and wealth to all of your family and fans out there

  • bjorn1583

    you need to get a motorcycle jacket and gloves, they will keep you toasty warm

  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor

    £49 a month to rent the battery. That's more than i spend on fuel in a month in my 2.5 V6 Jaguar. My jag has heated seats, air con and cruiser control. It has a suspension and AWD too.

    • Ian Taylor
      Ian Taylor

      I have nowhere to go. I go do the weekly shop once a week in a jag that's made to look like the Xtype touring car.

    • M

      Ian Taylor You need to drive your jaaaaaag more.

  • Hannah Tuck
    Hannah Tuck

    As a motorcyclist I know what cold is... However in a car you should never be that cold 😂

    • Marujita Díaz
      Marujita Díaz

      This is some sort of motorcycle-car hybrid. You get the downsides of both kinds of vehicle plus a few extra ones for free.

  • Exploring with Ceej
    Exploring with Ceej

    ive been in that very parking spot in rammy (ramsbottom) i was in my leaf and frantically googling for another spot as that one was out of use at the time.... so yeah i wasn't as cold as you lol

  • TRY to HELP you
    TRY to HELP you

    This was hilarious... I had no idea you could fit two people in this car....

  • gasdorfy munchy
    gasdorfy munchy

    Remember that movie dumb and dumber were thier frozen on the mini bike

  • RWBHere

    'There is a bit of a flaw with the Twizy....' had me choking over a mug of tea. Thanks Andy, you mad lad!

  • gasdorfic muncher
    gasdorfic muncher

    mr bean 2.0

  • christothegreat1

    You can add more range by adding a second battery diy with Lithium cells

  • MS_ ST
    MS_ ST

    Easy-peasy, see video by James & Kate, he did 526 miles, in 4 days! Good effort all the same, other cars seeing you helps get the message out. Kind regards.

  • my surly trucker
    my surly trucker

    I dont get why you haven't blocked up some of the gaps.

    • my surly trucker
      my surly trucker

      Ad them to the door with gaffer tape, just to stop from freezing; you could always ditch it later

    • Electric Vehicle Man
      Electric Vehicle Man

      How would you open the door?

  • malcolm middleton
    malcolm middleton


  • Drivers? Of Leicestershire
    Drivers? Of Leicestershire

    Entertaining and informative. A must have guide to car parks lol! Seriously, well done sir.

  • Don Little
    Don Little

    I could almost feel the cold.

  • richardwayne1990

    So in total bet it cost more than an uneconomical petrol... fault is with electric is storing and transporting the electric until they get that sorted I can see electric cars becoming a main stream thing

  • EgoShredder

    Lichfield.......where Ebay sends all of its Global Shipping Program parcels for pretty sum of money.

  • EgoShredder

    The fact you got there is a testicle to your driving ability! You must be nuts to do it though..... :-D

  • Gpcas9

    I have done a bunch of 600+ miles trips in the Twizy. 200miles in one day is a stretch ;-) But in the winter? And driving on the motorway? With a passenger? How long did this take you? In the summer this distance would take me about 16 hours if everything goes like it should. Single passenger, only max 40 miles/h.

    • Electric Vehicle Man
      Electric Vehicle Man

      About 18 hours. Didn’t use motorways.

  • Disney Fan
    Disney Fan

    Hot water bottle required

  • StuartDWright

    You are completely insane.

  • russvhill2

    Andy, I was up from Sussex enjoying steam railways and canals around Keighley/Skipton when the Twizy video notice came up on my screen. Greggs in Skipton has awful mobile coverage on BT so I couldn't see it until I got back to base. After watching all your videos, I think I'll stick to my 60mpg Citroen for the time being for my monthly 600 mile round trips.

  • Thomas McNeely
    Thomas McNeely

    Saw the Twizzy as a featured car in the new movie Ready Player One.

  • John Fallows
    John Fallows

    Add a leisure battery to power heated jacket and gloves and small electric heater? Great journey!

  • Helen Smith
    Helen Smith

    I'm not stalking you btw before you get your hopes up......Harry sent me the link!!

    • Helen Smith
      Helen Smith

      Electric Leaf Man I might do life seems pretty normal compared to you two nutters lol

    • Electric Vehicle Man
      Electric Vehicle Man

      So you’re not a long term subscriber then!?

  • Helen Smith
    Helen Smith

    Lol, you are both crazy! :-)

  • Fancy a Bev Mate?
    Fancy a Bev Mate?

    4 in the morning and the tears are falling ;) Gwen Stef would be a great track to listen to is it had a stereo haha, 4am! Welcome to my world ;)

  • Sofala

    Well that looked easy?! LOL


    As this is a reupload, here is my re-comment: On a side note: go see Ready Player One. Twizzies everywhere. :)

  • C Payne
    C Payne

    Really love the videos when the two of you travel together. Keep up the great videos.

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    Absolutely brilliant🤣

  • Mark Cornwall
    Mark Cornwall

    Great seeing the Twizy. Takes the same amount of time to charge as the new 40kw Leaf too !!

  • Scottish Norfolk Southern Fan
    Scottish Norfolk Southern Fan

    Very funn

  • R08Tam

    The Twizy would appear to have solid tyres and no suspension 😁

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell

    I was wondering what's with the door windows? I know you said before that you got a extra window add on kit with plastic windows as the cars doors don't have normal windows fitted? And you said that the ones you fitted did not fit well and flapped loose about.. But if they did fit right say? Why does the cars doors have a big gap at the back? Was these cars meant for use in hot dry counties.. where a air gap in the back of the doors and no normal fitted windows would be needed? Thanks for the video. : )

    • Kenneth Gagne
      Kenneth Gagne

      Greetings from Connecticut USA, loved it, is it more costly than a leaf?, Your daughter is funny at the car wash challenge

    • Colin Campbell
      Colin Campbell

      Thanks so a hot weather sport one then? Shame the UK don't have the weather for that :)

    • Electric Vehicle Man
      Electric Vehicle Man

      Colin Campbell The doors are optional extras. It’s basically a quad bike.

  • Benjamin Ford
    Benjamin Ford

    Thanks for sharing. That was fun to watch.

  • vmcougar in TN
    vmcougar in TN

    Now that is a dedicated EV user! LOL I could hear your teeth chattering. Oh, guess it was the non-window on the door. Sorry about that. LOL You 2 are a hoot. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm and safe.

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    You poor sod!

  • David Allen Wizardgold
    David Allen Wizardgold

    You’re a bit of a masochist.... ;-0

  • Graham Fisher
    Graham Fisher

    Your both mad....but strangely I liked it...well done

  • Michael Cornfoot
    Michael Cornfoot

    Love your video updates, i hope you have heard back from the ambassadors after your last video!!

    • Michael Cornfoot
      Michael Cornfoot

      Thats good to know, I had a moan at their press department on your behalf and they told me that they would get in touch with you, I was hoping that they were not just telling me that and not bothering

    • Electric Vehicle Man
      Electric Vehicle Man

      We're 'in discussion'.