Sinner and Bautista Agut Rematch; Hurkacz and Rublev Clash | Miami 2021 Semi-Final Highlights
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  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    If sinner wins, he will go up to no. 14 If hurkacz wins, he will go up to no.15 It's gonna be close. These guys will be top 10 in the world at one point(if not end of the year)

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    If sinner wins, he will go up to no. 14 If hurkacz wins, he will go up to no.15 It's gonna be close. These guys will be top 10 in the world at one point(if not end of the year)

  • 송원방

    Their swing speed's insane.

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Two different countries, Poland and Italy, playing the Miami Open. Congratulations!! See when México

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Sinner played so calm, nothing like a 19 year old kid

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    netplay with all those players that are very hard to beat from the baseline.

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      That's an example of a Masters 1000 event without the big 3, just wait a lot of unpredictable finals in the future like what happens in the WTA tour nowadays.

  • Raghumanda2 Tanush
    Raghumanda2 Tanush

    When opponent is ready to hit a smash, rublev still stands close to the baseline, the most aggressive player among next generation

  • Mira Gowaikar
    Mira Gowaikar

    I didn’t predict a Hurkacz v Sinner final but hey that was fun to watch! But of a change for the better if you ask me

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Sinner chases a ball down like a dog

  • jorge javier
    jorge javier

    No grunting wins? I can cheer for that.

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Jannik Sinner the future Tennis #GOAT after current Goat #DjokerNole.

  • Зинаида Реут
    Зинаида Реут

    Фуркач синнер

  • Cinema Time
    Cinema Time

    Grande 🔥🔥

  • Juliano Moraes Batista
    Juliano Moraes Batista

    WTF man, this Guy Sinner will be number 1

  • xxyanlixx

    Rublev vs. Sinner would have been a great young gun finals

  • MrZxAlan

    I understand that Rublev's forehand is terrifying, but he really digs his own grave with switching backhand to forehand even if he has no time to do so, cuz he opens up the full court for an opponent. Gotta put more faith in his backhand

    • Yusuf KAŞIKÇI
      Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores

    Impresionante sInner

    • Yusuf KAŞIKÇI
      Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

  • Nura Jafar
    Nura Jafar

    Rublev needs to do a lot about his backhand

  • Mihai Barbu
    Mihai Barbu


  • tennisblood

    Rublev has been substituted by Kopeikin....

  • ND Bros
    ND Bros

    Hurkacz was awesome. I hope he win here in Miami . Sinner is also huge talent.

  • Weiyan Cheng
    Weiyan Cheng

    Sinner played so calm, nothing like a 19 year old kid

  • Tiebreak Tennis
    Tiebreak Tennis

    That's an example of a Masters 1000 event without the big 3, just wait a lot of unpredictable finals in the future like what happens in the WTA tour nowadays.

  • Tiebreak Tennis
    Tiebreak Tennis

    Sinner is the real deal, he's so smart and powerful, he has a bright future

  • Coach Joachim Roomaney
    Coach Joachim Roomaney

    Sinner chases a ball down like a dog

  • Haramzade Modi
    Haramzade Modi

    Jannik Sinner the future Tennis #GOAT after current Goat #DjokerNole.

  • Haramzade Modi
    Haramzade Modi

    Rublev proved once again that he is the Goat of ATP500 events, not Masters1000 and Slams.

  • Haramzade Modi
    Haramzade Modi

    Congratulations Jannik Sinner for reached your maiden masters1000 final as a teenager. Go and win it.

  • Gaganmeet Singh
    Gaganmeet Singh

    Novak Djokovic: Sinner is a future number 1

  • sil328

    Will be nice to have a final not full of grunts and 'bweeh's. Amazing how some players manage to hit a ball without making animal noises - how do they do that?

  • Dawid Dawid
    Dawid Dawid

    Matka powtarzała nie siedź tyle przy Pegasusie. Na podwórko lepiej wyjdź. Nie słuchałem, Hubert słuchał.

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan Chen

    It wasn’t a 500 but a 1000 that’s why rublev couldn’t make it

  • Tapoqu

    Hurkacz got new personal best season in career!

  • George H.W. Bush
    George H.W. Bush

    Looks like Ryo’s favorite player Rublev lost to Hurkacz

  • Nicolás Palma
    Nicolás Palma

    Itz amazing how Hurkacz neutralizes Rublev's power

  • valerio ceddia
    valerio ceddia

    It was clear after the strange match vs Korda that Rublev was going down mentally and phisically. So i think this victory of Hurkacz Is not so indicative. Sinner in 3 set is my prediction


    Let's go Jannik vs Hurkacz wow!

  • Carlos Raul Carrera Montalvo
    Carlos Raul Carrera Montalvo

    Hurkacz is Michael Cera's younger brother

  • Ivan DeSantis
    Ivan DeSantis

    Hurkacz has improved his fitness and other parts of his game as well. He made that victory look too easy. I'm still waiting to see which one of these younger players is going to be the first to plant his flag on a major before the others. I know Thiem won a US Open but he's a couple of years older than the guys I'm talking about

  • Raymond Meng
    Raymond Meng

    Jannik Sinner: the Quiet Assassin.

  • Kfe Lab
    Kfe Lab

    Hurkacz (is like a young Murray) Congrat :/

  • Cla_Dny

    It's gonna be very tough for Sinner, I really hope he can win, FORZA ITALIA!

  • Huckabey B
    Huckabey B

    Dude the American commentators could not stop hyping up Korda who has potential don’t get me wrong but they’re so biased. When it came to Hurkacz they were like “solid but nothing special” looks who’s in the final though

    • Haramzade Modi
      Haramzade Modi

      Coz, they are typical American.

  • Domi Ziętek
    Domi Ziętek

    Brawo Hubercie 🙂

  • trancebeliever

    I really want Sinner to win, but Hurkacz looks unstoppable at the moment

  • Tiago Ribeiro Valente Marques
    Tiago Ribeiro Valente Marques

    This 2 boys straight 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mikael 79
    Mikael 79


  • Ashwin Naik
    Ashwin Naik

    What a great revelation this Miami open has been...2 very calm and humble youngsters making to final..

  • paraselena

    hey everybody. does anyone knows why some replys are marked by youtube?

  • alberto ponti
    alberto ponti

    The Predestened Italiano 🇮🇪🎾👍🏻🤝🏼

  • Topspin Tennis
    Topspin Tennis

    Sinner is so good

  • Dendenmushi

    Sinner = champion material

  • Theodore Park
    Theodore Park

    3:15 no one is wearing their masks properly lol

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Jannik is the real deal

  • Mzee1084

    What is it with Spanish players tending to stand out so much for grunting? Bautista Agut needs to be careful that he doesn't grunt so late into his opponent's shot.

  • twks123

    Hurkacz plays the role of John Wick and eliminated Iosef Tarasov here


    At the beggining of the year i said somewhere that Sinner would achieve a Masters 1000. Oh boy...

  • Antoine L
    Antoine L

    I feel Rublev really needs to diversify his game now. Volley is weak, can't hit a drop shot. His massive forehand his good but outside of it he gets limited. We'll see what he does after a few disappointing losses.

  • John Paul II
    John Paul II

    Honestly Hurkacz's serve really contributed to that succes. He's finally serving like he should with his body frame

  • teddy padma kwardiano
    teddy padma kwardiano

    Sinner...good attitude on court...I predict he will be the future champion...

    • Haramzade Modi
      Haramzade Modi

      Perfect successor of #DjokerNole

  • Nick Geo
    Nick Geo

    Rublev doesn't play well in windy conditions, like his match in Doha against Bautista Agut about a month ago

    • Haramzade Modi
      Haramzade Modi

      Also lost to Karatsev in Dubai event last month.

  • agradina

    hard to believe bwueeee, bwueee lost

  • Gordon Huang
    Gordon Huang

    NO, my boy bweeeeeeeeh is out ...

  • D Sesha
    D Sesha

    If sinner wins, he will go up to no. 14 If hurkacz wins, he will go up to no.15 It's gonna be close. These guys will be top 10 in the world at one point(if not end of the year)

  • D Sesha
    D Sesha

    honestly, for someone to beat rublev in straight sets other than medvedev, they deserve the title... Go Hurkacz!

  • Random PC-User
    Random PC-User

    Sinner storming into top 10 this year.

  • Krishan Taneja
    Krishan Taneja

    Rublev looked exhausted on that court! I hope he recovers well! 💪🏽


    Aside from the fact that he is already older than the most of the «next gen» players, Hubert Hurkacz 's profile looks to me very close from the one of John Isner, that is, being about two meters high, first service balls near 230 kmh and a killing forehand to conclude in case the opponent would bring back the ball - to be honest, his backhand got at times impressive yesterday. As a side note, Andrey Rublev's having been deficient in numerous regards (on top of a limited mental strength and an unusually small number of winning points (along his quarter finals against Korda), he seemingly couldn't cope with the windy conditions on the arena), one of the first games of the second set on Hurcasz serve hence lasted 56 seconds... While a win of Jannik Sinner might indeed open a new era, a win by Hurkacz would just result in an increased disinterest by most of the public at large for modern professional male tennis as a whole ; it is indeed more and more understood as a sport for giants (usually of eastern Europe descent) where the whole thing, or about the whole thing, sums up to having a huge first service ball. A recent illustration of this ongoing process was provided by having the two meters high Medvedev final of the Australian Open ; it was only because a miraculous Novak Djokovic could solve Medvedev first service issue (one may wonder who else would have been able to do this) that the process couldn't get completed.

  • Davide Lubranos
    Davide Lubranos


  • Pumakins

    Who's Javier????

  • Zimbabwian Jesus
    Zimbabwian Jesus

    Tennis TV comments the place where people have no clue about tennis, but talk like they are tennis experts.

  • Claudio Viotti
    Claudio Viotti

    Unfortunately we won’t get to see the mature Sinner vs the big 3, only against an old Novak at best.

  • TavoMundo

    Rublev needs to play on the net and in the future I hope a match Sinner vs Korda!!!!!

  • Jorge Baeza
    Jorge Baeza

    Two different countries, Poland and Italy, playing the Miami Open. Congratulations!! See when México

    • Zenco Suzuki
      Zenco Suzuki

      Poland is sometimes called the Italy of the North. Greetings from Poland to Mexico:)

  • Micke Macke
    Micke Macke

    Can someone explain to me why the summaries always last around 8 minutes?

  • Natura Libera
    Natura Libera

    But what doing all those dogs and all those bitches with muzzles in the stands?


    I definitely think Sinner will be the world No.1 in the near future. His talent is just amazing!

  • Arthur Verhulst
    Arthur Verhulst

    What both Sinner and Hurkacz do better than the other players in the latter stages of this tournament is that they charge the net at the right times. Very clever to have invested in netplay with all those players that are very hard to beat from the baseline.

  • Casey Haynes
    Casey Haynes

    Does Rublev have to make so much noise when he hits the ball? Just seems like he is trying to intimidate his opponents

  • HDMusicPremium

    Rublev: Haha finally without the Big 3 I can pueeee and pueeee and pueeeee my way through to the trophy! Hurkacz: Sike boiiiiiiii

  • Jamie Vidd
    Jamie Vidd

    Hurk and Sinner: 2 more guys with bright futures on ATP tour. Quality players.

  • Talib Talib
    Talib Talib

    Hurkacz djokovic

  • Liang Jack
    Liang Jack

    Down goes bweeeh

  • Cristian Palmer
    Cristian Palmer

    HH reminds me of Berdych

  • Ri Nato
    Ri Nato

    Well, I've been following Sinner for over 2 years now and I knew this moment would arrive sooner or later. Honestly I didn't think it would be that soon.

  • sander tagpeso
    sander tagpeso

    I like how Hurcakz hits his balls it seems he's not straining at all and looks very calm.

    • Brij Bhatt
      Brij Bhatt

      Really? To me it looks like a very complicated and flat forehand but he makes it work

  • Jason Broady
    Jason Broady

    Fair play to hurkacz I saw him losing on the challenger tour a while back thinking he was gonna get nowhere but damn what a turn around. Sinner is also in gd contention to win a master's as well, hope this is the start of something special for them.

  • writer684

    Bastita just happy to hit back the ball where it came from - Sinner creating something by changing direction - think he is inspired by Djokovic in manny ways...I think he slides as well, changing directions, stop balls, going to net in chosen moments , If he can do this now in a couple of years he will be a monster

  • dtv2031

    A final without annoying grunting!

  • Kunal Upalekar
    Kunal Upalekar

    Who else mistook Hurkarcz for Djokovic ?

  • Nonito Plema
    Nonito Plema

    ill cheer for d both of them....

  • Brigg Solis
    Brigg Solis

    NOOOOOOOOO! NOT BWEEEEH!!!! Great job to Sinner and Hurkacz!

  • Elias KOUAKOU
    Elias KOUAKOU

    Miami atp Balls are kinda strange.

  • thorium222

    Rublev is kind of a one trick pony. If he can't handle the opponent with the pace of this groudstrokes, he has a problem.

  • Jacopo Valtellina
    Jacopo Valtellina

    Interesting final, they are good friends who often train together and also play doubles together.. I go for Sinner but good luck to them both!


    Never heard of them before this tournament. So congrats to them. A big win for both regardless of the outcome in the final.

  • Alex Wilhelm
    Alex Wilhelm

    Never seen rublev playing that bad... He would even have the worst second serve at the WTA Tour.

  • ewa evi
    ewa evi

    Master level bravo Hubert 💪 🇵🇱

  • Tesfay Berhe
    Tesfay Berhe

    Looking forward Great final between two young stars

  • Rezlem

    No more bweh :(

  • ragindo XL
    ragindo XL

    E con la sconfitta di Rublev i russi a Miami sono stati fermati e annientati !!! And with the defeat of Rublev the Russians in Miami were stopped and annihilated !!!

    • Utente007

      Godo come un riccio 🦔

  • Nuno Guimarães De Assunção E Ferro Lança
    Nuno Guimarães De Assunção E Ferro Lança

    rublev is good on his day, on his week but the inconsistency is just too much to be a fan. how was he down 5-1 to a player who can't break. also starting to realize he is a frunt runner. the biggest on tour. when things are going well he seems unbeatable, when it is going wrong he looks one of the worse players on tour....

  • Frank G.
    Frank G.

    Rublev pensava di vincere, ... manco p'Hurkacz!

    • Utente007