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Mladá Boleslav is the central pillar of ŠKODA’s global production network. More than 50 % of all ŠKODA vehicles produced around the world to date come from this manufacturing location. The site has undergone comprehensive redevelopment particularly since the brand joined forces with the Volkswagen Group in 1991. Since then, 7.8 million vehicles have been manufactured at the location, of which almost 3.3 million Fabias, around 2.8 million Octavias and over 309,000 Rapids.
The Mladá Boleslav plant plays a key role in ŠKODA’s current model campaign. One of the most comprehensive modernization and expansion projects in the history of the site was undertaken prior to the 2012-production launch of the Octavia/Octavia Combi, Rapid/Rapid Spaceback und Fabia/Fabia Combi models. The capacity of production line I rose from 800 to 1200 vehicles daily. A new car body shop and a fully automated paint shop were also built. In 2013, a new, environmentally friendly press line commenced operations. In addition, another new press line will have been installed by early 2017.
The factory on Václav Klement Road, Mladá Boleslav, is ŠKODA’s factory par excellence. This is where the origins of the Czech manufacturer’s 120-year success story lie. In close proximity to today’s production facilities, ŠKODA’s two founders, Laurin and Klement, first started by constructing bicycles in 1895, then moved on to motorbikes, and eventually produced their first automobile in 1905.

  • P I
    P I

    Scary to watch. Humas will be useless soon.

  • dante marasca
    dante marasca

    espectacular video, que calidad de auto, acá en Argentina no tenemos autos así

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  • Alan Sombody
    Alan Sombody

    Hardworking people, work, educate, develop technology and not just waiting and praying if gods gonna send food and money from sky, like some nations, not working cuz gods says that.

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    Martin Matias

    Best what can i do is 1000€ per month.

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    lebkoun 6

    One big sad story...

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    I wanna be the guy who pokes the cars.

  • Rob Huiting
    Rob Huiting

    2:54 .. Unbelieveble what an amount of steel for thousends of cars. For all those short term cliché people that want to show off for a year or 2 with a new car and than move them to poland

  • Fortney.

    in czech republic is skoda škoda :D

  • Prophetli

    I drove my Octavia 5E (Combi, 1.8TSI, 4x4) from Switzerland to Mlada Boleslav back in 2018. We did a factory tour there and the KANBAN approach which was implemented is very interesting and satisfying to watch in action. I've had a great time and I'm glad I got to see it in action.

  • Kirsty Donnelly
    Kirsty Donnelly

    They good for other people in help said they good Skoda petrol

  • erste Liga
    erste Liga

    Pretty Cool, Skynet @ 3:00

  • Zac Pa
    Zac Pa

    Just bought my second VRS. Frist one was destroyed in a crash and I walked away fine. Funny thing was the crash was caused by a speeding vw GTi.

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    GG Allen

    I love skoda

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    Dimitris Manousakis

    Skota Octavia

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    pinkz sutta

    Watched the whole 22 mins. Can say today was productive 😊

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    Jose Ismael

    com este filme eu consigo convencer qualquer cliente a comprá-lo no mundo inteiro um produto de alta qualidade

  • günter wagner
    günter wagner

    ich habe mir 2001 einen skoda oktavia (diesel)gekauft und fahre diesen bis heute , tacho zeigt 400 000 km. gestern bekam er eine neue lichtmaschine und der spritverbrauch liegt bei - 4,2 liter auf 100 km. (elektronische .anzeige) nun ja : 1 x bekam er einen neuen auspuf und 2 x neue brems-belege , ich liebe dieses auto + marke ,

  • Freeman Grdon
    Freeman Grdon

    This machines moves like transformes

  • Ahmed Saci
    Ahmed Saci

    J'adore les allemands. Ils symbolisent la droiture et la perfection. Le meilleur peuple. Ma vénération pour ce Grand peuple.

    • 06vh

      Já myslím, že je to výsledek česko - německé spolupráce. Úspěšný výsledek. Můj bývalý spolužák má firmu, která v této továrně montuje roboty.

  • Alejandro muñoz
    Alejandro muñoz

    He quedado maravillado con tanta tecnología y pulcritud en los detalles. Ahora entiendo por qué en Chile esta marca es comercializada a tan elevados valores.

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    Sonacome Dz

    UFO technologies

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    Rajkumar G

    Very nice video 👍

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    vijin s

    We love vw but we can't afford spare parts rate and service cost after the warranty

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    Renjith R

    Poli super

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    caizerismo jenior

    Take care of water pump, make it as it should be 😉

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    Me need DVD Android please send me

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    John Kurtz

    Skoda is one of the most remarkable car all around

  • Petr Kašpárek
    Petr Kašpárek

    It feels like something from the Terminator :DD

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    D.Harold Angel

    GENIUSES the designers of these automated factories. Yesteryear's futuristic science fiction.

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    Kiran Kamindla

    Nice Car Sir But Skoda lo Back Dikky Evvakunda Skodalo Fabia la Dikky cut chesi Oka model cheyandi Sir Chala baguntadhi

  • Frank Potter
    Frank Potter

    Good quality cars, just the lack of premium materials and sound insulation.

  • Jesus Manuel Gonzalez Camacho
    Jesus Manuel Gonzalez Camacho

    ¿Hace tres años Y tan futurista?... Y en 2021. Mundo fantástico 🤔. Muy bueno 🚘 🏁 PD: las instalaciones se ven impecables. Espectaculares. ✌️

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    tamina brat brat

    Isnt that a skoda rapid at the same production line 19:02

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    Still can't afford it.

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    John John F. Webber

    I like this car brand Skoda 😻😻🇵🇭

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    nice car 👍

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  • Syed Kazimi
    Syed Kazimi

    Looks like Skoda is working hard. It seems no more to be a car that used to be laughing stock in the Europe

    • 06vh

      Vždy byla Škoda lepší než Trabant nebo Velorex.

  • Motör Head
    Motör Head

    What an ugly car

  • Braucht keiner wissen
    Braucht keiner wissen

    Warum wird da so ein Tam tam rum gemacht? Die Kisten stehen beim Händler als Neuwagen mit kleinen Macken rum, und alle Daumen lang ist etwas kaputt. Wer kauft sich so eine Nuckel? Leute mit wenig Geld. Aus meiner Sicht abzucke.

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    Alfa Nacer

    In algeria we pump only weels and we said made in algeria.

  • Travel with Umesh
    Travel with Umesh

    Wow awsome

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    adokš aivatco

    3:01 yellow robot

    • adokš aivatco
      adokš aivatco

      4:37 orange robot

  • adokš aivatco
    adokš aivatco

    4:46 making hole with welding (orange robot)

  • Karol Kupec
    Karol Kupec

    Nice, next step aluminum alloy body electric car 🚙 600km range with Tesla battery pack God bless you all.

  • Rish

    Skoda is one of the worst auto companies, when it comes to quality of their products and the after sales service.

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    Venky Royals

    12:06 it's look like a movie

    • Szeptacz

      It is

  • Max Braun
    Max Braun

    Ich frage mich warum die Maschinen nicht besteuert werden, die Menschen die Arbeit werden besteuert, also das Leben wird besteuert. Das ist eine feindliche Umgebung für dem Menschen.

  • CXensation

    Very professional video with the natural sound of machines at work.

  • Ashok

    70%they used machine's to build the vehicle may be I doesn't now it's safe are not to compare with worker do ... overall it's good

  • villegas24

    I had a rental Octavia once. Nice car.

  • Anthony Ip
    Anthony Ip

    Very educational for someone interested in industrialization.....

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    فرفشة farfasha

    Wow wow wow

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite

    Good car with useless service centers.skoda service centers are really very bad in my district.

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    نهاد مهداوي

    سكودا كتافيا ٢٠١٩ بشوت

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    Osman Turanoğlu

    Şu üretim bizim ülkemizde de yapılabilir inşallah. Yerli otomobil için izlerken tek dileğim bu oldu. Umarım "burası Türkiye" sözünü kaliteden ve memnuniyetten söyleriz. 🤲

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    Areg Mirzoyan

    So they have a building inside a building

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    those human workers just get paid for whipping the already clean surface?

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    Tamerilli 23

    I love this car

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    Jayprakash Meenchira

    No doubt it is a class car but alas their sales and service people are non-competant and even Skoda inda had not addressed my concern.

  • Tygrys Tygrysowaty
    Tygrys Tygrysowaty

    Inside it is secured with a primer only...

  • French Paul Kalbrenner
    French Paul Kalbrenner

    Mass production vs people mass production

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    Taner Ç.

    Helal olsun size Thanks


    Appreciate your work...

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    Hnusný auta. Poruchový a za pár měsíců rezavějí a samá oprava.

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    Very few women, why ? I wonder if that is typical.

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    Kalitesi iyimi

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    Илон Маск

    А у нас на РОССИИ вот только только валежник разрешили собирать!

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    Paweł Stachowiak

    Wypas.Jezdzilem do tego zakładu.

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    kinimod bang bang Dangeros

    Exakt wie im Wolfsburger VW Werk.

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    Dr.Nawaf Alenezi

    I love skoda

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    Zwykły Chop

    Brawoooo Czesi BRAWOOOO Oj my głupie Polaki możemy tylko patrzeć i podziwiać hmmm

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    Fatih Aydın

    Which country factory ?

  • The Farmer
    The Farmer

    I've been to a GM assembly plant in Detroit. It feels like your in an underground bunker compared to this Skoda factory. 🤣

  • ak Gul
    ak Gul

    Skoda is super car but a very very less distance under ground clearance then it is not good

  • John Bower
    John Bower

    This was fascinating; thanks for sharing.


    The workers look very tired, i think Skoda should give them a rest

  • Sasa Najdeski
    Sasa Najdeski

    Good car but very booooring car

  • Auto body repair Clear coot
    Auto body repair Clear coot

    Scoda Nice Car Logo Worst

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    Thé best car


    Which country

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    Great process...

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    Jan h.

    Famózní 😍😍


    I owe one off this bad boys😂


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  • a night full of blue stars
    a night full of blue stars

    they move kinda fast compare to all the stuff they must do

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    Luccas Firmiano

    Que pena o Brasil não ter esse carro lindo z🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    Germans are best..🇵🇰

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    Heartfully hats off your entire team 😊🙏👍🌹👌✌️❤️❣️

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    surendra bullets

    My favourite car company 😍

  • Mikkel Mouritzen
    Mikkel Mouritzen

    What are they doing in the section where this dude rubs the car with some kind of glove?

    • Cars Garage
      Cars Garage

      this is quality check

  • Régis Demarez
    Régis Demarez

    My Octavia's door window buttons were defective at delivery so I came here to see who's fault it is. Now I know it was Matyáš not looking at what he is doing at 19:33. Thanks Matyáš! :p

    • nechmenapokoji


  • That1 Dude
    That1 Dude

    Robots and humans working in harmony

  • Noneatme

    Skoda gefällt mir sehr gut. Leider sind die ganzen TSI Motoren absolut scheiße. Schade eigentlich, hätte gerne einen gekauft.

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    Ing. Mario Borro

    Really Impressive