Squeak 1v1 Vs EVERY Brawler | VERY OP, Will Get Nerfed...
Squeak 1v1 vs all brawlers in Brawl Stars
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Today we take a look at the brand new brawler coming in the Brawl Stars Update Squeak. This Brawler will be coming May 22nd and Watch out cause he is VERY STRONG. While he may not fare the best in these 1v1 interactions make no mistake this will be one of the best brawlers in the game due to his insane area control and massive damage potential.
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    Lex - Brawl Stars

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    • [HaLPi] [987]
      [HaLPi] [987]


    • Davide Capogna
      Davide Capogna

      Nesquik is noob

    • Boah Kwadwo
      Boah Kwadwo


    • Sox001Man

      Hey lex why is your TRwatch channel lex but is is really John?

    • Joel Joseph
      Joel Joseph


  • Darkiller 11
    Darkiller 11

    I have about 60 big box. I think i can get him

  • John Shadoe
    John Shadoe

    0:58 that's a disrespect to all the Savants in the world...

  • Caylem Li
    Caylem Li

    Use code Lex I got crow

  • Caylem Li
    Caylem Li

    Wow he is really OP lex

  • Dave Foster
    Dave Foster

    Nerf nerf nerf

  • Adrian Zamorano
    Adrian Zamorano


  • Water NetworkDan
    Water NetworkDan

    Squeak will just suffer with being banned in power league like tick

  • Narvada Parmar
    Narvada Parmar

    I unlock collet use ke code

  • ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორია
    ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორია

    I want him right noooooowwwww

  • 闕于欽

    Why you have squek

  • William wants a Dog
    William wants a Dog

    2:09 SQUACK

  • Jötunn

    did anyone see the type where it said squak and not squeak at 2:09

  • Beck yu Workout
    Beck yu Workout

    2:07 squak ???

  • Blazzing

    Lex looks like he is insane in the final frame of the video

  • Allan

    I'm about to get a thrombosis playing brawl stars

  • Zacegbol

    Cornel Ruffs died from himself basicly.

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong

    Whats the name of music does he has in the background?

  • M B
    M B

    ↓ ONLY FORTNITE PLAYERS WILL UNDERSTAND↓ Squeak's attack looks like a chug splash

  • Didrik Lehn
    Didrik Lehn

    My birthday is may 22

  • Shawn's Dragon
    Shawn's Dragon

    lex: lets crow use his gadget me: yeah dont ruin crow for me

  • Ali Öztaş
    Ali Öztaş

    Its weird that a droll is so overpowered brawler xD

  • kingadamw1

    Squeaks’ pin is so cool!

  • Ryan Mcdonald
    Ryan Mcdonald

    at 23 seconds d=what happend to the bots ?

  • duccs are cool PhoY yos
    duccs are cool PhoY yos

    wait what 7 kids

  • # Howaboutdude
    # Howaboutdude

    Colonel ruffs' drool is stronger than him 🤣🤣🤣


    Comments: talking about Squeak Me: Lex's grandma is alive??!!??!

  • Арсен Жанбек
    Арсен Жанбек

    Я арсен

  • Арсен Жанбек
    Арсен Жанбек


  • Karaltar79

    Fun fact bull has never lost in 1v1 (except for Darryl )

  • arad sajjadi
    arad sajjadi

    Can you show she's voice lines

  • Boomer Dwight
    Boomer Dwight

    Did you hear your shout out from the KBWRL with a mind your business degree?

  • roshan shetty
    roshan shetty

    Squeak is brother if spike

  • Mustafiz Siam
    Mustafiz Siam

    Squeks auto attacts are inspired from the ult of fizz in league of legends

  • Killa Pug
    Killa Pug

    You forgot amber lol

  • roberto alexander mendez moreno
    roberto alexander mendez moreno

    Things: nerf his speed from normal to slow, nerf even more his reload speed

  • Alex Nava
    Alex Nava

    Can you play with sawyer please

  • Jesus Saw That
    Jesus Saw That

    So we're having 2 bunching up destroyin brawlers

  • BaconPlayz 4fun
    BaconPlayz 4fun

    I can’t believe dog slobber beats all these brawlers

  • Sean Michael
    Sean Michael

    Lex forgot to 1v1 squeak and tick

  • Creative Inks And Lens
    Creative Inks And Lens

    squeak's attack is so slow like my grandma lex: love u grandma lol

  • Mustafa Hashimi
    Mustafa Hashimi

    If he is a tank he needs more damage! Please supercell!!🥺

  • garbage is like me, trash
    garbage is like me, trash

    I can see it now... squeak-pocalyse

  • Junior quispe Rojas
    Junior quispe Rojas

    Cerra la boca por fa

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze

    Start 3:16

  • FushiSushi

    How does he just get the downloaded pins like that? I want to make a True Silver and True Gold Squeak pin 😞

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia

    When colonel ruffs Shooted faster, supercell just had to remove that now colonel shoots slower🙄

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia

    Supercell needs to add new thing on squeak like for example his recharge needs to be faster and when he shoots the explosion thing need to explote quicker, then he will be op

  • Preslava Kadikyanova
    Preslava Kadikyanova

    lex sucks so so so bad

  • Zuka Darjania
    Zuka Darjania


  • Noob Lord
    Noob Lord

    lesgo my boi crow

  • Gioele Novello
    Gioele Novello

    code lex

  • Cølønel Ruffs [Rechanged]
    Cølønel Ruffs [Rechanged]

    everyone: wondering his strength me: how does squeak do his toilet tho? ik this is cringe but-

  • lakervb

    Did anyone notice with super sticky star power it says squak?

  • Aha Kadabra
    Aha Kadabra

    "The bots underneath them"


    lex, in knock out, i saw you with mecha golden bo and i was leon named fox, im a fan

    • Amin GAMER
      Amin GAMER

      Are you serious?!?m?m!

  • Andreas Hajidimitri
    Andreas Hajidimitri

    Crow must win

  • Clive Pillay
    Clive Pillay

    I am going to spend all my gems to get squeak... 300 IQ😏😏

  • Pheonix Dragon Gaming
    Pheonix Dragon Gaming

    Squeak is releasing on 22 may On my birthday :) (Tho i know it will take me a long time to unlock it)

  • Chandra Plaggemars
    Chandra Plaggemars

    Like him a lot but why did they nerf colonel ruffs Shooting speed

  • Sanober Kamal
    Sanober Kamal

    Tick would be like oh man i am a unlucky brawler i haven't kill the squeak, super cell had make me a nerf brawler 😢

  • KB Fin Gaming
    KB Fin Gaming

    12:47 when some captain dog’s saliva starts attacking him very weird

  • Damien Cheah
    Damien Cheah

    11:07 twin brawlers

  • Jerry Wen
    Jerry Wen

    "I don't care I feast on your self and tears... maybe" LOL - Lex 2021

  • Antonino Campione
    Antonino Campione

    It's terrifying how Squeak can literally sentence someone to death from afar, and the enemy often can't do anything else than just slowly wait for death...

  • Perfection.

    Surge wins the 1v1 interaction after the balance changes

  • Wake Toomey
    Wake Toomey

    So sick

  • Kirat My friend yeetee
    Kirat My friend yeetee

    😢😭I’ve been playing this game since 2017 never spent money but I got negative gems, and my parents won’t let me spend any money to not have negative gems. I just need like 10 more brawlers😣😣😖😖😖😫😫😫😢😢😭

  • slasher

    2:10 anyone notice squak's super?

  • Clips Town
    Clips Town

    Her is a tip: you may be able to kill some brawlers ,that where in this video and which killed you, by dodging there shots

  • Paranormal birisi
    Paranormal birisi

    I am Turkish but I live in England and I love to watch Lex's content.

  • Felix Jose
    Felix Jose

    Lex, you forgot Edgar, Edgar has pain in his eyes from the nerfs and now you betray him how could you! Jk😄😔

  • Avyay Sandeep
    Avyay Sandeep

    any harry potter fans think about the fact that lex has seven kids just like the weasleys?

  • JustRa

    Great Video! 😉

  • Ranu Begum Laskar
    Ranu Begum Laskar

    So cute 🥰 I want it

  • smash 19
    smash 19

    Short range op edgar Long range op squewk


    Gadget #2 Extra slimy: squeaks next attack will destroy walls and bushes

  • Samson Davey
    Samson Davey

    12:15 gale on 420 lol

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer

    Code LEX😆

  • Games 4Life
    Games 4Life

    USE CODE LEX: i got crow when I used code lex

  • Games 4real
    Games 4real

    Use code lex it gave me luck

  • Ihab Ziedan
    Ihab Ziedan


  • Ihab Ziedan
    Ihab Ziedan

    I used your codpe

  • Orhan Özel
    Orhan Özel

    Veri bad

  • Ahç Pro
    Ahç Pro


  • Chaitanya Pendse
    Chaitanya Pendse


  • человęĸ

    Крутое видео

  • Nipa Chowdhury
    Nipa Chowdhury

    It needs nerf 😑.


    Thanks lex!

  • Leah Njoki
    Leah Njoki

    I'm spending money 🤑 brawl pass

  • Mokhtar Deddou
    Mokhtar Deddou

    me: be like i have sqeak Kairos: jes i got sqeak now i can stop eating slime

  • ____

    squeak will come in my birthday :o

  • Fun Drawing Club
    Fun Drawing Club

    Ur soo funny!

  • Boldişor Dorin
    Boldişor Dorin

    Barely would have won with extra noxious

  • Дмитрий Поташов
    Дмитрий Поташов

    Win: bot 1

  • Florin Cocilea
    Florin Cocilea

    Why does his attack flip between 1540 damage and 1400 damage

  • cool cats fan ok
    cool cats fan ok


  • Nazire Dikik
    Nazire Dikik

    No englad

  • Tejas Jain BrawlStars
    Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    Squeak will be so Good 🤩

  • S C
    S C

    Dont worry guys he will get a nerf in his sticky bomb radius and range.