Standing overtop of my Great Dane
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  • yusrakhman Fitri
    yusrakhman Fitri

    Scoooo bidu bidu.....😂🤣

  • Kass Two
    Kass Two

    Complètement stupide 🤬🤬🤬

  • Malik Bouzegzi
    Malik Bouzegzi

    عندك واحد الزين

  • jesuseyi oyeyemi
    jesuseyi oyeyemi

    So one saw him bark at the cat?😂

  • Archer

    350k likes, what the fuck is this fucking shit btw?

  • Hit and Run Productions
    Hit and Run Productions

    This was one of the unfunnier things I happened upon today.

  • G Dub
    G Dub

    I bet they do stuff that’s legal in the south east states

  • Greenlion

    A dog is not a toy!😠 tik tok is like a mental disease Just uninstall that shit for a better world.

  • Camilo Morales
    Camilo Morales

    Que bien come el perro xd

  • Supergob Goblin
    Supergob Goblin

    When doggo knows you are going towards a Rajang

  • Fatimah Faatimah
    Fatimah Faatimah

    جلس تدور تعليق عربي صح🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew Nolte
    Andrew Nolte

    TikTok is proving most pets are more intelligent then their owners


    Dog be like : Hey, get off my back 😂

  • LordLorenzo

    Pulls the pants up before she mounts it, she knows

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black

    Yeah nice

  • Lamont Mcrea
    Lamont Mcrea

    She fucking that dog

  • VS

    Короче,ну ви зрозуміли.

  • Ray Panda
    Ray Panda

    This dog don't allow him devour you beautiful lady

  • Maciane Dias
    Maciane Dias


  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh

    The fact that she made thousands of dollars from this video makes me wanna curl up into a ball and die

  • S I G N I A
    S I G N I A

    The fact that those dogs typically have joint problems, why tf would you even do that?

  • Haroon Haroon
    Haroon Haroon

    Single for ever, doggy is enough

  • Luke Antrobus
    Luke Antrobus

    Think we all wish we were that dog.... But don't let it distract you from the fact that TIKTOK = CANCER

  • FreeJokes2020 KoolMC
    FreeJokes2020 KoolMC

    Trade places and get pregnant...

  • Petre Lucian
    Petre Lucian

    Wrong websites to do this

  • Lucas_WAZZAA

    Isnt this mistreatment of pets

  • Russell R.
    Russell R.

    I wounder if the dog does that back. Dog is sure excited, lol.

  • Zack Weakley
    Zack Weakley

    That was really boring to watch

  • Balachandran K
    Balachandran K

    I thought that it was a horse 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TristanIsBadAtMC

    Don’t worry doggo, we’re gonna get you out of the pain

  • Arthur Arellano
    Arthur Arellano

    The Dog is Saying"No you on Bottom"👺

  • Imran Fahad
    Imran Fahad

    The dog do her topa top

  • Zuza i tyle
    Zuza i tyle

    Look at this dogs tail, hes horrified

  • baby yoda
    baby yoda

    I feel bad for the dog

  • 440pm


  • arelano ovidio
    arelano ovidio

    When a female does that to a male dog it's because she is in heat 🤣

  • Dewald Kotzee
    Dewald Kotzee

    Can I be your dog

  • Ryan Blankenship
    Ryan Blankenship

    Looks a little freaky with your dog I hope not

  • weddfs拳で!


  • Aristo

    oh yeah and kick balls to change gear

  • H Saadani
    H Saadani

    Dammmm lady this relationship with the dog is becoming unhealthy! Enough with the antic's you get up to with your DOG!

  • よっすぃー

    dog: she’s too heavy.

  • El Breado
    El Breado

    You just know

  • Next LeveL Gaming
    Next LeveL Gaming

    *Few minutes later* Dog: uno reverse

  • Nguyễn Phước Thiên
    Nguyễn Phước Thiên

    Con gái nuôi chó đực là đúng rồi

  • Piyush Singh
    Piyush Singh

    But If a dog rides a girl then TRwatch bans the video >:(

  • Hunter 01
    Hunter 01

    I would to be the dog now lol

  • Kakashi Sensei
    Kakashi Sensei


  • Xuyen Mai
    Xuyen Mai


  • cheŗŗy

    ok im glad im not the only one who thought this was weird 🙄🤚

  • yumbato

    Cual es el nombre del instrumental

  • Upindia


  • Upindia


  • Tun Win
    Tun Win


  • Денис Макаров
    Денис Макаров

    Зоо порно?

  • Tapan Thakur
    Tapan Thakur

    This is how I dreamt of going school.

  • Ino Halajian
    Ino Halajian

    I'm gettin the vibes she does more things with her dog 🐕

  • Pulco Citron
    Pulco Citron


  • LATS

    Can I be your dog?

  • Staňa Kotyza
    Staňa Kotyza

    Poor dog🥺

  • ChumBue

    When the cam is off the dog rides her

  • Julio gemes
    Julio gemes

    What kkkk

  • dance carlo
    dance carlo

    Whats the fucking point?

  • Tea Khánh
    Tea Khánh

    20cm : D

  • Pauliano Quintão Bushcraft
    Pauliano Quintão Bushcraft

    Cachorro de sorte 😂😂😂

  • Shreyas

    Tiktok is cancer

  • Murillo Augusto De Oliveira E Souza
    Murillo Augusto De Oliveira E Souza


  • Gloria Lopez
    Gloria Lopez


  • Benjamín Lobos Flores
    Benjamín Lobos Flores

    How i can delete tik-tok from TRwatch?

  • Marian Wentworth
    Marian Wentworth

    Ridiculous, leave the poor dog alone.!!! Your dog is Beautiful but he doesn't need your nonsense or your weight on his back. He is a DOG, treat him like a very special beauty .. but You look foolish.

  • Joao Deco81
    Joao Deco81

    Não judie do cachorro .....

  • ضياء778102 الدبعي
    ضياء778102 الدبعي

    بلال عبد الله⁦🇾🇪⁩💔💓🖤💜💘💋👄👅👗👙🌹🥀💄⁦👁️⁩778102164

  • Sharp_ Spikey
    Sharp_ Spikey

    Is it just me or is this music saying...

  • Adrian Guarin
    Adrian Guarin

    Verbal ase Having a seisure

  • Zakaria Dehache
    Zakaria Dehache

    so that's it, no one is going to talk about how the dog is turned on about her

  • Bear G
    Bear G

    Dog said that my turn

  • Good Name
    Good Name

    Song from verdabase i think thats how you spell it. No no no, song name

  • Jorge Taco
    Jorge Taco

    Jja el perro piensa que harán otra cosa, miren el pito del perro...jja

  • Hapy James
    Hapy James

    At night dog satisfying her

  • Minivere Maskuli
    Minivere Maskuli


  • Brigitte Goodman
    Brigitte Goodman

    You are so, so stupid.

  • Shubha Shrivastava
    Shubha Shrivastava

    Why does this feel wrong to me on so many levels

  • seehuskywolfy09

    The music: nononnananana

  • Lucian Lechance
    Lucian Lechance

    I bet that’s not the only big black beast you can ride. You look like you can ride s big one.

  • Sophia Ferreira
    Sophia Ferreira


  • Daniel Bastien
    Daniel Bastien

    Well I've worked with dogs enough to see za really tense doggo. Tail tucked, locking his lips, frightened eyes. Yeh, he'd like to not be there. Hope he doesn't take a piece out of dumb dumb😎

  • Budgie Whisperer
    Budgie Whisperer

    U like it, don't u

  • Армен Варданян
    Армен Варданян

    Кабель аш удивился какая то телка садиться на меня

  • sadah Al
    sadah Al


  • Exotic Masterpiece
    Exotic Masterpiece

    She has i heels on aswell lmao

  • Sanju habiba
    Sanju habiba

    Good. Dog

  • Marcos Luiz
    Marcos Luiz

    Esse cachorro é o tamanho de um boi

  • Oliver Hawksworth
    Oliver Hawksworth

    Why has this got so many likes

  • Canadian Swedie
    Canadian Swedie

    There's a reason girls like dogs, and it's much more common than you think.

  • William Kelly
    William Kelly

    Why do girls like powerful things?

  • juno zes
    juno zes


  • a.k.a. hax
    a.k.a. hax

    Every time someone post cringe on tiktok we get closer to our extinction

    • Red Spy
      Red Spy

      *Bro at that rate we are going to be dead in next 2 days.*

  • Mdr Ptdr
    Mdr Ptdr

    My turn

  • Osnildo Abreu
    Osnildo Abreu


  • Mr Red
    Mr Red

    Jit luccccccccccccccky