Sub Urban - PATCHWERK (with Two Feet) [Official Music Video]
Director: Andrew Donoho
Producer: Valerie Bush
Production Company: Huffman Creative
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Director - Andrew Donoho
Creative Director - Sub Urban
Producer - Valerie Bush
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Manager, Production - Katie Sarrels
Production Supervisor - Julio Mata Jr.
Production Manager - Christine Park
Production Coordinator - Chris Fish
Label - Warner Records
VP of Creative Services - Devin Sarno
VP of A&R - Stefan Max
Two Feet MGMT - Michael Ehrlich
Two Feet MGMT - Peter Rugo
Director Rep - Doug Klinger @ Reprobates
Director of Photography - Nick Bupp
1st AC - Bryce Platz
2nd AC - Dusty Saunders
Steadicam - Erdem Ertal
Ronin - Benji Dell
DIT - Sydney Schnurrenberger
BTS - Lorenzo Belassen
1st AD - Peter Maestrey
2nd AD - Dustin Godwin
Gaffer - Blake Farmer
BBE - Isaak Van Der Meulen
Electric - Joe Escandell
Electric - Matt Tuppen
Key Grip - Alex Picasso
BBG - Mikey Tell
Grip - Jose Aguilar
Grip - Ryker Wells
Grip - Daniel Vlahos
Grip - Nathon Giordano
Grip Assistant - David Self
Production Designer - Tyler Jensen
Art Coordinator - Marisa Papavero
Set Decorator - Sandra Victori
Set Dresser - Joseph Salcedo
Leadman - Danny Erb
Set Dresser - Eric Moore
Set Dresser - Jesse Hotchkiss
Set Dresser - Cesar Mojica
Set Dresser - Jason Smith
Stylist - Lisa Madonna
Stylist Assistant - Chelsie Baker
Sub Urban Team - Sophie Xavier
Sub Urban Team - Liam McCarthy
Two Feet's Team - Geoffrey Hufford
HMU Department Head - Alex Perrone
Key Hair/Makeup - Mazena Puksto
Production Assistant - Jesse Alexander
Production Assistant - AJ Rinella
Production Assistant - Samuel Smoot
Production Assistant - Nigel Cox
Production Assistant - Libby Stewart
Production Assistant - Elle Keseley
Production Assistant - Nick Reynolds
Casting Director - Michael Beaudry
COVID Compliance Officer - Cerra Mendez
Editor - Andrew Donoho
Colorist - Kris Smale
VFX - Buralqy Studios
Compositing - Ryan Game
Rotoscoping - Purple Patch
Goddess - Katherine Pegova
Goddess - Regina Bowman
Oh If I never get to show
Tell you all of the things I own
Fifteen hundred on alcohol
I’m feeling slow
Please let me go
Oh I’m sewing the patches
Right onto my skin
I’m counting the dollars
To buy me out
Oh I’m losing myself
To the competition
At what point did I start
To think that I’d
Cause I’ve got no soul
Live in a hole I dug
And i’ll fall apart
If I don’t get it
Oh I’m sewing the patches
Right onto my skin
I’m counting the dollars
To buy me out
Oh I’m losing myself
To the competition
At what point did I start
To think that I’d
Abusing all the functions in my head
I’ll just buy my chemicals instead
You’re so loud
Why’re you so loud
You’re so loud
Why’re you so loud
Oh I’m sewing the patches
Right onto my skin
I’m counting the dollars
To buy me out
Oh I’m losing myself
To the competition
At what point did I start
To think that I’d
Sub Urban - PATCHWERK (with Two Feet) [Official Music Video]
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  • MaryPlayzYT

    U look finn on stranger things idk why xd

  • Isaac Rosero
    Isaac Rosero


  • Otaku Gamer
    Otaku Gamer

    *see's thumbnail and title* My dumbass: wait- mahito?

  • Mr.CrazyPiscean

    You could put his voice on an old shoe, and it probably eats it.

  • Waddaduck

    you legit look like Richard Rameriz

  • Dave Deuna
    Dave Deuna

    Melanie + Sub urban, when did they collab?

  • iPhone 8
    iPhone 8

    This should have more than 50 million views.....

  • Holly Manning
    Holly Manning

    You just unlocked a new fan! Good job

  • iSa 2 Roblox
    iSa 2 Roblox

    Love video 😘♥️

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith


  • ツ J Å X Ÿ ツ
    ツ J Å X Ÿ ツ

    *Confused because Sub Urban looks like LP*

  • kaka moreira
    kaka moreira

    Cadê os brasileiros representando?

  • Hamza Elzawam
    Hamza Elzawam


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    Non Existent


  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz

    Buena musica bro Exitos eres muy grande Saludos desde Perú

  • III ExPloreR III
    III ExPloreR III

    0:55 el pasito perron de sub urban

  • Minako Miko
    Minako Miko

    Омг топово 😋


    Simplemente... hermano OwO

  • Boulenger Nathalie
    Boulenger Nathalie

    Trop bien la musique twofeet et sub urban

  • محمدجواد فدوی
    محمدجواد فدوی


  • Nhân Chanh
    Nhân Chanh

    i see two feet, i click. i'm still cultured ya lad just envy

  • akuma kececi
    akuma kececi

    that's really disrespectful to japanese culture, just because you are half asian it doesn't mean you can use japanese culture like a freak charecter

  • Souvik laha
    Souvik laha

    Suicidal twerking

  • Army and Blink
    Army and Blink

    Sus canciones son bueno pero sus clip vidéo da miedo

  • Tetee_ T3t33
    Tetee_ T3t33

    Also this song fire 🔥

  • Tetee_ T3t33
    Tetee_ T3t33

    We gotta hurry up before TikTok steps this song

  • DanDan bunny
    DanDan bunny

    sincerely, this is my favorite song

  • TSUQ-C

    S-Siren Head O-O

    • TSUQ-C


  • Oanshagh UwU
    Oanshagh UwU

    wait, but why are you so beautiful, please I'm enchanted



  • ewelina

    All humans in the video is bloodinh

  • Amelia Hinojosa
    Amelia Hinojosa

    Sub urban el mejor cantante

  • Adrian Maulana
    Adrian Maulana

    Tuyul pesugihan:3

  • Cookie

    The sad thing is that most of his fans don't know that he's doing music again

  • madai sanchez
    madai sanchez

    as una combinasion de anime we

  • doc doc
    doc doc

    But i hoped he had three feet

  • Azman Abu Bakar
    Azman Abu Bakar

    Lil nas x:Montero (call me by your name) SubUrban:PATCHWERK

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    linus geimer

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    Flying Dove Productions

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    luixon castillo

    it's disturbing

  • Luis Morales
    Luis Morales

    the best song I have heard this 2021

  • Willie Nelson
    Willie Nelson

    Satanism is addictive. Thats babies blood folks. All these songs are about drinking babies blood in the secret societies that rule this realm. Are you truly woke yet ?

  • Bob Dylan Uriel Chamorro Lozano
    Bob Dylan Uriel Chamorro Lozano

    aqui los latinomericanos:like si te da miedo este temazo :,v

  • YouTube Oficial
    YouTube Oficial

    1 Mes Gratis TRwatch Premiun Disfruta escuchando Sin Anuncio y Con pantalla Bloqueada

  • Nathalia Delgado
    Nathalia Delgado

    esta chevere la cancion pero puede mejorar.

  • E.N.Dmusic.

    Is anyone else thinking that him and corpse should make a song?!

  • Melu123

    I got a propaganda for your song but played on drums 🤯

  • _jak֟፝eluv✦

    Two feet

    • zMistery

      @_jak֟፝eluv✦ sabendo

    • _jak֟፝eluv✦

      @zMistery como sabes?Kkkk 🤙

    • zMistery


  • salvador martinez
    salvador martinez

    yo quiero de lo que se fumo este tipo al hacer el video xdd

  • Frankie A
    Frankie A

    Your going to hell

  • Rubi Martinez
    Rubi Martinez

    hello Daniel Virgil Maisonneuve 😌

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    Weird MV but legendary music 🔥

  • aNiS zUlAiKhA
    aNiS zUlAiKhA

    the music vid thumbnail is so hawt im simping

  • Jonathan jr Muradzicua
    Jonathan jr Muradzicua

    This song sucks

  • Eylül Beril
    Eylül Beril

    I like it very much is my opinion everything really good

  • TacoCat Gaming
    TacoCat Gaming

    He do be lookin like Dabi from bnha tho

  • Виктория Гончарук
    Виктория Гончарук

    Обожаю его меня очень вдохновляют его песни они как будто жизненые

  • Danish Haiqal
    Danish Haiqal

    The beat is insane! I LoVeeee ittt

  • Subtle Dreams
    Subtle Dreams

    What sort of masterpiece would be brought out if he collaborated with Billie Eilish?

    • wonders of Ivan
      wonders of Ivan

      Not sure ..Billie is changing ..she is more for sad than dark now ..

  • Subra Mukherjee
    Subra Mukherjee


  • some ordinary guy
    some ordinary guy

    This is more better than -

  • Rosa Tarango
    Rosa Tarango

    Fun song 👻💝🎃😈

  • Danish.

    akhirnya pake tuyul...

  • Katharsis

    Sub Urban is living proof that the most charming, creative and funny people are also simultaneously the most fucked up.

  • Karla Gabrielly
    Karla Gabrielly


  • sararuiz6574

    my new favorite song!!!

  • Lia O'Connell
    Lia O'Connell

    this is soooo crepy buuut you can have sex at the same time you here it (literaly i love this shit)


    0:32 0:33 high sound is very annoying ..i feel sad ..because I enjoy the rest, is to high is not balanced, with headphones and higher volume is very annoying, I can't even listen twice ..sorry to say!





  • It's Raquel
    It's Raquel

    I like this omg!

  • Celeste Ramirez
    Celeste Ramirez

    Yo: Vamo a ponernos los audífonos pa escuchar la canción Yo a las 1:12 :..mala idea..

    • Mr.CrazyPiscean

      I just want to say wow

    • johan sebatian galan barreto
      johan sebatian galan barreto

      jajajajaj tipico no? porfin encuentro alguien q me entiende jajajaj xd saludos ._.

  • Naya WR
    Naya WR

    I think fnaf is still the scariest

  • Aiden Blair
    Aiden Blair

    Guy: why didnt you wait for her to get up before throwing a dodgeball at her Me: 0:42

  • Ghost Gamer6
    Ghost Gamer6

    Adoro Two feet

  • maya mayita
    maya mayita

    Espero no ser la unica que hable español acá xD

  • Wyatt Sutliff
    Wyatt Sutliff

    this is some good crap

  • ZecRiem

    Very cool.

  • carlos parra
    carlos parra

    as mas cansiones

  • R2 D2
    R2 D2

    I just realised that "sub urban" is a clothing store in GTA

  • Bakugokatsukia

    He got inspired by Dabi to make this music video.

  • Everybody

    Try listening this after staying up the whole night. The tiredness made this sound like a fever dream for me :D

  • •Anime-Girl VR-Girl•
    •Anime-Girl VR-Girl•

    Sub Urban is the real quiet kid in class.

  • pog champ
    pog champ

    Hate very bad song

    • loveable fox
      loveable fox

      :/ you could of just said not for me

  • Avira Najihah
    Avira Najihah

    I don't know how to say because sub urban looks like mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen when watching this mv again 😮😮

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya


  • Alaa sabry
    Alaa sabry

    Love it

  • Simon Quemo
    Simon Quemo

    Damn two of my favorite aritist did a colab !! Wow

  • Simpl fits
    Simpl fits

    Dude at first I thought this was that guy from Stranger Things lol

  • ANKU

    Todas las canciones las amo

  • Mandana

    Your songs is scary and I love this🤤

  • april Ruiz
    april Ruiz

    El comentario en español que buscaban y esperaban xd 😎👋

  • Bella Beatty
    Bella Beatty

    Little late but your music is lit

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    otako anime

    The music is cool and perfect with the voice🩸..🩸

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    Просто Так


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    Eylül Beril


  • cyan

    this is catchy as hell


    The finaly 😍

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