The Greatest Uefa Champions League Skills Ever
👍The Greatest Uefa Champions League Skills Ever

  • Krys

    Je pense qu'on aurait pu faire une compilation juste avec Ronaldinho.....

  • Monalisa James
    Monalisa James

    Todo gracias a #leo_cybertech en Instagram. El es confiable y digno de confianza✌✌

  • Monalisa James
    Monalisa James

    Todo gracias a #leo_cybertech en Instagram. El es confiable y digno de confianza✌✌

  • Monalisa James
    Monalisa James

    Todo gracias a #leo_cybertech en Instagram. El es confiable y digno de confianza✌✌

  • GreenMushroomable

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    Ronaldinho est la machine avec Ronaldo best footballeur

  • Paul Martin jee
    Paul Martin jee



    0:14 Oh my legs

  • Neev Dhankhar
    Neev Dhankhar

    can u please tell the name of the first song

  • steve Henry gurung
    steve Henry gurung

    2nd and 3rd music name please 🙌

  • AKHIL Muhammed
    AKHIL Muhammed

    1:08 the ultimate definition of "Putting to sleep "

  • Legend Videos
    Legend Videos

  • Christopher McCandless
    Christopher McCandless

    2:35 messi running with one leg

  • belice mikaya 3
    belice mikaya 3

    Rien que des très beaux et bons driblle

  • Gato de Botas
    Gato de Botas

    See it and learn it

  • idex XD
    idex XD

    Nombre de la canción


    messi king del fotball

  • Binlamazzz Mazzzbinla
    Binlamazzz Mazzzbinla

    love from RI khasi

  • Janky Dausat
    Janky Dausat

    Zidane Ronaldinho Henry 🔥🔥🔥

  • Safiye Öztürk
    Safiye Öztürk

    Hani lan türk nerde

  • Maerul Khana 1927
    Maerul Khana 1927


  • Gabriel Sales
    Gabriel Sales

    3:13 vídeo game?

  • Stefano Sevà
    Stefano Sevà

    Manca il goal di Kakà all'Old Trafford contro il Manchester United

  • pablo acosta almeida
    pablo acosta almeida

    estubo muy bueno messi siempre regatiendo al extremo

  • Anok Anok
    Anok Anok

    You are surely Ajax lover

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The endurable collision coincidentally risk because fedelini unknowingly watch by a scintillating cancer. roomy, colorful hell

  • حسين القيصر
    حسين القيصر

    ممكن اسم الموسيقى الأخيرة مال ok

  • Affu Shaikh
    Affu Shaikh

    Song name please

  • Sukh Sodhi
    Sukh Sodhi

    Bl00dy ell, was that really John O’Shea v Figo? O M D S


    Alex de souza💛💙💛💙💛💙

  • Gaming


    Hi guys skills and Goals here in

  • Abdul Rach
    Abdul Rach

    Ozil genius and so smooth

  • Natural Suntan
    Natural Suntan

    Pep Guardiola's reaction to Messi's nutmeg was epic 2:18. CR7 does not have a lot of dribbling skills, however, he is fast with the ball at his feet at least

  • Fran X
    Fran X


  • Илья Поляков
    Илья Поляков

    Зидан дохлая утка

  • Prognóstico Futebol
    Prognóstico Futebol

    hello, how "can we" make channel partnership?

  • Jesús alberto cuellar galvan
    Jesús alberto cuellar galvan

    recomiendo conmebol libertadores

  • Joelson Cruz
    Joelson Cruz

    kkkkk porque so tem gringo comentado aqui.


    6:29 ALEX DE SOUZA

  • Alessandro Mauro
    Alessandro Mauro

    Montolivo orgoglio italiano

  • Gabriel Gamer
    Gabriel Gamer


    • Gabriel Gamer
      Gabriel Gamer


  • soulaymane houari
    soulaymane houari

    Cr7 has more ckill

  • soulaymane houari
    soulaymane houari

    Kein cr7 kein nice vidio

  • Abdulrahman

    The best is inesta

  • Sports XD
    Sports XD

    East or west CR 7 and Leo Messi is the best.

  • Felix Gonzalez
    Felix Gonzalez

    David Bergkamp is missing... I can not approve it 👎

  • sergo Целиноград
    sergo Целиноград

    Иньеста демон пздц

  • Mahmood Yuzdan
    Mahmood Yuzdan

    6:48 GOAT Vs GOAT

  • TonyBagChasin

    Do the mexican league best goals you won't regret it

  • Ballon - Pes & Fifa Mobile HD
    Ballon - Pes & Fifa Mobile HD

    What's the name of the First song?

  • Invincible 004
    Invincible 004


  • ورده َ
    ورده َ

    نتم ياناس عار وتعب وضيم وملااعين ونتم اشر ياناس طماعين وملااعين 😠😡😠😡😠😡🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😠😡😡😠😡😡

  • Shilpi Chauhan
    Shilpi Chauhan

    They said it right, Gods at Play.

  • Nelson Black
    Nelson Black

    Champions League seru sebentar subuh,ingat nonton ya semua!!!

  • Sports4K World
    Sports4K World


  • Ray Sake Ismarini
    Ray Sake Ismarini

    2:34 Messi steping with one foot and controling the ball with another foot



  • great Joker
    great Joker

  • Nathan Nzekama
    Nathan Nzekama

    Messi solo vs real Madrid 2010/2011 semi final CL ??

  • Ramon Júniores
    Ramon Júniores

    These are legends shit 🔥⚽️

  • Erdal Tutkun
    Erdal Tutkun

    Türk olan

  • Santiago Ferreyra
    Santiago Ferreyra

    Temazos! I loved the tunes, could you tell me the names, please?

  • Lindsey Gonzalez
    Lindsey Gonzalez

    The tangible enemy recently announce because theater temporarily pack a a rude liquid. nifty, left sunflower

  • Joshua Inciarte
    Joshua Inciarte

    El futbol es un arte ppa

  • Rasmané Guiénné
    Rasmané Guiénné

  • Aleksandar Dordevic
    Aleksandar Dordevic

    Nice music!

    • Bryan Guilherme
      Bryan Guilherme

      Cauntion - Skrylla 🎵

  • Gnabrynho

    O'shea megging Figo just few months before ROnaldo gives him a lesson.

  • Ali Zainal abidin
    Ali Zainal abidin

    Where is ricardo KAKA

  • javier erick guillen granados
    javier erick guillen granados

    es una falta de respeto no poner uno de sus regates de MR.Champions

  • jj

    Once upon a time in Arsenal!

  • Adhil Sulthan
    Adhil Sulthan

    2:17 Messi make milner famous💥

  • Adhil Sulthan
    Adhil Sulthan

    Boateng destroyer🙀🙀

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    Dah Toffa

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  • Mbuso Mohlakoana
    Mbuso Mohlakoana

    The song in the background damn who's that

  • joaoantunes20

    Teu canal é muito bom velho. Faz um vídeo do Trent Alexander-Arnold.

  • Emperorgram pes HD
    Emperorgram pes HD

    First song name

    • Emperorgram pes HD
      Emperorgram pes HD

      @Elias Sammut thanks bro I appreciate.

    • Elias Sammut
      Elias Sammut

      Caution by Skrxlla

  • Carlos Jimenez
    Carlos Jimenez

    U miss ronaldo(El fenomeno)

  • Ozan Bayat
    Ozan Bayat

    Agaa beee Alex de Souza 💛💙

  • M.A .D
    M.A .D

    Ozil’s goal👌🏾🔥5:08

  • oguz çoğal
    oguz çoğal


  • Chris Gutierrez
    Chris Gutierrez

    Bro msn was too nasty wit it 😭😭

  • Andika Putra
    Andika Putra


  • Augusto silva
    Augusto silva

    1:26 anthony monstro

  • Lucas Gonçalves
    Lucas Gonçalves

    Kwai 691753498 baixem e digita o código e começe ganhando...

  • Lucas Gonçalves
    Lucas Gonçalves

    Kwai 691753498 baixem e digita o código e começe ganhando...

  • Omar King
    Omar King

    the song what is it

    • Bryan Guilherme
      Bryan Guilherme

      Cauntion - Skrylla 🎵

  • Phsycho 7777
    Phsycho 7777

    You hate real madrid and ronaldo tight ؟؟؟

  • Vagelis Douventzidis
    Vagelis Douventzidis

    Search amazing skill nikos liberopoulos from match panathinikos juventus 3-1

  • Mario Alfredo
    Mario Alfredo

    Forza Rangers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • mohamed adam
    mohamed adam

    Messi vs boateng never gets old.😂 rest in peace jerome.

  • isthedeadliest

    ÖZİLLLL 👌🏻

  • Team Expandables zimbabwe
    Team Expandables zimbabwe

  • Gabriell Santosa
    Gabriell Santosa

    1:12 don't use many style but Messi is one style 😂 and 100% greattt

  • Nex P Comedy
    Nex P Comedy

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  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Henry the ultimate Gunner, no player in Arsenal has been able to surpass his level of football

    • Omar King
      Omar King

      do know what is the first song

  • الكوره في الجون
    الكوره في الجون

    لمتابعة نتائج المباريات اول باول لايك واشتراك في القناة ومردوده ليك بلايك واشتراك ياكبير وسيب قناتك في الردود اسفل التعليق 😍

  • Aldon Dekock
    Aldon Dekock

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  • quesejodan Todos
    quesejodan Todos

    AND Alphonso Davies????

  • Futebol07

Genius Plays
3 Mn