This million dollar yacht flies!
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      U r spb blondie next video luxury boats I'm waiting

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      No please

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      Waw That so beautiful like the blonde girl mam your so pretty.

  • Srgatn Oooo
    Srgatn Oooo

    9/11 chapter 2 instead 2 giant flying yachts fly into 2 twin towers 2.0

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    Rahul Chauhan

    I am indian 👍your subscriber

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      Supercar Blondie,

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  • shelby namels
    shelby namels

    Flying yacht? Child, please! Hydrofoil technology from the Fifties.

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    nasos nasos

    Love love

  • Phil May
    Phil May

    Sorry, gang, but I’m sick and tired of super well off TRwatchrs travelling all over the world in their Gucci sneakers and Cartier glasses telling us how divine this million dollar boat is, or how fast that 5 million dollar Lamborghini is. All the while flying first class and staying in luxury accommodations. All on your money. You pay for all this fluff by subscribing, merch, patreon, and whatever else they can do to have you give them your money. These people don’t do shit. They are, for lack of a better or more exact word,.....parasites. There.... I said it.

  • Master-G Big
    Master-G Big

    Well; since there is no standard definition for what a Yacht is I tend to get my hopes up as I anticipate a rather large boat with multiple rooms, where I can invite guests over to spend the weekend. This, however; was a hydrofoil pleasure boat, not something I would refer to as a Yacht; "in my opinion." For what it is and what I saw, I found myself easily disappointed. It's all in the delivery of your presentation. Now; had you said; simply; I have a cool new Hydrofoil boat you just got to see and leave the price out until the end of the presentation, I would say; yea, that look's pretty cool.

  • moonolyth

    Hell, I was waiting for it to fly! A sailboat can do that!

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

  • Jonathan Herrada
    Jonathan Herrada

    I don’t get the point of it flying… it’s a boat but rich ppl like wasting their money on wtvr right 😂

  • nedj10

    740 hp between 2engines...or as they say in Miami....half powered.

  • kamo kam
    kamo kam

    It didn't fly it just lifted itself up like huh

  • Mike Drop3609
    Mike Drop3609

    I dont think anyone asked how expensive that is

  • George Roberts
    George Roberts

    What I didn't see was a million dollars. Nice, limited application, watercraft. But certainly not a million dollars worth.

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

  • Lance Giammanco
    Lance Giammanco

    Life time boat guy.... from Miami. Have to say I have seen a number of hydrofoils like this catch a wing’ at speed and self destruct with serious injuries and fatalities a d these is little change if making a rapid turn to avoid flotsam ahead of the boat. Look for this company to have serious issues with insurance and lawsuit problems.

  • ParkerPlaza

    Can I ski off the boat?

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      Supercar Blondie,

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  • William Taylor
    William Taylor

    Live it scenery of sunset bello. If I win lotto I buy one .😊

  • Luca Selle
    Luca Selle

    Perfect for hitting sea turtles! 😖

  • losmi vanja
    losmi vanja

    Russian technology from 1955

  • Damion Johnson
    Damion Johnson

    I am more interested in your sister than the yacht itself. She is fine!!!!

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

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    Tian Abian

    Wow 😍😍😍 I'm Miguel abian in Facebook lods every share your post

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      Supercar Blondie,

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    VERY GOOD DIRECTING & EDITING GOOD JOB GUYS ... really good picture

  • ธัญพิมล คร้ามมี
    ธัญพิมล คร้ามมี

    The wings are lift the boat

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    Ganesh ketha

    Hai madam How r u ..? I’m big fan of your kind heart💕madam My name is Ganesh I’m from :India Do you have any Driver vacancy’s in Dubai madam I have 6years experience in driving in Dubai Any vacancy plz let me know madam plz🙏🏼

  • Steve Schormann
    Steve Schormann

    It's a boat, not a yacht (there are no sails)!

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

  • Ace Handler
    Ace Handler

    It's racket like this that make whales and other sound-dependent ocean creatures beach themselves to die, sorry to rain on your privilege-parade.

  • Protagonist

    Flying boat😂 Digging mountain Outcome mouse

  • Petty Pendergrass
    Petty Pendergrass

    in my opinion, Ok concept, looks very unsteady even with pond like conditions. At full speed if a wave hits the tip it seems like that would initiate a nose dive/cartwheel.

  • Dan

    I like the guy hiding so we can pretend she's solo.

  • Jean Aviles
    Jean Aviles

    Ur not flying ur hits levitating over water

  • Henry Lowry
    Henry Lowry

    I thought it was actually gonna fly

  • All about AUBREIGH
    All about AUBREIGH

    What does she even do

  • PokeXD

    Anyone here from tik tok

  • Hamani ALboloshi
    Hamani ALboloshi

    it's amazing

  • Robert Duklus
    Robert Duklus

    we utilized this concept on boats of various sizes back in the late 70s in eastern europe. Big discovery in america ????? WOW.

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

  • Steven

    thats not flying

  • Rebel Houfek
    Rebel Houfek

    Are you doing the thirty meter one next

  • Ayden Hillis
    Ayden Hillis

    who’s here from tiktok?

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      Supercar Blondie,

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    • PokeXD


  • Huw Wyn Jones
    Huw Wyn Jones

    Flying yacht = hydrofoil boat. FFS hydrofoils have been around for 100 years plus!

  • Cizy ಠ_ಠ
    Cizy ಠ_ಠ

    Your here from TiK Tok cause you don’t want that pt.2 bullshit

  • my surly trucker
    my surly trucker

    It mite be a wing , but that's not a yacht, they have sails haven't you ever seen a yacht before.

  • Jyothi B
    Jyothi B


  • karuntribs

    I love when non-boat people discover hydrofoils

  • Joey TIchy
    Joey TIchy

    I have always loved hydrofoils

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      Supercar Blondie,

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    Who else is here from TikTok? 👇🏻

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    Trey Miller

    Who else here from tik tok?

  • David Tankersley
    David Tankersley

    Great video, I really liked the drone shots.

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

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    NoFxce Kerv

    Wo came from tiktok

  • SpIke H
    SpIke H

    Bro this Yacht is f**king awesome 👏

  • j k
    j k

    I like the boat for sure but I LOVE you. YOU two ladies y'all so beautiful

  • Vasile Săcăleanu
    Vasile Săcăleanu

    I like so much this boat !

  • luca capozzi
    luca capozzi

    E basta ! Andiamo in mare quanto parla questa bionda !!! Che cagata pazzesca! Unlike ! 👎👎👎👎

  • Tomas Vettergren
    Tomas Vettergren

    Why do you have a man lying down on the floor while you driving the boat?

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

  • fortnite level100
    fortnite level100

    lol flying boat why is it still on the water

  • King of Cups
    King of Cups

    Foils started in the 40's; fun till the first wave hits, then your just a bug on the ocean's windscreen...splat!

  • Robinl52

    I hate to tell you this but, some of your audio was lost by the noise ambient noise that is, you might want to put a wireless microphone on so we can hear your every word, other than that, nice video.

  • Jason

    To anyone else out there that plays Star Citizen, I'm getting so many Origin Jumpworks vibes.

  • ItsMaha

    That’s not flying that’s gliding

  • Kevin Randolph
    Kevin Randolph

    I will buy 1 if you come with it? :)

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯yeeeeesss yeeeeesss yeah yeah 😎😎😎😎😎

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    Jane Du Bourg

    Blondie needs hit the gym. Too much rich food.

  • MavericK -
    MavericK -

    Its not flying 😑

  • Kimberley

    Video was awesome Commercials are in an inadequate spot.

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      Supercar Blondie,

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  • marko

    please learn the definition of "YACHT". all the time on the internet social media and you lack fundamental learning

  • Jean Comte
    Jean Comte

    Amaizing drone pilot who deserve an award for the best video capture, high quality, perfect fraiming, awesome ! we are birds, thanks to him🤗👍🏻

  • Disko Daddy
    Disko Daddy

    Kate 00:57 has got it goin' on!! - Hashtag: SisterFantasy!

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    carmina king


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  • brian jude
    brian jude

    is that rely flying

  • Zom603bie YT
    Zom603bie YT

    Ok ok imagine laying in that back seat then a fem mins later falling into the blenders

  • dick strong
    dick strong

    I guess if you have to much money

  • Chet Myers
    Chet Myers

    She farts twice in the first two minutes!

  • Pong TV
    Pong TV

    Watching here from phillipines .. have a safe trip madam


    smooth riding baby

  • venkatesh bgv
    venkatesh bgv ktm rc new model

  • Anxiety Train
    Anxiety Train

    I don't think so.

  • Northland Rider
    Northland Rider

    Some bugger appears to have nicked your million dollar yacht's mast and sail.

  • Mary joy Papelleras
    Mary joy Papelleras

    Wow very nice

  • Papachula

    That was so disappointing



  • Unknown Direction
    Unknown Direction


  • tedfaun

    a) It doesnt fly b) It's overpriced c) she's annoying

  • Stephen Coultas
    Stephen Coultas

    In the future your gonna be literally flying rockets

  • thomas tirol/florida
    thomas tirol/florida

    so water skiing is considered flying also?

  • PickMyHero

    That is no fly

  • Ehan Ahmed
    Ehan Ahmed

    Wow that yacht looking good and WOW IT FLIES!!!!!

  • piemmetubo

    Kudos to the designers, but.. IMHO this is one of the most useless (and probably less reliable) toys in the world. 😄😄😄

  • Joel Antony
    Joel Antony

    Can anyone please tell me the name of the background track from 10:29

  • Muaaz Mamuji
    Muaaz Mamuji

    I love it !!!!!!!!!!

  • the pet and plant lover.
    the pet and plant lover.

    Yes im in.amazing i luv it.youre the one.

  • Pietro S
    Pietro S


  • Idara Edmund
    Idara Edmund

    Your contents are a traffic of gorgeous sweetness...

  • Villa 4600
    Villa 4600

    Would this make the fuel consumption more or less i cant work it out

    • Anita Thakur
      Anita Thakur

      @Villa 4600 oh that? its a holy symbol

    • Villa 4600
      Villa 4600

      @Anita Thakur whats with the swastika?

    • Anita Thakur
      Anita Thakur

      Less , because less drag


    Big fan from pakistan now days a jobless but one day i called you for my cars reviews i have a big dreams plz make a video of a range roover


    Very good Learning Something Great Both. Excellent work.

  • Brainyboxboy123 *
    Brainyboxboy123 *

    POV- you seen this on tiktok

  • Ashesh 'INFINITE' Pradhan
    Ashesh 'INFINITE' Pradhan

    It's called a hydrofoil.....and it doesn't skims the surface of the water to produce lift and reduce drag! But I'm sure you already knew that!😁

  • Jig Trey
    Jig Trey

    I never flew

  • DM M
    DM M

    Your a Sweet Heart but if your gonna be doing Yacht reviews have someone teach you the terms. Width is the beam, the front is the bow back us the Stern ect.

  • William Bigos
    William Bigos

    Supercar Blondie ? More like Superflyingboat Blondie!

    • Supercar Blondie,
      Supercar Blondie,

      *A•l•r•i•g•h•t* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+* *1* *6_8_2_7_0_3* *0_7_6_9* In•v•e•s•t• In B•T•CE•T•H,,,,,..

  • William Bigos
    William Bigos

    Wait is this a Maserati Flying Boat?