Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her | The Dodo Little But Fierce
At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
Check out more of Robert E Fuller's work on TRwatch: thedo.do/fuller527.

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  • Now Nothing Will Be Wrong
    Now Nothing Will Be Wrong

    Stoat pog

  • Hey Jamie
    Hey Jamie


  • Lazarus1095

    The next step is to take bets on how long you can keep them in your trousers.

  • Brandon Sharp
    Brandon Sharp

    Cutest killing machines on the planet.

  • Irina Safina
    Irina Safina

    so cute ^^

  • Shane Jackson
    Shane Jackson


  • You Tube
    You Tube

    Dislikers,animal haters rotten in the hell!

  • Barbara

    This little baby made me yell “stoat” at 3 am. 10/10 experience

  • K jhn
    K jhn

    Lol died by snake 1 week

  • Julie Mason
    Julie Mason

    So cute. And very interesting.

  • Victoria Wisner
    Victoria Wisner

    I’ve never seen one of these! This might be the cutest animal I’ve ever seen.

  • Cziekyla Llorente
    Cziekyla Llorente


  • Sherita Pressley
    Sherita Pressley

    OMG!!!!! They are absolutely beautiful. Are they in the ferret family? I want one or two.

  • Burn Stick man
    Burn Stick man

    Me: sees stoat Also me: looks at my ferrets and back at the stoats again Me: interesting

  • Mariama Kareem
    Mariama Kareem

    Awwww, letting them away is the hardest part

  • PuertoRicanPrincess

    Wild animals are not pets.

  • Marcin M
    Marcin M

    Jaki kochany! Przeczytajcie mu to i po polsku. // He is lovely. Please, tell this animal also in polish language.

  • rachel thomas
    rachel thomas

    What... I thought it was like a ferret ?

  • Sloppyballs McGuillicutty
    Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

    they’ve never seen hawks either.

  • Kim

    I wouldnt have been able to let them go! I hope theyre ok out there

  • Banks Dennis
    Banks Dennis

    The cheerful level concretely relax because ruth hypothetically nest round a shut fisherman. electric, roomy morocco

  • Olivia David
    Olivia David

    People like you make my heart smile..thank you..💜

  • Michael Burseth
    Michael Burseth

    Snow is a Dragons Milk

  • n07w4tU7hnk

    you should visit his yt channel!! this guy is amaaazing and super talented!

  • lifewithnora

    That’s the cutest animal in the world 😭😭😭💙💙💙💙

  • Cody Cromarty
    Cody Cromarty

    "Stuart's a girl."

  • Jeffrey James Korsing
    Jeffrey James Korsing

    I have never heard of a stoat

  • rosebud gaming
    rosebud gaming

    Iv never heard of a stoat before but they are absolutely adorable

  • Michelle Muskeyn
    Michelle Muskeyn

    What part of the world did these things live in? I live in British Columbia Canada and I’ve never even heard of them before. Is it like a mink or a weasel?

  • ᴅɪᴛsᴜ

    You know he's excited when he squeaks

  • Sarah Jacobs
    Sarah Jacobs

    Omg. They're so CUTE!

  • Robin White
    Robin White

    We're in the Shropshire Hills UK and have plenty of these creatures in local dry stone walls. A brilliant watch.


    I've never seen on before! They are so adorable.

  • The Gaming Aristocrat
    The Gaming Aristocrat

    I want to hug it

  • Bedford McGee
    Bedford McGee

    I cannot believe how cute they are

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing

    “shes calmed down a bit now” aggressive squeaking noises

  • Topanga

    Ahhhh! So stinkin" cute!!!


    i can imagine them being amazingly close and exploring the wild together

  • cheeto geeto
    cheeto geeto

    this made my day :')

    • yuitr loing
      yuitr loing

      at the spinal cord

  • Michelle Horn
    Michelle Horn

    I think a stoat is my new favorite animal! XD

  • Onii-chan Complex
    Onii-chan Complex

    That big bug just crawling on it got me acting strange😳😩😫

  • Death & Books
    Death & Books

    They are so cute. What are there genders

  • luni chusi
    luni chusi

    Awwww so cute

  • Stafford Ahoy
    Stafford Ahoy

    "I look forward to catching up with them in the future" - for some reason I pictured a phone call, or a letter from the stoats

  • Adam Macias
    Adam Macias

    Never heard of a stoat but am in love with them now. They're like a Dachshund version of a hamster.

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King

    I've never heard of this type of animal

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks

    Spends an insane amount of time and work raising the stoats. Releases into the wild. Two seconds later a hawk swoops down and snags one.

  • E


  • Simon Bodjanac
    Simon Bodjanac

    Isn’t that a weasel?

  • Simon Bodjanac
    Simon Bodjanac

    The hell is a stoat?

  • at mail
    at mail

    Human instinct when we see a stoat: "I want one!'

  • News Redial
    News Redial

    Will they stay together in the wild? Mate even?

  • Kala Krause
    Kala Krause

    Lovely video. Thanks

  • ILikeCHEEZ9

    Sure theyre cute but stoats would murder everyone if they were 45 lbs. They kill for fun and take down animals a lot bigger than they are because they jump on their back and bite at the spinal cord

  • Kodi

    I hope they're smart enough to stay safe in the wild. Seems like the kind of creature that a large bird just pickup and fly away with.

  • Traekas7!

    Are Stoats good pets? They’re cute like crazy.

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGT

    Aww the pond!

  • Dr.LoveRB

    were those animals imprinted? and is it ok to release imprinted animals into the wild?

  • kennedykritters1

    Sooooooo beautiful! Thank you for rescuing these precious creatures!

  • joeru1996

    In china we eat stoat

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGT

    "And its called Stuart." [pause] "Stuart's a girl." *PLOT TWIST EXPOSED.*

  • Lisa J. Catto
    Lisa J. Catto

    Robert Fuller sounds like Liam Neeson to me. I half expect him to say that he has a very particular set of skills....which he does.

  • tori2dles

    Is it a type of mongoose? Maybe an ermine?

  • Christine Woolgar
    Christine Woolgar

    I've only seen a stoat twice in my life. I heard screeching one night, went out into the front garden and found my 2 cats up against a stoat, they were curious, the stoat was most likely saying "just try and eat me, see what happens" lol The only other time I saw one was on a drive with my mum to watch the planes at the rear of Edinburgh airport, it was dragging a dead squirrel down a drain lol

  • Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm
    Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm

    Well now that they are not afraid of people they will try to befriend people and may get hurt.

  • Leafy

    Can stoats be pets (asking for a friend)

  • living here
    living here

    Aww. Will they find other stoats in the wild?

  • goof ball
    goof ball

    omg i want one sooo cute lol

  • Vicky Dee
    Vicky Dee

    She’s ridiculously adorable! I’m totally in love with her, even from this distance. She reminds me so much of my ferret babies who’ve been gone for a while and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to get more because loosing them really hurt. She’s precious, such fun and entertaining little cuties, God bless and God bless you for providing such a loving home while they get ready for their lives in their natural homes. You’re a hero! 💜🙏😻👼

  • Warrior Saint
    Warrior Saint

    This is so precious..I never heard of this type animal.. God's Creation is heartwarming ❤️

  • Gabriel Botsford
    Gabriel Botsford

    Pound for pound the most efficient Predator perhaps

  • pixel alien
    pixel alien

    How do you keep track of which is which is seems confusing they both look the same

  • Nad Jah
    Nad Jah


  • Alfredo Pozos
    Alfredo Pozos

    The even excellent excited schedule subjectively phone because camera periodically terrify beside a inconclusive berry. probable, thoughtless study

  • Shrooq Alqhtani
    Shrooq Alqhtani

    Can I have one-🥺🙏🏽☁️✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • f Forecast
    f Forecast

    When they poked their heads out of the wall *so cute*

  • Kid goku
    Kid goku

    Fun fact they both got taken by a hawk

  • B Live
    B Live

    Brilliant work

  • Taryn Katrina Justice
    Taryn Katrina Justice


  • Mohan Nag
    Mohan Nag

    Aww her tummy is so cute😍😍

  • NordicNostalgia

    Does a Stoat learn how to hunt by themselves? I'm concerned about them being able to find food

  • alex

    wtf is a stoat?

  • Lacy MacDougall
    Lacy MacDougall

    Never ever heard of a stoat before! I had the biggest smile on my face this entire video, for so many reasons, least of all the proper care and love they received. Thank you!

  • John Dittmann
    John Dittmann

    Such a welcome respite from the chaos of our world!

  • GreatLuna1

    Good job of caring and release!

  • Usama Nazeer
    Usama Nazeer


  • William Fadgen
    William Fadgen

    As delightful as these creatures are they are responsible for taking out native wildlife!

  • Breakneck

    I'm a stone cold killer. That said this video has melted my heart enough that I'll stop killing for 1 day. You can send me PayPal money to get me this way or send more videos of this insane cute weasel creature.

  • Final BossGamer
    Final BossGamer


  • J. Ho
    J. Ho

    Beautiful creatures. TQ for sharing their story/journey, from rescue to release.

  • Anbuッ

    guy: they are going to be best friends :) Them:YEET SQUEET TF OUT MY PROPERTY

  • Gavin H
    Gavin H

    I've seen one attack a rabbit, in the UK. Ferocious animals given their size, the rabbit was so much larger.

  • priceless1284

    Is a stoat a Ferret?

  • LavenderGirl

    Merriam-Webster definition of whisper: to speak softly with little or no vibration of the vocal cords especially to avoid being overheard. Whisper the Stoat: "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

  • Ana E. Juárez
    Ana E. Juárez

    They are so cute 🤭

  • Gregen

    It took me a bit to realize that that wasn't a baby otter. My brain must be smooth.

  • Sorin Avadanei
    Sorin Avadanei


  • Susan Raby-Dunne
    Susan Raby-Dunne

    So cute. I guess they're the UK version of our Canadian weasel.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Swiper no swiping.

  • tuckgraph

    I like how the little orange bubbles come up when they make sounds. Little Stoat Bubbles! I don't know how they do that.