Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

  • Coach Stick
    Coach Stick

    Sometimes you surprise me! Please keep doing so!

  • Have you seen me?
    Have you seen me?

    I just lost my grandmother last month to cancer. She battled hardcore for the last 2 years. We shared the same birthday, and she was the nicest person you'd ever meet. I gave the eulogy at her funeral, something I thought I'd never do as just 9 years ago I had such bad anxiety and agoraphobia I wouldn't even leave the house. I still feel her, and I still can't believe she's physically gone. My whole family got a real good look at the medical industry during this time. Some were angels, most were useless, and so many crucial mistakes were made by them that I truly believe had she been under better medical care, she would still be here. If you or someone you know ever has the misfortune of coming down with cancer; do not mess around. Go to the best hospital you can, see the best doctors you can, and use alternative medicine + conventional, not just conventional. Tom, keep doing your thing man. You're one of the best, and Nova is amazing. Power team!

  • Ara Harutunian
    Ara Harutunian

    The fact that 2.7k hit thumbs down makes me not to sorry about leaving thos is wrong with ppl....if they cant see big pharma will never allow a cure they are out of their minfs

  • Sergeant Neo
    Sergeant Neo

    Awesome vid tom this means a lot of me

  • Jeff Van Rooy
    Jeff Van Rooy

    Too bad so much of this is conspiracy theory bullshit with, of course, zero facts.

  • Kayla W
    Kayla W

    I wish you could like something twice.

  • Jamie Irvin
    Jamie Irvin

    Found out last week my grandma has breast cancer... we’re hoping it hasn’t spread. 💜

  • ElvinSS

    Cancer sucks, I miss my grandpa.

  • Chadon Jaynes
    Chadon Jaynes

    This shit inspirational. Lost someone to this.. keep your shit rolling bro. Dope as fuck!!

  • Brandon Combs
    Brandon Combs

    The fact that there are people who dislike this song tells us what's wrong with society.

  • Damien Graveline
    Damien Graveline

    Incredible video Nova, incredible lyrics Tom Love you guys❤️

  • Battle Fields
    Battle Fields

    I didn't want to listen to this cause I knew it was going to affect me remembering my step dad - but I forced myself cause if I don't feel the pain I will struggle to feel the joys

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith

    I fucking love you Tom

  • Lio S.A
    Lio S.A




  • Bli Cahaya
    Bli Cahaya

    I was having a project with cancer rest house (a place for unlucky family who struggle (economically and socially) with cancer can stay and their kids can get rest and play for days while waiting for therapy or appointment in hospital) the way this music delivering the spirits are exact same as what I feel before when working there.

  • Dxzzi Xo
    Dxzzi Xo

    Thank you Tom ....

  • Non Stop
    Non Stop

    My grand grandmother had cancer My grandma had cancer and beat it I had cancer and beat it My mom now has cancer 😞

  • Joe Renner
    Joe Renner

    I'm convinced one of the reasons they don't release "the cure" is population control. Along with many other things.

  • tapinbrysx

    Russialit Twerking Next To Her Mom 😍

  • Jacob streams
    Jacob streams

    My papa got cancer and beat it but his heart was so weak if he had one more heart attack he would die and the worst thing happened this reminded me of him im going to cry and cry

  • Cough Hiccup
    Cough Hiccup

    ............... speechless. Thank you.

  • Wowie

    Crazy how Larray's Cancelled was only posted two days ago and got 14m while this song only gets 1.2m within 4 days

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis

    Man Tom is a real one of making this song cause this is actually happened in my life one of my family members had cancer and we tried our best to make her well again we had to give the doctors a lot of money but nothing would and then she passed away

  • Fredrick Warmley
    Fredrick Warmley

    much love to Tom MacDonald great song

  • Pearl Mcclure
    Pearl Mcclure

    The reason this had me in tears is because I just lost my oldest daughter this last June and even though I have 2 younger daughter's it's a struggle just to get up in the morning this song reminds me I have to for them

  • Hauni Myrchiang
    Hauni Myrchiang

    Bless you Mac♥️

  • K Faulk
    K Faulk

    Nice Tom. I've lost 4 so far and we are praying for my mother in law who is fighting this disease. THANKS MAN!

  • Marv Yonkers
    Marv Yonkers

    Amazing video, really hits home, I lost my dad in high school and mom last year, both her parents, and now have virtually no family as a result. Spend many days alone as I have no family and very few friends. Cancer is a horrible medical disease. Thanks for the video and support awareness...

  • Fredrick Warmley
    Fredrick Warmley

    say word man I've been through this cancer thing man 40 years of research 90 billion dollars then came up with a cure so we all just need to holler these doctors ain't no good we know that they can't be trusted and we stayed at home in our bank accounts is busted trying to take care of your loved ones imagine that with all the money that they got out of the trap it is the trap house called the hospital now it's just we need a little some stimulus sometime some real activation all this bullshit for this weird-ass participation give you radiation in a drug called chemo but kills everything even Captain Nemo you know what I'm saying we all underwater trying to breathe easy you know that's impossible soul words believe me cancer cancer God bless the people who have it you take care much love from Fredrick c Warmley

  • IK_ Shoto
    IK_ Shoto

    Another Awesome song. Keep spitting Tom.

  • Kevin Middleton
    Kevin Middleton

    I love this video so much, thanks tom, you are making a difference

  • GuessWho

    How fkin true, I been saying the same thing for years!

  • Fresh dead ɨɴsɨde
    Fresh dead ɨɴsɨde

    I haven't stopped crying sense this came out anyway keep up the good work "You didn’t come this far just to come this far. Get where you’re going and don’t look back."A wise man once said😞

  • Jordan K
    Jordan K


  • Cassandra Maier
    Cassandra Maier

    This aong means alot I have 2 kinds of cancer and there is no cure plus a blood mutation and blood clots organs shutting down always in pain I know pain and cancer is never what anyone wants don't know what to do but this song helps me through it thank you

  • RedLightHitter


  • Nate Hills
    Nate Hills

    I love this man, a whole lot of heart and he always teaches something with his facts in his songs.

  • Rob Sorgdrager
    Rob Sorgdrager

    The best medicine is the truth. Awesome video tom!!! I don't care if the message is " sensitive " some things need to be openly talked about....this is something that will effect every single one of us at some time in our life's . Keep doing what you do, I'll be here doing what I can .

  • billy jones
    billy jones

    They DO have a cure!! The government will not allow it to be released. Question? How many Presidents have died of cancer? NONE!! Don't trust the government and the drug companies

  • Katie Hoholick
    Katie Hoholick

    Omg my whole side of my late mom's had breast cancer .. sucks but this video touched in so many things n I love how he talked about the insurance n not being able to pay .. Tom ur a genius I cry every time I watch this n I didn't forget Nova she's killing it as well n I also love all her music mi yard n 1990s n problems .. ppl shud check that out she's good actually I'm guna watch sum of them now Love u guys HOG 4life 🤘💋🤘💋🤘💋

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    You’ve done it again Tom 😎 much love brother

  • Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams

    This is a guest but I feel this could be inspired by someone in Toms life. Whether a fan or someone close to him. There are some things that can't be faked...

  • Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams

    This video shows Toms connection to this. This video is hard...

  • M Hall
    M Hall

    My mom held on until the end. She even asked if she was dying. It was tough to hear. Yep gone.

  • Mike Dean
    Mike Dean

    I just found out in the last week I might have lung cancer I have a lesion on my right lung but other things make them think it's cancer I've lost 75 pounds in the last 6 months I've been blacking out they don't know if it's from malnutrition or something else I'm 41 and will say I'm scared like a little kid I don't have any friends and all the family I got is me my mom,dad and grandma I don't want to put them through this so alot of thoughts have been crashing down on me I don't know if I can beat the battle this time

  • Matt Plummer
    Matt Plummer

    What a powerful song Tom... THANK YOU

  • SD B
    SD B

    My dad just beat it. I felt everything in this song. Tom, I know you’ll never read this, but you make me proud to be Hang Over Gang. You speak the truth. It’s healing. No one else is doing that. God bless you and Nova. I gotta go. Gonna call my dad.

  • Dana Desjardins
    Dana Desjardins

    I lost my father 3 years ago to cancer. He fought. Losing him was the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Watching his last breathe crushed me. You always do songs that tug at the strings of my heart. I'm not sure to thank you or be mad for the feels.

  • Lem

    My mother beat stage 3 breast cancer and my father passed from cancer and organ failure overall. It’s not always easy and was hard taking care of both. My father had a stroke after removing such during surgery resulting in 95% brain loss and he never functioned again. Lost 200 pounds and didn’t remember me but everyone older for the last year of his life. My mother beat it like a warrior but developed horrible multiple lung diseases as well. I was in St. Jude for a couple weeks myself due to a rare kidney disease (DMH) growing up seeing children come and go. My two grandparents I have left are pretty much there but always staying positive and having hope that I have a lot of time myself. This means a ton to a lot of people and thank you for this song. 💙

  • Jordan Poe
    Jordan Poe

    Anyone else feel like tom is the one voice that will always speak out for everyone. No matter what or who

  • Peter-John Szy
    Peter-John Szy

    a friend of mine since high school is in the middle of the battle right now. I wish I could upload a photo for you. I sent her the song right when it was released. She said she cried like a baby and found it incredibly inspirational. Thanks Tom

  • Nicole C. Sprague
    Nicole C. Sprague

    Over lock down I got a rare blood cancer ... Thought I had gastro but ended up with cancer and ulsers 😟 I will try to be stronge and be a fighter! Your life flashes before you . Live to the fullest ✌️Piece ❤️ love 😁 happiness

  • Jonathan White
    Jonathan White

    Hey Tom, thank you for being you i lost my dad two days to lung cancer.. this hit different.. thank you for being the voice he lost ✊ Hang Over 4 Life

  • Natasha Sanders
    Natasha Sanders

    Tom,you are The #1 musician !!!You hit this right in the heart.I feel like I all ready know you!Don't change and never Quit!!;)we love you!Natasha Sanders&family

  • Mateo Holden
    Mateo Holden

    "No one wants to leave here you can tell" Its true. I'm on the edge but I'm afraid to leave. I'm 13 with abusive parents. I get bullied and harrassed at school. Even online is a nightmare. This man is the only thing keeping me going since my dogs passed

  • Starlit Liddick
    Starlit Liddick

    I wish this song would of come out years and years ago. I would of showed my dad this but sadly I can't 😢 my dad died April 1st 2011 of brain and lung cancer. I was only 17 at the time, not yet 18. I was home that day when my world was flipped upside down and witnessed the EMTs trying to revive him (he came back long enough to tell my mom he loved her) them wheeling his body out to the coroner's vehicle. I will never forget my best friend thinking I was joking when I told her. I wasn't joking about it. I was truly hurt and upset that I no longer would have my father to see everyday. I still can't get over him being gone. 😢 I love you dad and I miss you everyday ❤️😢

  • - TwizslurD -
    - TwizslurD -

    I needed this... On December 1st it'll be 5 years since my mother passed from cancer. She marched this Earth for over a year with only half a lung, and a chunk of her brain missing. She went on radiation treatments for liver cancer, and was gone in less than 3 months. Her birthday was in September, her favorite holiday is Halloween, and 1964's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was one of her favorite movies. So this "most wonderful time of the year" is far from that for me. But I needed this song.. Thank you Tom 💚

  • Creed Moore
    Creed Moore

    Damn that is the truth..1 luv! Radiation sucks but if I can get through it anyone can..GOD BE WITH OUR COUNTRY 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Veith51

    my best friends dad is going through radiation for lung cancer. tom you couldnt have dropped this at a better time. this will be played as loud as possible at his benefit we are suprising him with this weekened!

  • BAGZ ApplesPearsGrapes
    BAGZ ApplesPearsGrapes

    I feel ya G. My dad passed from Stomace Cancer. Here if anyone wants to talk.

  • Source

    Bro, you are doing Gods work. Keep spreading these eye opening and motivating videos.

  • Al. Howe
    Al. Howe

    Cancer is next worse thing to having listened to this literally tone deaf song

    • Matthew Hand
      Matthew Hand

      Then here’s an idea, go listen to something else instead of spreading unwanted hate. Tom Macdonald spread a heartfelt message in this song that hundreds of thousands of people needed to hear. He made a really good song with a heart wrenching music video. So think about how many people needed to hear this song before you put a grammatically incorrect hate comment! Thank you! Have a good day!

  • Ryan Wahlgren
    Ryan Wahlgren

    My grandma beat stage 3 breast cancer back in 2012 and it was amazing, but she just recently got diagnosed cancer for the second time and has a 4 inch tumor in her breast. She’s an amazing woman

  • Mark Name
    Mark Name

    its true man. I believe they got a cure for it but the price is so grand we ommon fokes can't pay it. And if they let it out than they could make as much money off it.

  • Liao‘sruralworld廖廖的田园世界

    Love it! What a great song👍👍👍❤️❤️

  • SS Ryōshi
    SS Ryōshi

    Increase it touched my heart ❤️

  • Flamingo_lll

    Yeah I'll most likely die 20 cause all males in my family die from cancer

  • Min Wu
    Min Wu

    peppa pig english episodes

  • Jeremy Deane
    Jeremy Deane

    My wife died from liver cancer. Good video tom. Def got me crying though.

  • Jed Smith
    Jed Smith

    If you would've shaved your head instead of making me watch some hot chick do it,, would've been fire man

  • Spider9131

    This should be bigger than it is.

  • Sara Koch
    Sara Koch

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your music. I love how real you are in everything you say. This song spoke to me personally because 2 weeks before my 19th birthday (I'm 38 now) , I was diagnosed with cancer. I have PTSD from the experience so your video was incredibly difficult for me to watch, but it was so accurate and the song mirrored so many of the thoughts I had during and have had since. I have been in remission since January 2002, but I am still dealing with the side affects of the "treatments". I'm grateful to be here, don't get me wrong, but so many people are unaware of just how the treatments can affect you the rest of your life if you survive. I'm grateful, though, I now have 3 children,a husband, and a beautifully odd life. lol. I just wanted to let you know how much your music means to me. thank you so much for making it.

  • Dashaun Hearns
    Dashaun Hearns

    My uncle died from cancer and every day I wish I would I have known him better 😔 i miss you uncle Charle 😢 there's not a day that I don't think of you 😭😥

  • J dawg
    J dawg

    is itbad that i didnt cry

  • Kira Giammarco
    Kira Giammarco

    My grandfather on my step dad's side developed skin cancer and it started spreading. I have so many good memories of him. How he would give me his Elvis Presley merchandise because he knew I loved elvis, he would joke around with me and my sisters, he even stood in the corner with me when I was in timeout so I didn't feel alone and embarrased. My last memory of him was when I saw him in the hospital. He was very thin and grey, couldn't speak because he had feeding tubes. My step dad told him I was learning guitar (which was a passion of my grandfathers) and he started doing air guitar and nodding his head. I'm glad I was able to make him proud of me and happy before he left this cruel world. He passed away a week later. He inspired me to continue my art and so much more.

  • Kirby May
    Kirby May

    I absolutely feel this song. I've loved lost and had my own battles and happening now battles with cancer. What a great song. I fight everyday working my coworkers see me struggle but with a smile and positivity because I know I have today. My kids are also A Huge Light in my life for without them I wouldn't feel like there was anything worth fighting that hard for. Xoxo to those who struggle with or know someone with this disease.

  • RY Soto
    RY Soto

    Thank you so much for this one.

  • Arielle L
    Arielle L

    7 funerals in 8 years. In coal country... not 1 family member has made it past 60 and what kids I grew up with who didn't die from drugs have died from cancer of their own. The poor town that nobody cares about, a power plant that dumps into the river because it's cheaper to pay a fine if caught then do the right thing. The last aunt to die passed a week before Christmas after refusing to go through radiation because it hadn't worked for anyone else in the family and she'd rather be able to hung her grandbabies goodbye than to be too sick and out of her mind to know her own name like her husband who had died 3 years before her. Our politicians and our corporations are poisoning the world we live in. We spend our entire lives paying into a system for a check we'll never be able to cash because we'll be dead from disease before we can ever retire.

  • Dolin Cowning
    Dolin Cowning


  • River Sharp
    River Sharp

    He has potential but he is too goddam mopey as hell it's like get over yourself and rap bro just be you stop feeling sorry for yourself on every video and song bro you could be great just not over what you cry about or pretend too just be you bro goodluck and hope you do and hope you can be on a label one day since your on youtube that's tells me no one sign you yet or you wouldnt be in youtube

  • Nick Hayden
    Nick Hayden

    Cancer treatment should be free

  • Ricky Weisbrodt
    Ricky Weisbrodt

    Dude I've had many family fighting cancer some have lost it some have won it. You nailed this one!! Keep it up Tom #H.O.G.

  • Cam Forbes
    Cam Forbes

    Lost my dad to cancer stage 4

  • Tim MacDonald
    Tim MacDonald

    Family has been hit a few times by this bastard of a disease. Never thought a musician would produce the help. Really glad I was wong. Thank you.

  • Gavin K
    Gavin K

    Man tom you are a great guy.It is amazing to see you care so deeply.It is sad to see people dislike this song. LOVE you tom keep doing what you doing.LOVE

  • Duran Pote
    Duran Pote

    Hey brotha I hope you see my comment. This song means the world to my dad and I. One of my youngest sisters was diagnosed with leukemia two months before she turned 2. It really messed up my dad and I, luckily she beat in just two years. She is now 7 and she is such a happy child. I love your music man been a big fan for about three years now. Thank you, for putting out such great real music. And specifically this song here, like I previously said for my ad and I it hit home. So thank you man. I can't express how much I love this song it's easily going down in history as my all time favorite ever.

  • Traveler 1337
    Traveler 1337

    some incredibly powerful lyrics. the song just keeps peeling back like a onion, im not crying... YOUR crying..

  • Jason Ancell
    Jason Ancell

    Fuck that cbds are awesome

  • Cody M
    Cody M


  • Eric Benton
    Eric Benton

    I feel compelled to leave a comment with my experience. Both of my parents died of cancer. My mother developed breast cancer when I was 4 or 5. She had a double mastectomy, but her cancer returned with a vengeance in her spine when I was in 7th grade. She was the fighter. When I was 15, shortly after my brother died of an overdose when he was 17, my father developed colon cancer. It metastasized to his liver. The oncologists were optimistic about surgery to remove the tumors in his liver, so they opted for surgery. Upon opening him up for surgery, the doctors found many more tumors than they anticipated. They determined surgery wasn’t worth it. He stopped fighting. My father was the first to die. It was December 8th, 2006. It was less than 2 years after my brother’s overdose. As for my mother: they tried every available medication that they could. For years they would try new drugs and would say to her “this might be the one.” As a nurse, she was skeptical that any of them would be “the one,” but she survived as long as she could. She said it was for me. She didn’t want me to be alone. My mother survived until January 6th, 2011. I tell this story not for sympathy, but only for this: I’m so relieved that all of them died before this absolute shit dick of a song ever existed. I absolutely envy them. Fuck you.

  • Jaycee theMenace
    Jaycee theMenace


  • Frances Hicks
    Frances Hicks


  • Cool Girl4675
    Cool Girl4675

    The first time I listen to this I cried for half an hour 😭😭😭


    Kenya , African people love you Tom Macdonald

  • Robert Oniel
    Robert Oniel


  • chris g
    chris g

    I like the fact you make relevant substance filled music. I lost my gpa that raised me to lung cancer. I watched him take his last breath but he fought so hard. Bless anyone reading this and know you will prevail and the mind is such a strong organ.

  • Elusive Man
    Elusive Man

    Speaking on insurance part of this video. Most people don’t realize, insurance usually only covers 2 million dollars you ENTIRE life. Meaning at 2 million it caps and your insurance pretty much drops you. 2 mill is nothing in the medical industry.

  • Colton maloney
    Colton maloney

    how tf do you have the audacity to dislike a song with this much meaning. people fight for months sometimes even years and only half of them survive. the ones that do survive are scarred from what they been threw

  • David Hannan
    David Hannan

    @tom macdonald that one hit hard man. I just lost a loved one to cancer two weeks ago. Thanks, love all of your music.