Trisha & Ethan Do Oddly Satisfying Trends - Frenemies # 30
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  • Sidney Sidney
    Sidney Sidney

    You literally act like brother and sister 😂💀” I hit you twice so now I need you to hit me” 😂

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L

    53:51 this is so true😭💕

  • Nadia Endrinal
    Nadia Endrinal

    Counting in Korean now is a skill

  • Gloria

    I’m Korean and I couldn’t understand any of the things she said after counting 1234 in Korean😂😂 It’s like she’s speaking a different language but those 1234 was on point

  • Remi Reagan
    Remi Reagan

    I’m laughing so hard at “you can hit me one more time”

  • munzter

    The shade on this one 👀

  • Mari Anne
    Mari Anne

    the pauses where they look at each other in mutual understanding is amazing and i love that.

  • FortyLoveStyle

    Dude she has got to stop with this Jewish thing! Lol. Replace Jewish with any other group and it is so not ok.

  • EmKimKW

    Trisha trying to count in Korean is everything

  • doshicryptid

    Btw, when Trisha spoke Korean, she counted to 3 and then it was kind of nonsense but good for her EDIT: She made it to 4 actually but then it's nonsense

  • katie

    i agree with literally everything in this podcast except Morphe has awesome products.. and they just dropped jc

  • Hayle Howeth
    Hayle Howeth

    Trish can talk better in foreign language then English

  • Sergio J.
    Sergio J.

    ok so... we're not gonna talk about "musafa" right

  • Jacqueline

    Dan's laugh in the background kills me every time lol

  • Simple Vegan Chick
    Simple Vegan Chick

    You guys should make your own what do you meme game and play lol

  • Avery Salter
    Avery Salter

    I need two episodes a week

  • Cassie Poulos
    Cassie Poulos

    Trishas acrylic pour was actually satisfying & beautiful 🤩

  • elle A.
    elle A.

    I need the fucked up anxiety notebook

  • ava c
    ava c

    trish talking about adopting🥺🥺

  • SM GC
    SM GC

    You can't tell people to stop consuming fish. Many poor people rely on cheap fishes. It's like asking people to stop taking trains or buses. Yeah, maybe you can, but what about the poor ? What are they gonna use everyday to work ?

  • sillymissylissy

    Goddess, the more I watch Trisha ( been watching since I was young either way but ) the more I realise we have so many similarities 😅 bpd, anxiety, depression, chubby, outgoing, open minded, (kinda on my side) pretty and the personality thing. I love memes tho 😂😂

  • kayla Babess
    kayla Babess

    Its ethan keep telling us to relax instead of doing it with the objects for me lol😂😂

  • Naturally

    I live for this podcast. Something I never thought I'd enjoy. Keep up the awesome energy you Guys have.

  • Savannah L
    Savannah L


  • Teddybear AF
    Teddybear AF

    “I want the ones no one wants” is equivalent to “give me the trash child I want the trash child”

  • Ashlyn Jones
    Ashlyn Jones

    Trisha please adopt me

  • Camera on
    Camera on

    Trisha counting in Korean and acting like it was all secretive was so fucking funny

  • April Santos
    April Santos

    "so theyre obviously brothers" LMFAOO

  • Will Youngblut
    Will Youngblut

    8:32 BAHAHAHAHAHA- omg

  • Gideon Avery
    Gideon Avery

    Trisha looks like wendy williams this episode

  • Noemi Guardian
    Noemi Guardian

    Ethan has a point. he rides HARD for Trisha! he backs her up, supports her, apologizes when he needs to and MEANS it... then here's Trisha not giving the same energy!!

  • Dana Shackleford
    Dana Shackleford

    I don't know how Trisha stays so patient with Ethan constantly cutting her off and not letting her finish her sentences. Please Ethan let her finish!

  • Waleska Tirado
    Waleska Tirado

    I mean it could’ve been all 19 year olds that signed up not necessarily older men

  • Chloe Hansen
    Chloe Hansen

    Aw Ethan was so sweet for trying to help those dogs but he was soooo lucky that situation didn't go bad. Dealing with dogs that you aren't familiar with (even if they are friendly) is sketch as hell

  • Rita Warner
    Rita Warner

    Trisha saying she hated Dwight.. that shit hurted tho.

  • BboyBreeze THEムササビ
    BboyBreeze THEムササビ

    im from japan XD trisha

  • Leene Luyun
    Leene Luyun

    i watched this so i could fall asleep, but they're just so damn interesting and now its 3am goddammit

  • Statineen

    From what I learned in karate when I was little I know Trisha said "One, two, three, four..." and she could've kept counting but I don't remember my numbers lmao

  • Zae Zae
    Zae Zae

    Glad u guys stan army but who the hell is jihoon???

  • Nicolas Chavarry
    Nicolas Chavarry

    "i wanna know more stuff that jiggles and wiggles" - trisha

  • Samantha Howard
    Samantha Howard

    Can I have trishas art piece??? Love y’all!

  • Kayla LeAnn
    Kayla LeAnn

    I do a CBT workbook, I love it! It’s a 7week course. I think it’s definitely helping. Good for you Trisha ❤️

  • emma execution
    emma execution

    Defo eat the rich

  • Renee Kovacic
    Renee Kovacic

    I don’t know when Ethan was born, but he reminds me of an Aries just by the way he plays with stuff.

  • Berenice Sanchez
    Berenice Sanchez

    Adopt me Trisha 🥺❤️ I’m 18 but you can keep my taxes lmao

  • Alissa

    i'm gonna go buy a cake so i can eat it like them

  • l l
    l l

    Hey phat Trish , stpp beating Moses ya kow.

  • Melon Grab
    Melon Grab

    I think it would be helpful for ethan to read up about borderline personality disorder. I feel like trisha shows a lot a lot of symptoms and sometimes his way of helping her isnt exactly helpful. Like when shes talking about her personality being formed based on other peoples opinions of her so she doesnt feel she really has her own personality. Him telling her she has loads of personality may seem helpful but it seems a bit invalidating?

  • y yg
    y yg

    With peace and love Trishas korean accent is sooo bad it sounds like she's trying to speak Hebrew lol

  • shea Austin
    shea Austin

    this episode made me laugh so many times

  • Summer Manning
    Summer Manning

    I spent a lot of time unsure as to whether to watch Frenemies because I was aware that Trisha was going through mental health problems and didn't seem entirely stable. My friend told me she seemed to be doing well and was still very vocal in her criticism of David Dobrik, so I checked it out. Seeing Trisha be happy and talk so openly about therapy and being invested in the podcast is wonderful! It seems like she has found genuine friends in Ethan and Hila and love with Moses after so long being treated terribly by her TRwatch "friends", and that means so much to me as someone with mental health and weight issues. I love seeing her excitement about her ideas to do firefighting for a day and creating a self help workbook based on her own experiences to help others 🥺

  • LionsBe Tryin
    LionsBe Tryin

    I have a crush on Trisha.. k byeeeee

  • Beth

    New trish unlocked Counting in a different language

  • Terra Guttierez
    Terra Guttierez

    I just wanna say, TATI WAS RIGHT

    • Terra Guttierez
      Terra Guttierez

      @SimplyShevy doubt it but well thats the internet. Devours who it wants

    • SimplyShevy

      😳 I hate to say it but you’re completely correct I wonder if she’s ever gonna come back

  • Honey Moon
    Honey Moon

    Wait, did they say the color salmon was banned? What does that mean?? lol

  • Abby Roberts
    Abby Roberts

    Trisha pls I work at a seafood restaurant please don’t cancel me

  • Joslyn Newton
    Joslyn Newton

    no trisha singing the fry song

  • christopher alexander palmer †
    christopher alexander palmer †

    Trisha should own 50% of this company.... oops

  • Spooky Whispers
    Spooky Whispers

    I love anxiety notebooks but I also prefer Spell casting and voodoo 😜

  • XKidd 92
    XKidd 92

    Had to come here to watch because you’re missing out on so much if you have the audio version only

  • Dolly

    Trisha talking about identity issues is REAL BPD mood

    • Dolly

      Ethan vigorously scraping the chalk going "relax!" reminds me of adhd mood

  • Lfrno

    trish counting in korean and ethan thinking she spilled how black holes work 💀💀

  • Giraffey Moo
    Giraffey Moo

    Honestly, I think Trish may be on the spectrum. my sister is and she reminds me of her so much.

  • Ariel Prassas
    Ariel Prassas

    Trisha trying to make memes is hysterical

  • Juliana Welch
    Juliana Welch

    when trisha was talking fast she so fucking good

  • dhidhdjdjdj

    i feel so bad for trish for a few seconds because ethan kept cutting her off on the chalk part LOL

  • jzajy

    Trish I need a job for this summer can I be your assistant please lmao

  • mettle56 ROBLOX
    mettle56 ROBLOX


  • Lisa Rumler
    Lisa Rumler

    Trish needs to pay attention that they dropped Shane and Jeffree faster than anything. They drug their feet on James.

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W

    trishas memes omfg

  • 🍓prisilla gonzalez🌸
    🍓prisilla gonzalez🌸

    am i the only one who’s youtube comments r all cropped out

  • 🍓prisilla gonzalez🌸
    🍓prisilla gonzalez🌸

    this is random but i swear trisha is the only one who actually looks good after getting lip injections

  • Pruthvi

    Ethan literally did exactly what Julien did in Jenna’s acrylic pour video 😂

  • Marena Tatu
    Marena Tatu

    I would buy the book

  • suzy lune
    suzy lune

    trisha: people watch our podcast with food me: *stuffing a whole moon cake in my mouth* 👁👄👁



  • Kim Ripley
    Kim Ripley

    Ethans slime looks like a dead animal tho

  • Kristen Turman
    Kristen Turman

    I would buy a frenemies anti-anxiety book

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith

    With peace and love, if you don't tell me what Trisha said in Korean I will explode

  • kayla dalling
    kayla dalling

    okay but trish actually really helped me eat dinner tn

  • Alicia D
    Alicia D

    Ethans slime looks like tv static 😹

  • Mikayla Mah
    Mikayla Mah

    Trisha not understanding memes when they've been a pillar of the Internet for 10 plus years is iconic

  • dakota shǐ 史
    dakota shǐ 史

    adopt me trisha [cry]

  • elena

    Trisha mentioning the eating disorders and how them eating might help others, so true. This and the latest podcast in which they ate pizza helped me so much to finally get to eat more and get on my feet. Love this podcast ))

  • sita girl
    sita girl

    anyone else here who can speak korean and have no idea what trisha said

  • olivia mccall
    olivia mccall

    them not knowing how to make slime is making my inner slime lover stressed out

  • Froggy June
    Froggy June

    i cannot watch the cake eating ethan looks so nasty eating it LMFAOO

  • Eucis93

    Ethan: I can see Trisha's on Theodores level Also Ethan: 1:25:11

  • yunie 13
    yunie 13

    Judge my slime xD

  • Hannah Kait
    Hannah Kait

    Skinny icons. Also, the 15 secs of Alfredo on cam turned me into a puddle of goo for the rest of the show. He's all I could think about and I'm not ashamed

  • Nakiedo

    Trisha's hair is so gorgeous in this video

  • Michael Tru-Blu
    Michael Tru-Blu

    Holy shit. Imagine Trisha hosting SNL...

  • Mad Mike0082
    Mad Mike0082

    Do people really like the hack stupid things they do ? I hate it. I just skip to something else. I don’t give a shit about them doing stupid stunts every week. Once a month maybe but it’s constant.

    • Anjelica Gonzalez
      Anjelica Gonzalez

      I actually really enjoy watching them doing random stuff. It’s because of their personalities that make it super entertaining for me.. if it was any other duo , I’d probably skip too lol

  • Stephanie Dylan
    Stephanie Dylan

    1:53:11 trish made a cool face painting and no one said anything the heck

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez

    Watching from Mars love this show

  • Robert Barner
    Robert Barner

    "Yer sh$t looks like a paralysis demon." Best line. :D

  • isabella deceglie
    isabella deceglie

    dan sounds like he’s talking to a 5 yr old when ethan was talking about the kinetic sand

  • Maya Gridyushko
    Maya Gridyushko

    I just noticed ethan’s side of the table is dark brown😭 I always thought it was black 😭

  • Anjelica Gonzalez
    Anjelica Gonzalez

    Korean trish sounds just like Jewish Hebrew trish LOL

  • Mad Mike0082
    Mad Mike0082

    Trishas meme stuff is just the honesty side that grown people are thinking. Memes fucking blow. Stupid shit for stupid people.